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F1 is back this weekend, Sky F1 channel available for existing customers for £10 a month on a rolling 31 day contract.
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Seems good value to me looking at the F1 calendar, with 4 races in August alone. The rolling 31 day contract sells it even better. If you are in to football as well, i'm unsure i… Read more
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Thanks for this, couldn't find a deal but this is doable for me and worth it for the schedule to September at least. If not using it will drop it, so good deal


BBC had to terminate because they had to pay and coverup all the questionable things their presenters done... Jimmy Saville , Gary Glitter , etc...


That doesn't seem fair. My existing package is discounted and it doesn't change the price of those - Signature at £16 a month, HD at £2 a month.


Annoyingly works out £16 more because I have the £5 movies offer than then becomes £11 due to adding the F1 channel. Even phoned Sky up but nothing they could do.


Perhaps we should boycott the free to air channels for not paying for the rights to broadcast F1.? I remember when the BBC terminated their contract early, what a massive outrage that was! But looking back now, you get much better coverage on Sky. Who knows, in a few years we may be watching it on BT Sport...or the BBC again...perhaps not.

All sky sports channels for £18pm for 18 months at Sky Digital
30/07/2020Expires on 30/07/2020Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
All sky sports channels for £18pm for 18 months, just recently they were asking £18pm for sky sports premier league.… Read more
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Thank you guys for this post. I just renewed my Sky TV contract at a reasonable price after I threw a cancellation dagger at them a while ago. In particular, my sky sports + HD now comes in at a handsome £12. Cheers :D


Just been on chat, was offered all sports channels for £20 a month for 12 months, cancel anytime. And then offered just the F1 channel for £10 a month for 12 months, then going up to £18 a month. Declined both. My existing package is Signature with HD for £18 a month


I've got the same except my Signature's only £15/mth (It was Entertainment but they now include Sky Box Sets) I've 11mths left on my contract also took out Superfast broadband with WiFi Booster and unlimited anytime calls I currently pay £57/mth for the combined bundle including Sports and HD which was a much better deal than Virgin were offering me at the time. I accept Sport isn't as good just now but hopefully will improve and for me it is still worth it.


This is the best deal I’ve seen so far compared to mines....


Worth noting if you do sign up for Sky Sports for 18 months without any type of rolling element you are very likely to see far less sport in the current climate. Most drama/film production has been halted for the forseeable future also so you won’t get much value entertainment wise in 2021 out of Sky Signature. Below is my offer when I cancelled a fortnight ago which I don’t feel is very good in the current climate. Note I’ve been with Sky for 24 years this summer.

Free Sky-Q Voice Remote - email Sky VIP offer (existing customers / account specific)
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Just had an email through offering a free Sky-Q voice remote. It’s easy to find and watch your favourite shows with the innovative voice remote. Navigate, pause, rewind and fast-f… Read more
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(y) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Thank you so much. Been lost for days lol FINALLY found it.


Cheers.. thats a relief.. Has anyone received theirs? I got the confirmation email but nothing has appeared yet.. also its not showing under "Orders" section of the account.. is it supposed to show there?


They told me that it doesn’t renew your contract.


Knew it !!! Argh !!!

Huawei P30 Pro with Free Huawei Earbuds £579 24months contract @ Sky Mobile
85° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Sky have an offer currently for the Huawei P30 Pro. Pay £99 upfront and then £20 per month for 12 months =£339 and you also get the Freebuds. No call or data allowance and it says … Read more

That's ok, good try. We have become too savvy to fall for these, someone or other would've pointed it out & many did!


It is misleading!! Was gonna do the same with my data too. Then sell my P30 Pro and keep the new one and headphones!! Should have read it closer instead of getting excited (lol)


I wouldn't worry about it as it's really Sky's fault for using such misleading titles for their contracts....most people would assume that SWAP12 meant a 12 month contract and SWAP24 was a 24 contract....I must admit I would definitely have gone for it at the price you stated (especially as I could get an extra £30 off by cashing in some of my data in my Sky Piggy Bank) but nearly fell into the SKY SWAP12 'trap' previously...hence the reason I knew that it wasn't a 12 month contract they were offering ;)


Damn it!! Sorry all, thought it was a cracking deal for 12 months. Removing.....


