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GoPro Smart Remote. Lowest price ever with 50% off using new account with free trial £39.99 @
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
If you sign up a new account you can get a free month trial of gopro plus which includes 50% off accessories. The cheapest this has ever been on Amazon was 45.39 on and is curren… Read more
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How do you carry your phone while running, or cycling or surfing etc? And its a lot easier to use proper buttons, instead of a touchscreen.


dunno why anyone would use this now you can control everything on your phone

HERO7 Black with free SD Card, Spare Battery and Charger £379.99 @ GoPro +Free Shipping & Returns
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
A nice little saving if you're in the market for a new Hero 7 Charger + Battery is £49.99 SanDisk Extreame 32Gb is £22.95



Can anyone donate a unidays code?


Must of been changed by a moderator, updated to match the deal. Thanks


Still 20% off though. You just don't get the card or battery. It was £303 for the camera itself.


Discount coupons do not work in conjunction with their promotions. Have a look at their T's&C's

GoPro Hero 7 Black + 32GB MicroSD + Spare Battery + Charger £379.99 @ GoPro
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
GoPro Hero 7 Black + 32GB MicroSD + Spare Battery + Charger - £379.99 Thoughts? (nerd)
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Was that using the 20% unidays or without?


Turned out the sd card didn’t come with the camera. But I received the other bundle items. I rang to ask about the card and was told because I had used a discount code it takes any bundled items off. I said that I had received the extra battery and charger but the card was missing. He wouldn’t have it. Just kept repeating the terms and conditions of using a discount code. Oh well can get a card cheaper than how much discount was taken off so no loss.


Tried to ask about this on their live chat but they were adamant you can't combine the unidays with the bundle offer. Might take a punt on the camera and try and get the extras after. Are returns free/easy if I can't?


Please can someone provide me with a code? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

GoPro Hero 7 Black + SanDisk Extreme 64GB £303.99 @ GoPro with Unidays 20%
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Latest and the best Hero 7 Black and a free 64GB SanDisk Extreme SD Card - Free delivery
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Hi, could You give me some code for cheap buy? Regards from Gdansk :(


Hello! Can PM a code please? Will be most grateful. Thank you very much (angel)


As long as it was worth it :)


Looool I tried to give out as many codes as I could and they banned my account (lol) Oh well...


I’ve already bought two hero 7 blacks (lol) got a code from a friend!

GoPro Hero 7 Black (Pre-Order) - £379.99 @ GoPro
Found 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
New GoPro Hero 7 just announced today... Before today the Hero 6 Black was sitting at £399.99 on the GoPro site! (slightly cheaper elsewhere I know). Anyway, for people wanting… Read more
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It’s got an extra gig of memory. No firmware update is going to give you that.


I’m tempted by the camera, albeit it looks like it’s entirely upgraded in software save for a bit more memory as otherwise internally it’s the same as the 6. I wonder if in reality, like with the hero , you could hack the 6 and turn it into a 7? Anyway it looks great, the stabilisation in particular. This isn’t a deal though


People are voting cold because there's no deal here. It's a release announcement, yet posted in deals. That being said, the GoPro 7 looks pretty awesome. Wanted a gimbal, but now probably don't need one.


thanks for the post op, i guess this is to expensive for all the people who voted cold :/ :/

GoPro Hero7 Black + 64gb sd card with student discount - £322.99 @ GoPro
Found 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
For those able to use unidays ( or know someone who can supply a code ) The new Gopro hero 7 is only £322.99 with free sd card. For those wondering about the other two "new" model… Read more
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Buckyball, any chance you could pm a code please, I'm after getting a couple of these gopro's and don't want to buy at full price? :)


Can any kind soul generate me a code please? I'm after getting 2 of these and don't want to pay full price.




Does anyone know if this offer is still active?


If anyone has a spare code they could PM me I would be most grateful! (y)

40% off Go Pro Karma Drone, Hero6, Stabiliser and Free Memory Card £599
Found 29th Aug 2018Found 29th Aug 2018
40% off Go Pro Karma Drone, Hero6, Stabiliser and Free Memory Card £599
£599£99940%GoPro Deals
Price includes - Karma Drone, bag and accessories - Hero 6 Black - GoPro Stabiliser i purchased this drone for £999 4 months ago. For this price your buying the Camero and Stabli… Read more
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I sold all of mine in the end. You can see some of the good stuff in it but compared to DJI it's a long way off.


I’ve been waiting nearly 2 months for a refund now on this, their returns process is probably one of the worst I have ever seen


I fly DJI all the time and flying inside is a no no with those too. Always wait for GPS. Also, avoid under bridges. An accident waiting to happen.


