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Harris Woodwork Gloss Essentials 5 Pack Paintbrush Set - £4.80 Prime (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
The Essentials gloss paint brush set contains all the paint brushes you need for painting interior woodwork such as skirting boards and doors, in one handy set The soft synthetic … Read more

who dose not.


Good brushes I’ve used them many times


A DIY job I would pay a professional to do


I hate glossing ...


So hard to pain gloss well tbh hope these help

Harris Seriously Good Walls & Ceilings Mini Set 4in, Tray, 1x4 Frame, 2x4 Medium Pile Roller Sleeves £2.40 Prime (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Noticed this mini roller set reduced. Mid Range Roller Set Twin sleeve 4" mini roller set for use when painting smaller areas of walls and ceilings with emulsion paint. Extend… Read more

What brand? Cause the unbranded stuff isn't very good. The one I got had a junky tray.


If your near a B&Q they are doing a similar set for £1 in the clearance section.


Got some cheers!

Harris 101011006 Essentials Walls & Ceilings Paint Brush 5 Pack £4.80 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Also noticed these for the same price - Woodwork Gloss Essentials 5 Pack Size Name: 1 x 0.5", 1 x 1", 1 x 1.5", 2 x 2" Paint Brushes - The Essentials Walls & Ceilings pain… Read more

🔥 (y) (y)


The 3 on the left are most suitable for home use imo.


I wrote an essay (embarrassed) Finished a job early & thought I'd give a proper breakdown of how I clean my brushes (water-based). I also would like to explode the myth that cheaper is better when it comes to decorating tools. In particular brushes. 1. Clean out paint brush in sink under tap. Push bristles down repeatedly until water runs clear. I use this at stage 1 & 3: Expensive atm I presume coz of supply chain. I have tried cheaper wire brushes but not as good as this. 2. Leave suspended in Viro-sol overnight. Something like 3 or 4 parts water to 1 part V-Sol. Viro-Sol is amazing btw for wb paint & is great as a household cleaner mixed 100-1. It goes a long way. Then clean again as per stage 1. 3. Dry brush. Take brush outside & twirl handle fast between palms to spin out most of the water. Or use a brush spinner. 4. Hang brush to let air-dry before putting back in its card brush keeper to help retain its shape. I do this daily with all my brushes. I rarely use oil & use a brush-mate to store them rather than clean them. Shellac brushes I suspend in meths overnight before stage 1-4. I rotate a number of brushes as the soaking & drying stage takes a couple of days. If you have only one or two brushes and want a colour change, or to clean at the end of the day, use stages 1 and 3 only before carrying on. I would recommend the Viro-Sol at the end of the job. Cling-film is my friend. Any breaks in painting for more than 5 minutes (maybe less with quick-dry) & I will wrap my brush in cling-film. This is good for several hours although I personally would clean at day's end rather than attempt to use same brush next day. Not many DiY'ers will want to do this but it gives you an idea of what a pro decorator might do. Sure if you want to buy cheap & disposable then that's fine, but the difference between a cheap brush & the Blaze I posted earlier is night & day in every regard. The Blaze is really a contractor mid-range brush, but superb imo. Note that the 'bristle loss' issue doesn't even enter my mind. Paint brush technology, particularly from the USA is advanced now. Proform, & Fossa are what I use. Some Wooster & Corona thrown in too. Take what you want from this. Or not. Thought it may be useful to someone.


Thank you for posting. Just to let you know that your thread has been selected for our Highlights section (highfive)


purdy brushes with zinsser water based paints and up is then a doddle and brushes last forever....invest in the best.

Wood Preserver & Fence Care Brush for 65p @ Tesco
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Nice price for this fence care brush, Regular price was £2.50 but now reduced to 65p at Tesco. (y) -- The Wood Preserver & Fence Care Brush is the ideal brush for painting … Read more

If you can get one.


I prefer the horse hair ones much better for doing fences.


Not likely to make a special trip, however if I was there it would be silly not to put it in the basket


Same here. I spent loads at Tesco online and had it delivered to my local.


Some rather bizarre comments on this deal. Let’s summarise - It’s was £2.50 It’ll now set you back 65p! Reviews are favourable - and let’s not forget those reviews will be from those who paid the full £2.50!

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Silverline Disposable Paint Brush - 43p Prime (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon EU (UK Mainland)
60° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Disposable utility paint brush with pure bristles, polymer handle and zinc-plated steel ferrule. Ideal for cleaning parts, painting trim and touch-up work. For use with paint, re… Read more

43p from International with free delivery still


£1.25 now.


Well I'm buying 1,000 to strip down for the silver in the ferrule !! Bit like the 'solid gold' beer can prize worth £15,000 from BrewDog LOL


I think it just means. By the time you've used it. There'll be no bristles left attached. They'll be on your paintwork (lol)


Can we not dispose of other brushes (confused)

Prodec Decorator Paint Brush Set 3 Piece - £2.98 (Click + Collect) @ Toolstation
235° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Good clearance offer on this 3 pack of brushes, picked one set up yesterday - surprisingly good quality for the price. Also good reviews online. OOS for online delivery. Contains… Read more

That's what I've been using for a long time now


Excellent price. Just ordered a few sets.


Quality paint brushes, always buy these


Upgrade to Hamilton for not much more - £14 for 5


Thanks op loads of stock in my local !