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Giffgaff is a mobile phone operator which places great emphasis on the flexibility of its airtime deals and on crowd-sourcing solutions to common problems. The company has no physical stores and operates entirely online through its comprehensive website. Here, customers can take advantage of giffgaff's free SIM offers and of its extensive selection of data plans which it calls "goodybags". giffgaff has expanded beyond offering SIMs and data to selling phones and, more recently, a loans service. HotUKDeals collects all deals from giffgaff on a dedicated page. Read more

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New iphone 7 32gb unlocked £369 @ giffgaff Shop
Found 7 h, 55 m agoFound 7 h, 55 m ago
price is £359 but requires £10 airtime purchase. All giffgaff phones are unlocked.

I’d say that’s a decent price for a brand new phone.


Why is this cold I paid £450 not long ago for one


£50 extra TCB possible on these phones. £5.00 each for the purchase of a couple of iPhone 6 and later the £50 for each of them.


Would be more comfortable with the plus version at this price.


You have free

Google Pixel 3 64GB £559 @ Giffgaff Any Colour
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Cheapest price I could find, its £614 with the current discount everywhere else

Cold at this price for Snapdragon 845. Only thing nice in this phone is Google updates. Will be first one to get Android Q.



It's £569 as you need to buy a £10 goody bag.

iPhone 8 Plus Pre-Owned £379 (possibly £329 through TCB) @ giffgaff
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
giffgaff have the iPhone 8 Plus at the same price as the iPhone 8 at the moment. The condition of these is a bit hit and miss according to previous posts but this seemed like a go… Read more

Same I got a 6s plus your be surprised how quick you get used to it and even forget it’s bigger tbh! I fancy a new phone now it’s time fancy trying Samsung as iOS for me it works great but it’s abit stale my mate has a Xs max just same iOS on that, nervous tho been iPhone since the first one come out! I def not paying over a £1,000 for a phone tho that’s madness


Plus has a really nice camera and a bigger battery, which for me are acceptable trade offs.


Good condition, from smartfonestore is 349


Not worth it in the slightest. I had a 7 and 8 barely any difference I would get the XR


I’ll be upgrading my 6s over the next year, but think the Plus is too big for my needs. Heat added though

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256GB IPhone X Pre Owned Good Condition £539 @ Giffgaff
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Good price from giffgaff here for the 256gb version of this still expensive phone (lol) Pre-owned phones - always great value. Our pre-owned phones are in great condition. And … Read more

I ordered one from music magpie, same price, arrived yesterday. Was very pleased with the condition, had to clean the speakers which where bit dusty but otherwise great. Apple warranty expired but their own warranty isn’t too bad.


This phone is purely mint though


If I was to be paying almost five and a half hundred quid, I would expect a mint phone


Their “excellent” is ridiculously priced lol Not too bad haha


Lmfao no idea what happened there (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) Oh yeah I’ve remembered. The excellent condition refurb is ridiculously priced!

Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB/128GB £689 & £789 Respectively @ Giffgaff
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Couple good prices. Topcashback at £30 as well. Awesome apps The Google Pixel 3 XL’s dual, front-facing cameras, with super res zoom, keeps your pictures sharp and clear and let… Read more

Battery is too small for a flagship device of this price/size IMO. (edit: as is the S10 standard)


Thank you (y)


I'd go pro personally, the pixel just has some bad reviews on here for me to contemplate it.


I'm so torn.... This or the Huawei mate 20 Pro for an extra tenna????


Thanks mate, I appreciate that :)

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New Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128gb in twilight or black £699 (+£10 non customers) @ Giff Gaff
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
New Huawei MATE 20 Pro 128gb in twilight or black £699 @ Giff Gaff with free next day delivery. If not with giff gaff will have to add £10 sim on ordering. Huawei Mate 20 Pro at… Read more
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You can cut and paste this template into most phone threads


To be honest, I own a Mate 20 Pro and whilst it feels like a million dollars, the camera is very average, battery life is unexceptional (once you disable their battery management for apps you actually want to work properly), face unlock is a joke compared to my iPhone and it is generally an underwhelming device. So in that sense I don’t necessarily disagree with you; although Xiaomi do have an even worse reputation for updates and bloat than even Huawei, the cameras all lack OIS, the camera team at Xiaomi is tiny and lacking experience (not that it helps Huawei IMO) and the battery in the Mi 9 is far smaller than the M20Pro. Not to mention, the 128GB Mi 9 isn’t really that much cheaper than the M20P, and arguably the extra features on the Huawei are worth it. Arguably.


