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ASUS X542UA-GO254T VivoBook 15.6-inch HD Notebook (DARK GREY) - (Intel i7-7500U Processor, 8 GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows 10, Bluetooth 4.0, Webcam) £420.49 - Amazon Warehouse - Used Very Good
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
ASUS X542UA-GO254T VivoBook 15.6-inch HD Notebook (DARK GREY) - (Intel i7-7500U Processor, 8 GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows 10, Bluetooth 4.0, Webcam) - Amazon Warehouse - Used Ve… Read more

is it with SHDD or SSD? (skeptical)


Wow, you're really going at it with all the used deals aren't you XD

ASUS FX503VD-DM002T 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (Black) - (Intel i7-7700HQ Processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD, Nvidia GTX1050 Dedicated Graphics, Windows 10) - £689 @ AO
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
ASUS FX503VD-DM002T 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (Black) - (Intel i7-7700HQ Processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD, Nvidia GTX1050 Dedicated Graphics, Windows 10) Dedicated GeForce®… Read more

I don't see as to why not?. If AO are on either TopCashBack, or on Quidco?, then yes, I assume so ...


Can you combine it with Quidco or another cashback service?


I love steak. Nice bonus


Would avoid these, I returned an FX503 because of display problems when gaming... horrendous flickering at top of screen... corners were cut when making these clearly. Graphics card isn’t the best on this either! I had a GTX 1060 3GB version and it took way too long to startup, shutdown, update and restore...


Hot for asus missus has got one 5 years now and still is going strong

Pepper Festival - Generic
Lenovo IdeaPad 510S 14 Inch Intel i7 2.7GHz 8GB 128GB Windows Laptop - White Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee - Argos eBay
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Lenovo IdeaPad 510S 14 Inch Intel i7 2.7GHz 8GB 128GB Windows Laptop - White Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee - Argos eBay CPU, Memory and Operating System: Intel C… Read more

Argos heading states 128gb but ongoing information says 256gb. Flip a coin and hope for the best.


Would you like some chips with that spam sir?


Good price for a i7 - heat added


Odd description on the Argos VS Lenovo spex for this model? The argos one states 256gb but this model "normally" ships from lenovo with a 1tb hdd + 128gb ssd! Might be worth a punt if it is the dual drive variant, cpu is dog slow on this as only dual core, but it has the really nice matt finish, full HD 1920 x 1080p ips screen in it (y)


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Acer Aspire 5 15.6 Inch Full HD Intel i7 2.7GHz 8GB 1TB Windows Laptop - Black Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee - £424.99 Argos eBay
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Acer Aspire 5 15.6 Inch Full HD Intel i7 2.7GHz 8GB 1TB Windows Laptop - Black Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee - Argos eBay The Aspire 5 is a dependable workhorse for… Read more

As I3's market for £400 a i7 refurb at a similat price is great value SSD isnt that expensive to upgrade later


Good spec but missing a Hybrid of SSD/M.2 - Shared graphics as well but it is only just over £400 so to be expected.

Intel i7 8086k CCL/Scan - £379.99 delivered at Scan
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Intel i7 8086k Limited Edition CCL: CCL link (£379.99 - Free delivery) Scan: Scan Link (£379.99 - Free delivery) For the people who dont want to pay for one: Sweepstake: LINK

this cpu is a joke. Much like the coffee lake release and the 28core @ 5ghz we are all getting later this year...... Sad company. Mind, given people were wetting themselves over getting 8700k's for a bargain 400, this actually looks like a good price.


I'm still using my Haswell-E 5820K, one of the best CPU's ever made. OC's like a boss.


I think they said 50,000. The largest retailer in Germany sells ~3000 i7-8700Ks per month.


Ok so the whole "limited edition" jargon is rubbish, theres loads of these. However how can you turn your nose up at a 6 core, 12 thread cpu that stock boosts to 5ghz? This is a great piece of kit and whilst it wont hold its value forever, it certainly wont plummet in price like people say. Just look at the 4790k, still sells for £200 on ebay and that launched 4 years ago. Id gladly buy this cpu if I had the money and needed it. That being said I have a 4790K and dont envisage ever needing to upgrade it, least not in the next 10 years.


Over priced .. that said i did the sweepstake ..

MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop - (Black) - £799.97 @ Amazon
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Very good value for money, saves £300 (Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD Plus 1 TB HDD, GeForce GTX 1050Ti, Windows 10 Home)
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Total War is an RTS I assume? Generally speaking, you should always opt for the better GPU if you're using a laptop for gaming, but an RTS is sometimes the exception as they rely on the CPU more. That said, I'd still go with the 1060. I can't imagine it'd have any problem running the game mentioned and it'll run pretty much anything else you need on decent settings


Any good ?


