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BATTLEFIELD 4 ORIGIN CD KEY-£5.95 @ kinguin / Sold by: GamingWorld
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
more stores in kinguin ,and best price was £5.95 for this game . Take action and rise above the chaos in Battlefield 4. This FPS from Electronic Arts is part of a genre-defining … Read more
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What is their excuse for just deleting peoples games from libraries?


Thanks, heat given as would rather pay extra than to pay those idiots at cdkeys who totally ruined my WoW BFA server launch.


Any PS4 deals


Thanks, just picked it up there... :{ :{ :{


EA just deleted my copy of BF4 for no reason from my library. I checked online and it happened to loads of people, and you have to hassle them to give it back... Fine with me though, as they aren't seeing another penny from me ever again. Their game quality has gone downhill, not to mention rinsing people with dlc for incomplete games. They truly hate their customers

DOOM STEAM CD KEY-£5.78  @ kinguin / Sold by Sold by: ready2play
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
There are a lot of options with different stores .When I looked it , cheapest price was £5.78. Developed by id software, the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre a… Read more
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Voted hot to irritate the Kinguin-haters. (cheeky)


voted cold, its £1+ cheaper on CD-Keys


Kinguin is allowed on HUKD now? Oh boy. (lol)


It's not £5.78 after the transaction processing fees. e.g. £6.29 with Paypal.

Overgrowth - PC £3.20 @ Kinguin
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Hi all. Found overgrowth for £3.20 when using VISA for checkout. (Possibly cheaper when paying other ways, tells you before checkout.) RRP on steam at £22.99 so its a massive savin… Read more

I've just read pretty good things about this and was about to purchase it; quick tip - check your Steam library before buying keys from third party appears I already own it!


It's been bundled. Kinguin are a key reseller marketplace. You're just buying up other peoples unwanted humble bundle keys. It's a good price next to RRP but it's not exactly a surprising find to anyone into Bundles / game trading / cheap games. :) It's a similar price at G2A, ebay, dozens of copies on Steamtrades. Anywhere you'd typically hoover up bundle keys.


Welcome to hukd


Give it time, it's quite new on the forum yet. Added my blob of heat.


why is this not a hot deal? its saving a lot of money i dont understand.

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SUPERHOT PC - Steam - £3.08 @ Kinguin
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
SUPERHOT is a fantastic game if you haven't yet tried it. This is the original game (not the VR version). Without the code it is £3.24, down to £3.08 using the discount code DROP5… Read more

Still a great non VR game though so worth a play (highfive)


No probs never realised there were 2 separate versions as most other games with VR content are bundled together. Ah well only £3 not end of the world lol.


Ah sorry buddy! I did put that in the desc (shock) maybe I should have made it bold


regarding HUKD and criminal activity, I believe G2A is a banned seller for this reason as there is so much evidence of this, according to other comments, I am less sure of kinguin, as I said before I have just read they operate in the same way, there may be less evidence - but if there is any risk at all I just stick to sites I am very sure are reputable.


the fraud eventually catches up to the key when steam find out they definitely revoke it, happens to lots of people usually related to G2A, psn & xbox are more likely to ban the entire account, though it does happen with steam too if the steam account is new and the 1 key is revoked or if it happens frequently enough though steam are comparably more lenient. it's possible to google the information, I am 100% sure it happens at G2A as I have known and read about enough people have it happen regularly, kinguin I have only heard of it happening in comments on HUKD so I'm not 100% but I have seen some comments of them working in the same way. Ultimately if a company has to charge extra for "insurance" because they have so many problems with what they sell, when any reputable store wouldn't need to do this, you have to question the business as a whole. I also extend this questioning(not trusting) to stores that use "phone verification" for new customers as this has been shown to lead to further phishing/fraudulent activity

Poly Bridge Steam Code - £1.70 @ Kinguin
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
Poly Bridge bridge building simulator game, £1.79 but with the discount code KINGUINPLAYS5 it is only £1.70. Pocket change for a good fun game that taxes the mind. Steam feedback… Read more

What payment option did you use? I went through the whole checkout proceedure using PayPal and it showed 2.07 for me :/


I've had this game for a while now - it's a cracking game; one of the best bridge building games around and at that price you can't really go wrong.


