Posted 11 February 2024

LG 43" Smart Full HD HDR LED TV 43LQ60006LA, 5 year warranty

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Product code: 82435102

LG's LQ60 enhances a sparklingly detailed Full HD viewing experience with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and AI Sound, while its a5 Gen5 processor optimises the picture whatever you're watching. Use LG's award-winning webOS Smart platform to stream shows from such apps as Netflix and Prime Video*, and it works seamlessly with compatible Alexa devices for easy control by voice.

Full HD resolution with HDR
This screen displays a picture that is crisp, clear and beautifully detailed. In 1080p Full HD picture resolution, it creates an immersive and engaging TV experience. High Dynamic Range expands light, dark, and every colour in between for a picture that's closer to real life.

a5 Gen5 AI processor
LG's processor ensures optimised picture and sound quality, whatever you watch or play.

AI Sound
AI sound puts you right at the centre of the action, creating an absorbing atmosphere in any room, so you get fully immersed in whatever you're watching.

Game optimiser
Levels up the gaming experience by optimising the picture depending on the type of game you're playing.

webOS smart platform
LG's award-winning webOS platform revolutionises how you experience your entertainment. With quick and easy content discovery and switching, there's more entertainment available than ever before. You can stream from all the most popular services like Netflix, NOW TV, Prime Video, Disney+, Twitch, and more.*

Works with Alexa
This LG TV works with Alexa devices, so you can change channel, adjust volume, and more, with just your voice, using compatible smart speakers.
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  1. stevereys's avatar
    Laughing stock why is it not 4k resolution
    DominikB's avatar
    You'll be surprised not everyone needs 4K as it's not needed for some applications
  2. iiibdiii's avatar
    £60 delivery to NI
  3. Wonky100's avatar
    If mounting on a wall, beware - fixing points mean the mounting bracket goes directly over the aerial connection point.
    Amir.Javid's avatar
    And the work around for that is a right angle adaptor.
  4. very452001's avatar
    This TV came out in 2016.

    HDR only exists on a 4K display.

    Most HDR content on Netflix is only available on UHD 4K not 1080p

    No IPS Screen

    Is it still supported by LG with Firmware updates after all these years?

    John Lewis Customer Service on 5 year warranty is horrendous and wont honour most claims unlike Costco with their 5 year warranty which is much better. John Lewis find any excuse not to pay out under warranty claim. Took PS5 controller to them because a analogue stick on it was playing around when playing Fifa and John Lewis say its my fault for damaging it because they found a tiny minor scratch on the controller.
    doppo666's avatar
    I’ve found John Lewis to be excellent with there warranty’s, I had to return 2 tvs and they exchange with out question 

    no company really wants to deal with stick drift it’s abit of a grey area 
  5. theITguy's avatar
    I get that it's cheap but considering the 4K version was £25 more a week ago, I cant vote this hot. will abstain
    doppo666's avatar
    Someone with a brain
  6. Celeste_Canyon's avatar
    Up-voters not realising this isn't 4K?
  7. Newbold's avatar
    Lots of nitpicking going on here, but a few little reminders:

    Its a decent brand with a decent reputation.
    It’s from John Lewis.
    It has a 5 year warranty.
    And it’s just £199.99!!!
    sim11's avatar
    This will be just an avg vestel panel tv badged as LG but this or any other panel at this price will be the same don't fooled by the LG badge.
  8. TLof's avatar
    Thank you OP. In my budget plus 5 year guarantee. I certainly don't need an all singing all dancing high spec TV that's going to cost me £1000+
    PC59's avatar
    Have you even seen a 1000+ TV ? If you ever go Currys don't go to the OLED area, your heart might not handle the shock
  9. Banksy_'s avatar
    Not 4k. Cold.
    herrbz's avatar
    Would you expect a 4k LG TV for <£200?
  10. butterspinach's avatar
    John Lewis service is not the legendary customer service it used to be. I've found it to be very poor! Richer Sounds all the way for good customer service
    Nicolas's avatar
    Spot on
  11. hellojoe2's avatar
    Just cos some don’t want 4k doesn’t necessarily mean it’s still a good deal. It’s not. 4K is quite common now.
    brett1985's avatar
    This does seem like a good deal though and I am tempted. What would you regard as an alternative?
  12. 1mran's avatar
    Heat from me,
    Spec for price
    1080p60 standard for iPlayer / itvx / mid package Disney / Netflix
    Still has HDR, which is probably more impactful for a screen this size
    Lower power consumption as less pixels
    JL 5 year warranty.
    LG firmware, if you turn off the ad tracking, is much better and longer supported than most at this price. Try and borrow a magic remote if it's not included.
    Understand the spec police on here will be seething, but facts are facts!
    PC59's avatar
    The HDR Will be anemic on this TV though , probably the same as SDR
  13. chunster's avatar
    Not Sony, 50 inch, 4K etc, and no free speaker.

