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X2 power recliner (£253.79 W/Email Sign Up)

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Very comfortable for a 'larger' person, plenty of height on the backrest, decent lumbar suport. Delivery by Dpd (not the other ones). List price £499.99,now at £269.99. Siren up to their emails and get an immediate 5%discount code emailed to you.
Please note, description is 'white' but is more of an off-white or cream colour. Also has a usb socket between the power buttons for added convenience.

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Our electric reclining chair is a perfect blend of comfort and durability. The iron frame provides stability, while the armrests with wood structure add a touch of elegance.

The polyurethane foam padding ensures superior comfort, especially with the generous armrests that cradle the forearms with two soft cushions.

The faux leather upholstery not only gives it a luxurious appearance but has also an easy maintenance. Its round and inviting shape makes it perfect for spending hours of pure comfort and relaxation together.

Greater Seating Space:
We have fully considered your need for a large and comfortable space. With a greater seat depth and wide armrests, you can sit freely without feeling constrained. This allows you to enjoy maximum comfort.

Boldness in Colour
We pay attention to contemporary aesthetic trends and have chosen fashionable, youthful colours as our theme, so that you can feel the burst of vitality and vibrancy in the colours.

Only Two Buttons
With the buttons located on the armrest side, you can simultaneously adjust the backrest and footrest, positioning them in any desired angle. You can freely change the reclining position from seated to lying down.

USB Charging Port
We have specially added a USB outlet on the side of the sofa, so that you can charge your devices such as mobile phones and tablets at any time. You no longer have to worry about your devices being discharged.

Excellent User Experience
The metallic buttons and the fabric-covered chair are a perfect fusion of technology and elegance, offering a comfortable touch and pressure-sensitive buttons that provide you with a flawless experience.

Surprising Scratch Resistance
The enhanced PU leather has been tested multiple times to withstand the scratches and scuffs of everyday life. The use of waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and scratch-resistant material makes this recliner perfect for pet owners. Our recliners are durable and easy to care for, relieving you of many unnecessary worries in your life and creating a comfortable and relaxing space where you can unwind.

Enjoy Pure Relaxation
Each part of the chair is filled with a stretch sponge to perfectly adapt to the shape of the body and offer comprehensive support and protection. In particular, the design for lumbar support in the back and waist area can effectively relieve fatigue in the lower back. In zero gravity mode, you maintain the natural curve of the spine. This position not only helps relieve pain, but also promotes blood circulation and improves digestion.

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  1. Moyoog's avatar
    Does anyone have this? I’ve been watching for a while but hesitant to take the plunge.

    How comfortable is it, could you work/ watch a 2 hour movie in it comfortably?

    Is it sturdy/ good value for money? Are there any other reclining chairs in this price range that you’d recommend above this?

    Ringfinger's avatar
    I can confirm it is very comfortable, a good wide seat and back and a high back. It's quite heavy base. Could you watch a two hour film sitting on this - definitely. I say on it last night for five hours playing x box and watching two episodes of The Rookie back to back. The motor is quiet and Faster than my wife's CareCo recliner which cost nearly four times as much ( she also says its more comfortable). Definitely worth the money.
  2. iiibdiii's avatar
    I have manual model it's very comfy was fairly easy to assemble (hour on my own) just not too high so couldn't use with pc table
    Ringfinger's avatar
    They sushi do a pc table that rises and falls using ejection motors. Looks quite smart actually.
  3. wsciren's avatar
    Very poor description lot of talk but no detail will pass me thinks !
    Megallazido's avatar
    Details required:

    1) You sit in it.
  4. Leave_me_alone's avatar
    ellbee's avatar
    To be fair the OP refers to 'recliner'
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