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Sony VAIO F12M0E B Core i7 Laptop £899.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 1st Jan 2010Found 1st Jan 2010
If you’re one of those people who won’t accept second best and wants the ultimate in laptop technology then you need the Sony VAIO F12. Having this laptop on your desk is like hav… Read more
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I dont think you are to be honest. Spec a Dell XPS 15 with a core i7, 1080p screen, and blu-ray drive - it comes out at a lot more expensive than this. There is a medion from Sainsburys which has similar specs (better graphics card, but not as good in other areas) for the same price. This is a clearance price as the f12 has been superceded by the f13, which costs £1300 for the model with a 1080p screen


I suspect it's because most people on this forum are after the cheapest stuff they can find and won't pay any more for a quality brand. It's the same when Apple stuff gets posted.


because its a premium laptop and you're paying alot more for the brand name, when compared with similar spec'd laptops from dell, acer etc. I have this laptop and its been the most reliable laptop I've owned so far, and I've had many.


Does anyone know why this laptop is getting cold reviews. I can't seem to find any other laptop with such good specs!


this is true. but then again, its an i7 and even though the fan is noisy, the laptop is kept very cool.

Lenovo B550 15.6" GBP193.97 was GBP472.97 @ Laptops Direct with 2% QUIDCO (2.02% with TopCashBack) and GBP100 LENOVO Cashback (valid until 31/12/10)
Found 28th Dec 2010Found 28th Dec 2010
Found this - thought this might useful for some... We know that when you’re spending big on a new laptop you want a machine you can trust. Lenovo are one of our most reliable man… Read more

the deal is expired. It wasn't valid to begin with


how i can this lenovo laptop for 193.97


but that one has no HDMI port? :-(

yasirk click on second tab PRODUCTS and it says it there


I can't find any mention of the M41E3UK model numbers. Do you have links?

Acer Aspire easyStore H340-L Home Server £199.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
£199.97* inc.VAT + £9.95 P&P *price after £50.00 cashback Product Description: Acer Aspire easyStore H340-L Home Server Processor:Intel Atom (230) 1.6GHz 0.512MB (L2 Cache) M… Read more

Good plan. Thats what I was going to do. By the way, its worth noting that unlike some nas drives, its ok to mix different storage drive sizes together and still keep redundancy.


Hot - ordered the 2 TB version!! extra £50 but I have two 1 Tb drives to add to it as well from a cancelled project(_;)


Not RAID but Windows Home Server is included which has its own system for duplicating selected areas of the disks. Read up about putting Linux on this box and does not seem too easy. Installing on a HDD in a PC and then moving it to this box seems to be the common way [see] Not heard of CrunchBang before so thanks for that.


Here are some speed tests: its not the fastest but should be fine as an itunes server.


Looks good to me for the money. Heat added.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15 (Core i3 2.26GHz; 2GB; 250GB; DVD-RW):  @ Laptops Direct
Found 24th Oct 2010Found 24th Oct 2010
Take advantage of the £100 Lenovo Edge cashback deal: This laptop has a Core i3 2.26 GHz processor so seems to be a superb deal co… Read more

sold out


Nvidea Integrated graphics ARE limited to Core 2 Duo as intel will not licence Nvidea to make them for i3/i5/i7. Nvidea discrete graphics are available for all processors.


NVIDIA/ATI GPUs are not limited to Core2Duo processors at all. You'll find lots of Core i3/i5/i7 laptops with lots of laptops around the £400 mark - And that's the only reason I'm not interested in this deal. That and a stingy HDD and low RAM.


Some info on the graphics (I think I have linked correctly):


Is this a better option than the Toshiba Sat C650-152 with discount code and free camcorder posted earlier (assuming you get £60 quid from selling the camera on ebay) that would bring the Toshiba down to around £380?

MSI X400-051UK Laptop in White £309.96 @ Laptops Direct
Found 5th Oct 2010Found 5th Oct 2010
My first post and I thought this seemed a good deal for an ultra portable laptop for travelling as it has a good battery life and storage. if anyone has a better option feel free … Read more

hmmm thinking of getting this one,i have posted on a few other laptops that i was interested in as i have a £350 budget and i was wondering which laptop would be the best? thumbs up or thumbs down please rate the laptop out of 10 if u would give me some idea. thanks X)


ah right i see it now, also see it in delivery tab where i missed it last night. did a trial run of adding laptop and a mouse and after customer details stage delivery shows as 0 even though delivery calculator showed full price what accessory was it? maybe thats a factor


the free delivery code mentioned AWFDELASUS expired on 30 Sept


here you go under delivery prices


perhaps i am looking right at it but i cant see that mentioned?

Acer Aspire 5810T Laptop £449.97 after £100 cashback (+£9.95 delivery) @ Laptops Direct
Found 18th Sep 2010Found 18th Sep 2010
Cashback within 45 days of reciept of claim form. Windows Vista included although no windows 7 without upgrading. Is your desk crammed full with all your different media bits and … Read more

This is one of the highest CULV CPU's from intels previous range, not sure why people are saying its a poor CPU. Res is low for 15.6" and Vista sucks. But this is a ULV laptop with a 9hr battery (maybe more using W7, people don't see Core i3/i5/i7 and automatically say its rubbish, but they rarely know what they are talking about.


I thought £450 was not too bad for a fairly decent spec laptop, we had been looking to buy one which was quick and had a good amount of memory, it's not for gaming and I couldn't see anything in the other recent posts which got an all round thumbs (the company rep seems to be both good and bad).


Low powered CPU for the price. Resolution is poor for such a supposed good screen Poor OS for the price and spec (32bit for 4gb RAM?) Above poster mentions the GFX card but it is nothing but a poor onboard GFX chip. This is about £250 overpriced.