I get that but I don't think they are perceived any differently to them by people at least. Their biggest base is still people looking for the most features in thebest possible price per se irrespective of brand value, after sales etc etc which is the same as Mi


The successor to the P20 series is due out soon, so it's extremely likely the P20 series will get a discount soon, the mate 20 series is not that old and is less likely to get a discount any time soon.


at this price might wait for the huawei 30 models on the way in a few weeks

Huawei P20 Black unlocked £369 (+£10 top up non customers) @ GiffGaff
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Good price for this phone - none GiffGaff customers have to purchaise a £10 goody bag to get this price.Free delivery and returns. Huawei P20 at a glance 5.8" FHD+ display AI-pow… Read more

Yeah, was a good deal, but not very often that type comes along.


Although not brand new, that very possible £215 (after discounts) eBay-seller offer for mint, open original box with all the bits you posted the other day is the best I've seen so far...


Thanks for that Mrswitch


£30 - £50 at topcashback / Quidco at last check as well (not guaranteed) Heated, good price, not the cheapest it's ever been.

Google Pixel 3 64GB/128GB unlocked on GiffGaff PAYG for £559/£659
Refreshed 14th MarRefreshed 14th Mar
Best price at the moment. Running fast out of stock, white colour is ooo already... A 128GB Version available for £100 more. Google Pixel 3XL deal from £689 here:… Read more

Your Sending me a video to a youtuber that has in other videos repeatedly said the pixel 3 had the best smart phone camera. He even had a smart phone awards video which he gave the BEST camera award to the pixel 3!!! (lol)


Seriously what's the bit deal with I can take a photo in pitch black and can see my cat the other side of the room. Use case, press button wow nice photo. I have a P3XL btw!


Just watch above. Pixel 3 cannot beat Mate 20 Pro or even P20 Pro in low light. Huawei phones can take photos in the dark as they take in much more light with their multiple sensors. In Pixel 4 Google is increasingly number of sensors to get more light in if you read the news. Pixel 3 is good for only Google updates like it will get Android Q first, but nothing else.


Pretty much every reviewer has stated the pixel 3 to be the best camera on the market right now. Whilst some cameras do let in more light outdoors, the pixel 3 is on another league for low light photos that no other phones come anywhere close to.


The whole "supported phone" argument makes no sense to me, most android phones i've had will last at least 2 years without slowdown and still perform excellently even 4-5 years later. Quite frankly, chances are 100% of people here already have most of their personal info online somewhere, i personally think apple have far worse ethics, they create products that fail far too easily and you pay for the privilege, just look at their macbooks with GPU problems, bad keyboard designs that fail, using inferior aluminium in the iphone 6 etc etc, feel free to watch louis rossman on youtube and you'll see the extent apple will go to to screw you over as the customer of expensive products. Apple used to be great, not anymore.

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra 32GB Black £199 @ Giffgaff (Plus A Potential £30 Cashback (Not Guaranteed))
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
There's a possible £30 Cashback at Quidco Or £25 at topcashback, I know which one I'd choose, obviously this is not guaranteed so don't buy this with the cashback in mind. Still … Read more

OK mate, see you later on, I'm off for a coffee :D


(Going back to bed soon... eyes bit tired) I know you guys will keep pushing, high-performance types...


Morning! (y)


Morning gents!!


Wow this is early morning forum already Good morning @bluejmc2005 !

Pre Owned Huawei P Smart - 32GB - Black - 5.65" full HD+ Display £79 (+ £10 For New Customers) @ Giffgaff (Plus A Possible £50 Cashback)
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
I've posted a couple of these deals in the past, and where £79 for a pre owned one of these is really good, Quidco are currently paying £50 bonus on pre owned handsets. Now in the… Read more

Gone! None left


They can, you can lol


I tried to buy one but due to a website error message I ended up with a Giffgaff account and no phone ordered! I wonder if a Giffgaff PAYG customer could buy this for £79 without the £10 Goodybag?


