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Giffgaff is a mobile phone operator which places great emphasis on the flexibility of its airtime deals and on crowd-sourcing solutions to common problems. The company has no physical stores and operates entirely online through its comprehensive website. Here, customers can take advantage of giffgaff's free SIM offers and of its extensive selection of data plans which it calls "goodybags". giffgaff has expanded beyond offering SIMs and data to selling phones and, more recently, a loans service. HotUKDeals collects all deals from giffgaff on a dedicated page. Read more

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Unlocked One Plus 5t  8GB/128GB black-offer on GiffGaff for £329
Found 11 h, 38 m agoFound 11 h, 38 m ago
Part of festive offer on GiffGaff, 6.01" AMOLED display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB RAM/128GB ROM, Gorilla Glass 5 etc.

£30 cashback on TCB too, bringing total down to £299!


I know



It was 4 in stock when i posted the deal...


The G6 Play is a good price, (£119) sadly the 5T is now. Oos.

Apple iPhone 8 64GB Sim Free - £539 @ giffgaff
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Brand new all colours in stock. Lower price than anywhere else as far as I'm aware.
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Cheapest at the moment brand new, ordered one for my son, Thanks Op


So the message is to spend more to avoid becoming a pauper. Tempting!


Don't buy it.. You will feel inadequate .. You need the latest £1200 phone to make a statement as you put it on the table .. 8 makes you a pauper ... Don't do it


Agreed, but only £60 off the Apple price and i reckon the best deals will be after Xmas, when they realise people still aren’t prepared to shell out £1k for a phone, en-masse; of course some will, but not enough to keep the turnover up. I prefer unlocked to the contract phones, as you don’t have the hassle of the unlock process. Some networks do it for free, but not all. Also, in the meantime if you go abroad, then you can put another Sim in whilst you are away, would you wouldn’t be able to do if your phone was currently locked. I’ll hold off buying for a few more weeks me thinks.


Seems like an ok deal to me. Has it ever been lower than this new apart from the Very credit deal? Shame Curries won't price match otherwise I'd probably go for this and use up a gift card.

IMO Q2 Android smartphone, £19 +£10 top up from giffgaff
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Two 5MP Cameras 4 inch screen Android 5.1 Expandable Memory 1,450mAH Battery

This or Samsung Galaxy s9?


its a horrible phone, we had customers bringing them back constantly, its disconned a while ago now. cheap but its not good at all, nearly as bad as the dreaded pixi 4


Only Android 5, but good value if that's not a problem.


Whilst this phone will definitely not be for everyone, if you're a giffgaff customer, £19 for a spare phone (or even £29 including the goodybag top up for those not already with giffgaff), is pretty good value. It's got a 4 inch screen, for those of you who like 'em tiny! Possibly make a good pressie for the minority of people who only call, text and use WhatsApp (let's face it, it's more functional than Nokia's banana phone, just not as much fun!)

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra 32GB Black £199 @ Giffgaff
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
There's a possible £30 Cashback at tcb. £179 which is a great price. (on sim activation) Also if you aren't a current giffgaff customer, then add a tenner for the sim. They h… Read more

I really don't know mate, I've never actually used the service before sorry


Thanks - John Lewis only matches if has a high street presence as well though ?


Its online so you would assume so.


Does anyone know if John Lewis price match Giff Gaff ?



IPhone 8 £329 + Free £10 Goodybag On All Pre Owned Handsets - Including Iphone/Samsung/Sony @ Giffgaff
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Pre owned handsets dramatically reduced by giffgaff. Graded good through excellent, lots of cheap examples in there, and if you use the cashback sites (topcashback £30) then there'… Read more

Grrr... Thanks


Back up to £349 for good condition


IPhone 8 now reduced to £329


Topcashback now only £30


I think so, pre owned I'd say they'd come under

£3 profit when buying Nokia 3310 @ Giffgaff using Quidco (£42 cashback) - £39 inital purchase required
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Okay So buy the Nokia 3310 at £29 - you need to buy a £10 giffgaff bundle too. Use the sim card - needs to be a genuine activation but Quidco will give you £42 .... So no matter… Read more

