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Posted 6 July 2023

Google Pixel 7a and Pixel 30W Charger Bundle - £399 @ Amazon

£399£47416% off
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Great price for the 7a with official 30W Google charger. All colours available at the deal price.
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  1. LAS00's avatar
    7a only charges at a maximum 18w while using a 30w charger
    mgb20's avatar
    Google's own charger charges at 22w
  2. albertbigndaft's avatar
    Good price. Tempted.
    Can’t tell what the warranty is via Amazon (and admit I don’t know what Google would give) but John Lewis are offering the same phone, albeit without the bundled charger, for the same price. They include 2 year guarantees. (edited)
    Morty360's avatar
    This might be the better shout
  3. scaff_1's avatar
    pixel 8 release in sept/ocy rumours a plenty
    ToxicHazard's avatar
    Pixels release every year in October so no surprise there
  4. DrunkOnRedWine's avatar
    You can get a Pixel 7 ( a much better phone) for less than this off a certain auctions site

    The Pixel 7a with its huge bezels looks like a phone from 2006

    This is cold from me (edited)
    1988dave's avatar
    Ya sound like your username literally near the same... Other than a bit bigger bezels
  5. MrBlobby999's avatar
    Any deals for the pixel 7
  6. CourseFinder's avatar
    Just open the package in front of the driver if he had 'change of heart' and decided to deliver you a brick instead of phone and charger
    emptypocketz's avatar
    Shockingly its happen quite often around here, Please do record you showing the packaging has not been open all sides of the package properly front, back and sides and then again when you try to open the box I think video evidence is the only way to be sure you don't get an brick in a box.
  7. BT1978's avatar
    Managed to get a two week old one in mint condo for £275 yesterday off flea bay will let you know how it plays out
    emptypocketz's avatar
    check for any hissing when you make or receive calls, got 2 faulty g7a units (refurbs from mozillion) with same fault.

    I got a feeling either people selling bad units or bad refurbs perhaps.
  8. Eddie1337's avatar
    Just upgraded my 4a which starts to show signs of battery deteriorating. I've been using it for 3 years with no issues at all, could probably squeeze another 8-10 months out of it before the battery becomes too weak to hold a full day of charge but hey, it's a nice upgrade. Heat added!
  9. Mastermaster's avatar
    wondered when someone would finally post the amazon deal after it was mentioned in the other threads a few times
    alexf's avatar
    alexf Author
    I honestly never saw that! But, it's here now
  10. thedon's avatar
    It's a good deal, but price is same from Google, and you can get 24 month payment plan (may not be 0% finance) and trade in
    eliHd452's avatar
    To me the deal in Google is better. 12 months free interest, put your money in high interest savings and pay monthly to google for 12months. With the interest you make in 12 months you can buy 2 or 3 30watts chargers... If you really want to! Also you get money off for trade in
  11. Mastermaster's avatar
    Just took my Poco f3 out of case to remove my SIM to put in this to find it obviously didn't survive a drop sometime and all cracked in a corner on the back hidden by case (edited)
  12. Mastermaster's avatar
    Finding the finger print sensor on this a bit of a pain, doesn't always unlock yet works every time with banking apps

    Battery is rubbish, slow to charge but knew that, rest of phone seems fine (edited)
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