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Asus ROG STRIX Core i5-7300HQ 8GB 1TB + 128GB SSD GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Gaming Laptop - Titanium GL502VM-FY497T £849.97 Laptops Direct
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Recently was looking to get a new laptop and saw this. Cheapest I've been able to find

Interestingly I had kept see mixed information on the ASUS FX503VM i see it listed as 3GB on some reviews and some places like scan,overclockers but 6GB on others. Unless they have the same SKU but with different GPU but same model number just to confuse things


Yes the 120hz is TN 3ms and without gsync Im 100% sure this one is 75hz IPS gsync, the big problem with this panel is abysmal response time 23ms and 38ms GtG, fast shooters feels wierd


they are difference between them?


like always they are clueless, gl502 is 75hz IPS, 120hz is on fx502 and its a TN panel


on site its 120hz!

Samsung evo 970 500gb nvme m.2 ssd £144.97 @ laptopsdirect
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Cheapest price on the interweb for this ssd apart from other retailers not allowed on here for some reason. Either way here's the description. Built with Samsung's industry le… Read more

It was about a month or two ago so sadly the listing has ended but keep searching on eBay for new NVMe SSD's as you will often find some really good deals on good brands like Intel (what I got) :)


That was a good price you got. Got a link to it?


Paid this price on eBay for a 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, granted not as good as the EVO 970 but still a very good SSD :D


Check pcpartpickeruk for this item and jts cheapest one. Second part of company name is pc (lol)


What are those other retailers? I'm interested to know

New Apple iPad Pro Wi-Fi + 512GB 10.5 Inch Tablet - Gold MPGK2B/A £659.97 @ Laptopsdirect
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
New Apple iPad Pro Wi-Fi + 512GB 10.5 Inch Tablet - Gold MPGK2B/A @ Laptopsdirect Not a fan of Apple prices but this seemed to had dropped for the 512GB version. Credit to 2ney… Read more

Aha! Thank you - I thought I'd got it wrong! Good call on restocking - fingers crossed... "I'd buy that for a dollar!"


You didn't! There was a previous, previous deal that was less £ for the 4G variant, so same as the later post, which was same as this one, then there was a post yesterday and now another today! eg: Keep an eye on the 4G+WiFi one, as it may be restocked and reduced from £1100 to £650 again (y)


Nope? What did you say that was different? You’ve added more detail to explain the same from what I see. I’m not being defensive, just wondering where I went wrong.


Nope the current deal is for the 512GB Wi Fi only, the previous sold out in an hour deal was for the 4G + Wi Fi variant, that was even less! (y)


Previous deal was for 4G+wifi - this version is wifi only

Acer V226HQL 21.5" DVI Full HD Monitor (TN) £64.97 delivered @ Laptops Direct
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Not a bad price for this size of TN monitor. 21.5 Inch Screen size Ports - DVI VGA 16:9 Aspect Ratio Image Contrast Ratio - 100000000:1 Brightness - 200 cd/m2 Colour - Bla… Read more

Yes, when you think how incredibly expensive DVI > HDMI connectors are, you could cry ;)


Nice, if it only has hdmi port...

Astec123 Amazon reviews seem pretty reasonable for this. No HDMI port for anyone looking

electriQ Smart Plug - Laptops Direct - £9.97
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
So I am completely new to the Smart Home Market and as I live in a rented property, and can't go hard wiring my house with smart devices. Just got an Amazon Echo speaker, and they… Read more

Yes. You'll need wifi on all home smart products


Got some the last time they were sub £10. Really good and easy app. Heat.


Looks a lot like a sonoff S20, I'd go for the sonoff S20 or S26 the latter harder to flash as you have to solder wires to small pads on the circuit board no holes


Does this Only work if you have wifi ?


Lots of deals posted over here can be bought cheaper from eBay but the reliability of the seller is paramount for HUKD.

electriQ 32" IPS FreeSync 144Hz Full HD Monitor £179.98 @ Laptops Direct
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Was looking for 144hz monitors and found this. Back in stock, check specifications in previous post:… Read more