Rubbish GFx card for the money.


£560 for a full sized laptop with a Core2Duo and integrated graphics? From a company with their reputation? Won't need a fan to keep this one cool...

ASUS X5EAE-SX047V Windows 7 Laptop @£379.97 laptops direct
Found 14th Sep 2010Found 14th Sep 2010
If you’re looking for a laptop that can do just about everything then this Asus X5EAE will suit you. Asus have filled it full of the latest technology; it’s the Swiss army knife of… Read more

Seems the processor is an Athlon II M320 2.1 GHz - so about equivalent to the slower Celeron Dual cores - not bad for watching a movie, browsing or general office type tasks. It's not all about pixels but depends a lot on other factors .3mp is around 640x480 - best to check the reviews on this laptop and see what they say about the webcam.


Looks a good buy to me, and on the verge of picking one up too but is a 0.3 webcam any good? Thanks fr any replies :)


what intel you say this amd is comparable to?


:lol: I think that may be over-stating things just a tad! Asus are a good brand for reliabilty; however you can now buy i3 systems for not much more than this.


Bought one for the daughter. Quidco tracked at £6.61.Came in three days and is a nice bit of kit. A little slow to power up.

Tech Air 9"-11.6" Netbook Carry Case - Grey/Brown £9.98 @ Laptops Direct
Found 4th Sep 2010Found 4th Sep 2010
perfect for keeping those newly bought net books safe

Nice bag but could only be considered hot if you live anywhere near Huddersfield!


i bought this bag last week, called in and collected it, nie bag will fit netbook and power supply in,


Voted COLD from me. Cheapest delivery costs the same amount again - not much of a deal. Bought this same bag from Amazon a couple of weeks ago for £10-26p delivered.

Refurb Acer X1301, Athlon II X4 2.6GHz, 4GB DDR2, 640GB HDD, Geforce 9200 (256MB), Win 7 Premium 64bit, INCLUDES 20" 1600x900 monitor! - £359.92 delivered @ laptopsdirect
Found 25th Aug 2010Found 25th Aug 2010
Acer Aspire X1301 Quad Core Deskop PC Grade A1 - "As New" Condition AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor 2.60GHz 4GB RAM (Installed) DDR2 640GB Hard Drive DVD+/-RW Supermulti… Read more
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This is in the other hand is a Hot deal and would of been a scorcher had it been made public - found in Expansys B Stock Lists. Misplaced and mispriced they upheld the sale


please help us understand where you got £440 for total value of parts. Bear in mind Graphics Card is integrated, it is a pile of pooh motherboard, old Nvidia chipset, worthnothing is selling without CPU. CPU only worth about £70 brand new, say £40 secondhand. Probably most expensive component on this is monitor and HDD or even 3 month warranty. But then HDD is not worth much as 1TB F3 are now just under £43 And in no way is this chip on par with a Q6600 maybe a Q8200 on performance thats about it. You could build an i3 530 rig running at 4GHZ or X4 635 for less 220W PSU wouldnt even run my electric toothbrush never mind low profile 3d card. My vote is Cold as you can guess and defo not worth the extra £80


hot deal, no doubt about it


Are you quoting the price for New components?


Yeah, i've come to the conclusion that the people who vote on PC deals have no idea what they're voting on. If they see Refurb they vote Cold. If they see 'HD' they vote Hot. Beyond that it's entirely down to what sort of a mood they're in. Wouldn't it be great if people had to leave a comment in order to vote a deal cold...

Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T Laptop RAM - 4 GB - 320 GB HD 5400rpm - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) - Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 - 1.4 GHz- £399.99 delivered @ Laptops Direct [250 GB 5400rpm Version £299.97]
Found 23rd Aug 2010Found 23rd Aug 2010
Good price; elsewhere:- Amazon £759.56 Lambada Tek £698.44 £617.77 Techstore £705.50 Play £699.99 Theres no time like the present for making important changes to help… Read more
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Typing this on the 4810tzg which I went for - I find the screen fine - big step up from my normal 1024x600 netbook! For anyone interested in the ?810 series, they are good (not getting the 8 hours yet, but using 3G modem at present & haven't investigated how to set it to use integrated rather than dedicated graphics). The compact (thin) nature makes them very dense (weight/volume), which is why this feels heavy to me.


I hate the fact that many manufacturers are sacrificing vertical space on the max screen resolution even though the graphics card can support much higher resolutions and most people will probably find that their previous laptop can support 1200x800. Moving to x768 seriously reduces vertical space - read that as a lot of scrolling down to see search results.


Thanks - have you tried 1080p movies on it (either on the screen or via HDMI to a TV)? Really keen to know if the 4330 makes a big difference in that area.


Here's a simple explanation. If a chip has an average IPC of 10, it performs an average of 10 Instructions Per Clock cycle. If said chip is running at 2GHz, then it performs an average of 20 000 000 000 instructions per second. If you then reduce the speed of the chip to 1GHz, the IPC is still 10 - it's utterly unrelated to the clockspeed of the chip. Sorry, you'll have to find your own answers - I can't be bothered :)


I wantto know why he hasnt provided all info from Toms Hardware too? Don't reply to him he gives wrong information to try to win an argument. If he doesn't get praise he get's the hump. look at all the threads he has been involved in. Sad man. "What ? Slowing down the clock speed of a given chip, doesn't reduce it's IPC - how could it !?" never heard that one before.

Acer X193HQ 19 Inch LCD TFT Monitor Grade A1 - Delivered £59.97 @laptopsdirect
Found 15th Aug 2010Found 15th Aug 2010
Use the free delivery voucher AWFDELASUS which worked when I applied it to my basket. Grade A1 - As New Condition. The X193HQ delivers enhanced performance and excellent value pe… Read more



John Lewis seem to be pretty good with dead pixels too. Thing is they are much more expensive and have a very limited range of monitors. Good for TVs though.