Glad you finally managed to get it working. Tried mine inside, just to make sure everything was good. With no GPS, it took off, went forward, hit my daughters teddy, and snapped a blade. Thankfully I’d just bought x4 replacements. (fierce)


New stabiliser arrived and it's now all working. Essentially, everything from the initial delivery was faulty, excluding the controller. So instead of just swapping the unit out, I had to swap each part individually over a 4 week period.

Go Pro Hero 6 £399.99  (£319.99 with Unidays Student Discount) at gopro shop
Found 16th Aug 2018Found 16th Aug 2018
Go Pro Hero 6 £399.99 (£319.99 with Unidays Student Discount) at gopro shop
£319.99GoPro Deals
Seems like a good price for the GO Pro hero 6 with a free 32gb SD Card
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I do


go pros CEO said it on their earnings call start of this month, plus theres quite a few leaked photos around of the new 7




Looks like this is going to go hot too! :/


When? Can u tell me more about this?

GoPro UNiDAYS 20% student discount - e.g. HERO6 Black w/ free 32GB SanDisk SD Card only £319.99
Found 3rd Jul 2018Found 3rd Jul 2018
Anyone with a UNiDAYS account looks like they get 20% off all GoPros (6, 5 and 2018 Hero) with free shipping and a 32GB Sandisk SD! Annoying for me as I bought the 6 when it was £… Read more
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Anyone with a discount code would be greatly appreciated, PM me!


plz am desperate for unidays code


Good deal. I got one using Unidays but just that you know you will not be eligible for the free SD card as you are already using a discount.


Would anyone happen to have a UniDays account, as I would love to pick this up, and I would be very greatful!


They may match the cheaper sites also so don’t forget to try it. Also; I went back in today and asked for British Cycling discount and got a further 10% refunded. Paid £261 in the end! 🔥

GoPro Hero 5 Black with spare battery and 3-way at GoPro for £299.99
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
GoPro Hero 5 Black with spare battery and 3-way at GoPro for £299.99
£299.99GoPro Deals
GoPro Hero 5 Black with spare battery and 3-way. Not a bad deal for a piece of equipment direct from GoPro.
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yi 4k plus option makes this purchase harder... :| It's a bit annoying you have to use the casing on the yi 4k for it to be waterproof. Not really sure what I would use this for but I imagine I would use it when I go snorkelling or skiing in which case I would want it to be waterproof and not have to worry about the casing failing. Decisions decisions!


Just to let everyone know Amazon have £120 off the yi 4k plus camera which brings it down to less than £200. Most reviews on YouTube rate the Yi far better than the hero 5. I just ordered one with waterproof case, gimbal and bike mount for a total of roughly £280.


I’m tempted with a second one of these for the extras alone...also might make filming with my Karma more fun


Cheapest battery is £18.95 cheapest 3-way is £45.00 Good deal reliable source and official accessories


ood value for a three way

Gopro 5 Session £149.99 @ GoPro shop with code
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Gopro 5 Session £149.99 @ GoPro shop with code
£149.99GoPro Deals
Just had an email from Gopro giving me 5 discount codes, 1 for me and 4 to share, offering 25% off some of their cameras. Expected the session 5 to be £250 in their shop and the 25… Read more
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Bit late I'd say


Anyone got a code for me?

Any codes left been holding out to see the GP4 drop but this would be far better :)


I'd also love one if anyone has some spares, thanks



GoPro Hero 4 Silver & Black Refurbished £179.99 & £249.99 from GoPro
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
GoPro Hero 4 Silver & Black Refurbished £179.99 & £249.99 from GoPro
£179.99GoPro Deals
Back in Stock GoPro Hero 4 Silver - £179.99 & Black £249.99 - Free Delivery Refurbished by GoPro 2 Year Warranty Included
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If you're a student you can get this through amazon warehouse deals. Current promotion is 20% off the warehouse price, which is around £240 so comes to £192. Varying levels of used on the site with different prices...


Gone up in price


Has anyone got feedback on the refurbished units? Some of the earlier comments mention they were still faulty?


​It's been OOS for the last 5 days.


OOS on silver

GoPro Hero 4 Session + 32GB SD Card + Drawstring Bag £159.99 gopro shop
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
GoPro Hero 4 Session + 32GB SD Card + Drawstring Bag £159.99 gopro shop
£159.99GoPro Deals
Small and light, with easy one-button control and rugged, waterproof design. HERO Session is perfect as a second GoPro camera, or for the first-time GoPro user who wants the simple… Read more

Xiaomi Yi 2 ... all i have to say ...


Love mine, nice size for a bike helmet cam or drone cam.