Just thought I'd share my experience for what its worth. Followed the link to laptops direct, but ended up choosing an Acer Predator instead, Placed my order, received confirmation and a delivery date (I paid £10 for next day). no notification of any problem whatsoever. It is only that I happened to click the "track order" button that I then was directed to a page that said "awaiting stock" :{ I tried in vain to contact Laptops direct, spent 40 minutes on hold to the local rate number, and then another 20 on hold on their premium rate number, which sends you to approx 6 different switchboards, each one making you sit through a looooooong "help" message before giving you the options, no human contact at all. ....anyway, later that evening got a mail telling me there was a warehouse mistake, I would not get my delivery tomorrow (today) ...and that today by 3pm I would get a mail telling me when my delivery date would be ( no mention of what would become the £10 I paid for next day delivery) . I did reply to the message, no response. Then today I got an email saying that they are no longer able to supply the item, and that "shortly" a member of their sales team will be in touch to help me choose an alternative. Fortunately on the tracking page there was an option to cancel the order, so I did so, this seemed to take effect and I received a confirmation, and was told I'll get a refund within 48 hours. I must add that throughout this, and even now, the item is STILL listed on their site as "In stock for delivery tomorrow" I wouldn't touch this company with a barge pole.


Would be perfect for triple racing setup but I missed out. 3x 1080p is less demanding.


I was only lightly mocking your lack of deals. It's easy to say a deal is no good and yet not provide another alternative that's all I was hinting at. I am aware of all the above points you make, I looked into this when buying a projector. But despite the charts I have not stuck to the charts, have gamed on a 29inch inch 1080p monitor it was fine, I have gamed on a 32inch at 1080p it was fine, I have gamed on a 50inch 1080p tv sitting close to it and this was fine and I have gamed on a 1080p 120inch projector and it was fine, heck I've even gamed on an 120 inch 1024x768 projector and it was a very cinematic experience and again was fine. My point is you can't tell anyone this is no Good, everyone has individual needs and requirements and one person's definition of a good experience is different to someone else's, it's subjective, and in my opinion and from my experience a 32 inch 1080p monitor is fine. Also your chart suggests 4k is only just sufficient on a 30 inch screen from 0.6 meters away and that a higher resolution would be better. Tell that to everyone who currently games on 32inch 4k screens or 1440p screens god forbid. I might add this is a budget monitor, but if you're on a budget and value screen size over greater pixel density (you are entitled to prefer this despite what nate dog says) this is s good buy.


You have to use all 3 variables. Screen size, distance, and density. Have a look around, there are some tools to reduce the confusion and simplify it. This is a rough estimate and from person to person this varies. But this shows my point fairly well. If you look at the 2 to 4 foot range and look at the 32 inch size, you can see the 'Ultra HD' (4k) is 'worth it'. Obviously this doesn't include the 1440p, which I am suggesting is best for 32 inch, but I can accept a 4k 32 inch as well.As you can see, 100 inch TVs (and bigger, extrapolate) has a much faster point of optimal. As you can see, at 9 feet, they recommend Ultra HD for 100 inch TVs, but it is not too far from the line. This is the key part to this. In short, if you sit too close to a large TV with a lower resolution, you risk seeing the screen’s individual pixels, which can ruin the movie-watching experience. Similarly, if you invest more money in a smaller 4K TV and sit too far away, you won’t be able to distinguish the extra pixels compared to the more affordable 1080p resolution. I see you attempted to turn this into some Trumpesque debate, I won't bite, I don't mind what my deals get, or what I post, I think it's a valuable discussion. I see no irony here, simply looking to make sure people don't get deceived into buying something that doesn't suit them. A 32 inch, 1080p gaming monitor is a bad idea. A 32 inch, 1080p, television that costs 180 quid is not cheap either. This brand is unheard of, I would suggest people avoid this monitor for gaming and for television. Also, it feels like a waste for consoles too, there are plenty better console based monitor options.


You actually hold a phone closer than you sit to the pc. One would therefore by your own logic suggest that the increased pixel density on phones is not a gimmick. 1080p is fine for gaming for me on my 32 inch monitor, 50 inch tv and 120inch projector screen from about 3 meters away. It's personal opinion you can't tell anyone it's Not! Oh and what's to stop people sitting back from their screen a bit when gaming? Most people use Xbox controllers to game on a pc anyway. If anything this would be better 1080p on a 32 inch screen than it would on a 50inch tv by your own logic. Maybe someone is sore there hottest deal is only 106 degrees. 1700 comments and 2 posted deals and yet you slag off deals. Quite ironic really. Feel free to post something better (popcorn) :) ;) (y)

ASUS VivoMini UN65U-BM106M Barebone -  i5-7200U - £287.98 at Laptops Direct
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Cheapest i5 NUC type barebone ultra small PC I can find online. Other i5 NUCs start at aound the £325 mark from the usual suspects like Scan and Ebuyer. Not for everyone but good … Read more

Same price at Amazon / prime - although slightly delayed delivery


But this is for people who actually want that niche and it's not that small as otherwise Intel and others wouldn't still be releasing new models all these years later. So there's clearly a larger demand for these than you think.


