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Arthur Christmas now on Netflix! @ Netflix (From £5.99 per month)
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Fun Family Film (FFF) rating. Good film to watch together round the table on Christmas Day.
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No I got it! Even though I’m Arthur Sleep (embarrassed)


I might let everyone know Daredevil and Sabrina are on there. Pretty sure people don’t know :s


Not a deal. Should be in discussion.


Agreed, should everyone post Netflix subscription everytime they watch a show they like?


Think I am the only one that got that! :D

All the Friends Christmas specials available on Netflix
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
So Friends has been available on Netflix for a while but here's a rundown on what episodes to look for for the Christmas specials Season 1 episode 10 -the one with the monkey Seas… Read more
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My fave ross moment


They're all fab. I think Ross is my favourite, his bad luck is just me all over!


Yeah I can see why you'd say that. I reckon phoebe is indeed loveable but her ignorance can be rude sometimes lol. Now joey, he's got a heart of gold 😁


Generally throughout the whole of the site/app there's some really nice and really grumpy people. I agree with you but there are nice ways to say it and then there's being rude and pedantic. If only we could all be like Phoebe (lol)


I think it's not rude. It's just people saying it should be down as misc and not a deal. Oh well. Life goes on. We can all agree that we love friends though!

Minecraft Story Mode is now available on Netflix (Interactive)
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Minecraft: Story Mode Take control of an adventure set in the Minecraft universe. The future of the world is at stake, and your decisions shape the story -- so choose wisely! Star… Read more
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Yeah this was their last project (bar TWD)


Telltale games went under a few months back.


R.I.P. Telltale


I've only tried it on TV. Use TV remote to choose options as you go through the story


Not heard of this before, how does it work?

Netflix - Possible free month thru the app (cancelled accounts)
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Logged into one of my cancelled account VIA THE APP and was offered a free month. Offer didn't show on website! NB. I previously cancelled on the 5th June. Good Luck.

Anyone want to join a shared account


Me too..


Never ever got this (or heard of it), anyone else?


I got the Free trial for (cancelled accounts)! Thanks for the heads up :-)


All I see is restart your membership - nothing else :(

Netflix PREMIUM PLAN Full UHD, £9.99 in UK now only £4.57 with a bit of work
Found 13th Aug 2018Found 13th Aug 2018
Take advantage of the crash in the turkish lira and buy through netflix in Turkey. 1. Use a VPN to set location to Turkey 2. Go to 3. Sign up for … Read more

Tried Hotspot Shield and VPN'd from Turkey.. unfortunately all prices are shown in Euros. Is there a better VPN to use that has a free trial?


You can login in with your existing Netflix account on Sky Q. Shouldn’t make a difference if it’s a separate account


Already signed up for Netflix. Am I right in thinking you can only access Netflix via the app because it’s a separate account, and because of this it does not integrate into the Sky Q menu (e.g suggested view or continue watching)


You need to set up Netflix as per the instructions but on Sky you just login in with your Netflix account details once set up.


Is it easy enough to set up? Getting Sky Q installed next week and don’t want to press the wrong thing and end up on their ultimate bundle!!

Netflix from £2.52 per month (Using Turkish / Mexico / Canada VPN) Guide @ Netflix
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
Well, the Spotify thread seems to have been popular, and I've received a ton of requests for a Netflix equivalent. Done a bit of homework and should be able to save you all a few… Read more

Signed up today.... Easiest option for me was sign up to a trial of Hotspot shield via iOS platform or Mac osx. Cancel the subscription immediately.


FYI. You could all use the hola browser extension instead of these paid VPN's. The addon is totally free and connects you through residential IP addresses, so very hard for netflix to block. Just be aware that if you leave the addon enabled when not using it it may route someone else through your connection, thats is how they keep it free of charge though.


I can confirm this still works. Using HMA VPN. £5.88 a month for premium.


Fees gone upto £5.55 now


Doesn't seem to work with Speedify or PIA and my Monzo card. Any help?

Netflix  free for one month when you join
Found 6th May 2018Found 6th May 2018
Netflix free for one month when you join



I think you both mis-understood, I was explaining why the 'deal-post' was cold and then expired before it froze, as it was a re-post like this deal: Re-post too often and it will freeze as a deal, regardless of merit There are ways around the one trial per household and when these are posted, it is hot, see


Ok , but you can't tell me that everyone who rinsed and repeated on this in the past used a different device to watch on each time too . It used to be doable , but much like Amazon I was just mentioning that netflix now seem to be cracking down on it .


It's pretty obvious to most that if you use the same getaway car for bank robberies, you will eventually get caught.