Anyone had their quidco track at £50 and not £5?


Yeah the community is down ATM don't like a network that has no one l can speak to not worth staying with these guys just for cash back

Sony Xperia XZ3 6" OLED QHD+ 64GB 3330 mAh £499 @ Giffgaff
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Will have to be bought with a top up of £10 if you aren't already a customer. Excellent price here, with some cashback to be had at topcashback or such like. £30 quidco £25 topc… Read more

S8 was the most fragile phone this was confirmed by squaretrade warranty they did tests and was the worse for breakage, I seen this myself most my friend's have broken there very easily, that's why the Xperia are more heavier they have aircraft aluminium grade frame and and built stronger then Samsungs


Not sure I'm unlucky particularly. My cousin repairs phones and has had considerably more galaxy devices than in comparison to other brands that don't have a bezel as slim. I'm the opposite... I never drop my phone usually and always have them in a case but the one time I've dropped either galaxy they broke in pretty-much the same way, from the corner towards the middle. Perhaps I need an Otterbox or some bubble wrap :D


Or maybe you were just unlucky... I am so clumsy with my phones. I've dropped it from chest height to hard flooring (screen first) and onto a gear stick, amongst many other locations, but didn't damage it at all. Can't speak for the A range but the S range never cracked for me!


You got lucky. I had an A3 too, fell out of my pocket once... Smashed to bits.


I dropped my S8 and S9+ so many times with and without a case, never broke.

Sony Xperia L2 32 GB / 3 GB RAM Black  £79 + £10 minimum goodybag if not a customer @ Giffgaff
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
All our phones are unlocked . If you don't have an active giffgaff SIM you’ll need to buy a minimum £10 goodybag with this phone. You can cancel your goodybag anytime. https://ww… Read more
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thanks for clarifying (y)


Read cashback from GiffGaff T&Cs carefully-it says: for NEW Customers only, if you logged in to avoid topup - it means you are not new at GG... Three tracked £15 cashback on the next day for me 8)


True, the cashback deals are enticing.. I turned off ad block and cleared cookies before making the purchase, used quidco on the sony giffgaff purchase, and it didnt track at all.. something must be wrong with my current setup (raised a claim, but Im not keeping my hopes up).. or maybe its because i logged in during the purchase so I can avoid the goodybag purchase.. I may try another purchase with the 6a and maybe tcb for the 15..


I’m trying to spend money not save it, I’ve hit my ‘threshold (excited)


Do not forget-order from Three online a redmi 6A, get £15 cashback from TCB/QUIDCO and a free mi band3 tracker worth £26... 8)

Free Sim Cards with Free Calls! Available from giffgaff
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
At GiffGaff you don't pay for calls or texts to other GiffGaff users – They also charge half the rates of the big networks and give great “Goody Bag” deals & rewards to their m… Read more

Plus, when I was with 3 their customer service was a call centre in India who just followed on-screen prompts even if they had just said something a few minutes before they'd just repeat it verbatim. GiffGaff's online community were always faster and more tech-savvy than any call centre. I only left them over price. They really haven't kept up with the competition.


It may be true, but I don't mind my 30Mbps in the city centre. Who needs customer service - I've never had any problems (apart from last global O2 fcukup -but then there would be no chance to get to them anyway :D ).


Giffgaff don’t have their own network and is low priority in crowded areas where three do, also three as humans on the phone whereas giffgaff don’t


The problem is when you go out of town centre and you prey to find the signal (not even dreaming of 4g) (lol)


At one time giffgaff use to offer unlimited data for £10 a month now they are very expensive I’m got unlimited calls texts and data with 3 for £10 a month

Giffgaff  £10 Sim + £12 Topcashback + free 50p if you order a free sim
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
New Activated Sim Card - To activate your SIM add any goodybag or add a minimum of £10 credit. Please note there will be at least a 30 day wait for Activation Bonus cashback. Good… Read more
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Mines still tracked at 50p for ordering the SIM. Still s few days to go before the 30 day wait for activation. If it's still not tracking the £12, night have to escalate things.