Not saying there is no use scenario, just saying it's really a small niche, most people would be better of with other solutions, ie all in one's (expensive) or laptop docking which doesn't actually take much room, and has more use .


The point of these is that they are tiny and can be mounted behind a monitor if required or placed in a cramped location neither of which is true of laptops. If you want a laptop then buy a laptop but if you want a tiny desktop then something like this is appropriate. I built a NUC system for my mother years ago and a laptop made no sense to her as she has an iPad and just wanted something small to sit under her desk; it actually sits on the sub-woofer.


Surely overkill to use a 300-500 mini pc as a media centre?

Refurbished Acer R13 MediaTek M8173C 4GB 64GB 13.3 Inch Touchscreen Convertible Chrome OS Chrome book A2 @ LaptopsDirect
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
After looking into chromebooks for a bit today, this one seems like a great price for what it is!

I just bought a chromebook mostly for this purpose. You can download Ms Word from Playstore but can't edit documents unless you pay for a office365 subscription at £6 a month. This is to do with MS charging fees on chromebooks with screens bigger than 10". You can edit for free on MS Word online but be warned the templates I have set up for my buisness are all wrongly formatted using the online version. I'm not ready to pay MS a monthly fee yet for that so I converted all my templates to work with Google Docs... Which currently is free!


Just had email to cancel my order due to "part of the order no longer available from our suppliers." Ah well. Hopefully they're quick with refunds.


They walked 500 miles and then 500 more before falling at the door




You can download the Word Android app from the Play Store.

*Last 10 units* Now £659! New Apple iPad Pro Wi-Fi + 512GB 10.5 Inch Tablet - Gold MPGK2B/A *reduced by £240* - £699 @ LaptopsDirect
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
The 21 x WiFi + 4G variant of this just sold out in an hour on HUKD, the WiFi one is now £240 lower, as guessing Laptops Direct did not want everyone to miss out all together!! 2… Read more

Our kids use 2 iPad Airs (first gen) for several hours a day and are still going strong. As sceptical as you can be, they are built to last, provided you don’t mind not having the latest apps.


I’m gender confused (well, not personally) - is it mr switch or mrs witch?


£929 now


This is only £662 now


It’s been used pretty much- the last 2 years by my teenaged daughter

New Apple IPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 3G/4G 512GB 10.5 Inch Tablet - Gold at Laptops Direct for £674.97
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Bargain price for 4g and 512gb. Only gold color at this price with free delivery. TCB 2.1% also

Nice result


Mine arrived today. Hope someone else will get it as well.


Have been told to pay the difference or get a refund within 5 working days (annoyed) what a useless company with very poor service would never use these cowboys again lesson learnt. Good luck to any that do get one you have been very lucky, just hope you never have to use the warranty with them.


Mine has been dispatched, coming Monday which was the free delivery option. Anyone got any ideas about cases?


Taken my payment still for sale on site and telling me they cannot fulfill the order. Wow how poor is this company.

HP 250 G6 Core i5-7200U 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6 Inch Full HD Windows 10 Laptop - £469 @ Laptops direct
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
seems pretty good 15.6 Inch Screen Intel Core i5 7200u Processor 8 GB RAM For offers on memory upgrades call our sales team on 0871 971 0005 Windows 10 Operating System B… Read more
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To be fair probably not completely different, they make the 250 G6 in a number of configurations and the core parts are the same.


Pretty impressive replacing a non-existent DVD with a HDD mount. I take it you have a completely different model. As for the SSD not being great, I assume you are referring it to being an M2 SATA drive rather than NVME? In this class of machine, 99% of users would be unable to tell the difference speed wise. One of the plus points of this machine is you can install a 2nd SATA hard drive internally in the spare bay so, if you want to expand the storage, it is easy to do.


Spend extra on storage when you can and consider adding a graphics tablet .


Heads up, the SSDs in here aren't great, you can also add a HDD by replacing the DVD drive with a HDD mount (i did), display is ok. Whatever you do avoid the HDD model of this at all costs, they are worse.


