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Posted 27th Apr 2023
Hi had a family pass for a year or so but something happening with my account isn't letting me use it anymore. Tried the Turkish VPN method, but that isn't working either (YouTube Premium isn't available in that country?)

Any advice of how to get a cheaper individual annual YT premium account, as I am struggling at the moment. Was using Monzo but seem to be hitting a brick wall with this have setup a Revolut account and Starling.

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  1. pazzy1's avatar
    so i had the same issue, my bank card expired and i couldn't add my new one because of the bank of India issue.
    so here's what I did.
    i tried Winscribe and surfshark to access the turkey prices but there must be something google have to know your using vpn, but I read somewhere that nord works ok.
    i downloaded the nord app and redeemed the 7day free trial.
    opened google chrome in incognito mode
    logged in while connected to turkey vpn
    opened YouTube within the browser
    manage premium membership
    take note if the turkish lira price comes up.
    added my revolut virtual card as payment card and boom!
    family plan for £2.45
    i hope this helps
  2. OutSpoken's avatar
    I’m hearing that Youtube will be hiking/adjusting their premium price plan soon, anyone else heard this?

    Apparently they’re planning the tier route like disney, netflix etc… I hope this change doesn’t require existing subscribers to set up new payment options again!
    Conkers816's avatar
    No, hope not. I've had mine via Argentina for a few years but I'm a bit hesitant about moving it in case it goes pear shaped.
  3. seba683's avatar
    Try thru Ukrain VPN worked for me
  4. Gods_Assassin's avatar
    For those who are trying to renew. I had indian with my card expiring.
    Used a Ukrainian VPN and starling card which worked. Double the cost of Indian but only one that worked for me (tried turkey/Argentina also)
    efc_4ever's avatar
    I'm a current YouTube music subscriber and I pay £11.99 month. Please could you direct me to something that tells me step by step how to go about this with the VPN method?
  5. deanos's avatar
    can anyone advise, had india for a few years with no issue all working ok , now payments are declined, my 2 cards that’s are mastercard are well in date but won’t let me update them, comes up with payment error, can i switch somewhere else ?
    Walgeon's avatar
    This is the issue everyone is having here. I've not found a way around it with India sadly. The best way people are having is switching to Ukraine with VPNs.
  6. chibie's avatar
    confirmed i managed to get it to work with NordVPN connected to Ukraine and a Curve card. Turkey would bring up a payment card country error.
    meteoropatia's avatar
    I can only get PLN (polish zloty) but that works out £5 a month. even tho my vpn is connected to kyev, that’s weird (using expressvpn)
  7. Noctu's avatar
    Do I need to carry on accessing YouTube via VPN once I've signed up?

    Sorry if already asked
    The2Time's avatar
    No absolutely not. Use it as normal, no VPN needed once membership purchased.
  8. Noctu's avatar
    This worked for me. Although slightly more expensive than India etc.

    I don't have NordVPN and didn't fancy paying for a subscription just to get this so I did the following:

    Downloaded and used TunnelVPN
    This gives you 2gb of free VPN use
    Downside is the free version doesn't have lots of countries, including India, Turkey and Ukraine

    Connected to the VPN and opened an Incognito browser on Chrome.

    I tried VPNing to Argentina and purchasing YouTube Premium, but couldn't get past the card verification, with the following error: transaction declined. this purchase requires a payment method from your billing country. [or-reh-05]. Tried Chase and Monzo cards but no joy on either.

    I tried the Philippines but could not access the Youtube Premium page - had some greyed out icons at the top but it just wouldn't load. Tried Safari in private mode too but no joy.

    Finally had joy with VPNing to South Africa on Google Chrome (incognito). Used my Chase card and a random SA address. Hint: when you're adding your card on the payment portal, in the address field start typing 'Nelson Mandela' and a ton of suggested addresses come up I just chose a random one.

    I wanted the family subscription (normally £19.99), and through South Africa this is £4.67/month.

    Slightly more ££ than the alternatives, but like I say I couldn't be chewed paying for NordVPN or finding another free VPN.