    Good spec for £200. Voted hot. Thanks.
  14. WalterSmith's avatar
    Decent spec for £200!
  15. chrissafc's avatar
    not too bad but only 2x hdmi ports is such a let down
  16. Crossbow's avatar
    If the LG store matches the others at this price - keep an eye out here lg.com/uk/…la/ (which they did last week), then you can get it for at least 5+10% lower by stacking an initial 5% code for joining their free membership lg.com/uk/…hip along with a 10% self-referral (use an alternative email), making it around £30 lower.
    sheffield788's avatar
    And if the codes stack, you get an extra discount via several work schemes. And additional 2% if this is 1st order from LG. (edited)
  17. thelatics's avatar
    Not strictly this TV but yesterday I saw a Polaroid (OK not a great brand perhaps) 50" fairly small bezel, 4k with Fire TV built in, and Dolby Atmos for £289 (Asda). Fire TV is about £40 worth and means running a version of Android.

    Thought for the spec this was pretty amazing price. I paid £500 for my last 50" TV, the price is almost half!
  18. Gavin2624's avatar
    We got this same price as argos. Do be aware the mounting brackets do cover up what I think is input for sat cable. I have used old school tv aerial which is fine as it goes into the side.

    For the price it's a great picture. Only slight downside is sometimes I feel it can be a little sluggish. Changing channels, rv guide to come up, apps loading etc. Could just be mine.
  19. zeberdys's avatar
    Will this work with the LG magic eye remote ?
  20. MrHonky's avatar
    We bought a couple of these - using nectar points in argos last week on the other deal. I have a decent large OLED so know what good looks. Sure, black is not black, and build is a bit plasticy (putting the legs on didn’t inspire confidence), but honestly for the money it’s absolutely fine. You definitely don’t need 4K at this size.
  21. vix999's avatar
    I got same deal from argos tv is great 🏻
  22. Twinkle0007's avatar
    I ordered from Argos, but then went with JL for the 5yr warranty for extra £20. Collection at Argos expires today, on the Wirral if anyone fancies it?
  23. zeberdys's avatar
    Anyone bought this and having trouble getting protective film off screen ? Like me !

    lindarv's avatar
    I think it's a anti glare film that's you keep on
  24. simes's avatar
    I prefer a 1080P panel , i see no advantage to 4K at this size screen. How much of what you watch is in 4K anyway !!
    I love that i can connect my PC and mirror my 1080p monitor display pixel perfect.
  25. donaldmcgill2's avatar
    jameel_ismail's avatar
    You're correct Donald
  26. iconcreative's avatar
    1080p on a 43” tv??? No thank you very much. Not up my ‘ouse.
    Crossbow's avatar
    Nothing wrong at this size, had used a 42" FHD LG for 3 years, until I gave it away to a friend & his family in 2015 & they've been very pleased with it ever since.
    But I come from the CRT/box-era TVs & a FHD flatscreen TV was a revelation in 2012! Are you gen-Z?
  27. schmoog's avatar
    Well that's cheap for a brand-name TV of that size. Guessing there's more demand for big OLED panels nowadays?
  28. mmachine's avatar
    personally if the 5 year warranty is any good this should be a smoking hot deal hot from me thanx op for posting
    sheffield788's avatar
    It's a basic TV, but it is cheap, a good brand and 5 year warranty is great.
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