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Posted 21 February 2024

New Nissan Leaf Hatchback 110kW Tekna 39kWh 5dr Auto, Metallic - Gun Metal Paint, Part leather with ultrasuede and synthetic leather - Black

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Nissan Leaf Hatchback 110kW Tekna 39kWh 5dr Auto sports a number of great features and technical specs.
engine with a 1 speed gear box. This produces 150 BHP with a top speed of 90 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 7.9 seconds. The car fits into insurance group 24E.
The 39kWh battery version has a perfectly respectable 0-62mph time of around eight seconds. Officially the range is 168 miles on a full charge

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  1. Jarek_Soroka's avatar
    thunkpad's avatar
    Still running my 11 year old Leaf on its original battery. Just had its MOT - needed new rear pads and front tyres. Only major bill I've had in eight years of ownership was a new lower suspension arm. Not looking to replace it any time soon.
  2. dealfinderwanter's avatar
    Wow, great price
    if you do less than 150 miles a day on average this would be great option. I have the longer range version. Save £4k a year on fuel (do 200 miles a day at 2p a mile rather 20p a mile my old ford focus cost). Since owning it saved £16k and the car is worth around £10k now, and it cost me £29k so could sell now at no financial loss . First for me (edited)
    ben_ellis's avatar
    It’s staggering how much you can save driving something like this. I do 15000 miles a year and this car would effectively be free after £22000 savings in fuel over 10 years, I’m gutted I didn’t do it sooner.
  3. Bobef90's avatar
    Great car. But will never do that range. I have had a few Nissan Leafs and thy really nice but their range is very sad. They also suffer from problems when being rapid charge in quick succession. They have no battery cooling.
    campers's avatar
    I know old ones where having trouble. But these newer models I thought they been better engineered?! Am I wrong?
  4. mocmocamoc's avatar
    I got a 2nd hand one from 2018, you can get a good deal on one with a decent battery if you look around, think we paid about £10k. It's a nice car, you're probably getting about 100 in the winter with the heating going
    Daniel789's avatar
    That's amazing, can't wait for technology to come out so you can drive from one end of the country to the other without stopping.
  5. Leaf11's avatar
    I got one of these in 2021, I use it for private hire in London, it's easy to maintain and the one pedal driving is revolutionary (I barely use the break pedal anymore).

    But one major issue which no one will tell you is that the vehicle is extremely uncomfortable on bumps ir potholes or those awfully repaired manholes. It bounces around like a golf buggy.

    It's because of the very stiff suspension all EVs have.

    And the 20mph London speed makes it even worse on bumps, my back hurts after every shift.
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    Username checks out!

    Great feedback
  6. thedvdmonster's avatar
    Meh for that range you could get a used electric corsa, mokka or ds3 crossback used for near half the price. 
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    So the conclusion we've come to is 2nd hand cars are significantly cheaper than brand new ones.

    If we leave now, we may just make the front page on the morning papers!
  7. adamg02's avatar
    Good price. It's a brand new EV, this is getting to more realistic values and they have been making these for a while. (unlike Stellantis, eCorsa etc)

    Its a Leaf.

    Everyone knows its a leaf and it's not meant for slogging up the motorway every day.

    If you have off street parking with home charging (ie a plug point) and do the usual school run, 10mile commute. This is fine and a nice choice. Every couple of nights, plug in, like you do with your phone, and wake up to a full battery for about 2 quid.

    You can't tow a JCB in it or will you survive long at the '24hr Le Mans', but you can happily take the kids to school, pick up some dinner from Tesco and be home in time for your amazon delivery.
    Qualityfirst's avatar
    Stop being practical. Rather than buy out right and have a cost of ownership work out at less than £100 a month. I’d sooner lease a proper car like a Range Rover and a second one for the wife, if we keep the milage lower than 8k a year it’s only £1800 a month. So keeps your leaf savings and ability to own 20x BTL with 16k passive income a month, and I’ll keep my Range Rovers, and the neighbours will think I am awesome…. What you also have a Porsche and no mortgage and take 3 exotic holidays a year, year right.