If you buy brand new from a reputable dealer, say argos or somewhere similar with a no quibble money back guarantee - you can return them with dead pixels.


See above.


Yes they can. New monitors can be sold with dead pixels. Normally you need more than a certain threshold of dead ones to get a replacement. Some retailers will swap monitors for you if you complain even if you don't have enough dead. EDIT: Now I get what you're saying, if they're faulty enough for a refund/replacement then they're too faulty to sell as A1. Excellent point.

Acer Aspire Timeline 3810TZG 13.3" Laptop £100 off! £399.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 13th Aug 2010Found 13th Aug 2010
I've just ordered myself one of these yesterday and it should be arriving anytime soon :) I'm a bit of a techie and I always shop around for bargains so I'm pretty sure that this i… Read more

That's a different model, the 3810TZ. It's £50 cheaper because it doesn't have the ATI graphics card. You can get the 3810TZG for £399.00 without the hassle of cashback here:


Looking at buying this but am put off by there £100 cash back as it seems to be abit of a scam, I think ill go for the 14" comet deal instead, :)


Thanks, I don't see why it should fail, are you sure it was running on the ATI graphics? If you look here you can see that it still beats the CPU scores of these laptops, Not sure about the GPU score though :/ Still thanks for testing it for me


Oh I've just ran if and honestly I didn't expect a netbook would have performed. Considering that its not aimed towards gaming or anything near it. End story it said that it failed lol The result is as follow: d


I'm just downloading now, might take a while but I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Refurb Packard Bell Viseo 190W 19 Inch Monitor with 3 year warranty £55 @ Laptops Direct
Found 29th Jul 2010Found 29th Jul 2010
Seems really cheap for a 19" monitor. Another ten pounds for delivery or free pick up in Huddersfield. Between ninty to one hundred at PcWorld, Currys, Dixons and DAB. Quidco also.… Read more

As soon as you try to do any work on it you will realise why x768 just isn't any good.


says out of stock


And I would certainly go for 16:10 and not 16:9. The slightly higher format is much nicer to work with. Shame that 5:4 monitors are now very hard to source...


First time I saw this, I thought 190W?!?! - then I realised its the model number and not power consumption :p


Try ebay for second hand monitors. I got a samsung syncmaster 2232bw 22" with DVI for £75.

Samsung R780-JS05UK Core i5 Laptop - £742 (incl VAT) @ Laptops Direct
Found 11th Jul 2010Found 11th Jul 2010
It’s got the latest Intel Core i5 processor alongside a huge 4GB RAM, so it’ll make light work of your heaviest tasks; it’s ideal for people who want a machine to cover every base.… Read more

Same price at Dixons too.


Not an issue for me, I will be using whichever one I buy as a desktop replacement and so it will almost never be away from the mains power - I have an Aspire One which lasts for 6+ hours for that :) J.


Because I feel it's important when we're talking about laptops. Battery life for this is around 2 hours and 11 minutes according to this review.


Also mine (the UK version) came with bluray drive ( play not record) and i know the US version only came with dvdrw drive, FYI


i bought one of these back in march from dixons for £699 , and its a fantastic machine, and yes its 32 bit windows 7

£99.97 Asus EEE PC 512MB 8GB Netbook in Black Win XP £99.97 * Grade A REFURB * @ Laptops Direct
Found 9th Jul 2010Found 9th Jul 2010
** Comes with 3 months warranty & I haven't added P&P *** An old favourite!!! The EEEPC 8GB black makes it Easy to Learn, Easy to Work and Easy to Play. Share photos of yo… Read more
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I bought one of these a couple of years ago when they were all the rage and it was pants, I bought myself a proper laptop instead. I paid £140 back then so £40 doesn't seem a lot cheaper. Personally I still wouldn't buy a netbook. I'm more than happy with my ultra portable.


It has long been this price. May suit some, but I'd rather pay a bit more for a better machine. It's a pity that only the Ubisurfer (which has a poor spec) comes with any free internet (£130 for the netbook and a year's internet at Maplin), as mobile internet is otherwise expensive.


I believe these 7" netbooks are useless. Another £40 will buy you a Windows 7 10" notebook 250gb HD 12months warranty from Argos Outlet @ Ebay (listed yesterday but can't find it now - search in Argos/Ebay for "Freedom netbook")


Re-furb, put that in the title... please......

LG E2250V 22 Inch LED TFT Widescreen Monitor Black - E2250V-PN £129.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 5th Jul 2010Found 5th Jul 2010
I've just ordered one of these seems like a good price. I've never used Laptops Direct before so hope they are ok. Description bellow. LG have revolutionalised everyday computing… Read more

[quote=worlock666]Same happened with me... completed a successful order only to be contacted by a pushy salesman trying to sell me 'alternatives' which were nowhere near as good as the item ordered (or even the same tech - LED!) SHOCKING behaviour from laptops direct - is this common practice among online retailers? Apart from Very it's the first time I've come across it.[/quote More common than u think. Twice for me this month! I bought a Motherboard from Amazon which was retailed by a third party for £60 discount! Alas, they didn't honour it, the company is called The TechLodge! They said no more stock, even though the website clearly has it in stock at full price! bunch of *(%^$!


Same happened with me... completed a successful order only to be contacted by a pushy salesman trying to sell me 'alternatives' which were nowhere near as good as the item ordered (or even the same tech - LED!) SHOCKING behaviour from laptops direct - is this common practice among online retailers? Apart from Very it's the first time I've come across it.