You get a lot more for your money with the 8th gen processors. Model numbers start with an 8***

electriQ 28" 4K Ultra HD HDR 1ms FreeSync Monitor £199.97 @ Laptops direct
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
I was looking for a gaming monitor a few weeks ago for my son. He plays PS4 pro so 60hz was not an issue. Best I could find at the time was a 27" LG 4k HDR IPS 5ms for £499.99 If… Read more
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Does anyone know the freesync range on this? I'll be using a Vega 64 with this if I do get it


its the response time, the lower the better, its advertised as 1ms when its actually 5ms, not a deal breaker though, thanks anyway


5ms(G2G) whatever that means


thanks for the info, lol still undecided though


I'll let you know in an a mo. I'm using it for PC (not gaming). It deffo has hdr - the option appears in the menu when the resolution is set to 4k. Makes the colours more vibrant when selected

Seagate FireCuda 2TB Laptop 2.5" Hybrid Hard Drive SSHD at Laptops Direct for £79.97
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Perfect for upgrading PS4 hard drive. Have been looking at this for a while and this is the cheapest I've seen. Looks like my PS4 slim is getting a long needed upgrade!
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True. Too bad I can't monetise those naughty pictures. (embarrassed) Read recently that Google let third parties read your emails ... that is disgusting! So I had to get a domain name & set up email server. Money I didn't want to spend.


That's ok too but then they have the full right to go through all your data & laugh/publish all the naughty pics of you & your girlfriend in your knickers. You lose your privacy rights!


WD only released its hybrid drives in 2013 so only 5 years ago. But I get your point. The first gen Momentus XT drives did have a few issues and there were several firmware updates for it (which many users didn't do). So many early drives did have problems, but that is to be expected with early adopters. My 8 year old drive still works fine. Performance has moved on somewhat in that time.


Well then that's unfortunate. Although this is a consumer drive. Happy with mine. Won't lose any sleep if the games on it go kapoot. Easy enough to get back. You'll see differently once you learn the hard way.


I’ve never understood this back up back up. Nothing and nobody lasts forever!

Seagate FireCuda 1TB Desktop - £55.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
My current hard drive needs replacing. After a little research and some mental arithmatic. I think this could be a decent deal with the Which promo as well.
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I am not into gaming - just multimedia and genreal needs.


So no SSD?


I already have a Seagate hybrid 1 TB drive with a Windows 8.1 OS on and I was also running an older 1TB SATA3 with another Windows 8.1 partition on which has started to wear out after 5 years use. I am planning on replacing the older one with this new Firecuda which should be quicker and quieter. :p


The price isn't bad for what it is, but SSHDs are inviting another point of failure into an important storage device for a pretty minor performance bump; a 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD doesn't come to much more than them rolled into one and the pure SSD is going to run a lot quicker. Though if you want to use this in a PS4 or whatever it's probably a decent enough bet.


I assume you are using it as a storage drive and not as the main drive?

Acer KA270H 27" IPS Full HD HDMI DVI Monitor - £119.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
60hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, ensure even the most fast-paced games run smoothly IPS display lets you enjoy consistent colours and brighter images from virtually any an… Read more
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We appreciate it XD


Down to the courier they use (most couriers charge extra for any of the british isles or Scottish highlands) I believe Parcelforce is about the only one who dont


These NI exclusions and extra costs on so many threads. I really feel sorry for them. :(


Potential 2% cashback on topcashback or 1.6% on quidco too.


Fair enough. I'm tempted to go for it anyways :)

Grade B Google Pixel 2 XL Black & White 6" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free @ Laptops direct (£390.97 with which! Code)
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Good price, same as the regular pixel 2 they have, and the same as the grade c pixel 2 xl they have. Don't forget cashback to get them few extra pounds as well... Grade B Good C… Read more

Just get the refurb and if any issues go straight to google not these guys - you'll have until around October 2019 minimum with Google.


Top price, heat added. Can't decide between this and the CPW 30-day SIM deal at potentially £439 after cashback.


switch send me a private message please it will not let me message you for some reason.

electriQ 32" IPS 4K UHD FreeSync HDMI Monitor - £254.98 @ Laptops Direct
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
I don't know much about the brand but it seems like a decent deal for the specs.
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Well mine arrived in full gay pride spec


That response time is terrible. you get better on some standard TVs!




The retailer is particularly poor. Terrible customer service, had real problems with these in the past.