    Hope this helps someone
    wacky89's avatar
    I get the error saying some of your information couldnt be verified and my payment profile is suspended.. using starling and expressvpn any suggestions?
  9. McShane's avatar
    Definitely works in Turkey, I subscribed a few weeks ago using Starling.
  10. _stan's avatar
    I tried to do a vpn sub last night, a friend who had it has a new bank card so premium expired. I tried my usual vpn connection to Turkey, India, and a few others but had no joy. Gave up after a few minutes but my usual methods didn't work and I've done it for a few friends now.

    Best I could find from a very quick look is sellers on doing 1 year account upgrades for about £25 (you keep your usual login, they send you an invite so I suspect its a family account). Not sure how reliable that would be though.
  11. smith2001uk's avatar
    I'm really sorry. But this has been asked to death on here. Which is why I suspect you've no answer to your questions. Or it maybe is just it's all in flux and no one knows....
    malct1's avatar
    Hi and thank you for your feedback, I have only just started watching the sites YouTube channel and it's rare that I come in the chats, so I didn't know that it had been asked before, so was there a solution and if so could you point me in the right direction for the answer or was there no solution? If there is no solution, what's the point in the videos?
  12. yourlegaldealer's avatar
    Ok thanks everyone for the info here.

    I just paid using NordVPN Ukraine IP and starling Mastercard. Worked without an address too. I was hoping for an annual option but there wasn't one :/
  13. RoivaZ's avatar
    Was able to sign up via Ukraine using Surfshark and a Monzo card (first off, I created the Ukraine payment profile with random address, added payment method and removed my old India payment profile within my Google account settings).

    My laptop was displaying the correct currency but kept spinning on checkout so i switched over to the iPad and it worked immediately; ~£1 more expensive than India but happy days (I lasted approx. 5mins with YT non-premium, can't cope with the ads!)
    Alicon's avatar
    Am i doing something wrong?
    When I go on the youtube premium connected via Ukraine , it does not show me the annual plan :/
  14. fkhan786's avatar
    Turkey does have YouTube premium. I managed to get it working via a vpn when you sign up and a revolut card.
    rimalpatel007's avatar
    Single or family plan?
  15. theworkingdead's avatar
    I set this up with my Crypto card (this and Turkish Netflix is now the sole reason I still use this otherwise useless card) prob 2 years ago and it was difficult back then.
    1 Throw away account hosting an India based family plan then 4 UK accounts (2 adults, 2 kids) linked to it. The card I managed to attach expires in 2026, dreading the day I have to try attach another one.
  16. Dillz_'s avatar
    Mines stopped near the same time as you.

    I think they've caught on lol
  17. opaquesteve's avatar
    Do people do this with their main UK Google Accounts or create new ones for it?
  18. csteff's avatar
    stopped working for me after years and tried again with many cards, only Monzo worked now
  19. smith2001uk's avatar
    just tried to renew, using PIA vpn connected to turkey and incogneto mode on chrome. it shows me the prices in lira but when i choose it the next screen says "we couldn't verify your country, please visit the help centre for more information"

    so i think that's either my VPN which is paid for and a good one doesn't work or that hack is now over for me. anyone else get similar?

    Just tried phone app with PIA to Turkey I can see lira price then click 'topup' and it reverts to £11.99pm. So maybe it's figuring out I am in the UK some other way.

    Cheers (edited)
  20. howbord's avatar
    OK so I am trying to get a Turkish youTube premium account, everything goes well until i try and pay then I get

    Transaction declined. This purchase requires a payment method from your billing country. [OR_RECR_05]

    I have tried Revolut and Chase but get the same result. Anyone know how to get round this
  21. dan_uk's avatar
    If you can, I’d just switch to paying via Argentina, personally. I’ve moved a few things from Turkey to Argentina as it’s become harder (for me at least) to get transactions processed through TL recently. I assume it’s got something to do with KYC and Russian transactions etc.