I'll check out Consumer direct, thou with these cases where a refund is fully issued then not much can really happen! Judging from the heat added on the monitor, I guess many people ordered and laptops direct caught on and withdrew the offer! The salesman is quite hardcore too over the phone. Straight away he offered me a BenQ 19 inch wff...


Thats shocking!! How can they say its out of stock then put it back on sale. Call consumer direct 08454 04 05 06 and see whatthey say


Unbelievable! Ordered this morning, and they called me at 1400 to say they can't fulfill my order! Ran out of stock! Full refund given! Price is also back up to £149.97!

Grade A1 - Asus EEEPC 904HD Black Netbook £124.97 delivered @ Laptops Direct
Found 26th Jun 2010Found 26th Jun 2010
Looking for a bargain that you wont find anywhere else? Then one of our refurbished laptops could be perfect for you. We grade all our refurbished machines to make sure theyre of t… Read more

People, I will give you an honest review of my experience. I bought a refurbished Asus 1000he netbook for a good discounted price from on thursday and it arrived promptly on friday morning. However, the laptop did not work. So I had to ring Asus manufacturers myself even though I paid extra for a further years warranty. It is not a free phone number either. Asus seemed surprised because they instantly realized the hard drive was dead. So I had to get a reference number and fill out a form on the website for a promised 24 hour return authorisation. Suffice to say it is now sunday and I still have not heard anything from and I have a shiny new Asus netbook in my house that is only good as a door stop. My initial impression is that you should avoid this company at all costs. I have now read reviews on the internet and regret buying from them. Please take time out to look into some of the other reviews as per the links below:


i have slightly older eee901 8.9" and reckon they look fine resolution was ie 1024x600 on 10" look slightly blurry compared to same rez on 8.9" screen only slightly though


That celeron chip is just a bit faster than the Atom 1.6 in most tasks and lags only a little in the rest. That is what the benchmarks say. Overall, you are not going to notice a difference in real life usage. While the Atom is more frugal on the battery, the onboard chipset it was sold with guzzled power like there was no tomorrow. Overall, it proved to be much of a muchness in terms of battery life. I got 3-3.5 hours out of the first eeePC on the celeron; my first Atom netbook gave me 2.5hrs, which, allowing for the bigger screen, was about the same.


love that! this couldn't be anymore non purpose built! they took the body of the 10" model and stuck a 9" screen in it!


ive used laptops direct before, but this isnt good, my phone is quicker than this

GRADE A1 - Acer Aspire One 531 Netbook £169.97 + Free delivery @ Laptops Direct
Found 25th Jun 2010Found 25th Jun 2010
Looking for a bargain that you wont find anywhere else? Then one of our refurbished laptops could be perfect for you. We grade all our refurbished machines to make sure theyre of t… Read more

Nice machines, but I don't think they are worth £170 refurbished in case they break down after the 3 month warranty.

Samsung N110 Netbook (Windows 7) (RRP of £499.97 but normal price £349.97) with FREE Garmin 265W Sat Nav (normal price £159.97) only £279.97 (for both) delivered @ Laptops Direct
Found 24th Jun 2010Found 24th Jun 2010
The Samsung N110 gives you the power to accomplish more wherever you are. The 6-cell lithium battery lasts for up to 9.5 hours so if you forget your charge then so what?! Youll hav… Read more
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but free garmin not aside (the deal in question) its pretty good


Free Garmin aside, this isn't a great netbook for the price.


Bought this a couple of weeks back when Mrs F said she wanted a new netbook after she'd come through the door earlier that day complaining that she'd just got lost on the way to meeting her friend. 2 birds, 1 stone and all that. Great Deal. Netbook not the fastest thing in the world when comparing to a normal laptop but does the job of internet browsing, e-mails and running MS Word and Excel perfectly. And to think people pay £500 for the pathetic I-pad dross when you can buy something like this which is loads more user friendly and practical for this price. 3 USB ports, a SD card reader and a keyboard too!!! Now that's something you don't see with an I-dog


Quidco first mate and you earn £4.85 OR ]


Can you post a direct link?

Sony VAIO EC EC1S1E/BJ core i5 Laptop £817.96 at Laptops Direct
Found 22nd Jun 2010Found 22nd Jun 2010
* Screen size - 17.3 in - 1920 x 1080 * Processor - Intel Core i5 I5-430M - 2.26 GHz * RAM - 4 GB * Hard Drive - 500 GB * Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Hom… Read more

Read bad things about Pixmania. Whatever the price, it sort of put me off buying anything from them.


I see it as £826 :thinking:


Thanks for the extra info guys. The offer at £788.00 + £5.80 delivery is very, very tempting. I have been looking at buying the Dell Studio 17. The best price I can get for the closest matching Dell machine is £808 delivered and that is without a Blu-ray optical drive (not an available option on the Studio 17). To it's credit, the Dell does have a faster HDD, a better web-cam & a better battery. Now that I've seen the budget, I'll probably delay buying a new lappy until late in the year just before the VAT rise gets implemented.


"Ah but it IS on their website" pointing out the error in his own ways :)

mrew42 If it's not on the UK Sony website could be a grey import!