Go Pro Hero 4 silver (Refurb) £179.99 @ GoPro
Found 27th Jun 2016Found 27th Jun 2016
Go Pro Hero 4 silver (Refurb) £179.99 @ GoPro
£179.99GoPro Deals
This is refurbished but they look just as if you bought it from the store. Since it's coming straight from go pro doesn't matter if you buy new or refurbished as they come with 1… Read more

Mine came next day but it looks like some of the others in this thread have waited up to a week. I think my initial delivery estimate was a week from the order date.


​did you wait a long time for it to be delivered?


how long have people been waiting for delivery?


Just got mine. In perfect working order. Happy with it so far. Just keep checking the site every few hours like I did and you will catch one in stock.


Codes for ? If you trying to reduce the cost by adding codes for the refurb it won't work.

Free GoPro stickers
Found 21st Jun 2016Found 21st Jun 2016
Free GoPro stickers
My brother and I just got our stickers in the mail today. This offer is available worldwide, AFAIK. (We're in Ireland.) They took about three weeks to arrive. The stickers themsel… Read more
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So you want to get a free sticker advertising gopro. Very very cold, silly idea!!!!


I think he is just pointing out what a GoPro is for those who look at this freebie and have no idea what the stickers are for.


More of a freebie for GoPro


Thanks, ordered to slap on my snowboard helmet..


Public Information Announcement. A sticker is something that you won't find cool after your 12th birthday.

gopro hero 4 black Certified refurbished with standard 1-year warranty. £249.99
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
gopro hero 4 black Certified refurbished with standard 1-year warranty. £249.99
£249.99GoPro Deals
gopro hero 4 black Certified refurbished with standard 1-year warranty. not sure if it it works with refurbished cameras but gopro states free sd card and bag Refurbished GoPro c… Read more

not sure ,i ordered one it arrived like new


Why so many cold votes?

Refurbished GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition - £179.99 Delivered @ GoPro
Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
Refurbished GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition - £179.99 Delivered @ GoPro
£179.99GoPro Deals
Stumbled upon this when viewing previous refurb deals on the hero3 range. Comes with a 12 month warranty and free delivery. Usual prices are around £260-280.

Totally agree, never had an issue with refurbs from elsewhere, these gopro's seem to be barely checked at all


I'm sending it back. The display screen was very badly scratched - not exactly what I would call a refurb. Quite disappointed in comparison to other refurb products I've had from other manufacturers..


How was your refurb, working ok?


Mine is faulty keeps freezing and the wifi doesn't work. Tried updating and downgrading with 3 different microsd cards no luck. Going back for a refund


just bought one, looking forward to some messing about with trips out in some flash cars I have no chance of owning!

Refurbished GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition £119.99 delivered @ GoPro
Found 12th May 2016Found 12th May 2016
Refurbished GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition £119.99 delivered @ GoPro
£119.99GoPro Deals
Just come across this refurbished GoPro 3+ Black Edition for £119.99 + Free Delivery Seen the same model on Ebay last week for £149.99, so looks a good deal to me. Comes with stan… Read more

Got my money back at last


escalating worked got my refund now


still no sign of refund so escalated the paypal dispute


I've just done a PayPal dispute myself


just go exact same email ,ive now opened paypal dispute

GoPRO Hero Session now £159.99 Free delivery - GoPro online
Found 4th Dec 2015Found 4th Dec 2015
GoPRO Hero Session now £159.99 Free delivery - GoPro online
£159.99GoPro Deals
Price crash on the Gopro Session. Was £249.95 Free delivery & Gopro Gift bag. Currys & Amazon have matched price too.

I wonder how many people who slate this camera have actually used it or have a valid frame of reference. Ive got a GoPro Hero, a SJ1000 and been lucky enough to use a Session and I can say that whilst these two budget cameras are great value they dont compare to the Session. At full HD only the Black Edition does a noticeably better job and you'd only notice that in the most testing of situations - the Sessions got better sound and a more versatile mounting solution too. Its true there's no option to remove the battery but you can always plug in an external battery. At £159 its a pretty good deal.


I'm sure it'll be fine.


Actually I'm worried now too, seems the MINIMUM write speed for a 3 is 30MB/sec which might be too much for the session?


According to this u3 is better than u1


yeah, £15, way cheaper than gopro! not sure its faster though, and my photographer friend says get the fastest you can. but he's going to notice things I don't ...

Free Chesty, Head Strap and 32GB SD card with any HERO4 Model
Found 30th Nov 2015Found 30th Nov 2015
Free Chesty, Head Strap and 32GB SD card with any HERO4 Model
GoPro: Final Day - Get a FREE Chesty, Head Strap and 32GB SD card with any HERO4 purchase. If you can afford a GoPro HERO4 model on the run up to Christmas this deal cannot go a m… Read more