I don't think that is the case but I did think exactly the same thing initially. I wanted a basic sim with no montly payment and when I first looked at GiffGaff I was under the impression you had to pay at least £10 a month. This is not the case, this only applies to their goody bag. If you only do airtime topup the credit lasts forever provding you use the phone at least once every 6 months. So on this basis there is no £10 a month charge, it's still only the £29 as the £10 initial top up can be retained for the 6 months. Providing the above is true then it's a no brainer if you want an emergency mobile for the glovebox, something basic for mum, dad, kids etc. One use for me, (which is what I wanted a basic sim for), is when you sign up to things online and they want a phone number. I would rather have a dedicated sim for signups so your main phone number doesn't get spammed when a dodgy company sells your number on. EDIT:- The terms do say "If you don't have an active giffgaff SIM you’ll need to buy a minimum £10 goodybag with this phone". so I don't know if that means you have to stick with the goody bag for 6 months or whether you can change that to an airtime top up. If it's the former then yes 60+29 and no deal, if it's the latter then the whole thing costs you £7, which is still a good deal. I think only Quidco could answer that one......


I'm off to withdraw now...


I'm off to withdraw now...


I went through the details. Here is the catch .. your cashback is not eligible if your contract is not live. Apparantly you pay 60+29 before you get 42 .. :/


Too much of a "Quidco cashback" gamble. (pirate)

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Edited![Black Friday Deal - Cheapest Smartphone In The UK?] Alcatel U3 - 4GB - Black - Unlocked £14.99 @ Giffgaff
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Plus a possible £30 topcashback. (do not take this as 100%) If you don't already have a giffgaff sim, you have to buy a goody bag for a tenner. £14.99 for this smartphone is ama… Read more

I suppose if you did it would just start updating the apps using mobile data, disabling updates as as soon as possible and uninstalling any app updates that installed in the meantime would take care of the problem. Alcatel's file manager was one of the problem apps, another was their launcher and as I recall there are more, they do at least now all say that they contain ads on google play. The factory versions were ad free.


So do I need to skip Wi-Fi settings at first to stop it updating?


No NFC, no QHD... We want it all, and we want it free!!! (lol) ... There will always be a few picky devil's 👿, you have to look at what you're getting in relation to its cost... List an S9+ for £15 and you'd probably get someone slate it in some way.


I would suggest as soon as you power it up, going straight into google play and disabling updates. My brother has an Alcatel and the alcatel app updates are full of adware, slow the phone to a complete crawl and flood the phone in advertising, making it unusable, and even before receiving its adware updates, it was already slower than its specs would suggest. He's not risked updating the phones firmware because he suspects that will install advertising too.


Just ordered, will delete anything on phone not needed as only want phone to run zello app so I can talk to people from around the world.

iPhone 7 Refurbished 32/128GB £299/£329 @ GiffGaff
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
No specific comment on the condition: “All refurbished phones are in superb condition. These can be used phones that have been returned in near perfect condition or have gone throu… Read more
Avatardeleted2114322Get dealGet deal

What was the condition of the phone like? I was looking at the good phones but it does mention scratches may be on screen.


Oh no i missed it.... need to check my keyword feed .....


I got the 128gb from giffgaff for £249 a few weeks ago from a deal posted on here.


I have this phone and I love it

Iphone 6s 32GB £259 @ GiffGaff
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Not bad for kids.

I have a brand new sealed iphone 6s 32gb Unlocked in Space Grey, message me if anyone interested, i want £265 for it no offers thanks


Don't know why this went cold. I can't find it for under £297 anywhere else. Unfortunately now OOS as far as I can see. (poo) Wonder if they'll get more stock b4 xmas?


Finally had a reply from giffgaff to say that it was an issue their end blocking payment which has been resolved and now they’ve sold out! 😔


Yes. I have it sent by dhl. Need to pickup from depot as missed delivery.