MSI X400 Laptop £380 500gb hard drive @ Laptops Direct
Found 22nd Jun 2010Found 22nd Jun 2010
MSI are breaking the boundaries of mobility, delivering a laptop that despite having a stunning 14 LED screen weighs just 1.5kg and is less than an inch thick. This makes the X400 … Read more

I got 2 of these for my kids during a trip to Newyork and I have to say I will never buy another X series MSI product again (I own the MSI wind netbook which is great), I have never had so many problems with computers before and on both of them, both have been back to MSI for a mixture of fan replacements, wifi repair, not charging batteries and just not switching on, see below for an online review I wish I found before I bought them ! '' I bought an MSI X400 (model X400-204US) from for $399. I haven't seen much about this model on the web so I will post some impressions. It's a piece of junk. (Some background on me: I own way too many laptops, including: HP 8510W, NC8430, TC4400, TC4200, TC1100, NC6400; Thinkpad T42, X41T, X31; Inspiron 1720; Tecra M7; Fujitsu P1120, T2010. I know that these are mostly higher-end business laptops, but I have also used consumer laptops a great deal.) The X400 keyboard is easily the worst keyboard that I have ever experienced, including the keyboard on my son's Thomas the Tank Engine toy computer. It has the worst key travel and the worst keyboard flex. The lettering that is imprinted on the keys is an off-white color that is very hard to see even in a moderately lighted room. Do not try to use the X400 in bed with dim lights. MSI has chosen to put a keyboard with truncated keys on the right side, including less-than-full size backspace and enter keys. Most importantly, please look at a photo of the keyboard before you buy this computer, noting the TRUNCATED RIGHT SHIFT KEY. This too-small key has a reduced size in order to cram the 'up arrow' key next to it. If you are a good touch typist, you will be constantly hitting the up arrow key instead of the right shift key. You will hate this right shift key if you are a touch typist. In another dubious decision, MSI has chosen to put TWO 'slash' keys on the keyboard--yes, two keys that serve exactly the same function on a U.S. English keyboard. The redundant key is crammed next to the space bar, making the space bar too small and off-center. Frankly, I find it difficult to believe that anyone at MSI seriously tested the keyboard for usability. The second big problem with the X400 is interminable fan noise. Right now I am typing this review and doing nothing else on the X400. I have also set the power theme to "Battery Turbo Mode" to intentionally throttle the CPU to limit heat buildup. But even in this case, the fan wails like a banshee. Ironically, earlier I surfed to youtube and input "MSI fan noise" as a search term. Up came a video of someone who had recorded their MSI X340's fan noise. Well, I could not hear the fan noise on the video because my X400's fan noise drowned it out! Imagine a beautiful long-haired woman blow drying her hair. Every few seconds she changes the fan speed setting on the hair dryer--high, medium, really high, super high, medium, high, etc., randomly. Now you have an idea of the X400 fan noise, except that there is no beautiful woman involved. ''


Also at BHS. Quidco 2%

Acer Aspire 5738DZG Windows 7 Laptop with 3D Screen @ laptopsdirect
Found 7th Jun 2010Found 7th Jun 2010
Looking for a laptop that'll bring your entertainment world to life? Then the Acer Aspire 5738DZG with 3D technology is ideal. Enjoy true widescreen 2D/3D video playback on the Asp… Read more
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I bought a refurbished Asus 1000he netbook for a good discounted price from and it arrived promptly. But the laptop did not work. Had to ring Asus manufacturers who stateed the hard drive was dead. So I had to get a reference number and fill out a form on the website for a promised 24 hour return authorisation. Suffice to say I have been waiting way beyond promised time for return authorisation. They keep making promises.My initial impression is that you should avoid this company at all costs. I have now read reviews on the internet and regret buying from them. Check out the review sites below:


"Jefferson" has the correct response if you are gonna vote cold. £400 would be cheap for this laptop spec. The 3d software that comes with this laptop is worth £35.


Are you being a bit small minded yourself? ;-) You say "responses" - the first two responses were reasonable by any fair standard. Without the 3D screen around £400 would be a reasonable cost for this laptop - so the screen is a £175 premium. Again not voting either way...


£549.99 at Currys £543 at Pixmania


Voted hot for the small minded responses.

Acer Aspire 5740G Core i3 Laptop, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HD, ATI 5650 GPU - £589.85 @ Laptops Direct
Found 4th Jun 2010Found 4th Jun 2010
Edit: Quidco at 2% brings this down to £578 In response to some high spec but low GPU, poor gaming performance laptop deals posted, I thought I'd post a deal that I thought looked… Read more
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Don't go to simplyacer, they send out substandard laptops and when they fail they want you to pay for it!. The story goes.... I bought i Acer Aspire 8935G (P8700 2.53GHz 4 GB DDR3 1066MHz Ram 500Gb H.D.D 5,400rpm ATI Radeon HD4670 1GB GDDR3 18.4in Full HD 1080p.) The screen cover cracked, so i phoned up and they pointed me to Acer as they said it was a warrenty issue. I then spent 1 month arguing with acer about it as they refused to do anything about it. I then gave up got the laptop back and then decided to see what i could get out of simplyacer as they where the retailer. After 2 letters including the threat of court action they finally agreed to repair my laptop at no cost to myself. I sent the laptop at a cost of £30 insured by courier. 9 days went past with nothing not even a email to let me know what had gone on with my laptop. I phoned up and they said "we cant get the part at a cost effective price so we are sending the laptop back to you.". Oh i did laugh, they tell you they will sort something out and then they wiggle out of it and leave you in the lurch!. Simplycrappyacer are a retailer to stay away from, they supply substandard laptops with crap screens!. Don't make the same mistake as i have. You will come to regret it.


Don't go to simplyacer, they send out substandard laptops and when they fail they want you to pay for it!. The story goes.... I bought i Acer Aspire 8935G (P8700 2.53GHz 4 GB DDR3 1066MHz Ram 500Gb H.D.D 5,400rpm ATI Radeon HD4670 1GB GDDR3 18.4in Full HD 1080p.) The screen cover cracked, so i phoned up and they pointed me to Acer as they said it was a warrenty issue. I then spent 1 month arguing with acer about it as they refused to do anything about it. I then gave up got the laptop back and then decided to see what i could get out of simplyacer as they where the retailer. After 2 letters including the threat of court action they finally agreed to repair my laptop at no cost to myself. I sent the laptop at a cost of £30 insured by courier. 9 days went past with nothing not even a email to let me know what had gone on with my laptop. I phoned up and they said "we cant get the part at a cost effective price so we are sending the laptop back to you.". Oh i did laugh, they tell you they will sort something out and then they wiggle out of it and leave you in the lurch!. Simplycrappyacer are a retailer to stay away from, they supply substandard laptops with crap screens!. Don't make the same mistake as i have. You will come to regret it.