Not sure that always works anymore, my son had a free trial then cancelled and I set up and did the same . Husband then tried and Netflix cancelled it two days in , when he phoned they said that although it was a different email and payment type and set up on a different device, they had picked up that one phone that was using it had already had a free trial this year . Apparantly it's officially one free trial per household , so I guess they are starting to crack down (fierce) .

Netflix now available to watch throughout Europe (no VPN needed) on top of your package or free trial
Found 2nd Apr 2018Found 2nd Apr 2018
Netflix now available to watch throughout Europe (no VPN needed) on top of your package or free trial
Yep it's freely watchable from yesterday onwards, change to EU rules.
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yes but you need Netflix Poland account. to do that need a polish card and polish ip address to create account.


Does that mean I'd be able to use here?


You can use your sky app abroad in Europe ow as well, I think that includes sky go.


Better explanation than the thread. I found content in the European countries I travelled to had better content than UK.


Yeah but what has the EU ever done for us?

NETFLIX monthly NOW £7.32 and £3.07 Works!!
Found 4th Mar 2018Found 4th Mar 2018
Hello , i buy now months premium for only 7,32 for 4 devices ,Good Deal no like now 9,99 Grab a VPN Deal here from as little as 84p Per month Just: - Download Free V… Read more
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All this fuss for pennies said...


+1 for Windscribe. Reduced lifetime subs can usually be found on XDA, StackSocial or BleepingComputer, or there are other options if the lifetime sub is sold out. e.g. $24.65 for a 3-year sub (~£19), by using promo code MERRY15.


Dont be a dulll. Of course is more stuff to watch than uk one. I have vpn and use russia, and I have so much there you cant even imagine school boy!


Really? Is there much more content? But then you are having to pay for a decent VPN so you can stream all content through it right? Rather than just the billing process which this trick uses and then is accessing the UK system i thought?


just scanned through this thread....It's a bit long! I have a Halifax Clarity card and use PIA as a VP. Any issues with signing up through this combination?

FREEBIE - 1 month free trial of Netflix, cancel before your month is up to avoid getting charged
Found 29th Jan 2018Found 29th Jan 2018
OK bear with me - I know this is well-known! By those in the know :) BUT NOT BY EVERYBODY - there are always new people coming along who don't know this. And there could be peopl… Read more
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Any codes for 2months or more for free... anyone, anyone... no seriously anyone


Yes, all 3 will support Netflix. I'd personally go for the Roku if I had to choose only one as it's a more open platform and supports more services (pretty much everything!), but the firestick is decent if what you want is available on it, but it does have a strong Amazon content bias, which could be annoying if you don't use Amazon much. Chromecast specialises in casting to non-smart TV's (In fact, it's all it does do!), so that's probably your best best for casting, but I think the other 2 do offer limited versions of casting now.


When they ASK for your credit card details


How do you keep getting free 1 months subscription when they so for your credit card


initially the only use is for Netflix, are they all good for that? Just about to buy the Amazon Fire TV... do any of them allow you to cast streaming movies from your PC to non-smart TV?

Netflix Discount - Monthly fee £5.65
Found 16th Jun 2017Found 16th Jun 2017
Netflix Discount - Monthly fee £5.65
If you sign up for Netflix via their Mexico page ( you can get the standard package (2 screens + hd) for 129MX$ per month which depending on the mont… Read more

Thx mate, Without any problems with HotspotVPN, Using Revolut, today exchange rate makes £5.32 (embarrassed)


HotspotVPN Link


using nordvpn always direct me to us payment with $11. can I ask which vpn r u with


I read Brazil, Argentina and maybe Columbia are even cheaper for doing netflix? also, can you pay for 12 months at a time?


Sorry smart arse i will log out. Also looking at the -300 i'm not the only one thats thinks it not worth it (y)

Save 20% Off Netflix Trick! (Purchase required - see post for details)
Found 16th Jun 2017Found 16th Jun 2017
It's so rare to get a discount on Netflix and so I thought I would share this trick. With both Asda and Tesco having 20% Off Google Play Store £25 Vouchers here's an easy way to … Read more
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Because it’s cheaper to pay in MXP via a proxy.


The deal is back at Tesco! So why not save yourself for another 12 months of Netflix?!


Thx for that, I'll give it a try. Will have to wait until this month expires.


I thought the same, as there was no Google Play option after my membership had expired (only CC or PayPal). What I did though after my membership expired was to completely uninstall Netflix and download and install it again. After that, the Google Play payment option was there. Happy days.


Yeah, but I was only offered PayPal or bank cards as a method of payment.