I tried to order one of these last night but the payment wouldn’t go through. I’d like to know anyone has successfully purchased one?

iPhone 7 from GiffGaff for £399
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Giffgaff are selling a lot of mobiles with good savings, £50 off an iPhone 7 32Gb making it £399 which is better than I could find elsewhere (and in stock), I’m already with giffga… Read more
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Thanks for posting OP. My daughter wanted an iPhone 7 and this is currently the cheapest way to get an unlocked one delivered. Appreciate the effort and surprised it's so cold.


I got mine for £349 at John Lewis bit now at very there is one for £296 and a 6s Plus for £346.


Fall into Applea trap, they keep raising the prices of their new phones, then they can sell their old ones for as much as newer Android phones.


All i want is a decent 6S but they seem to be silly money considering how old they are


Well I did my bit lol, that’s mums Christmas present sorted and a worthy upgrade from the iPhone 4s she has at the moment (y) hope it’s helps someone out as it’s 50 cheaper than curry’s

[Black Friday] [More In OP] Moto G6 Play £99 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Green + Free WF-1000x headphones @ Giffgaff
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Cracking deal, cheapest the phone has been, plus free headphones, wireless WF-1000x headphones. Go through the cashback sites as well for extra savings. Lots of good deals at gif… Read more

Amazing deal, such a shame I missed it, oos now :(((


You don't have to activate it, but you may aswell get £30 Cashback for your troubles, and stop the goody bag recurring


So if I buy this phone with a goodybag, do I need to activate it? If I don't, will I still be charged £10 a month?


Just got the XZ2c and I really like it. It is a little chunky but it sits in the hand really nicely and looks great, I'm very happy with it especially at such a good price and with the free headphones that go for around £100 on Ebay. Very hot.


thanks OP, gone for the XZ2c. Looks a bit chunky though so we'll see what it feels like to use. TCB tracked at £5, hopefully it will uplift further.

A moto E5 Play on GiffGaff BF DEAL for existing GG members
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
BF Deal for GiffGaffers. For new GiffGaff members: +£10 topup and possible TCB Cashback £30 after SIM activation

Sorry, it says it is in the title!


Is this unlocked?


Good deal - bought for my elderly mother for Christmas


Back in stock now 8)


good price for 59

Moto G6 Play unlocked on GIFFGAFF BF DEAL for existing GiffGaff members
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
BF started finally on GiffGaff, 109£ for new giffgaffers though (99+10 topup). Unlocked. Possible TCB cashback £30 for new customers sim activation with phone purchase

This, in combination with the cashback (if delivered!) may beat the CarphoneWarehouse deal. Quidco new subscriber bonus is £42 (6 month minimum stay), so you'd need a cheap monthly cost (£5 is min cost).


This or the Xiaomi A2 lite? Or wait and try and get a P20 lite or A2 or Note something if they drop a bit further.


I got this from carphone warehouse for £89. 1 month Vodafone at £13 but this has been refunded, minus 1 day. Voting cold.


Ty tyr



GiffGaff - iPhone 7 Pre-Owned £219
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Pre-Owned "Good" iPhone 7 32gb in Black or Rose Gold £219. Plus free £10 GiffGaff goodybag. Unlimited calls, Text and 3gb data. You can cancel at anytime. Plus go via Topcashback f… Read more

Thank you, I ordered two phones one at a time via Quidco. Both are recorded and tracked at £5.00. I’ll update on phone quality on arrival, fingers crossed. !


Yes two separate orders.. One through Quidco and one through TCB. You need to activate the SIM in order to get the £50. Should work for 2 orders, dont see why not?


Hi, how did you buy two phones? - I've not pulled the trigger yet but clicking through all payment screens there's no option to add a second phone. Guessing you made two separate orders? Also I'm using Quidco - they're still doing £50 cash back on Gift Gaff used phones, is that £50.00 as a one off or each time you buy (and register on network) a phone?


I'm sure it will be fine, mine was and so were the majority of others. Any business can potentially allow faulty ones to slip through and condition is subjective etc.