I make it £2.50 with charges/tax (no buyer protection).


Worth noting Kinguin do charge tax and card processing on top at checkout. In the UK using PayPal the final charge with discount code is £2.07

Dirt 3 Complete Edition Steam Key at Kinguin for 71p
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
Dirt 3 Complete Edition. Cracking game for less than a quid! Requires 15GB of space.

Used them a couple of times and all OK. Vpn will avoid the tax. Great game too.


34p PayPal fee, or 38p card fee. My bad I should have checked that first. I have never had issues with them and they are far more reliable than somewhere like g2a for example


IMO, no it is a key marketplace. I have heard of storys regarding dodgy keys and games being revoked. In this case I would imagine this is someone reselling one of the many free keys which have been given out multiple times.


Is this a reputable site or not? Coming up as £1.26 after tax and “payment charge”

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Far Cry 5 Season Pass (includes Far Cry 3) (PS4) £12.40 @ Kinguin
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Cheaper than buying Far Cry 3 by itself and you get the bonus content for Far cry 5 in the bargain. You do not need to own the Far Car 5 disc in order to download Far Cry 3

Get gud


will this work on a UK PSN account?


I am very luckly here, dead silent launch ps4 pro, i have over 50 games and the only game that pushes it hard is god of war. running at 4k with HDR too o


Indeed, and had quite a few available as well. Had £5 in nectar points to use so £25 for game and season pass. Have the ps4 pro, the fan is very loud with the game but the graphics are tremendous and far cry 3 looks not too bad as well.


i do wonder, how do you even lose the box haha! but a great buy nonetheless

Far cry 5 season pass ps4 £12.58 at  Kinguin
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Just got it! came in about 5 mins in my email And you can get an extra 15% off with this code.... GAMERANDOMIZER

I have never had any problems with G2A myself and get my NA PSN cards from them if my other supplier runs out, have used them about eight times and no problems.


Na me neither last time this deal was on I thought about buying it but after a read the amount of people getting used keys I left it


Hmm still no code and PayPal wouldn’t be accepted as a payment option


Great season pass compared to lot of other games


Fair, just sharing my experience from seeing it happen 1st hand and to warn others that it may not happen to them but awareness always helps :)

Strider @ (Xbox one x) - £8.75
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Brilliant game! £11.99 Microsoft store and PlayStation store.
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You. :S


Dec 2017 and Feb 2018, using the country trick. but it was 80% off or so. the games been out quiote a while and has been on the "sales" fairly regular on the xbox


Who’s mad? Sorry WHO’S MAD?


hahahahhah you mad! 4/5 stars 34000 reviews! oh and if you pay with paypal, they refund you if any issues oh and ive used them dozens of times with no problems and have you actually read cjs replies? OH AND HANG ON YOU MENTION SHADY SITES? KINGUIN AND G2A ARE THE SHADIEST OUT THE LOT!


Missed that price £1.50 to £2! Couldn’t find it on web search either. That price must have been a few years ago?

Farcry 5 Season pass PS4 £12.60 or £13.42 paying with PayPal @ Kinguin
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Hi guys With the first dlc on the way and farcry 3 remastered was looking for a alternative to paying £25 odd on PSN store. And almost 50% off I payed with PayPal instead of their … Read more
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GAMERANDOMIZER 10% off Code and works. Just done mine and came up as £12.16. Loaded the code and is working on psn.


yes and even have account banned


Mines coming upto £16.01?


No worse than the Amazon marketplace mate so what's your point? This is a marketplace for digital keys so a couple of bad apple's that's all. Like I said I been keeping a eye on the seller I've linked since the game came out I'm sure he would of been shut down by now if they are not legit keys


I mean the good reviews could be the people that haven't lost their keys yet

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard EMEA Steam CD Key £6.79 @ Kinguin
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Not sure if you can have Kinguin deals here but this is a good one. Remove buyer protection to get this price. EMEA COUNTRIES only R… Read more
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KInguin not allowed. Then allowed. Then 2 weeks ago not allowed after time wasted drafting. SO KINGUIN ARE ALRIGHT HUKD YEAH?


As far as I'm aware it's ps4 only.