I returned an ElectriQ monitor to LaptopsDirect recently. Was a bit of a chore getting the return ticket raised, had to supply photo evidence of dark pixel areas but they had checked it over and issued a new one within 3 working days. New one I received was perfect condition and they sent me extra cables too. Overall, would be happy to buy from them again and I'd happily buy an ElectriQ monitor again too


This only matters if youre gaming and need macros. If you dont need to use macros then dont bother installing or using the software. It should function perfectly fine without macros and the software. Bottom line is, its still a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Browns which are great. I can live without the software and macros if the typing experience is great.


can't recommened it due to software is the most complicated i have ever seen you can add a profile or a catagory of game to add macro in, however you cannot delete it and there is no way to set toggle on macro or on a button, you sacrifice capslock key for easyshift key and only place easyshift key can be re-maped to is 1 of the 5M-keys (macro key) either way u loose a button plus easyshift can't be recorded on the fly it has to be set in software before only macros can be set on the fly is the provided 5 M-keys and yes it is using old cherry mx keys not the newer ones.


Question for the experienced I guess - I've got the wireless logitech keyboard and mouse with Unity on it, started to game on the PC, i very occasionally get sticky/slow keys and thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard.. However, is it really going to change my life in experience? I don't have a gaming mouse anymore and imo even gaming mice vs high quality logitech ones aren't too far off?


I really dont know and I cant explain it either as I had a Corsair K95 that I had for a year before it was sold on and that was something like 4 or 5 years ago?? I cant remember exactly but the LEDs in that are going strong. Maybe the manufacturer of the switches were just cutting corners with later batches??? So many LED keyboards were being returned Im sure it was not just an isolated incident. Like i said, I bought a DuckyShine III for £130-140 at the time thinking the LEDs would last forever because DuckyShine are well known for the build quality of their keyboards but nope... LEDs still started dying. Dealing with Corsair Customer Support became one of my pet peeves as their K95 i had before didnt have the same issues with LEDs in the keyboards that came after that. Maybe it was a Cherry MX Browns issue?? WHo knows.


I've had my "old LED" backlit mechanical for 3 years and it still lights up fine. It is only one colour though and uses Cherry MX Reds, maybe it's luck of the draw, the keycaps aren't exposed either, they all snugly fit together.

Asus ROG STRIX Core i5-7300HQ 8GB 1TB + 128GB SSD GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop £849.97  Laptops Direct
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
I was checking reviews for this laptop after seeing another deal posted for it at Debenhams, and it's £10 cheaper here, plus 2.1% TopCashback. Still not sure if I'll go for it mys… Read more
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Do you need a small system? What’s the budget? Probably best to PM me.


Thanks for the build Ollie. I think I'm going to go with something like this. Could you recommend a build using a Ryzen 5?


You can also buy licence keys off ebay for about £3.


That's just your opinion Ollie. I see plenty of 15.6" laptops on the train every day. Just for my info, how much does a mITX weigh?


Any "laptop" over 13 inches is too big to be truely portable. It's not just about weight.

Acer XF240YU 24" QHD 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor £229.97  Laptops Direct
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Best price for a QHD monitor with a 144hz panel.
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To some making IPS comments, These monitors come up time and time again at this price. You know they are TN panels, we know they, even the mods do - can we ease off reminding us please implying its terrible now. Its a monitor designed for high refresh rates, where that is more important then the depth of a red shade. Not the best price we have seen (i think) but still impressive.


Any decent high spec pc deals to go with this monitor?


Freesync or g sync is honestly not worth it, especially for £150 more.


For the freesync tho


You're right, sorry I was a bit drunk when I wrote that. But I still stand by it being an awesome monitor!

Asus VX24AH 24 inch Frameless IPS 5 ms Console Gaming Monitor with Dual HDMI ports, 2560 x 1440, 300 cd/m2 £179.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
23.8 Inch Screen size 2560 x 1440 QHD Resolution Ports - 2x HDMI VGA 16:9 Aspect Ratio Refresh Rates - 60 Hz 5 MS Response Time Speakers Warranty - 3 years warranty TCB @ … Read more
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Sorry you took it that way. No worries - I wasn't expecting you you to do my own research. And thanks for your original post.


I asked a very simple question to assist you with finding a better option for your specific needs but your low effort response doesn't help me at all, nor does it suffice wasting any time looking into this again.


Similar spec for less, or better spec of any sort for the same. Simple question.


My friend is having problems getting it to work properly on mac osx 2014 mbp. anyone else have a blurry screen? I think it might be that you need to force osx to be rgb, but he hasn't tried this yet. Will report back if it works.


In which regards are you referring to as better, the MS delay, maximum Hz, resolution or panel type ? What are your requirements and main use for the monitor ?

Asus Radeon RX Vega 64 RoG STRIX OC 8GB HBM2 Graphics Card £489.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Not a bad price for a new aftermarket RX Vega 64 from a reputable manufacturer.