In my opinion avoid GiffGaff data speeds are so slow


it is there but reduced rates giffgaff Offers Cashback New Activated Sim Card To activate your SIM add any goodybag or add a minimum of £10 credit. Please note there will be at least a 30 day wait for Activation Bonus cashback. £7.07 Free Sim Card Order search under telecoms


Actually tried it just now, you're right I can't find it - was just going to post that it worked (giffgaff all one word) for me previously... :/


It's just me that I cannot find it in TCB?

Huawei P Smart 32GB Black (Sim Free) £99 @ Giffgaff
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Note: If you don't have an active giffgaff SIM you’ll need to buy a minimum £10 goodybag with this phone. You can cancel your goodybag anytime.… Read more
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Thank you


Is this one dual sim? Thanks


I love these phones. Good for the price


Ordered one off Amazon (£150) and cancelled it. I must say this (giffgaff) arrived before Amazon order and I have Prime (embarrassed)


Hi Sendero, This is the older model, you can tell by the processor and where the camera is placed (new one is the tear drop camera in the center) here is a link to compare them both via phonearena

Best Compact Smartphones In The UK - With Best Prices Currently - Including Apple/Nokia/Sony/pixel
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Hi guys & girls, I've been asked a few times to put together a little thread of the best compact phones, and below is a selection of phones that I think are the best compact ph… Read more

Thank you for putting this together


lol under 5.5" is small now. yes, where are all the sensible small options ;(


Why can I not see the actual post?


Xz1 compact needs a price drop! Cmooon


Sony Xperia XZ3 Black 64GB - £499 @ Giffgaff
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Long time lurker, first time poster 8) . This was £549 originally on Giffgaff and I was about to order and can see today another £50 has been knocked off so I've pulled the trigge… Read more
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Same curved back in Red


No notch AND no hole? Perfect! Heat added!


Just set mine up tonight (1st one went back) it copied setting from the other phone then downloaded apps but not all so a trip to the play store to send over. Colour - swap to the Bordeaux on replacement and nore a plum red very nice, My other seemed to have legs with it's curved back it was never in one place.


Bordeaux Red... lovely

GiffGaff - iPhone 7 Pre-Owned £199 ( Potentially £149 after Quidco )
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Pre-Owned "Good" iPhone 7 32gb in Black, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver - £199. Plus free £10 GiffGaff goodybag. Unlimited calls, Text and 3gb data. You can cancel at anytime. Plus go … Read more

I raised it with cash back site


Did you raise a ticket with GiffGaff on cashback website?


I’ve had to raise a ticket to get mine! It’s now confirmed so waiting for the payable sign! I activated the sim in ancient iPhone and made few phone calls etc hope that helps (iphone 7 good bought December)


Does anybody have an update on the £50 cash back? I bought an iPhone 7 Plus for £249 and hoping for £50 cash back. Does anybody know whether or not you need to activate the attached SIM card to get the cash back? Furthermore, does anybody know if you have to at least pay for 1 additional month as you get the first month free? In my head, it would make sense to pay £10 for the next months SIM package to get the £50 but don’t actually plan on using on using GiffGaff, just the unlocked device. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.


As you can see from my comment above, "good" fell well short of giffgaff's own definition. I ended up getting an 'Excellent' quality in the end and I'm pretty sure I received a new phone. Still had the original cellophane around it and the battery condition was 100%. Agree with you about the returns process. It's seamless.

Huawei P20 Pro with free Band 3 Pro from GiffGaff - £559 (£549 if you have GiffGaff already)
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Not much to say really. The excellent P20 Pro and the excellent band 3 pro for £549 + £10 goody bag = £559 Will be £549 if you already have a GiffGaff SIM P20 Pro seems to be £59… Read more

(lol) (lol) (popcorn)





OMG! I didn't know this. Thanks for letting me know.


I keep telling my self that to feel better. She played it well, to well.

Pre-owned iphone 7 128GB unlocked only £229 at giffgaff comes with free £10 goodybag
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Just found this deal used iphone 7 unlocked 128GB in good condition for only £229.00 at giffgaff. Already have a goodybag? Get £10 credit instead. Pre-owned phones - always g… Read more

Dated like your posts (lol) (lol) (lol)


Unless it qualifies for carbon dating. It will Still receive at least 2 more years of official OS support. Any Fandroids say the same?


How does the goodybag work I don't need it


I think it is bit of luck as well.


Ive bought 2 “good” and both lovely quality. I guess i was lucky!

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