    Those knocking this, are not financially astute. I have wealthy friends, I mean over £500m, yes on the rich list, 2nd homes in Mayfair, and they don’t drive cars with values over 80k…
  8. bobbyman1's avatar
    Worth 30% of what you paid after three years
    Beediebeediebeedie's avatar
    Same here 2015 Leaf, my battery was at 83% last year, 5000 miles later I did another reading and it's at 84.5%.
    Fantastic reliability, cheap to run, no road tax, fast at the traffic light grand Prix, love everything about it.
  9. chrb's avatar
    Crazy-Climber's avatar
    Then don't buy it then. The 95% of us who don't even do 15,000 miles a year (57 mile return journey), never mind your 36,000 mile commute will probably be fine with it.
  10. afrocleland's avatar
    I had one of the bigger battery ones on lease for 3 years. Great car to drive and I probably used the extra range twice, I wish I'd saved myself the £30 a month or so.
    Really good EV if you can charge at home as others have said. I used the chademo 3 times.
    It's also rapid if you're coming from a non performance ICE car.
  11. aaronwrightazz's avatar
    I have one of these, the actual range I get is ~130
    Gkay11's avatar
  12. lucas4's avatar
    Absolute bargain - fantastic deal for still a very good family car. If you do less than 150 miles per day and have home charging, this is an absolute winner. If you do the occasional long trip, there's still plenty of good chademo options. If you do frequent 200+ mile trips, get a Tesla instead.

    Superb deal.
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    Best advice on this deal.
  13. David_Clary's avatar
    Chademo is a dead technology. You won't be able to charge it publicly within a few years, that's if you can find a working charger now....avoid.
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    There's no public chargers other than ionity which don't have Chademo. Never had an issue charging and with so many Leafs on the road unlikely to experience issues any time soon. Plus if you look on YouTube there are converters Chademo to CCS so if in ten years there were fewer chargers you'd just buy a converter
  14. Darkraiser's avatar
    Looks too blocky
    deleted392719's avatar
    The wheels are round I promise
  15. muffboy's avatar
    Had a test drive in one last weekend, the E-pedal is absolutely shocking! As soon as you lift off the accelerator it's akin to an emergency stop. Frankly it is downright dangerous as following cars would not be expecting such harsh deceleration. The 59kw version was phased out 9 months ago and this one is also heading out of production in favour of the Ariya.
    thebruce's avatar
    So don’t lift off the accelerator fully? Takes a while to get used to one-pedal driving but if you don’t want that there is usually options to coast instead of regen.
  16. john184's avatar
    From what I read it looks like hydrogen fuel cell cars will be the future. Still bought a diesel and coming back from a recent holiday to Scotland it would have been very restricted/impossible if I was in one of these. Still amazed they are still selling electric cars with such limited range.
    highlandspring100's avatar
    Suggest you read about the cost of refining hydrogen
  17. GeoffAngela's avatar
    Guessing the range might put people off - quite low these days in comparison to the competition.
    thunkpad's avatar
    People definitely overestimate what they need, which is understandable for people buying their first EV. I imagine those buying their presents second or third might be more relaxed (assuming they're doing average commuter distances).
  18. Syed_Hayat's avatar
    Having a non Tesla electric
    car that claims 313 I can confidently say in real terms 168 is not worth buying even at 10k. This month the UK motorway infrastructure got barely acceptable but try going from London to Manchester in the winter and see yourself paying £150 plus each way in charging costs. It's ridiculous. To make true sense a battery needs to do 300miles in real world tests and the road charging costs need to come down. Whenever you go and wherever you go you finish with a bad taste in your mouth unless you get there in a Tesla. Tesla is the way to go no other manufacturers are close. Their supercharger network and travel planner always ensures a supercharger is nearby and with costs 30% lower, they are substantial savings as well.