I agree that the reference Vegas run hot but this runs around 70-75c which is perfectly fine. For freesync users it has historically been ridiculously priced and only now is it priced competitively to the 1080.


Well each to their own, but people buy Gsync because it's overall better regardless of cost. AMD has to do something make people buy their top line graphics cards. Vega 64 uses more power, produces more heat +20°C like for like, then you have popularity of Nvidia cards, people will keep buying them unless AMD can produce something for less price and better. I would only buy Asus if it was from Amazon or OcUK as they have a 48 hour turnaround service for Asus graphics cards and motherboards, anywhere else and you're looking at 6+ weeks.


Why though? With the latest driver updates it's as fast or faster than a 1080 (as shown in the latest toms hardware reviews), and you save a ton of money through not having to pay gsync tax. The Asus 1080's are more expensive than this vega 64, so this is priced bang in the middle of the 1080 pack with only the cheaper models (by gigabyte etc) being lower.


"We found a deal matching your 'gaming laptop' keyword alert!" : Only by mistake. Please fix the algorithm labelling typical desktop components as matches to gaming laptop. This is not a gaming laptop; it isn't even something someone wanting a laptop would typically buy to augment their laptop. Thanks.


It would probally help if the Vega 64 was less than the cheapest GTX 1080.

Dell P2418D 23.8 INCH IPS £194.98 @ Laptops Direct
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Bring out every detail From Excel spreadsheets to colorful PowerPoint presentations, see more fine details on this crisp display. Vibrant visuals Colors are vivacious and acc… Read more

4. It’s over?Thank god!


You are frustrated, you make up things so as to get social network rage: 1. You said, "You’d already sent more than one message to me before". How many messages did you ask me? Is it the same number, of course, it is! I am just responding to you after my first comment. 2. You said, "All I said was that the video was ace and that I would use it to spread the message." But you just go on and on, prompting comment after comment. 3. You do shut people (me) up after an hour of an equal two-way dialogue by saying "I had no intention prompting you to reply to it." Which is what you typed. But you just go on and on, prompting comment after comment. 4. I am out, looks like you have a self-control issue, this will be my last comment to you.


I was asking why someone was rambling to me about portrait display use. You’d already sent more than one message to me beforeI asked. All I said was that the video was ace and that I would use it to spread the message. I had no intention of prompting you to reply to it.


you did ask me why, so I gave you an answer, you ungrateful chap; next time, don't ask if you couldn't take answer Reminder of what you asked: "But why did you say the video is a joke? Why were you telling me?"


I did know. Maybe you should have directed your comprehensive teachings to someone else? The frustrations I was referring to are purely from a personal aspect. e.g. a friend or family member poorly framed a video due to orientation, which is why I found the YouTube video funny.

Acer KA240HQ 23.6 Inch Full HD HDMI LED Monitor £79.97 @ laptopsdirect
Refreshed 26th JulRefreshed 26th Jul
Another decent monitor deal. Good price for a full HD 1080p monitor from Acer featuring low 1ms response time, 60 hz, and HDMI/DVI/VGA input. Price is delivered too by DPD which … Read more

ah well, out of stock unfortunately


Yes, that's right. But for general use VA monitors may be a better option as it has better contrast compared to both TN and IPS giving better quality images imo.


I believe TN is preferred for gaming monitors (at this price range) as it has a faster response time - 1ms here instead of 5-6ms for IPS at £20-30 more.


I have had a look at both of these in recent days _ both seem good monitors and the price is good. But I thought that IPS is better than TN or VA and you can get some IPS panels for £20 or £30 more? Is it not worth paying the extra for IPS?


Not everyone has £250+ to blow on a 4K monitor!

Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £398.97 @ laptopsdirect
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Another 1070 Ti deal. A bit cheaper than the EVGA card. (excited)
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Lol i hope ur not turning off the fan cause it was too cold earlier this year... just kidding btw


Recently got a 144Hz monitor, would this be good for most games 1920x1080 @ 144fps or would I need something a bit beefier? I have a GTX 970 at the moment which is ok but nowhere near 144fps for most stuff unless I do some serious tweaking (obviously, I bought the monitor with a view to using it's 144Hz capabilities with a future graphics upgrade).


