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Posted 8 April 2024

Get up to 3 months free of Apple TV+ For New And Qualified Returning Subscribers

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Offer expires on 03/03/2025. This is a promotional offer and is not for resale, has no cash value, and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Valid only for Apple TV+ in United Kingdom. Valid for new and qualified returning subscribers only. Apple TV+ subscription required. Requires Apple ID with payment method on file. Apple TV+ renews for £8.99/month after the promotion until canceled. Payment will be billed to payment method on file and can be cancelled anytime at least a day before each renewal date in your service account settings. Terms and Apple Privacy Policy apply; see the applicable terms for your country at apple.com/leg…w/. Must be 13 or older and in United Kingdom. Compatible products and services required. Apple is not a sponsor of this promotion. Apple TV+ is a service mark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.
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  1. jak22's avatar
    Some steps for getting the offer code and redeeming later

    On a PC web browser clicking the Get Deal link takes you to the offer page with a Redeem Now button
    Clicking Redeem Now takes you to an apple login page and the URL ends in code=xxxxxxxxxx
    If you have an active sub then the code likely wont apply this time so write down the code

    So later on when the sub expires

    Go to apple.com/uk/…us/ in a web browser
    Click Stream Now
    Click on the account icon top right and go to Settings
    Log in
    Click Redeem Promotional Code and use that code
    IT.Troll's avatar
    Excellent tip and plan. Fingers-crossed it works and they don't expire unredeemed codes.
  2. jak22's avatar
    With a current active sub, if it won't work right way, click through the redeem, and write down the code=xxxxxxxxxx at the end of the URL generated, and then apply that code into the Apple TV+ account page once the current sub expires - says valid until next year

    Not sure the quality of newer shows and newer seasons for previous shows are up to the same quality as before. (edited)
    Lakshitha's avatar
    How do you click and redeem the code ? (edited)
  3. carladdison21's avatar
    When does offer end ?
    fastclau's avatar
  4. mocmocamoc's avatar
    Does anyone pay for this at all? I'm happy to suggest its not worth the money. But I seem to be on a carousel of free offers between me and my wife. Currys, Roku, Vodafone, Apple themselves. It just seems to be an endless parade
    vivi_ssj3's avatar
    If the offers ended and there was a show on I’m actively watching I’d pay.
    I think for the last year there wasn’t a week when I didn’t find something on ATV+ to watch. Now compare that to other streaming services who’s only saving grace is licensed shows from years ago, and an occasional original scrap they throw at you
  5. Evilcell's avatar
    another 3months Apple TV free…….
    My last sub just ended yesterday (EE)
    Have Apple TV since its launch, only missed out a couple days, and never paid once…..
  6. villagern's avatar
    Thanks, the last offer I tried said I’d exceeded codes but this one worked
  7. fossman's avatar
    Thanks, don't forget you can cancel the subscription straight away and still watch for 3 months.
  8. The_Hoff's avatar
    Was anybody else disappointed with Masters of the Air? Really found the casting and speed of the show lacklustre. Wanted another Band of Brothers, but it was nowhere near that!
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Its modern day Hollywood fake sentiment rubbish compared to the excellent Band of Brothers and even its rival The Pacific is better. Watch band of Brothers and see how cold & dirty the actors really are; you can even see their breath coming because it was so cold when filming… realistic! Compare it to Masters of the Air, you can see it’s a lot of “comfortable glamour”… green screen and inside studio shooting.
  9. yumsymumsy101's avatar
    Hi. I've tried numerous devices and once I've clicked redeem now, I get a 'one moment while we look up your offer details' message. The screen says loading but it never does? Any suggestions greatly appreciated please as my current subscription finishes Friday! Thanks in advance
    memememe's avatar
    Grab the code at the end of the URL, read back for more details

    then paste the code into a REDEEM box, rather than clinking a URL thats not loading
  10. eastangliauk's avatar
    defo watch Constellation its a good show
    bluearmy99's avatar
    After series ended I was recommended to rewatch ep 1. Pay attention and lots to spot which I missed initially
  11. gordo1964's avatar
    Exceeded number of codes
    MarkParrott's avatar
    I had that last month, my subscription expired last week and tried this out of curiosity, got another 3 months 👌
  12. Cremoso99's avatar
    Will wait until Severance comes back.

    Too many "worthy but dull" shows on there, seem to be making shows for critics rather than viewers.
    TypeNameHere's avatar
    When you look at it Apple TV feels exactly the same as the brand itself, expensive or elitist while lacking content. Like that new stereotype American Instagram women won't date men who use Android phones (Google, it's a real thing.)