Deal get worst the more you read the small print lol.

Sky Mobile Sim Only - 8GB rolling data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts,12 Months, £8pm (£96 Total)
1186° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Unlimited calls & texts. 8GB data. £10 discounted to £8 in basket

Had the offer ended? Trying to get it now but doesn't discount in the basket


They they’ll know I have the email saying my plan will continue to be the same price Worst case is my plan goes back to £6 a month then I call and ask for a deal but until that happens I’ll not worry about it. For me at this point there’s nothing that needs sorting so I’ve no reason to call them.


They have a record of all the emails you're sent. I had to call them for them to sort it


Well, I've kept the email so any issues and I'll simply ask for my pac. If it was incorrectly worded then surely they would have sent a follow-up email.


I had he same email and rang to to confirm as seemed too good to be true. They said it was incorrectly worded

IPhone SE with 11GB data £25 per month / 36 months but you can swap after 24 months at Sky Digital
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
So technically this is a 36 month contract but you can swap after 24 months. Deal is 8GB data but Sky VIPs get an extra 3GB. Unused rolls over too. 2GB data (5GB VIP) is £4 les… Read more
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It's a 36 month contract so the price is wrong, it's £900 not £600... Sky is very devious with this (similar to the other scummy networks that do 36 months) and it only appeals to people who don't pay attention. They are locking you in for a minimum of 36 months and extend it again when you 'upgrade' at 24 months.


Thanks for sharing a deal with us @helen.bligh It's a very competitive market for phones at the minute and this one has gone cold i'm afraid but hopefully your next deal will fly :)


Expensive if you ask me, phone from Apple is £16.99 a month which is about £410 after the 24 months and then you own the phone. Get a good contract separately if you wanted for £8 or odd a month works out the same and you own the phone

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Sky Q Multi screen, up to 4 free mini boxes - account specific at Sky Digital
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
May be account specific, or only available to those already on Sky Q without Sky Q Multi screen already. This morning I upgraded to Sky Q Multi screen for £10 extra a month and go… Read more

I pay £57 a month for sports, movies, signature, kids and one multi room sub got HD too. I was paying £47 for this in Jan 2017, could have got it a fiver cheaper but I stalled and they put offer price up. They were wanting to charge another £6 a month, I cancelled and one week later they rang up and said okay stay at £57 for the lot, didn't charge me the renewal admin fee either.


They won't offer me anything better then what I've got, but my bills gone up by £7 a month.


Your right it does, well done finding that. I will ask them though as it’s on my agreement as being removed with this deal. I’ve been with them for years. If they ever get back I will pop it on here.


Over complicate everything dont they, il ask re Sports for £8 see what they say.


Not really. Why would I bother posting something fake, to an Internet full of people who I don't know? Here's my bill page (I've now added UHD for £4 a month extra).

Free Golf Pass Video Member - Sky VIP
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
I was on the Sky app and noticed that they’re giving customers 12 months free access to GOLFPASS - which is a new online golf service, which I think McIlroy is involved in establis… Read more

Glad you found it. Yes its it's definitely worth it for free for 12 months and good that you are not forced to subscribe and it simply cancels after the 1st year. Some interesting content. (y)


Thanks for that. Signed up. Watched a tiger wood doc about his clubs. Think this will get a lot of use over the next year.


Thanks, signed up!


Just found it. In the sky app go to the VIP section which has a star icon on the bottom menu options and go into the VIP section on the far right.Then go into Exclusive content section which has a picture of a West end show on it and scroll down and its the 3rd one down and easy to sign up.


Cant see it either.