Lol mods removed my comment... this site is a joke


I got this from Amazon a few weeks back - Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1060 WF2 3GB /dp/B01KHWOAR4 for £189. Fans start rattling over 30% PWM. Should I return it and wait for a month or so until the GPU prices go down? I can manage without a GPU for a short while :)


I gave this deal heat but it doesn't mean to say I will get it for myself I will wait for a 10 Ti series before the 11, you just know they will come down even more yet. Nvidia GeForce GTX11 release dates: GeForce GTX 1180 on 30th August GeForce GTX 1170/1180+ on 30th September GeForce GTX 1160 on 30th October

Refurbished Acer Iconia 10.1 32GB (NT.LE0EK.001) £99.97  Laptops Direct
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Model Name: Iconia One 10 B3-A40 FHD Part Number: NT.LE0EK.001 REFURBISHED: A1 Condition Full specs here Android™ … Read more
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Never seen for 75 or near that. Sorry


really, that low, for the full HD model with 32GB storage ?... i didn't see that, sorry


Yeah not the best price I’m afraid! :(


Meh price. The Argos Ebay store has been flogging these recently, with a 12month warranty, for as little as £75.99 delivered.

Cheapest 1070 GTX Gaming laptop - £1,349.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Asus ROG Strix GL702VS Core i7-7700HQ 16GB 1TB + 256GB SSD GeForce GTX 1070 17 Inch Gaming Laptop - Titanium Gold
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It's gone now


Look at that guys. Better cpu, better gpu for less than £100...10% drop now, looks better, what do you think?


That's a shame. My 3yo laptop is from there and it's been alright. Granted it has a mobile GPU rather than a desktop one so doesn't draw as much power. The Defiance V was the exact model I was considering, might look elsewhere now.


I bought the Defiance v from PCS (i7-8750h, 1070,144hz) and the laptop was nothing but issues, and the chasis itself cannot cool the cpu and has huge thermal throttling even with liquid metal applied and a huge -0.200 undervolt. I got a new bios update which supposedly "fixed" the issue and all it did was reduce the thermal limit for the cpu form 96 to 85, so it just gimped performance even further. Would not recommend at all. Sent it back for a return and hopefully will be refunded even though it's outside the window. I like PCS before, but for a laptop that supposedly went through 3 rounds of testing to be sent something that gets to 90-99c before bf1 even has done loading is a joke.


You specifically mentioned wanting more CPU grunt for "higher end gaming". How often in higher end gaming scenarios can that extra 30% actually be made use of when paired with a GPU like the 1070?

PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - £244.92 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Price includes delivery! Also cheaper than the MSI card and has a better cooler! The prices are still slowly creeping down! (excited)
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out of stock :(


it's now £230.99 with £1 which trial?


Bought one second hand for £225, this is good price for brand new. Card runs 70-80*C under load in ambient air




this card is beast. bought for 300 about a year ago. its got a pentagram on the backplate too which is metal af

electriQ 28" 4K Ultra HD 1ms FreeSync Monitor - £179.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
This has been posted a few times in the past but this is the lowest price I've seen, and very good for a 28" 4K monitor. The panel itself is common with many other monitors includi… Read more
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I have this. It's terrible :( Flickers and randomly turns itself off every few minutes - no dead pixels that I can see though.


ElectriQ also offer a 4k oled for £900. They seem to be decent enough but can't find enough reviews


Is it worth paying the premium for an IPS panel over this?


My 4k monitor is 28" and I have no issues, use it for gaming and productivity


Fortunately it can be mounted.

HP Omen Z4D33AA 27" QHD G-Sync 165Hz Gaming Monitor £499.97 @ Laptops direct
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Currently, the cheapest I have seen it. Feature G-Sync and 165hz refresh rate! :o
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You can get the Acer IPS for 440, or the TN panel version for ridiculously cheap at 330. The Omen looks nice, but I wouldnt say HP were incredibly better quality than Acer.


Better off going for the Acer Amazon deals atm in my opinion

ElectriQ 4K Ultra HD HDR 1GB RAM/16GB ROM Android 7.1 Quad Core TV Smart Box £29.97 @ laptopsdirect
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Oohhh a clock upfront, haven’t seen one of these in years :D Specs: Hard drive capacity16 GBMemory Internal memory1 GBOperating system/software Operating system providedAndroi… Read more

If you want clock try search sunvell t95z


Yeah but what about the digi clock


1gb of ram is nowhere enough to run kodi comfortably now.


Hopless pointless crap


I can't imagine this was ever £89.99 with only 1GB/16GB.

INNO3D Twin X2 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £639.97 Laptops Direct
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Really good reviews. It is a quiet card and keeps cool. Specs below:
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Yup as said above it will be voted cold because 1180 is coming in x weeks and has y and will cost z and who would pay that for a g card anyway etc etc. Heat added as it's a deal site about highlighting deals, shame folk forget that so often.


