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Posted 18 April 2024

Now TV Entertainment Pass £4.99 per month for 6 months plus 1 month free boost (via email) - Select accounts

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Received this offer via email, don't forget to cancel the Boost after 1 month.

Not sure if there is a way to share this offer with others like we could in the past
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  1. Mclwrth's avatar
    To get the codes to share, click on the email link and quickly copy the address of the page that opens before it redirects to the NowTV cart page.
  2. kooks65's avatar
    I got the entertainment for £1 per month for 6 months back in Nov, hoping for another good deal when this runs out. I did get the films for £4.99 pm and got it for one month and then cancelled as there was nothing much to watch. One thing to *beware* of though some of these offers come with a minimum contract of 6 months.
    joevictor53's avatar
    When had you been subscribed before that? Had it been a really long time?
  3. Streetspiritlondon's avatar
    Cold as they’ve offered me £2.99 a month for six months
    CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    They must like you more than me
  4. Mclwrth's avatar
    £2.99pm, six months minimum term:

    NOW3777KXAATK8P (Boost)

    NOW9W76CV33GFLW (Boost)


    Codes expire tomorrow - if they last that long. (edited)
  5. twotone1954's avatar
    £6 a month for boost(to watch in hd) is just daylight robbery. What next £6 a month if you want to watch in colour, wouldn't put it past these shysters.
    Chrispy108's avatar
    Their standard definition is awful too. I'm no quality snob, but I find it unwatchable.

    Even with the "boost" the quality is worse than other streaming services.
  6. bitz2007's avatar
    I've had this in the offers section of my accounts but won't be buying unless they reduce the minimum term (3 months would be fine, not 6)
  7. dvcsummar's avatar
    Make me laugh boost what a rip off should be included
  8. Biddy2's avatar
    Mine was for £2.99. It's silly how they change the offer depending on the account. It just ends up annoying others who didn't get as good of an offer.

    CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    Wow now that's a deal worth posting
  9. jona77's avatar
    I’m currently on a £1 a month deal for the movies other than Oppenheimer there’s not much else on there that’s worth watching! Usually pay £2-3 a month for the entertainment package.
    CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    I'm not even sure Oppenheimer was worth watching
  10. N-MAC's avatar
    If anyone has a spare deals email/URL link then pls share with me
  11. JorjLim's avatar
    Im getting £6.99 - so no sign up for me…

    EDIT: Is this for existing customers only? (edited)
    CremeDeMenthe's avatar
    Yes an offer sent via email
  12. Ianaf72's avatar
    My offer was £6.99 a month - given that I was on £1 a month for a while (which Now automatically extended without me asking) and I rarely watched it, it’s not a tempting offer this time round.
  13. HawickBalls's avatar
    I’m currently on £3.99 per month - but this was a retention offer when going to cancel, rather than an email encouraging me to resubscribe. Same for movies. Sports at £17.99 at the moment I think. Better offers do come along. I think ideally you would have at last two accounts with NowTV, and swap between them depending on the best offer for any given month or 6 month block.
  14. dorey69's avatar
    I got the £2.99 deal. I was on already a deal from Christmas and they sent me a deal of £6.99 a month if I continued, so went to cancel it altogether and they offered me the £2.99 deal again.
  15. mmflapjack's avatar
    £6.99 a month for me.
  16. happywanderer's avatar
    I got offered £2.99 for 6 months. I was on £1 for 3 months but they won't offer that again.

    It's a shame I don't get offered the better deal when it comes to Sports. I always get £19.99 rather than the elite £14.99
  17. philouk's avatar
    Mine was coming to end next month at £2.99 a month, just logged in to cancel and found they have extended the offer by a further 6 months,

    Nice of them to email me and tell me this.
  18. alibalibee1982's avatar
    I'm holding out for the £1 offer. It'll come eventually... Currently on £1/m for movies.
  19. mavip's avatar
    Its been mentioned further up the thread. But be careful its a 6 month minimum subscription.
  20. RandomTask007's avatar
    Been paying £3.99 a month for Entertainment.

    Currently being offered Movies for £4.99 or Entertainment for £6.99 both min 6 month term. Which I'm now not paying if others are being offered it cheaper.

    If anyone has a better code that would great.
  21. bobbygooner2's avatar
    All codes seems to have been redeemed, id love one if theres spare. Thanks
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