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Posted 8 April 2024

IPTV Smart Player Pro App on Android

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It's free again. Also it can be part of the Family Library

The IPTV Smart Player Pro is an app that allows for streaming of live TV channels, with Chromecast compatibility.

product specifications:

  • IPTV-Smarters Player Pro M3U
  • Live stream TV channels
  • Chromecast compatible
Google Play More details at
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  1. 1Eye's avatar
    You can get the free channels from Here i.e pluto tv Samsung free tv list. (edited)
    1Eye's avatar
    Head to link.
    Click. plutotv
    Scroll down to gb.m3u8
    Click copy link.
    Open app click add m3u link
    paste link.

    If you add US instead of GB this will require vpn for that country to watch programs

    Do the same for the epg/guide but
    Copy/paste gb.xml (edited)
  2. Wolfgang's avatar
    Don't touch it :
    Log Data

    I want to inform you that whenever you use my Service, in a case of an error in the app I collect data and information (through third-party products) on your phone called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your device Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name, operating system version, the configuration of the app when utilizing my Service, the time and date of your use of the Service, and other statistics.
    Easystanza's avatar
    What's wrong with that? A lot of websites track this
  3. prynolfc's avatar
    I'm seeing quite a few reviews on play store about this app saying it is asking for system settings/ permissions and its after personal data/ potentially malicious what do you all reckon? Stay clear or what? I usually think any iptv stuff thats free seems a bit dodgy tbh...
    Ricotta's avatar
    They are free for a reason. You are the product.
  4. Lemuel_Danka's avatar
    Please note this is not the same as "IPTV Smarters Pro"
  5. DR.Lang's avatar
    will it work on shield TV with remote?
    sisqoboy's avatar
    Looking at the comments on an earlier deal, it looks like the app is not in the TV app store so, I think this might have issues on android TV. But you can extract the apk on your phone via Kanade app and sideload it on your android TV.
  6. sfndkks's avatar
    All you need with this is a superb sub and you’re sorted (edited)
    Wolfgang's avatar
    Avoid like the plague, they'll record your sub log in info.
  7. arsenalchris's avatar
    I'm guessing you need to have a sub to access premium channels. Does anyone know if you can watch freeview channels via this?
  8. Maciej_Chesterton's avatar
    When it comes to IPTV, there is nothing better than TiviMate. It is tenner a year, but you can group, rename, reorder channels and does have fantastic vod setup.

    you get what you pay for.
    Zooicidal's avatar
    Just don't do what I did and pay year by year the first couple thinking I'd probably find something better, instead just pay the lifetime.
  9. Damienzz's avatar
    Logo and name is suspiciously similar to IPTV Smarters Pro which is actually good.
    ogeran's avatar
    My exact thoughts too. Been using smarters pro for years now. Its very good
  10. belal783's avatar
    Do you need a TV licence for this? As i refuse to pay for it and don't watch live TV
    Wolfgang's avatar
    Just don't pay the licence fee.🤷
  11. jameshothothot's avatar
    "Why is it Popping allow to modify system files every second??? Why is it even required? How will Changing system files benefit the app or help in any of it's functionality? Guys, this app isn't free, the price is accessing your personal data, uninstalled." - review on playstore
  12. anuruddha's avatar
    I got it from last deal and it actually works
  13. apacheuk's avatar
    Where do you get the channels from?
    Zameen's avatar
    Iptv providers
  14. GrandmasterMash's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good way to use the iptv apps on windows?
    EdDoesIt's avatar
    Yeh if you download bluestacks emulator you can use all android based apps.
  15. hearts's avatar
    no point getting this for IPTV most suppliers have their own APP these days
    TheGhost's avatar
    This isn't showing movies or series sections anyway
  16. bobbyh89's avatar
    This is a complete junk app that was released last December and copies the other IPTV apps. Avoid at all costs.
  17. kdurian2014's avatar
    Not available on google play on my sony anroid Tv, Can someone tell me why pls
    i_need_bargains's avatar
    Google Play on Android TVs is different from Google Play on phones or tablets with only a limited selection of apps. That has always been the case (edited)
  18. Costinel_Patrascu's avatar
    2.7 out of 5 stars on Google store
  19. campawley's avatar
    Does this support xtream code?
    Wolfgang's avatar
  20. blowndiffuser's avatar
    If you're looking for this type of app I'd recommend Tivimate.
    Wolfgang's avatar
    Doesn't work very well on handheld devices.
  21. The_Codfather's avatar
    Don't download this. If you need one them download the app via apk on their official website.
    Bigsmoke825's avatar
    Which one do you recommend?
  22. BargainFriday's avatar
    Smarters is good but I’ve experienced voice sync issues in the last few months and I’m having to change channel to fix it which is annoying.
    Also the usual black screen after 30secs and again change channel back and forth to resolve. (edited)
  23. Mr.Dangle's avatar
    Possibly a silly question, can you cast whilst using a VPN? ( forgive if obvious).
    Paul_Tomlin's avatar
    No you can't
  24. Rimi's avatar
    OTT player still the best for IPTV, free and no ads.
  25. Awsomeness_Coolimccoolson's avatar
    This is the fake version
  26. Gooders_1978's avatar
    I've never used Tivimate or IPTV Smarters Pro. I've been using STB Emu Pro for years without issue. What are the advantages?
    TheGhost's avatar
    Smarters you can add your own player and multiple playlists and it's free
  27. tandeh's avatar
    Warning: Fake App, tbe original is made by WHMC and its not on the playe store!

    Pete knows who's collecting your details with this app!
    peaceoff's avatar
    Does he? In that case can you ask Pete to kindly share that info so that we can all find out who's collecting our details. Tvm
  28. Chiptivo's avatar
    Very odd heat on this post.
    There's dozens of free better IPTV apps. Most providers make them available.
    This is just a shell of an app which accesses loads of permissions that are not needed...
    One to avoid personally.
    running's avatar
    Any suggestions?
  29. FIREDEALS's avatar
    Anyone got url playlist for Sky Sports?
    TheGhost's avatar
    If you've a firestick there's a free app with sky, bt sports, tht...etc
  30. sdduk's avatar
    I agree with Wolfgang i wouldn't go near this, plus all the bad reviews on google play.
    My advise would be stay away from it.
  31. mistera's avatar
  32. Ned_Kelly's avatar
    sisqoboy's avatar
    No probelm at all.
  33. aidan_brennan's avatar
    I added the following URL. This is my first time playing with this app and 5 minutes of experience with it. iptv-org.github.io/ipt…m3u
  34. EdDoesIt's avatar
    Anyone found a way to watch using PS5?
    TheGhost's avatar
    You'd need an app from appstore , smarters pro/lite. Or xc iptv ..or xtream iptv player
  35. LadyEleanor's avatar
    Freevee is safe. This one looks very high risk. (edited)
  36. squarehead94's avatar
    stick to Tivimate (free or pay the annual/lifetime sub for premium - worth it IMO) or IPTV Smarters Pro. both very, very good.
  37. Brendab's avatar
    Too technical for me 🤦🏼‍♀️
    c_1st's avatar
    Same here
  38. jut1972's avatar
    Judging by the reviews this is iffy. Says it doesn't collect data but asks permission to do so
  39. zayf's avatar
    Does anyone know how to use this ? When I open this it says no playlist.
    Lemuel_Danka's avatar
    You a code to from a server to add the playlist.
  40. Bigsmoke825's avatar
    I got this last time and actually find it very good, does PIP really well on my devices and doesn't have that automatic brightness that IPTV smarters does on my devices
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