Please do, I'm considering it for gaming


Okay. I've gone for it! Will update with my assessment in a few days.


Great deal. Heat added. Sorely tempted - am after something to do graphics and video editing. This would be pretty good.

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Intel I7 8700K £286 Dispatched from and sold by CPU-WORLD-UK LTD - Amazon
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Seems like CPU price is dropping because people are not upgrading due to RAM price hike £280 at amazon spain if using no fee payment

Been that price for a long time on Amazon. Aria price matched amazon on the website as I ordered a few things from there (now £294 + del.). Great customer service from them btw :)


It's now back down to the price it was a few weeks ago, when I was considering buying one. In the end, I opted for the Ryzen 2700X and got it from this seller, CPU-World. I'd recommend them. It was a decent price and the DPD shipping was good. I was told the arrival date and on that due date I got a text message telling me it was arriving within a one hour window starting from 30 minutes after the text was sent. And sure enough, that's when it arrived. (y)

HP 250 G6 i7 Laptop 2SY44ES @ ebuyer £549.99
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Intel® Core™ i7-7500U 2.7GHz 8GB DDR4 + 256GB SSD 15.6" Full HD Display WIFI + Bluetooth Windows 10 Home Processor Intel Core™ i7-7500U 2.7 GHz Intel® HD Graphics 620… Read more

No worries at all, hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for that. I ordered one yesterday. I've been looking to replace my very old laptop for a while now. This will be a considerable improvement!


Hi there, its fine, although havent done much with it yet tbh. Initial thoughts are SSD big improvement and pretty fast generally, screen fine (at the correct angle!), looks ok although obviously not the most expensive build. Track pad bit annoying, but will get more used to it, windows and bloatware probably mpst annoying thing, as you may expect. What you'd expect I guess, and definite, if not revolutionary, improvement on my 4/5 year old laptop. As i said above, ive done ALOT of looking last couple of months for a good deal in this range and I think you can't get anything better at the moment for price you've quoted, even including refurbs market.


About right for an 8th Gen, it's not classed as a gaming laptop. It's Sata SSD and a removable cover at bottom so can add an extra HDD or SSD.


Is it living up to expectation? I'm considering purchasing one of these myself. 11% cashback at Quidco (or 10.5% at TopCashback). Only £480.59 if cashback pays out.

GV72 7RE Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 17.3 inch Full HD Gaming Laptop with GeForce GTX 1050Ti 2Gb Graphics and includes MSI Rucksack at Very for £969.99
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Cheapest I can find for a 17" 16GB I7, looks good to me! 10% off for new customers also.

Sounded so good til it got to GTX 1050.


isnt the TI a 4gb model only card, therefore if this is being advertised as 2gb model then its a non TI, even colder and no way sufficient for gaming. Let alone that price tag. Of course the site could be listing the specs incorrectly


Agreed :) COLD...


Some cold laptops lately


GTX 1050Ti Laptop for this price? 2GB Graphics? Sorry I think this is very cold.

Intel Core i7-7740X 4.30GHz LGA 2066 Retail Boxed Processor, £234.99 at ebuyer
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
i7-7740X Socket 2066 Kaby Lake-X Turbo Speed 4.5 GHz

You are hilarious! I'm stating facts, not slinging mud as you just did. I know what I'm doing and have the qualifications to prove it. I'm not backing anything up? LOL. I've provided sources with benchmarks in post 6, all you've done is state I'm wrong and not proved otherwise. Keep trying. ;) Good offer from CEX though. I hadn't thought of that.


To be quite frank (like you are) you don't know what you're talking about. You haven't backed anything up, you've just looked for anything that can be taken out of context i.e. using a very specific workload as a benchmark for the overall performance difference of a whole generation of CPUs. It's like judging a bodybuilder in a competition based on their chest alone & not there whole body.If your own personal research is bad it's not my job to correct it for you, the ownace is on you. Side note: this cpu is £140 at cex and still, in my opinion it's not worth it unless you have a compatible motherboard already.


got this from amazon at xmas for £179....motherboard cost me £299.....vr just flies now with my 1080ti....and games are real smooth at ultra high happy with it


Ok, best that you wait 10 years and pick one up then.


