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Posted 14th Aug 2023
Need a bit of help please

I've added a Turkish account to my ps5 and done all the steps to add a credit card and buy my 12 month ps plus subscription but my question is my original English profile with all my games on is still unable to play ps plus

Is there something else I need to do to enable me to play all my original games on my original profile?
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    That's because your Turkish account doesn't have a license for the games you're trying to play. If they're games that are currently on the Extra/Deluxe service, just 'rebuy' them on your Turkish account.

    If they're games from previous Essential months then you won't be able to play them as you can no longer 'buy' (get a license) for them.
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    Would renew/restoring licenses make a difference?
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    You need to set the turkey account as the primary account on the console

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    efc_4ever Author
    Dam no option to enable only option is to disable

    However, if you see Disable on that screen, that means your PS5 was already set to the primary account, which means you might have a different problem on your hands. Good luck!
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    I can’t create a Turkish account it won’t let me, I’ve tried everything. Can someone help?
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