    It's trying to be HBO in the year 2000. Very little content compared to rival subscriptions, expensive and more "for the awards" content, less comfort watching. Every so often though they get a hype show and that's what gets people to stay.

    Severance was fantastic, but it's not something you can stick on repeat as daily comfort watching. When you look over the scroll very few things on Apple TV last more than a single new episode viewing.

    Edit: 'Greyhound' (WW2 ship movie) with Tom Hanks is fantastic, along with Monarch (the Godzilla show) and WeCrashed (the Anne Hathaway business biopic) I'd buy those three on disc if released in 4K. (edited)
  13. royy's avatar
    Mine only run out the other day and this worked cheers
  14. addwal's avatar
    Anyone know if there are any Apple Music links ?
    johnnybgood's avatar
    Same here - also looking for this.
  15. jonspurs's avatar
    I recommend watching this show:
    b1g1an's avatar
    Only the first season, which is excellent, gets more and more rubbish from then on.
  16. stephenmichael3785's avatar
    Just got 3 months on my LG C1 for free, just came up on the dashboard the other night.
  17. jewelie's avatar
    Did we break it? I'm now only getting this....

    bepurple's avatar
    Getting the same
  18. Nabin77's avatar
    Can anyone advise - I've tried this after a purchase from Curry's and it says code limit reached? Thanks.
    vivi_ssj3's avatar
    Wait a couple of days, it worked for me.
  19. mudlouse's avatar
    jerrysimon's avatar
    Interesting I swap between my wife and my account seems to keep working
  20. donny's avatar
    Excellent, went in, got another 3 months free on top of my previous 6 months I had free and then immediately cancelled so no future payments - infact I have never ever paid for APPLE TV. Voted hot.
  21. Matt538's avatar
    Thanks, coming up to 3 years and only actually paid 2 months
  22. zquinn's avatar

    sc597's avatar
    Someone else above said they had this, tried again a few days later and it worked? Worst case create another email address (and maybe use different payment card?)...
  23. Crystalx's avatar
    Noooo I literally used the 1 month one last week so this doesn’t work for me 🥲
    memememe's avatar
    Save code, when your current is up use then. Enjoy
  24. Conkers816's avatar
    Sugar is worth a look. It's just started but I like the whole vibe of it.

    Loot is also quite good and I did like The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin. Took me an episode or two to get in to it but it ended up being pretty good.
  25. fast_and_curious's avatar
    Is there any similar deal on Apple music as well?
  26. TJEG's avatar
    Thanks - my current free subscription had just expired, so signed for this yesterday.
    Let’s hope there’s another deal in 3 months time
  27. ledigi's avatar
    Can confirm, still working. Got today
  28. Muhammadatiq's avatar
    This service is great 👌! I had it last month and just resubscribed for another 3 months after my trial expired last week.
  29. frrft's avatar
    Can’t get this to work. When I click redeem it just loads a spinning wheel and doesn’t do anything
    Misato's avatar
    Same here, mine expired 2 days ago… want to keep up with Dark Matter. (edited)
  30. dan-knee's avatar
    Hey we deserve this for free the amount we pay to Apple
  31. phassall's avatar
    Nice one OP, been waiting for another code.(y)
  32. sadbuttrue's avatar
    cheers OP works just fine for me
  33. InTheKnow444's avatar
    Not too bothered cos watched everything I wnted inside the last 6 month trial
  34. Willlau99's avatar
    Thanks OP!
  35. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Is Apple TV+ doing bad right now, seeing they keep offering 3/ 6 months for free again & again?
    I know Paramount+ is failing.
    Matty1302's avatar
    Apple don’t really care as long as their subscriber numbers are inflated. Their movies are losing hundreds of millions a piece but they haven’t changed tactics. Look at Argyles performance and Napoleon. (edited)
  36. JGiles's avatar
    Perfect timing as my last free trial ran out yesterday (edited)
  37. Jonathan_Brooks's avatar
    Thanks worked for me!
  38. ayr74's avatar
    Worked for me. Thanks OP.
  39. curryqueen24's avatar
    So mine runs out on Wednesday will it add on if I use this code?
  40. AlinDan_Campan's avatar
    Got to wait until 23 April until mine runs out
    Ant44's avatar
    So if I cancel during my free 2 months
    a) can I keep watching until time is up &
    b) if I add this code does it have to be after the free trial has expired?
    C) can I keep doing this & not get charged?
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