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Posted 26 April 2024

Samsung 77" S90C QE77S90CA Quantum Dot OLED 4K HDR 144Hz Smart TV + HWQ800C soundbar

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*Make sure to tick for the soundbar where it says 'Special Weekend Offer! ' a little further underneath the price.

TV has 5 year warranty.

The soundbar currently sells on Crampton & Moore itself (*Soundbar) for £699 and cheapest available elsewhere is £495.

It's seems to be highly rated so maybe a good idea to keep it with the TV but it's also possible to sell on if you wanted to make the TV cheaper as a deal on its own.

Samsung QE77S90CA 77" Quantum Dot OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

  • 144Hz TV Motion for gaming-monitor performance
  • LaserSlim Design
  • Powerful HDR OLED Brightness

Samsung HW-Q800C Q-Symphony 5.1.2ch 11 speakers Cinematic Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi Soundbar with Subwoofer

Wireless Dolby Atmos
11 speakers
SpaceFit Sound Pro
Crampton & Moore More details at
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  1. Ulti's avatar
    The other comments about motion blur is a bit worrying but I recently bought this TV and the Q600C from Richer Sounds for the same price exactly 2 weeks ago and I thought that was a good deal already. I've not opened it yet as we've not moved into our new house yet but looking at their returns policy, it seems to be £29.95 to get it collected (the TV is massive so I won't be able to fit it in my car) and then I should probably get this as the Q800C is far superior to the Q600C.

    I know Richer Sounds has a really good price match policy though but I guess they won't be able to do anything for "free product" matching.

    How does the CS & warranty via Crampton & Moore compare with Richer Sounds?
    NoNamesLeftWhy's avatar
    Richer sounds tv warranty work on a sliding scale. Its a voucher like this Voucher usage scale:
    During year One - full value
    During year 2 - Original retail less 20%
    During year 3 - Original retail less 30%
    During year 4 - Original retail less 40%
    During year 5 - Original retail less 50%
    During year 6 - Original retail less 60%

    I dont care how good their customer service is, their warranties for tv's specifically are the worst and I say this having purchased a g3 from them last year. I would pay extra to avoid them for tv's but would pick them for most other things to be honest. (edited)
  2. SmooV's avatar
    I have this TV and have been very happy with it. I watch plenty of football and haven't noticed any stuttering.
  3. i_need_bargains's avatar
    I was in Curry's today, this TV the 77 inch S90C was in demo mode playing football and movie clips and it was excessively suffering from motion stuttering. Sub optimal motion performance is a known issue on Samsung TVs even allowing for adjustments to the picture settings. The Samsung Rep told me to temper expectations even on a TV retailing for £2499. I'm sure tweaking with it might have improved things but even so. (edited)
    C0mbat's avatar
    I've got the 2022 65" version of this and there's no stutter. It was clearly something to do with the feed. I've not seen stutter on any of the OLEDs that I've owned and I've had 4 in 6 years.
  4. lee_rUD's avatar
    I have an LG C9 and Samsung 77 S95C and I do not see any stutter on either. S95C has the same panel and is a great TV the only down side is no Dolby vision.
  5. BSorokin's avatar
    Asking for a friend: what's the point of having 144Hz TV ?Just for gaming ?
    Josh99's avatar
    Pc gaming
  6. Unassailable's avatar
    This offer is still available, i placed an order yesterday and got confirmation today.

    cramptonandmoore.co.uk/sam…e=1 (edited)
    anonymouse0's avatar
    fraudulent link
  7. Dusty666's avatar
    The last Samsung I had suffered badly with motion blur , judder but I could get round it by using my BT Humax box to watch TV and the TV never suffered with it.
    I tried to tell Samsung that it had to be a TV Tuner( receiver) issue but they just weren't interested. I got a C1 and never had any issues.
  8. treb's avatar
    144hz, i seriously doubt this will stutter at all. Samsung have the One of the best Qc.
    Dusty666's avatar
    Just readng on this site a gentlemen was watching the football demo instore and he said it was stuttering quite alot. I am in the process of carrying out a section 75 against Samsung for a TV thats still under warranty and they can't fix it. Samsung certainly are what they used to be imo.
  9. Guan's avatar
    Would love one of these, just a shame it's double my budget 😞
  10. i_need_bargains's avatar
    No longer giving the free HWQ800C soundbar, it's the lesser HWQ700C instead.
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