Got a 128gb iphone 7 in absolutely immaculate condition cheers. A bit paranoid now about what is wrong with it! Battery is 84% but will book into get it swapped. No topcashback has tracked though.

iPhone 6s sold by Giffgaff Pre-owned - £179
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
iPhone 6s pre-owned sold by Giffgaff 64GB colours avaliable gold,silver and rose gold. Free £10 GoodyBag with deal Condition Good . "These phones are in perfectly usable co… Read more
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Been using my old 6S while the X is being repaired. The 6S is nice and compact/lighter than my X. I didn’t notice much between the screens and fits the hands better. Performance was fast and snappy.


Thank you OP its fab now x


well ive gven up im going to get a child to do it ;)


Mine’s still tracking at £5 and I activated the SIM on Tuesday.


I had that issue swapping from Apple to android

Huawei P Smart Mobile Phone - Unlocked - £99 + Goodybag for non members @ giffgaff
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
great price add £10 for topup if not already a giffgaff member - or pay monthly for the phone!
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Sending mine back. Used it for the weekend. Terrible call clarity, unnoticeable vibration, loudspeaker is pretty poor too. Screen size and colours are lovely tho.


Vibration also very weak on this phone.


I like the P Smart. Going to give it the beans over the weekend to see how the battery squares up to my old Moto g5s. The screen and size of it is lovely. Android 8 added permanent nav bars which made the screen on the Moto G5s 1 row of icons smaller. With the same permanent nav bars on the P Smart, you still have a huge screen as the nav bar is shorter and the status bar on the top is shorter too. Also, the skin has an option to hide the nav bar! I usually apply the Nova launcher on my phones, however, I'm liking the skin on this so far. If the battery lasts well, I think I'll keep the P Smart, sell the Moto G5s for about 100£ to break almost even.


Thanks for this, the Moto G6 Play has a dpi over 200, although it has a lesser screen resolution, it's still good. The P Smart has a really high dpi. Do you like your phone? My partner has an old Wileyfox Swift that is much loved. It's a little glitchy and approaching end of life. So could be facing a hard wean here. (To me stock Android and the tougher screen of the Moto would win me over.)


I changed over from my Moto G5s to the P Smart. The build quality doesn't feel as solid as the Moto. I think you'll be ok with either phone to be honest. A few differences to note: Moto g6 isn't full HD. But does have fast charging. I'm sure it'll be a better build quality too. Battery is larger and it's stock android. The P Smart has dual cameras and is lighter. Also a HD+ screen.

Huawei P20 Pro £549 (+ Goodybag for non customers) @ GiffGaff
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
This is for existing Giff Gaff member I just got an email from Giff Gaff, They have a running promotion for Black Friday. Huawei P20 Pro £549 down from £649… Read more



Wow, I didn't know about this.


Yes it does


Does this also come with the free Band 3?


Got it off The 8GB 256GB model for £34 / month and £90 upfront on O2 for 15GB of data. Wanted to stay with O2 so was a good deal to me.

Sony Xperia XZ3 64GB Black (Plus A Possible £30 Cashback) @ Giffgaff
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Seems like the price has dropped £100, they were stupid money on launch, but it seems they are creeping down. I've always liked a Sony, and I think they are going in the right dir… Read more

If you're a new customer yeah.


Seems like you have to buy a goody bag with it?


Stop trying to crack phone screens!! They also brought higher PPI and 4K displays, slow mo recording, decent stereo and audio. Unfortunately whilst tech spec has been great on Sony flagships, design has not. It has taken them too long to shrink down the bezels and create a good looking device. It looked good on the Xperia Z / Z1 but by the Z3 / XZ range they should have reconsidered the design. To me this is a good deal. Its £100 cheaper than this device is anywhere else, it has excellent reviews and feedback. It has snapdragon 845, 6 inch 1440*2880 OLED display, Micro-SD support, Super Slo Mo video, 4 GB RAM, Minimal version of Android, and all the usual stuff. When the XR is being voted hot at hundreds of pounds more I dont know why this is going cold :(


Yeah, all giffgaff phones come unlocked


Will this be unlocked ?