1) CPU from OcUK when they cleared out, forums only special offer IIRC. Aorus board from Scan. It was about £160 when I bought. They put the price up to £180+ by the time it hit this site a few days later. 2) Personally I don’t care about the LEDs. Higher end boards get better power delivery which aids in overclocking, USB 3.1, more M.2 slots, better audio etc. The rough equivalent features wise is the Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 which is ~£180. 3) 7820X probably, if the price drops. 8 core, 4.5Ghz Turbo stock. Lets see what the next refresh brings. ;) 4) Yeah, writing is on the wall for the consumer chip on the HEDT platform idea, but that doesn’t make it a bad chip if the price is attractive enough, which is what I said in my first post. You can still buy a 7700K and that’s dead-er than the 7740X as regards platform … and more expensive and slower.

A Grade Refurbished Desktop -  Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop PC i7-4790 3.60GHz 16GB Windows 10 with code NEWCUSTOMER £292.50 - ITZOO
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Desktop Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Processor: Intel i7-4790 3.60GHz Screen: N/A Memory: 16GB DDR3 Storage: 500GB Sata Hard Drive Opt… Read more
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Probably only had one then... expired.


Now out of stock.


heat for username (excited)

ASUS FX503VM Laptop - i7 / 8GB / GTX 1060 6GB + Backpack £929.97 (Free NDD w/code) / Acer 21.5" SA220Q ZeroFrame Monitor £81.99  @ Box
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
For a 6GB GTX 1060 set up I think this a nice option for an ASUS model, you get a free backpack with it as well. A nice slick looking machine and as far as backpacks go... I actual… Read more

Good deal same price on


That bag's way to small for the laptop.


This laptop is pretty portable. It's much thinner that the usual gaming laptop. Not bad at all.


Not everyone has a lot of space, e.g. has kids, can take gaming laptop on train or away on business


Well if you did want a portable computer, say if you wanted to take it to a friend's place or your girlfriend's, or even move to a different room in your house, you're more likely to prefer taking a single self-contained device rather than lugging around a desktop and various peripherals with you (including a monitor). Unless you have weak bones and/or muscles, they're not that difficult to carry.

Dell Precision 15 3510 i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz,16Gb,360Gb SDD,2Gb AMD FirePro W5130M,REFURB laptop £551.94 - MSC
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Dell Precision 15 3510 i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz 16Gb ddr4,360Gb SDD FirePro W5130M 15.6″ FHD Win 10Pro 1 year returned to base warranty £450 exc VAT, £540 inc VAT,Delivery £9.95 making … Read more
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Precision was/is not designed for gaming.


It's not a gaming gpu


Why is everyone obsessed on gaming laptops..... Is this a decent all rounder? Sorry not having a go just an observation.


firepro cards are for workstations not gaming so probably a good option for a cheap CAD pc rather than a gaming rig


Not a gaming laptop this is a workstation replacement

ASUS ROG Strix ZX753VD-GC266T 17.3-inch FHD Gaming Laptop with Gaming Backpack and Mouse (Black Metal) - (Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX1050 4GB GDDR5 Graphics, Windows 10) (Used Very Good) £770.03 - Amazon Warehouse
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
ASUS ROG Strix ZX753VD-GC266T 17.3-inch FHD Gaming Laptop with Gaming Backpack and Mouse (Black Metal) - (Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX1050 4GB GDD… Read more

That is a popular misconception. Amazon covers the purchases in line with their "Satisfaction Guarantee" but that is all. Look, they are great with returns and you may be lucky, but I wasn't with two purchases, a camera and a laptop.


Not sure why this is cold (lol)


Amazon warehouse goods come with 1 year warranty.


Not voting but I would not buy something for 770 without a warranty. this only has 30 days option to return. Manufacturers do not honour warranties for Warehouse purchases in general so look out for that and check what Amazon are offering.


What is a "gaming" backpack? Does it have rgb lights on it? It better have or that's false advertising for sure.

MSI GE63VR 7RE (Intel i7 Quad Core / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD 1TB HDD / GTX1060 / SteelSeries RGB Keyboard) + FREE MSI Bundle Pack £1299.97 Delivered @
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Similar to the MSI deal I posted the other day, however this has a serious spec bump in comparison. 16Gb DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD, Dedicated GTX 1060 6GB Graphics card means… Read more

Newer CPU traded off for a smaller SSD.


Not wanting to hijack your deal, but there's the new MSI GP63 with a brand new 8th Gen i7 for £1249(pre-order) at OverClockersUK. most of the other specs are in common with your one. Hope this helps somebody! EDIT: oh it doesn't have the free bag that one has.

