Posted 11 April 2024

GFW Pair of Wall Mounted Minimalistic Floating Bedside Tables with Storage Drawer & Shelf, Wood, White, 42.5 x 33 x 36 cm

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Price Drop £49 - 13/05

These floating nightstands will make a decorative and practical addition to your decor, the minimalist design enables them to work well in any styled room, as well as coordinating with your existing furniture.

Our Harmony Pair of Bed Side Tables measures W42.5 x D33 x H36 cm assembled, with a weight of 7.6kg each cabinet. With the shelving, it offers the spaces needed to house all your bedroom accessories.
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  1. naveedk's avatar
    I have these, look fairly decent. Getting them fixed to the wall isn't that straightforward as the screw needs to stick out about 2cm from the wall. Also, because they're attached to the wall, wires can't be dropped behind (edited)
    morrig's avatar
    Can't you put a notch down the back say with a router, and would also make hoovering easier?
  2. angleseyman's avatar
    So your bedroom can look like Travelodge/ Premier Inn
    EliTeAP's avatar
    They're not that bad!

    Considering I have damp issues in the bedroom, these would come in handy as we don't like having current standing side tables due to it causing air not being able to travel around them that well.

    They look pretty nice for the price 😁
  3. wendyak's avatar
    I just imagine what they’ll look like if you lean too hard or stumble into them .
    Wall mounted looks great until ……
    mungylee's avatar
    I have similar ones.

    They're great, but yeah, you shouldn't lean on anything thats wall mounted.
  4. pipehippy's avatar
    Wish I'd just got couple tall boys instead of cabinets.. Just never enough storage
    Dyslexic_Dog's avatar
    And what is it that you want to store in these two tall boys? (edited)
  5. Toup's avatar
    Gravity is useless these days
  6. simonspeakeasy's avatar
    These are made of foil-covered particleboard.
    Not a great look in a bedside cabinet IMHO
    But each to his own
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