    Lesson buy a Tesla until you are that person who doesn't care about good painfully shared advice and lives to repeat a cautionary tale. You were warned, stay clear from this car.
    john841's avatar
    £150 plus each way? How are you working that out? It's more like £75 if you leave with a full battery and stop to charge twice (adding about 25kWh each time, so 50 total at about 75p each kWh).
  19. badgerss's avatar
    Not a bad deal for a new one. The cheapest I've seen the Shiro model (that is similar) was approx £18500 around a month ago.
    I'd really recommend getting a used one though. Plenty around, 10-12k will get a low mileage 3 or 4 year old one. Battery may have lost 10% of capacity but they are great cars and will keep going for years.
    Good amount of room inside. Turn off eco mode and they drive like a hot hatch. 0-30 will put a lot of cars to shame. We've got a 2018 mk2 and a 2015 mk 1..great cars for local use.
    If you need to do long distances regularly then I wouldn't recommend. (edited)
    ben_ellis's avatar
    I agree and the battery degradation is comparable to most other EVs. You will lose 9-10% in the first 3-4 years and then it will plateau. I have been looking at used model 3 sr+ and they are no better in this regard. I applaud Nissan for having the only honest system to show battery degradation.
  20. napolimp's avatar
    I'm really tempted to get rid of my diesel and buy an EV like this one, think if would work wll for me. The only thing that worries me is the cost of insurance, last time I checked for a new lower end EV, it was coming out over £1500 more expensive per year than my diesel. Kind of negates the savings. What are other peoples experience on the insurance side?
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    Try running a few dummy quotes, but for two of us (36 and 39yo) on a Leaf with NCB is £259 a year. It seems to be Teslas that attract the sky high premiums because insurers view them as "performance" cars. Leafs are in insurance group 21 so comparable with other family diesel cars.

    Having made the switch from diesel Golfs Leafs make Golfs feel like Flintstone technology. So much quieter, more space inside, cheap to run and better to drive. And if someone had told me there was a cheaper car than a diesel Golf to run 5 years ago I wouldn't have believed them either

    Good luck whatever you choose.
  21. deemi786's avatar
    this ones even cheaper!
  22. ionel's avatar
    one speed.....nahh
    GeoffAngela's avatar
    It doesn't have a gearbox as such - that's auto-generated specification nonsense. The power is 100% on the moment you press the throttle. Hence 0-60 in 7.9 seconds, provided you don't wheelspin it.
  23. KingCampo's avatar
    Great price but the range is really poor.
    gruber78's avatar
    130 miles in the cold, unless below freezing, up to 170 in summer. I’ve averaged 4.2 m/kWh over 30k miles so that’s 151 average range from 36kw useable battery.
  24. nur_saleem's avatar
    The range on this car drops to about 100 miles in winter and its hard to even get that much, interior looks like it was designed by the makers of Sega and atari. This is a pile of trash in 2024
    nur_saleem's avatar
    I have 2 zoes for my business a 23 and a 22 plate, range drop during winters is extremely real anybody telling you otherwise Is being irresponsible. When you only have 160 odd mile range like this car does to begin with the winters are gonna get annoying real quick. Also anybody thinking of getting an ev, please switch to octopus the moment you get your vehicle 7p per kwh over night charging is a blessing, wish somebody had told me sooner.
  25. bartbart2's avatar
    Pardon, wouldn't buy one even if it was £10k.
    Dickie.boy's avatar
    Thanks for that 🫶🏻
  26. Deakcracker's avatar
    39Kwh battery 🤮
    rickmarine's avatar
    Equivalent to ten AA's
  27. rodman's avatar
    Cheers, I bought a few. Will rent to Uber drivers. What a business.
    XVV_JOHN's avatar
    that range for Uber is painful.
  28. DonnyJohn99's avatar
    52248000-PWzNM.jpgThat's better isn't it for the same money?
    chrisdicko22's avatar
    I'd say so, even if you didn't get the claimed range it'll at least be similar range to the leaf and you get the all important CCS fast charger port instead of the going extinct chademo port on the leaf. Having said that I couldn't pay 20k knowing 2nd hand ones are so much cheaper with hardly any miles on
  29. Jackboo's avatar
    Just bought my first electric car come from bmw x3 diesel 180bhp doing 20k a year cost me £360 a month in fuel, tax , service my model 3 Tesla has reduced this to £35 why didn’t I do this sooner never going back the model 3 cost me £24k but I love it . Even if I had bought a 16k ice car it would have cost more in 3 years than the Tesla outlay
    john184's avatar
    What did your insurance cost?
  30. MrHappyGilmore's avatar
    GeoffAngela's avatar
    It's a vehicle to get you from A to B, not an extension of your personality. I'd have thought if you needed a car to project that, you probably haven't got much of one in the first place.
  31. Warriorz7's avatar
    If its any use at all for anyone thinking of going full electric or Phev from full Ice.