Actually, here's the link for all the summer sale laptops. Again all seem like old stock but some great deals on offer. Bluray writer, plus near identical spec to this deal, slightly faster CPU, slightly slower GPU all for £699. Bluray reader, 17.3" 1440x900 display, Nvidia 9400m, for £429 Definitely worth a look. All credit to Robbo for pointing me in the direction of that site.


As we've only come up with a few limited alternatives, I'll offer you Full HD 1080p, 18.4" screen, bluray and all for £499. Have a look at this, found it through Robbo's link: CPU is a little slower than an i3, RAM is reduced to 3GB, hard drive is reduced to 320GB, OS is Vista rather than Windows 7, and GPU is a little slower (Nvidia 9700m GT), 3D mark 05 score is 11,355 compared to 13,171 with the ATI 5650. Despite all the lesser hardware, this will still give an 80% gaming improvement over those laptops with the ATI 5470, so really quite a good deal. The fact it's Vista tells me this is old stock. The link shows its previous price as £749, I can imagine that is exactly what this was selling for a year ago.


Acer 15.6” i3 2.13, 1366 x 768, £578 i5 2.26 (2.53), 1366 x 768, Blu-ray, £699 Dell 17.3”, 7,200 rpm HDD i5 2.26 (2.53), 1600x900, £630 i5 2.53 (3.06), 1920x1080, £725 TurboBoost speed in brackets

Belkin N Wireless Router £32.94 @ Laptops Direct
Found 26th Apr 2010Found 26th Apr 2010
(Note £33.25 with Credit Card) £32.94 with Delivery. Connecting the Belkin N Wireless Router to your cable or DSL modem lets you share your broadband Internet account with all you… Read more
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IMHO avoid this router at all costs. I have one and it periodically forgets the admin password, thus locking you out and requiring a factory reset and then a few hours' re-configuring. No amount of firmware or tweaks will fix it, it is a well known issue with this model. I am currently in the process of replacing it with one that actually works. Read the Amazon reviews and weep...


Only £24.99 delivered at Amazon :


I thought that was a standard price tbh mate so didn't think of posting it as a deal. Looking at PCworlds rediculous pricing though it could well be. You're by all means welcome to post it though :thumbsup:


Just noticed that, post it as a deal maybe might help ?


Only £25.99 at overclockers and some people are eligible for free delivery. If not, then it's still only £31.84 with delivery, so voted cold. ]

Samsung R530-JA01UK Laptop £419.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 25th Mar 2010Found 25th Mar 2010
OK- Am not sure if this is hot or not so after a bit of advice from the techies, and there seem to be plenty around on HUKD! I am looking for a laptop around the £400 mark. Don't … Read more

Use code AWFDELLAP for free delivery.


Any recommendations on better machines available at a similar price would be very welcome (+ direct links) :) Thanks all.

Acer Aspire R3600 Revo Desktop PC (320 GB 2GB RAM) £199.99 @ Laptops Direct
Found 16th Mar 2010Found 16th Mar 2010
youre looking for a desktop that wont clutter your desk then the Acer Aspire R3600 is for you. Its an ultra-small PC designed to cater perfectly for your everyday computing needs. … Read more

Would it not make more sense to spend another £20-30 for the Acer R3700 -


Discovered my problem, Play sent me the wrong memory!


I have added an extra 1GB of RAM, installed Windows 7, updated the Nvidia drivers and installed the 10.1.3 beta of flash. Everything works fine but when I play a video in iPlayer it works for a while and then completely freezes the whole computer and makes a noise like a scratched CD. I have read some stuff that indicates that there may be an iPlayer problem but I wondered if anyone else had experienced the same problem, of course it could be bad RAM but I am not sure if I would get this symptom.


This was posted a month ago at the same price and using Vista on a single core Atom CPU will not be fun.



Samsung N110 Netbook (Windows 7) (normal price £349.97) with FREE Garmin 265W Sat Nav (normal price £159.97) only £339.94 (for both) delivered @ Laptops Direct
Found 5th Mar 2010Found 5th Mar 2010
Use code AWLDSAT to buy at this price The Samsung N110 gives you the power to accomplish more wherever you are. The 6-cell lithium battery lasts for up to 9.5 hours so if you forg… Read more
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System Requirements for Sims 3: # 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent # 1.5 GB RAM # 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 (GMA 3-Series, GMA 4-Series ) No way will it run on any netbook


its not being sold Pixmania :whistling: Its being sold by Easy Computers Ltd of Trident Business Park, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1UA.


Is Pixmania reliable? I'm thinking of buying it but some comments on other threads made me unsure.


Will this netbook play sims 3?? Thanks


teehee :-D

ASUS EEE Pc 904HD Netbook GRADED (A2) £117 @ Laptops Direct
Found 22nd Feb 2010Found 22nd Feb 2010
Grade A2 - Minor Cosmetic Damage Sick of carrying your cumbersome laptop around with you? Dont you wish it was easier? With the Asus Eee PC 904 HD it is. At only 1.1Kg this is a… Read more

Bought one of these myself yesterday, seems good enough for what I wanted. The above specs are the minimum, as quoted on their website. The one I got has Win XP Home and a 160GB HDD Price is lower too, at £106.97. When Maplin and Poundstretcher are asking £99.99 for one of the old Win CE machines with 7" screen and 4GB of RAM, I know which I'd prefer...