Imo the answer is because of the price, not as in its overpriced but simply because it costs £600+ pounds, its the same sort of folks who pipe up on the car leasing deals. 'ow much!, £600 for a graphics card? To play games with, COLD.!' That or the perpetual something better is coming, wait for price drops, brigade. Either way at the moment it's a good price for the best consumer card available


Why so cold? Cheapest I've seen in a long time, granted its not what it *should* be, but is there a better opting atm?

XFX Radeon RX 580 Black Edition 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - £237.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Cheapest price for an 8GB variant. Has decent reviews. Specs below:
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No problem!


Sorry I just realised I read the comment incorrectly, I read I'd get the 1060 over this for Freesync, even rechecked as well, Your comment makes so much sense now.


Thank you for repeating my point.


That’s why they said they would have this over a 1060, so it could be used with a free sync monitor


OOS Now :(

Palit Dual GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £234.97 Laptops Direct
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Cheapest I have found. Includes free postage too. Specs below:
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I’ve seen enough comments to suggest that Ebuyer customer service is bad enough that at this somewhat unspectacular pricing, its a risk buyers are taking. Hopefully 2019 brings about an end to the stagnation in the market. AMD have to accept responsibility for that as well.


That and things generally being rubbish in retail business wise. Short staffed is common to see at most stores I see. So them not wanting to budge on the price doesn’t surprise me. They don’t want to lose money but its not our fault that they bought high and some of us rather not pay for mistakes not made by us. These prices are distorted and not representing the depreciation these cards have gone through. Nvidia needs to release the new gpus its worked on to break the stalemate. Most users have a working old gpu in need of an upgrade. That doesn’t mean they’re willing to be ripped off.


What’s wrong with eBuyer? I haven’t used them in quite a few years but I’m looking at building a PC again and I was considering using them for some parts. Any other places you recommend also? Thank you!!


Also true but these cards are still selling at slightly less than their mrrp. A good indicator is how expensive the 2nd hand market for these cards. I've not seen the market flood with all these used mining GPUs either. Maybe 2019 will be different but I would say 2018 prices will stay high until the low tier next gen cards are released.


i doubt they are selling, certainly not as good as they wish. the reluctance to lower the price might come from buying them at ridiculously high level.

LG 23MP68VQ 23" IPS Full HD 5ms Freesync HDMI Monitor - £99.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
23 Inch Screen size 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution Ports - HDMI DVI VGA Freesync 16:9 Aspect Ratio Refresh Rates - 60 Hz/75 Hz 5 MS Response Time VESA Mounting Interfaces -… Read more
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This is a brilliant monitor for the price, for me it would be worth £120 but each to their own.


expired. still.


Is it still a good deal at £120?


Do you know how to use the graphic card settings?


I do, why do you ask?

Acer EB321QUR 31.5-inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 Curved Monitor (TN panel, 1ms, DP, HDMI, DVI) £209.97  Laptops Direct
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Thought this was a great price for a curved 1440p 31.5 inch monitor from Acer Drawbacks are it's a TN panel and 75hz, but you really aren't going to get a 144hz IPS at this price … Read more
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Mine is currently being hidden at work as I don’t want my other half to know I spanked a load of cash on a second screen. Enjoy ;)


Awesome! I'm really enjoying mine :D


I received my monitor from today and it is the curved model as in the deal, it looks great, can’t wait to hook it up to my PC and play some games


If you check the overview it says it’s curved, you can also check the model/part number, which I did as I thought the same as you at first, they are both UM.JE1EE.009. The IPS panel is only 60hz and the one in the link is 75hz. I should get mine next week to confirm though


Your link at the top from is for the flat IPS panel, not the curved TN by the way Whichever you prefer

MSI Gaming Laptop GTX1060,  i5 7300HQ Processor £829.97 at Laptops Direct
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Been looking for a gaming laptop for ages Found this one at Laptops Direct - not seen this particular one this cheap, seems like a good deal, although the GPU is only 3gb. GeFor… Read more
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Maybe this ASUS GL702ZC-GC098T ROG


Tempted to go for this. Anyone know any better deals around? Would like it for 3d cad and some gaming.


Only thing I've read is the screen looks washed out. But minus screen its good specs add an i7 quad for 100


See what have to say about it, their reviews are very informative and they recommend a couple of competitors to that Asus that you may wish to check out:


I managed to grab the 1050 version of this laptop in Amazon Warehouse for £530 a few months ago so not sure how great this price is...

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