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Posted 23 March 2023

LG Gram Ultra Lightweight 17" Laptop - 32GB RAM, Intel Core i7-1260P, 1TB SSD, 1.35 kg - £1079.99 (Members Only) From 27 Mar @ Costco

£1,079.99£1,429.9924% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This Ultra-Lightweight Laptop with 32GB RAM and i7-1260P Intel Core processor will be on sale for £1079.99 from 27 March

Amazon and Currys are selling it for £1469

  • Free Delivery
  • 2 Years Warranty


- Intel Core i7-1260P Processor
- Intel Iris Xe Graphics
- Windows 11 Home
- 2 x 1.5W Speakers, DTS:X Ultra, Dual Mic
- 1.35 kg
- Model Number: 17Z90Q-K.AD78A1

LG gram is the perfect companion for the go-getter,the hustler, the visionary. Whatever you’re working on, gram’s got your back. The AI-based enchanced security and convenience is engineered to increase your productivity and well-being with a professional display. Whilst the productivity-enhancing design, lightweight profile and powerful processor, truly allows you to Power Your Hustle anytime, anywhere.

You're in Full HD

The built-in webcam has been upgraded from HD to Full HD, resulting in twice the image quality. With a clearer, better-quality image, you can have more immersive video calls with reduced miscommunication. In addition, infrared rays enable face recognition, so various AI reactive software such as Face-login can be used for more convenience.

LG Glance by Mirametrix

LG Glance by Mirametrix® is an AI-based reactive software that recognizes users. LG gram's FHD camera, LG Glance by Mirametrix® can help protect your privacy, boost productivity, and improve your digital wellbeing. Usability and convenience is maximized by the gram’s AI technology while user actions are minimized.

Wide colour gamut

The LG gram accurately represents your creative ideas and the colours you intended, delivering a wide range of colour gamut.

Anti-glare Panel
Less Reflection, Less Interference

The anti-glare panels prevent screen reflections during the day or while outdoors. Stay hustling anytime from anywhere.

Powerful performance

LG gram delivers fast performance for content creation, work productivity, game playing and streaming.

Long battery life

LG gram offers a reliable battery with high capacity to last longer on a single charge. So, it facilitates your seamless performance from anywhere during your working hours.

Charge, transfer and display at once

Experience 5k display at a 40GB transfer speed while charging external devices simultaneously. This new device supports two Thunderbolt™ 4 ports for scalability with various interface support.

Immersive sound experience

DTS:X Ultra allows you to immerse yourself in 3D Audio Rendering even without wearing a headphone, and enjoy full and rich audio experience. Also, LG gram is upgraded in hardware with smart amp and stereo speakers, delivering realistic and powerful sound.

Model Number: 17Z90Q-K.AD78A1
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  1. Naqvi's avatar
    I have the 1165g model with 17" QHD screen and it is absolutely amazing screen. Little to none fan noise or heat and super light. The screen is amazing; very very bright and pin sharp. I find it better than the macbook pro 16" screen".
    volc's avatar
    Apples "retina" displays are crisp. Are you saying this beats it?
  2. Niall_Fawcett's avatar
    I love this spec. And there's no way I'm paying that for a computer lol. I just don't know whether to buy refurbished off eBay, or head to Curry's.
    I don't know what I'm doing for the most part 😞
    hcc27's avatar
    Get one othe used ThinkPads off one of the deals here. They're amazing laptops, stick with a minimum Core i5 8th gen and 8GB RAM (easily upgradeable to 16 with most) and look for the 1080p screen versions. Unless you want to play the latest games, they'll do everything else fine.

    They're built like tanks, are modular by design, will have spare part availability for years and the keyboards are the best in the business. I have an X270, X280 and T480 I picked up off deals here and on eBay for a combined total of under £600. My OH has a new MacBook and even at over £1000 pounds the keyboard experience is quite dire.
  3. Turker's avatar
    Excellent price especially for the 32gb version
  4. pscomp's avatar
    Brilliant machine. I have the 16gb version and I'm waiting for the 2023 model to go on sale then I'll have one of those.
    just-harry's avatar
    What is the sound like?
    I was planning on buying 16GB version a few weeks ago until I read that the speakers are not great and
    not very loud.
  5. beastwez's avatar
    🔥 been waiting for this bad boy
  6. ud987's avatar
    Is this any good for video editing?
    kappachin0's avatar
  7. agent_pires's avatar
    Wasn't there a deal before for like two 16" for £1400
  8. bovrilla's avatar
    As someone who is on the cusp of selling the 11th gen intel version of this, it is pretty good unless you try to do something demanding with it. Then it just about toasts itself, thermal throttling kicks in, and there's not enough room in the thin case for the amount of copper and fans you'd need to shift out the heat.

    I ended up getting a more chunky monkey laptop instead. I'll miss the battery life though.
    agent_pires's avatar
    I really wish there was a windows equivalent of Apple silicon. The performance per watt can't be beaten right now.
  9. Thislife79's avatar
    Speakers sound awful, and thin plastic chassis and keyboard flex. Otherwise decent if you don't want serious gaming.
    adam.yacub's avatar
    No one's gaming on this trust me
  10. W_9Gp's avatar
    If you don't need a 17-inch screen, extra storage, or additional RAM for specific workloads / running specific x86 architecture apps, then the M2 MacBook Air is a better choice. Even with 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM, which is not as limiting as you may think due to the optimization of Apple's operating system and architecture.

    The M2's Apple silicone offers comparable raw performance to the i7-1260p, but it uses almost half the power. Additionally, its integrated GPU is rated at 3 teraflops of compute power compared to the i7-1260p's 1.6 teraflops, making it more suitable for games and software that would natively support Apple ARM. The M2 chip's lower power consumption means that no fan is needed, making it silent in all situations, which is not the case for the Intel counterpart. Apple's hardware and software optimization also means that the M2 has a longer battery life, although its performance with the LG Gram 17 is uncertain due to its larger size and battery.

    The m2 MacBook Air has better quality, louder speakers, and an IPS 2K resolution screen for both laptops, The smaller 14-inch display on the MacBook Air gives it a higher PPI rating of 220 compared to the LG Gram 17's 170 PPI. The IPS display of the LG Gram 17 is rated at 350 nits, while the Apple M2 MacBook Air IPS display is rated at 500 nits. The MacBook Air also has a sturdy aluminum frame with minimal flex, while the LG Gram has a plastic magnesium alloy frame that gives it a cheaper and tackier feel. Although the material helps with weight seeing as the LG Gram weighs only slightly more than the MacBook Air (14 in) despite its way larger appearance (17 in), (1.24 kg vs 1.35 kg).

    However the M2 MacBook Air only has 2 Thunderbolt ports (USB-C) and a 3.5 mm audio jack, along with a MagSafe charging port, which may be discouraging if you need to connect non-compatible peripherals without the right dongles. In contrast, the LG Gram 17 has more variety with 2 Thunderbolt ports (USB-C), 2 regular USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a micro SD card slot." (edited)
    thewinnerash's avatar
    The question is, if you're in the market for a large screen laptop. Is this the deal to snap as a bargain, or is this just an okish deal?
  11. agent_pires's avatar
    After finding out about this Framework laptop I'm going to wait and see what the Framework 16 will be like.
    DomDealyo's avatar
    It's still going to be a first generation 16inch design and it's not the same USP you are comparing with. Grams are popular because their USP is thin, light and long battery and they do it well. Framework is a modular design.
's avatar