That's some impressive spec! tash & titties. wow


nice top boll*x - did you grow them yourself?


Hot from me. Yeah it's out of date, what do you expect for £117? My eeePC 701 is still going strong, so I'm sure this can cope with anything you would want a netbook for.


This is very dated now, and with cosmetic damage too I can't vote this hot. Won't vote it cold either, as if £117 is all you've got then this is OK I suppose. Personally I'd spend a little extra and get a Dell 1011 from outlet for £135+VAT. It's got a 160GB HDD and has Windows 7 bundled.

Acer Aspire 6930G Laptop - Blu-Ray, Core 2 Duo T6400 2 Ghz, 3gb ram, 250 GB HD, and 256mb Graphics £438 @ Laptops Direct
Found 16th Feb 2010Found 16th Feb 2010
If you want a laptop that will provide pure entertainment and power then you need the Acer Aspire 6930G laptop. Its driven by a powerful Core 2 Duo processor with a speedy 3GB RAM… Read more

I'm in two minds about this. On one hand, I don't think it should be as cold as it is, but then again, I think yes the Sony is much better, but also, there are lots of laptops that are around the same spec and price that arent Acer. And every dealing I have had with Acer so far as not ended well, they are just cheap builds and just seem to break really easily.


I'm with Davidben83 here, this should be a lot hotter than the Sony laptop that is linked to above.


Sony does not have a dedicated graphics card. And the processor is worse.


it was posted before @ they are £439.99 about 3 weeks ago also the description says 15.6" screen then the list says 16" nice laptop though:-D


the only worse spec is lack of bluray, sony brand is nicer, and its 40 quid cheaper i guess not everyone is mad on the blurays

Acer Aspire 7738 Laptop £549.97 @ Laptopsdirect
Found 15th Feb 2010Found 15th Feb 2010
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2 This is my first post so be nice. Thought this was a good price for a decent spec laptop with blu ray RAM - 4 GB (installed) (max) Hard Dr… Read more

Each to his own I suppose. Though in the interests of clarity I think you should mention that the bluray isn't the only thing you are sacrificing, the CPU is a little slower and the GPU significantly so. Though you do get Windows 7.


This is a fantastic spec laptop, and I very nearly went for this, but the reviews I checked kept throwing up the same concerns ... - Fan is very noisy. - Very limited viewing angle, and low contrast ratio. - Screen doesn't open very far. Unless you really want (or need) a BluRay drive, for the same money I'd probably go for this :


Incidentally, it's worth noting there is ]2% quidco (or ]2% topcashback) available for online purchases from laptopsdirect - worth doing on a £550 purchase!


Until retailers have sorted supplies of their new i3 & i5 ranges, I think it's rather hard to find good deals. The last one I posted got ]rather thoroughly shot down :-D Smaller screen, lower res, no bluray & is 2nd hand...... though has Windows 7, a better CPU, bigger HDD and after quidco it's £30 cheaper.

eddiecox Im using the laptop as I speak (well type!) Laptops great, the company are seriously poor. Read the thread above if you want more info

Acer Aspire R3600 Revo Windows Vista 320GB @ Laptop Direct
Found 9th Feb 2010Found 9th Feb 2010
Brilliant deal Description * Product Description - Acer Aspire REVO R3600 - Atom N230 1.6 GHz - * Type - Personal computer * Form Factor - Ultra-slim desktop * … Read more

If you just want a media centre, XBMC (Live not windows).. you dont need dual core, 2gb ram or windows.. just get the £139 single core 1gb ram, 160gb hd.. Im just about to bag one:thumbsup: Vista.. lol..dont make me laugh, oh sorry, I just did!!! ha ha


I don't like linux. How come you don't recommend this one? As you can tell I don't know a lot about computers lol.


why? go for the dual core at the same price :thumbsup:


Think I will order this.


As the OG poster - I agree. Surpised it did not get hotter

£92 Asus Eee PC 2GB White - A1/refurb + P&P from Laptopsdirect
Found 1st Feb 2010Found 1st Feb 2010
The original one, launched in Nov 2007. Note that this is a refurbished model. The price of the device fell by 10 percent over the last few months Special Offer - Upgrade your War… Read more
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Rep for the hilarious reply :)


..why so many a/ because I'm addicted to the things, best invention ever. And I've got 4 lads and a missus, we all have a desktop and a full size laptop. Yes, I know, we're crackers.


why so many netbooks?


I've got three of these, plus an Acer One, Toshiba NB200, Samsung N130 - these eee things are brilliant, they boot up in seconds. Get a 10,500 mAh battery and you can browse for ages. Only irritation is the screen rsolution across the page - oher than that, spot on !



Acer Aspire ONE Grade A1 Refurb £139.97 - SSD, Atom N270, 1GB RAM + 2% Quidco £139.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
GRADE A1 - As New Special Offer - Upgrade your Warranty to 12 Months for just £15. Please click here for details. If you want a laptop that you can easily take on your travels, o… Read more

not bad but you can get new Acer Aspire One D250 10in and 160 gb hd just under £50 more


3 cell :(


the SSD is crap for installing XP or even Win 7 Starter Edition, its way too slow for anything but linux. upgrading the memory involves taking the whole machine apart (not for the faint hearted). My advice would be to spend a bit extra and get something a bit better !!


Is this the Aspire One with the extremely slow SSD?


This price seems ridiculous, considering last April I bought from Comet the Aspire One A0150 with 120GB HD for £150, not refurbished. Typing on Windows 7 on it now this minute.