Does this game have oculus support yet?


Out of stock :(


It's a great price but it's a marketplace seller ( Card/Paypal fees should be included in the deal price.

Far Cry 5 - Season Pass EU PS4 CD Key at Kinguin for £13.57
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
This is my first post so if i got it wrong in some ways let me know please. Expand your Far Cry 5 experience, with explosive other-worldly adventures. Fight off horrific zombi… Read more
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Mine worked fine on a UK profile


I didn't compare seasons and loot- boxes, I stated I just think charging for DLC before releasing a game, and loot box games are both ruining an industry as its creating a model that they will all find incredibly lucrative that will earn them more revenue per game, and why wouldn't they all jump on that band wagon. While the consumer loses out. You are making a number of assumptions in your post that I am not going to rebut as I don't believe there's a need, I don't think you know for certain unless work you work for Ubisoft and you want to provide your evidence that any of that is factual. The likely fact is (my assumption based on the game industry at the minute), they have likely charged extra for content that could be included in the game as per how the industry standard is becoming. Release half a game at full price, release the rest as DLC and make the additional revenue.(would they be doing anything illegal by holding it back? | no, is it unethical? yes | do most companies care about ethics? no | does ubisoft create some of the most fictitious gaming trailers for e3 and the real version looks nothing the same in terms of depth and graphics? yes) You feeling this is justified is why its becoming the industry norm. You have free will, so carry on supporting it, I will continue not supporting it.


Staff will still be making this dlc it wont be finished yet. The reason games come out missing alot of features is due to the certification process and having to have them out in certain financial years. What are we meant to play while they are making all this added content? Budgets would have to be changed as they wouldn't have the income from the base game to make the dlc. Also staff get shifted to work on other project and they wouldn't be able to if the game took longer to produce. If you don't like it that's fine but comparing season passes and loot-boxes is ridiculous. Fallout 4's season pass was a bargain for the amount of stuff you got


it was still for sale prior to release... I think that's an absolute con, they had already planned and created content that could have been included in the game, but no, we will charge you additional before we even release the base model. don't support it.


none of this dlc has been release yet nor has the remaster of 3

Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition - £3.51 @ Kinguin
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
STEAM CD KEY. Awesome game.
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Cheaper in CD keys and more reputable.


Just checked CDKeys. £3.99 :D


Thanks, i'll give it a go then


Running perfectly smooth even on my aging AMD 7970GHz and 920 @ 3.6 and 12GB ram. Hi detail textures. I am actually playing it for the third time right now.


How does it run on PC these days?

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student (Retail) £15.93 @ Kinguin
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
This is a good deal i think for students and people at home who need Microsoft office but don't want to subscribe to their premium packages or use Office 365. ''After purchase the… Read more
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Thanks for the feedback folks I'll remove this now


What kind of risk do you foresee? I don't imagine the police will kick your front door in over an office licence.


Noooooooo the buyer I used has sold 4027 of the Microsoft 365 . So I doubt they are stolen !


Unused OEM the kind used when you buy a new laptop, they are single use and once activated can not be transfered, if unlucky they are hacked or stolen volume licences


Are the ones ob eBay stolen or genuine keys? Any risk?

Batman - The Telltale Series (Steam) £4.03 @ Global Gaming via Kinguin
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Global Games have over 1.3m completed sales... Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knig… Read more

At least Gamesplanet isn't grey market ;)


Yea but you work for Gamesplanet so..... :D


Don't use Kinguin, hell don't use any grey market site but if you're going to use one don't use Kinguin.


my bad, was lost on the bad site layout.


Kudos for having the balls to comment about a cold vote for once.

Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
The game is region blocked to China so how you activate it is that you download a proxy and set it to china also use this discount code GAMERANDOMIZER
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Just use - Bought PUBG for £14 - Steam cloud activation. Works perfectly, paying with Paypal might take some time for email to come through with activation. also bought CS:GO for £4 and both activated and working fine - no restrictions.


I've been using Kinguin for buying games for years now. They've always been great. And, as always, choose your seller carefully and you'll never have a problem. However, vpn related deals are a big no-no. It's never worth it.


You also think consoles with illegal roms on wouldn't be allowed, but editors regularly post them.


