Posted 2 April 2024

(PS Plus) Dave the Diver joins the Extra/Premium catalogue

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About this deal

Dave the Diver will join PlayStation Plus on April 16, expanding the game’s horizons and inviting more players through the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. 

Dave the Diver is a unique hybrid ocean adventure that combines ocean exploration with sushi restaurant management. At the heart of the game lies the core gameplay loop, narrative, characters, and captivating mini-games. 

Our journey kicked off with a simple concept: a diving game in which a deep Blue Hole serves as a mystical dungeon populated by fish that double as enemies and items to loot. In the early days of the prototype, the gameplay revolved primarily around catching fish and trading them for currency, but we soon felt that we could do more with these aquatic creatures. 

This led to the introduction of a sushi restaurant mechanic that allowed players to prepare culinary delights from their underwater catch. Of course, this was enough to make for good gameplay, and as the lynchpin of our gameplay loop, this addition was praised in internal reviews. However, in an effort to spice things up and prevent monotony, we focused on our unique characters to create compelling and fun side content which ended up adding a dash of individuality to the experience. 
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  1. IA-'s avatar
    Glad I held off buying this!
    Brad_Shaw's avatar
    Always find it funny when people say this about a game getting added to one of the subscription services “glad i waited 6 years 4 months and 12 days” okay mate carry on
  2. DeanoNI's avatar
    Brilliant addition, was critically acclaimed. Ps plus extra has quickly become the best value service in gaming - quantity and more importantly quality.
    A16XJD's avatar
    Best *value* service in gaming remains buying ‘The Orange Box’ on any platform, in any format
  3. phoenix029's avatar
    I think PS Plus has really caught up with game pass now, I know you dont get the first party but then perhaps i'd prefer them to stay off ps plus if it means higher quality than the first party is with xbox. I also seem to see that as soon as one game goes off one service its straight on the next.

    Now we could do with the portal being able to stream straight from ps plus. (edited)
    andypearce543's avatar
    It did a long time ago tbh. Miles cheaper (espeically on discount day which MS don't offer). Twice the amount of games and more quality. And that's coming from someone with both consoles and both sub services. The only drawback is barely any day one games, but I sell my games afterwards so it's not really relevant to me. And honestly, games being available for free day one seems to massively affect the quality of them.
    And I'm sure I read they are looking into doing exactly that with the portal.
  4. Sherbat's avatar
    Why not on PS4 too!?
    dbb298's avatar
    Oh yoiks I only realised this when you mentioned it. I'm still on PS4 as so many games I want to play. I will get a PS5 eventually so hopefully this game will still be on the service then.
  5. shr3dd3r's avatar
    I bought this when it had a slight discount on PC for the steamdeck I don't play . I'll just pretend I bought it for the PS5 when it drops (edited)
    Ellbow's avatar
    Glad it wasn't just me then
  6. Serpico73's avatar
    Great game, probably one of the best I've played this year. Considering the pixel art style the animations are really wonderful as is the soundtrack.
  7. the-running-man's avatar
    Very nice.
  8. MacM's avatar
    This is a special game, well worth sinking some time into ;D You're welcome!
  9. Hatsworth's avatar
    One of dullest games I've played, but for some reason people love it
  10. Spark's avatar
    Why April 16th? I want it now.
  11. kadooosh's avatar
  12. MungoSplodge's avatar
    Have this on Switch, absolutely loved it to pieces. The only issue that im guessing this version might not have is the terrible load times switching between Boat, Sushi shop etc....
  13. radiocaf's avatar
    Well happy with this. Was saving up the money to buy it since I loved it on PC so much, but now I get it as part of my subscription instead.
  14. PonJaul76's avatar
    Surely not a deal yet, more a discussion as currently not available and a news page linked
  15. Dacra's avatar
    When Ragnarok?

    Only got a PS5 last week, going to work through some games on PS extra, starting with Ghosts of Tsushima.
  16. Bergy10's avatar
    They missed a trick here. Could have been a great parody foot all game.

    Dave the Diver on PS5: where you can flop like a fish and win penalties like a pro—all without getting a drop of water on you!"
  17. sweeten16's avatar
    birthday present for me.
  18. herrbz's avatar
    I don't get the appeal of this game. Catch exotic fish just to turn them into sushi? Seems a weird message.
    gg1pl's avatar
    Weirder than a game when we used to butcher pigs for their bladder to kick around for 90 minutes but catching fish to eat is a step too far (edited)
  19. Gamblor64's avatar
    Got this a couple of weeks ago for steam deck. Fantastic game to relax to.
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