Toshiba NB200-11L Netbook 9.3 Hours Battery £199.97 after cashback at Laptops Direct
Found 13th Jan 2010Found 13th Jan 2010
Seems like a very good deal to me. * Processor: Intel® Atom processor N270 (1.60GHz) * RAM: 1GB DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) * Hard Drive: 160GB * Operating System: Windows®… Read more
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[FONT=Verdana]Ah the joys min of shipping back home!!! :whistling: Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]


Surprise surprise, another company that considers the Highlands as not part of the UK mainland and won't let me order :( John


[FONT=Verdana]Actually the key difference between this deal and the Carphone Warehouse one is the battery (both have the same hardware architecture in place) - [COLOR=Navy]the Compaq Mini 110c has a three cell[/COLOR] whilst [COLOR=Navy]the Toshiba NB200-11L has a six cell[/COLOR]...if you were needing a netbook with a decent battery runtime (for being mobile, long haul travelling, etc) then the Toshiba would be a good deal to go for; if your just using it at home for a couple hours of battery runtime or don't have a need for excessive battery runtime (i.e. plugged in at the mains the bulk of the time) then the Compaq Mini 110c wins hands down. Of course it's all down to one key point to consider - [COLOR=Navy]what can you realistically afford to spend?[/COLOR] Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]


Not as good as the carphone warehouse deal for £179.99


Thanks for that, hadn't spotted it was ex-VAT.

Acer Aspire 7738G,T6600,4GB DDR3,320GB HDD,GeForce GT 240M,17.3" 1600x900,Bluray @
Found 9th Jan 2010Found 9th Jan 2010
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo (T6600 - 2.2GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB cache) Screen: 17.3" (Acer CineCrystal, LED Backlit, 1600 x 900 Resolution) Operating System: 32bit Windows… Read more
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this laptop is still standing, oct 2011, 1y 10m


hi all could you give me a bit of advice. i have seen the same spec laptop but with two T6600 cpus in it for just over £700 and would like to know if it is worth paying the extra ?


Crap company, quality product. Had no call back again. Guess I'll just have to get over it, wont get me buying from there again and will be telling everyone I know not to use them


i can confirm that cod mw2 works on very high settings, this laptp is topnotch


Just rang acer regarding my issues and they seemed quiet helpful and understanding and promised a call back. My £5 delivery refund wasnt put through last time, but she says it is going through. My £15 windows 7 refund had been recieved a while ago so that was good, My last issue was the 6 cell battery that came with the laptop that should be an 8cell and she said she'l look into it. I really dont know what exactly what she can do about that but we will see. The laptop itself is fantastic though, was worth all the agro in the end

HP Core 2 Duo Laptop with 3GB of RAM for less than £350 - £336.97 to be precise @ Laptops Direct
Found 5th Jan 2010Found 5th Jan 2010
Wont find a core 2 Duo laptop for that price anywere else! (If you can let me know) 3GB of ram Much better than something like a Sempron processor like the ones for a similar pr… Read more

The Intel T3200 is a previous generation processor so runs a bit hotter but still reasonable performance - it is labelled as a "Pentium" - here is the spec: - Simon.


can anyone recommend a good netbook for around £230? I've got wireless broadband at home so any advice re what else is needed to get me up and running is appreciated. sorry if this is a hijack, hopefully the mods wiill remove if they deem it so. Ta


Have you considered the HP G61 - 110, decent spec


the ebuyer one isn't too shabby as it's got bluetooth and a camera, which the Dell hasn't but the Dell processor spanks the ebuyer one


Mods to the resuce :santa:

Acer 3935, 13.3", Intel Core 2 Duo P7450, 4GB DDR3 ram £449.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 3rd Jan 2009Found 3rd Jan 2009
My first post so please advize. Thought might be a good deal for people looking for ultraportable notebooks. Most of the current laptop deals seem to be around 15" in size, so this… Read more

It's pleasure, not sure what the rep is but thanks anyway


Thanks Tazeem! I guess then it comes down to whether you want performance or style/options, or if the AMD Neo processor is satisfactory for your needs then. I'll have a look for the benchmarking tests to see if there's much difference before making the decision. I guess the style of the laptop is only important when first buying as the novelty soon wears off! I left you some rep for your help =]


I can report that I have received this laptop promptly and on time and it's been satisfactory experience. Immediately I put windows 7 ultimate on it and all the necessary drivers were available at the acer website for download. That made big difference to the oem bundled vista OS that came with original packaging. Took me some time to learn how to make operating system bootable usb drive, due to the lack of optical drive, but once I did it was a breeze, the install went smooth. It was necessary to change boot order in BIOS and give boot priority to usb drive. Originally I couldn't make my mind up between dm3 and this laptop, and when I researched benchmark capabilities acer seemed better choice due to the higher passmark and intel processor. But then again it comes down to what you want it for I guess. Some additional features on dm3 like better graphic card, antibacterial & antispill keyboard coating, availability of HDMI port and bundled external optical drive perhaps would make it better choice, when I think of it again. Also the price of dm3 has come down somewhat to what it was when I was making my mind up. One more thing to bear in mind is that dm3 has nice aluminum casing and US model of Acer 3935 is also advertised as hosting the same but UK model doesn't, which I didn't know at the time. However the laptop feels fine enough, quiet and swift with nice endless screen and satisfies my portability needs. Hope this helps.


Hows the processor compare with the HP Pavillion DM3 1025sa? It's known to be a pretty decent portable laptop.. comes with external optical drive too. AMD Athlon™ Neo X2 Dual-Core Processor


I wanted this laptop really badly at one point den, but because it does not have an optical drive I think it is a little expensive. My friend has this laptop and it is very good and light and small in comparison to other 13.3" laptops

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