    For context my YT premium and my top tier tidal are both about £1.50 via Argentina. (edited)
    Haz_19's avatar
    Any good free vpn for Argentina?
  22. McShane's avatar
    Turkish account works fine for me. I used a Starling virtual card. Payment comes out every month just fine.
    bestec2's avatar
    Same here. Works with starling
  23. MatthewJ_English's avatar
    How exactly is this done guys
  24. CWH's avatar
    I’ve got this set up via Argentina. does anybody know how I let Other people use it on their already made email address?

    ive Tried invited two people and they haven’t been able to accept. Do they have to be on a VPN set for Argentina?
  25. Testaverde's avatar
    Dunno if it’s cheaper or not but I’ve had India for about 3-4 years. Around £1.30 a month.
  26. happymanuk's avatar
    How did you get on with this? Did you have any luck using your card for Youtube Premium via a Turkey VPN ? - Do you still need to add a Turkey postal address to do this ?
  27. Flinty82's avatar
    Same issue sadly.
  28. Blurryface's avatar
    Not sure how I did mine it was that long ago - sure I had to have the VPN when the invites were originally sent out to our accounts - I'm sure someone else will be able to confirm.
  29. The2Time's avatar
    Seems like everyone is struggling to renew/upgrade/top up. I tried topping up my subscription via Turkey and also get an error about country matching billing now.
    Walgeon's avatar
    Did you manage to get around it anyhow?
  30. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    You have to be part of the family before activating YT premium otherwise it will never work.
  31. samspud's avatar
    FWIW I use Starling for Argentine Tidal Hi-Fi (49 pence), Turkish Netflix (£5.20 for 4K) and Argentine YT (£1.36) and never had any issues even with renewal cards etc. Maybe worth trying Starling?
    Walgeon's avatar
    Is this with new cards in the last few months? I had no issues but now something new has changed.
  32. dan_is_the_man01's avatar
    I've just renewed my YouTube premium India account for £1.83 per month. But only my revolut worked. Had to have my address set in India and likewise for my family members
    Walgeon's avatar
    Really? Could you explain what you did asi had everything correct (I previously had it set up with India) and I used a revolut card (physical and new virtual cards)
  33. adnan742's avatar
    Any good VPN to sort YT premium from Turkey? I used surfshark last time but its not working anymore showing prices in GBP?
    deanos's avatar
    See my post just above, Turkey wouldn't work, Ukraine works OK
  34. malct1's avatar
    I watched the UK deals on how to get YouTube via Turkey for £1 a month, I have followed the instructions and I use my VPN and select turkey but YouTube won't allow me to buy premium from turkey. Has anyone managed this.

    I have created a new email address and logged it from turkey but had to use my uk mobile to get the activation code. Interested in anyone achieving this, also I have friends over in Thailand, if I pay there £4 a month, could I be added as family a member even though I am in the UK?
  35. rimalpatel007's avatar
    Ive got family set up with 4 account successfully, if i wanted to add another new Gmail account is this possible?
  36. FlexiPack's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a VPN with a free Ukraine server? I've tried Windscribe but they don't offer free Ukraine anymore.
    deanos's avatar
    Nord VPN , sign-up then cancel and get a full refund (edited)
  37. JawadAli's avatar
    Has anyone got to a solution for this yet? I just need to pay but says country billing code should match the card, tried monzo , revolut, and cryto card
    Walgeon's avatar
    The only solution I had was using Ukraine. Nothing else works
  38. and9876's avatar
    Managed to get it working for my wife using a Curve card with Adguard VPN set to Ukraine. Might upgrade to Family plan once my Turkey Premium expires in August 2024.
  39. BUZZIN_NICE's avatar
    For those of you having the same issue as me where they cannot determine your location via vpn, I have tried turning location services off my pc, still not good, even with an incognito browser. What I take from this, Youtube are probably using location services on the google account associated to my person google account. This probably extends to every device I have signed in with my google account. You can probably get around it by turning off all location services, location history and behaviour history of the google account. You could also try adding a foreign address to your google account. I can't be bothered to do all that, it's too much faffing around. (edited)
    and9876's avatar
    I don’t think they are. They have likely identified the IP addresses of some VPNs and are therefore blocking those. They also started enforcing the card issuer location for some countries. Turkey no longer works for this reason, but Ukraine is still fine, though it’s a bit more expensive and only the monthly plan is offered.
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