Netflix 1 month free trial for new users
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Netflix 1 month free trial for new users
Just cancel anytime during your 1-month free membership, and you will not be charged. To take advantage of the free trial, pick your movies to watch as soon as you can. If you enjo… Read more
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New link


worked for me thx op



A simple way to get Netflix free forever. Start a free trial. - Create a new outlook email address before the free offer expires ,cancel the free trial. register a new account with the new address. Use a different payment method for the next free trial. Rotate payment methods every two or three months. They don't take any money but it does need to be an authentic payment method ( you can't invent it).


link not working

Netflix Download & Go now aval (Finally watch content offline)
Found 30th Nov 2016Found 30th Nov 2016
Netflix Download & Go now aval (Finally watch content offline)
After months of rumours, Netflix has finally added offline viewing to its service. The company today announced that it’s adding offline support for its iOS and Android apps for al… Read more
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I bought a lifetime netflix account on eBay for a fiver ...thought it would be a free code like the sky ones I've bought before. Turned out I was sent some guy in Americas login details who was on premium. Then it came out in press about thousands of accounts hacked so if something ever comes up you haven't watched in Netflix your details have been sold. Reported it twice but Netflix didn't seem to care.


can content be saved to SD card?


woo opportunity to leave sky at last. thanks for the heads up :3


time to renew my netflix account :)


​for this "freebie" you must have an ios or Android device etc so not really sure where you are going with that logic lol?

LocalLocalFound 19th Oct 2016Found 19th Oct 2016
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Wow thanks a lot!


Why are you shouting?


Thanks will drive my requests for figures though!

Netflix Share! - Share with others £2.25 a month!
Found 4th Jun 2016Found 4th Jun 2016
Netflix Share! - Share with others £2.25 a month!
Just like the amazon share with AMAZON prime, I thought I would share this one. I have been doing it for about 12 months with friends and family but thought it be a great way to s… Read more

aw thats handy then :) (jealous) ;) thanks


I have a few mates in the USA. :)


hi i know this is a old thread but how do you share the comcast? would love to share that with someone too, thanks


Im tempted to set a netflix account up for the 4k content if 3 other people were willing to set up standing orders to me id do this


where do u live lol

One month free try out of netflix
Found 23rd Apr 2016Found 23rd Apr 2016
One month free try out of netflix
As it says on the tin, a one calendar month free try out of netflix. Do be careful to put a note some where prominent such as a fridge door reminding you when to cancel a few days… Read more
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Extract from Netflix terms of use. "Free Trials 2.1. Your Netflix membership may start with a free trial. The free trial period of your membership lasts for one month, or as otherwise specified during sign-up and is intended to allow new members and certain former members to try the service. You will be notified during sign-up whether you are eligible for a free trial. 2.2. We will bill your Payment Method for your monthly membership fee at the end of the free trial period unless you cancel your membership prior to the end of the free trial period. To view the monthly membership price and end date of your free trial period, visit our website and click the "Billing details" link on the "Your Account" page. You will not receive a notice from us that your paid membership has begun."


Teens and conditions do not specify only one free trial per person. Only that they will let you know if you are not eligible. If they are so lose with their terms and conditions, people will take advantage of them. I do use the same payment method, and who doesn't have several email addresses?


That's called wire fraud.


Done tis when my granddaughter was staying at ours and using my Netflix to watch 'barbie' (or some such). Used a different email address, same payment method ( you have to input a payment method - but they don't access it until they take a payment in a month). Got instant access, cancelled straight away. Still got the month. A month later did the same again, created a new 'Outlook' email address and got another month free. 3rd free month now.(_;)


Does it apply to 4K?

Netflix now on Humax Tv boxes
Found 19th Dec 2015Found 19th Dec 2015
Netflix now on Humax Tv boxes
Netflix is now available on Humax tv boxes. I have the Humax 1000s Freesat box and Netflix has shown up in the on demand section a few days ago. just bought a Chromecast just for… Read more
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I'm saying that's the time Netflix is better and worth the money


u dont need to be in America to use American netflix, just youtube it Brazil stuff is even better, all u need is proxy


Netflix isn't worth the money you pay over here most of the stuff is old played out its better in america because they get newer stuff quicker based on release dates


What's free? An App to Charge you money? I'll have lots please!


I have a 1000S and the firmware was upgraded about 2 weeks ago. Surely this thread should be in Misc not freebies?

Watch "Get Santa" currently on pictures for free through Netflix USA.
Found 22nd Dec 2014Found 22nd Dec 2014
Watch "Get Santa" currently on pictures for free through Netflix USA.
On Netflix USA they currently have Get Santa to watch. This movie is currently on UK cinema ( pictures lol) So by opening a free trial you can watch it for free and accessing Net… Read more
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Tagged as "watch" oO


Not a freebie either as its a subscription service


Watched it on Genesis last week, it was terrible :(


Thanks OP


We watched "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" last night and "The Holiday" today and neither managed to instill the Christmas spirit. Hopefully this will fare better.