ASUS ZX553 15.6 Intel Core i7 GeForce GTX 1050 8GB RAM 1TB Windows 10 Black - £699.99 @ Box eBay
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
7th Gen i7 with a pretty good gpu. Not a bad price if you ask me.

Just be aware that lots of us bought a deal last week on for the FX503 with GTX 1060. It was advertised as having an IPS screen but arrived with an awful TN panel. This machine doesn't say IPS in the description so I would assume its the same TN panel as our 503's. To make this deal even colder, our 503's have 128GB SSD and we only ended up paying £609. (£749 - £40 voucher code - £100 AO refund for incorrect display.)


But you said you have it in your laptop, so what money have you saved? You have paid a lot of money for something that compares to a gaming console.


The idiots that come here saying the 1050 isnt a gaming gpu have no idea what they are talking about so just ignore their bull****. The 1050 sits between a 960m and a 970m and its totally adequate for 1080p gaming on the go and the gaming benchmarks prove that. The 4gb version would be better tho.


People weren't interested when i posted that laptop, went cold


I’d rather save my money and buy something that I need.

Intel i7-8700K Processor on Amazon for £292
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Posted at £295.62 the other day, even lower now.

This CPU continues to really impress me. In my opinion anyone even considering a non K 8700 over the 8700K for the relatively small difference in price you would be regretting it down the line and you would actually be getting a lower price to performance ratio! It's 100% worth the extra few £££ to go or the K unlocked chip, pics below show the extra performance increase of all 6 cores at 5ghz.


Nope. I'm not making the mistake of buying a locked CPU and board again. Anyone buying a locked 8400 should at least buy an unlocked Z370 board so there is an upgrade path later on. The 8600k is the lowest I would consider at the moment. Otherwise the Ryzen 1600 makes more sense.


My friend is actually looking at the 8600k & 8400 he cant decide which one to go for. I said go for 8600k for the sake of £50 ish but I didn't know new boards were out, how much can you get a new budget board for?


Yeah I was really put off by all the debate and bad reviews mentioning heat and needing to de-lid etc nearly didn't buy one. 1.285 volts at 5ghz mid - high 70s temps under load seems okay + only get around 50 - 60s during gaming and there is quite a considerable performance increase at 5ghz over the stock or non K 8700 after overclocking in benchmarking results. I must have got lucky too! Can always disable the hyper threading for lower temps and higher clocks and run it as a higher binned 8600k too takes a couple of seconds in bios.


If you are looking for good value, the 8400 at sub 150, paired with one of the new budget motherboards would be a really good deal. 6 physical cores that turbo up well.

MSI GP62 15.6" FHD Gaming Laptop (Core i7-7700HQ, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD, GTX 1060 Graphics, Windows 10 Home) 7RFX Leopard Pro 880UK - Black £899.97 @ saveonlaptops
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
MSI GP62MVR 7RFX(Leopard Pro)-880UK Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core Processor 15.6" Full HD Screen Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit 8GB DDR4 RAM 128GB M.2 SSD Combo (NVMe Ple G… Read more
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The SSD and RAM don't bother me at all as these are easily upgraded. The 3GB GPU makes this a no go for me


Tempted, but any others to consider for this money?


1060 with only 3GB Only 128GB SSD Only 8GB RAM The MSI bundle makes it a little better of a deal but the GE62 is apparently much better than this.


Pretty sure this has already been posted. Would have snapped it up.if it wasn't for the 3GB GPU

MSI GP62MVR 7RFX(Intel i7 Quad Core / 8GB DDR4 / 128GB SSD / GTX 1060 3GB / RGB Keyboard) + FREE MSI Bundle Pack £899.97 Delivered @ Box
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Fantastic price for this to be honest. If you are looking for no compromise in specs; on a gaming laptop, this may fit the bill :) The laptop also comes with a Free MSI Bundle Pac… Read more

I have yes but only Mario kart and Zelda. Both work pretty much perfectly at 1080p and even with the higher Res texture packs. It does struggle above 1080p however.


Tempted, but any others to consider for the money or similar money?


Have you tried cemu?


I got an MSI laptop last week. Similar specs. The 7700hq with the 1050ti and I love it. Ironically I've not played a single pc game on it but things like pcsx2 and dolphin run like butter in 1080p and even above ( via TV out).


With all these gaming laptop deals lately. It's hard to convince myself I don't need them. I got a slightly out of date gaming pc that collects dust other than work. That's my excuse not to buy a laptop. but man, the want is becoming difficult to ignore! (horror)

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