    I switched to a merc A250e Phev in Dec with a 15kw battery. I charge "granny cable" only at home and do a 28-32 mile round trip a day depending on traffic plus other titting about. I charge most nights for a few hours and It costs me roughly £1.30 per day in electric (ovo 7p kwh car only). I've filled up about once every 8 weeks (£40) so far.

    Pros - cheap and very quick with engine and battery power.
    Cons - engine alone is weak (coming from a 250bhp A5) but great to not have to rely on soley batter (so kind of a pro).

    Overall, the ideal would be a Phev with a 30kw battery and I'd never look back.
    Jackboo's avatar
    Second hand Tesla model 3 here 293 mile range at 80% charge to conserve battery, octopus 7.5p for 6 hours a night my 60 mile commute costs me 1.10
  32. yeahbutitsnotfree's avatar
    Looks civicy
    lee19285's avatar
    Don't insult my car
  33. gazter's avatar
    39kwh gonna get you to the shops and back, that's all.
    fedex1401's avatar
    So we’ve established that your nearest shop is around 70-80 miles away. I’d stick to online shopping.(flirt)
  34. GeoffAngela's avatar
    Seem quite anxious to clear stocks of these at the moment (lots of cheap lease deals as well), maybe the relatively low range puts people off?
    Andy_k3n's avatar
    Maybe, though I can't imagine why
  35. Wolves38's avatar
    Have the 62kwh version and as posted here, costs c2p a mile, is a fair size ie not small car and Tekna has all the toys. We get c210 miles in summer (more if drive in eco) and c180 in winter, a great 2nd car but I feel the 62kwh is the sweet spot If you do less than 100 mile trip(s) in a day, the 40kwh would be fine.

    It’s not a looker though (edited)
  36. Tomjoshdad's avatar
    Everytime EV cars come up dinosaurs mention their recent tours to Scotland and lack of charging points. These things charge from a regular domestic 3 pin plug. Not usually hard to find.
    Poundsandpoundsandpounds's avatar
    We drove our EV to Skye (far end of the island too)from the midlands and stayed a week. Encountered zero issues with charging. It required a tiny amount of planning. Trickle charging overnight was helpful but not essential.
  37. Jonahea86's avatar
    I have the 39kwh Kona - in warm, dry conditions without AC etc. mine can get 180 miles, but you have to drive sensibly.

    Cold or Rain or AC is -10/15% range
    Heating is -25/35% range

    but then you don’t always have them on permanently ^^ (edited)
  38. TerryT's avatar
    My Tesla (M3 SR+ 2020) does roughly 200 miles in the winter, rated for 250 or so. 34k miles odometer. I think you can get that spec Tesla for this price and will probably be happy with it.

    So the range on this is quite unfortunately low. Assuming you lose 20% or so, and maybe more for winter. Unless these are more efficient than Tesla.

    I do not clock as many miles as many others but I would find mandatory charging for any 120+ mile trip excessive. People say you get used to lower range on EVs but I wouldn’t say it’s that simple. 200ish real miles is just about what I feel comfortable with. If I had more money I’d get something confirmed to hit 300+ real miles. Probably Tesla, I love it. (edited)
    noobnoob's avatar
    Yeah I agree 300 real miles range would be the sweet spot for me. A round trip of 2 hours each way plus a little backup, which is about what I can stand in the car without stopping anyway
  39. S6474736's avatar
    I leased this leaf a couple of years ago and not sure if much has changed. I believe It uses 50kw Chademo so it’s still fast to charge but modern cars use CcS and up to 250kw. Note : not all places have chademo chargers or certainly don’t have as many. Also the range is fine for inside the city but longer trips are a hassle. The battery is not actively cooled so first battery recharge makes battery hot. Second recharge is likely fine but on a third and you start getting slower charge times. So can be used for a 500mile trip but not ideal

    On the plus side it’s one pedal driving and I think the tekna has all the fancy gadgets. I really liked the car but needed a longer range.
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