Buyer Beware ! I purchased a couple of cheap War Thunder packs from a Kinguin seller before Christmas. They activated okay and I got the premium content and in game currency. All was well for a month or so then one day I could not login. When I asked Customer Service why they said that my account had been permanently banned as the codes were "stolen" and effectively my account was in debt. I have been playing WT for over 5 years and had max level with many premium planes and tanks unlocked, some of which I had paid good money for. I asked if they could remove the content or reset my account to before the codes were entered but they refused so I lost 5 years of grind. I now have to start from scratch with a new account. I still annoys me every day when I think of all the content I have lost but I guess it was my own fault for trying to save a couple of quid. Some key re-sellers are okay but I would never use Kinguin again.


Using a VPN/Proxy to activate keys from another region is against the Steam's terms of service. This can result in your account being locked/banned if you're caught. Throw in the fact you have to pay extra for "insurance" to make sure the key works and this is one dodgy "deal"

Owlboy Steam Key £3.37 @ Kinguin
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Just spotted that Owlboy is available from a few sellers very cheaply on Kinguin. I got it from "Keysforgamers" for £2.97 + £0.40 Paypal fee. At the time of posting, 3 sellers ha… Read more



Happy to admit that I'm scum and purchase from G2A because I'm a tight, selfish bugger. This is on there for 2 quid. Cheers OP


It's down as low as £1.75 now (excluding payment fee). Mad prices.


I bet this game with turn up in instant gaming anytime soon


Not anymore new monthly bundle is out with darksouls 3 as the early access game

Trials of the Blood Dragon (uPlay) £1 @ Ravenous Keys via Kinguin
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
+20p if you want security but PayPal should be enough. 2019 - NOW In a world where Blood Dragons, beasts of unknown origin, roam free. In a time where the future is not what it … Read more

bit trickier than trials fusion {grappling hook & machine gun}


I'm not a fan of Kinguin by any means, but I will still use them as a last resort if I have to i.e. if they are significantly cheaper than anywhere else for something I REALLY want, if it's something I can wait for though I'll happily wait for it on Steam sale or at places I prefer to support like Humble Bundle, Fanatical (AKA Bundlestars) or IndieGala as those sites put out some really amazing bundles and in the case of HB even support good causes. I hate any retailer that charges extra for certain payment methods and Kinguin notorious for that, think it's like 30p extra for Paypal, they even charge for using credit card I think, which is pretty much unheard of and the price of their so called shield service is ridiculous and provided you use paypal you never need to use it as if the key is phony, just open a paypal case/claim. Considering how buyer biased eBay and Paypal are Kinguin wouldn't stand a chance of convincing Paypal their dodgy key was legit! All that aside this is a good deal and I am kind of tempted as I love the Trials games but I have heard this one is a real mess so I'm not sure....


just bought, thanks! its £15 on steam


If a store actually has to charge extra for protection/insurance/"shield" due to the sheer amount of keys they sell being reclaimed by the publishers as stolen, why would you ever shop there? they are openly advertising how corrupt they are by charging for a service any reputable company offers for free. (also don't trust stores that require extra security just to use paypal, as paypal have said to find these suspicious)


Yea and the trials games

Windows 10 Professional, Microsoft Office 2016 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Bundle £32.96 - Sold by: NextKeys
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Great bundle deal from Kinguin for Windows 10 professional, Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student & a 6 month licence for Kaspersky Internet Security 2017. If you want Kingui… Read more
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i upgraded to windows 10 pro by using a legal win 7 anytime upgrade key. however there are keygens around for it aswell but i haven't tested them


They won't - they get their income from click-throughs - doesn't matter how dodgy the deal is (mad)


Don't let common sense and facts get in the way! I've had these discussions before and am told that big corps sell office computers to refurbishers and the refurbisher re-sells the windows and office 2016 licence. I then ask why they haven't scrubbed the hard drive like any big corp would do. Silence. I ask why wouldn't the big corp re-use the office licence as it's so new. Silence. But apparently it's totally legit yeah riiiight.


You dont even need to activate w10 if you can handle the limited personalisation.


HUKD should ban these illegal deals. What next - stolen bicycles? This ain't Gumtree!