Huawei P40 Pro - 20gb plan and free GT2 watch £38 for 36 months - £1282 @ Sky Mobile
-385° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Huawei P40 Pro - 20gb plan This is on sky's 24 month swap (36 month device contract £26 for the first 24 following 18.75 for 12 or an upgrade) Plus £12 a month for 20gb data. Fu… Read more
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It is because people accepted £400, £600, £800, £1000, etc. that it has become the norm! I remember when a decent budget android was £100 - now you have to go to Chinese sites, because a budget Samsung is anything up to £300.


3 years!!!!....Eeeeeeeeek!!! :o


People are taking out 3 year contracts and spending £2K on phones today. You already regularly see two year contracts for the latest and greatest phones priced at £50+ a month. Its really not that much of a stretch to see this happening.


There are videos on YouTube. I am sure you can.


Can Play Store be side loaded? Or just use APK websites to get apps.

Sky TV & Movies for £22 (returning customers only) - 12 Month Deal - Total Cost: £264
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Just got this through the post today - SKY's latest comeback10 offers..........and they're not bad at all (in my opinion)! TV & Movies for £22 Ultimate (Netflix) +£6 Sport … Read more

Virgin are shockingly bad


I chanced the chat and got SKY SIGNATURE CINEMA KIDHD NETFLIX 2TB BOX 18 MONTHS £10 ADMIN FEE £32 A MONTH I left sky 3 months ago just used the chat


well I think in this world you will always get people that say a company is good and some say they are bad I have been with sky for 12 years and off and on in the last few but I have never had a problem with them I think they are great!


Sky are totally crap company their cs is the worst of any company in Britain take a look on trustpilot I dumped them and joined virgin and not looked back


Update... I rang them for one last negotiation, the equipment was all boxed and ready to go back. However, this time I have managed to bag what I consider to be a very good deal. Signature pack, Sky Sports, UHD, Multiiscreen and Premium Netflix for £44 all in for 18 months. There is also a £10 set up fee

Sky TV with Ultimate TV add-on Package - £25pm x 18 Months / £20 Setup Fee - Total Cost: £470
-303° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Sky TV - Entertainment package £25 for 18 months. £20 one-off set-up cost. Sky Q included as standard. *Called their cancellations team and they offered £19pm for Entertainment pa… Read more
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Any cashback on this?


what number is it to call for the signature package at £12? Please


Build a package with or without broadband 35% off everything, awesome


Which number you call did you order it with broadband


that is very good... moved my broadband to sky and got signature and HD all for £50, but that is the Ultrafast 1 broadband which is normally 39.99 on its own. I might call them up and try an be cheeky to blag a bit more out of them.

Free 4 Week Trial Of Sky Cinema! (Cancel Any Time) Account Specific
104° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Hi, Just got an email for a free 4 week trial of Sky Cinema (Cancel Anytime) Just in time for the bank holiday weekend! Enjoy!
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Spent an hour and a half on the online chat to sky today, my subs were discounted to £96 a month and next months would be £111, this is with the sky sports pause discount, Best I got was £96.50 a month for everything including broadband and netflix. Can see why half the country is using illegal methods to stream tv and I told them that. I’ve been a customer of theirs off and on since 1992 and to be honest they are taking the michael with their prices




Yes it will. IT IS A CON !! I just tried it and sure enough it removed my sky sports discount - and on their phone lines they are refusing calls unless its from a vulnerable category. This really does amount to fraud. I wish I had listened to Kammykay who called this straight away. Now going to be a pain to sort out.


Also its says don't phone them at this time but thats the only way to cancel or downgrade your package !!


i'd like to confirm on sky chat the conditions so I have something in writing before taking this but can't find sky chat option anywhere, anyone have a link ?

Free Games on Sky Q
761° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
You can now play games on Sky Q using your remote control with the new PlayWorks app, it's been announced. You can play 20 free games right now, which include classics like Tetris,… Read more
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It can run Doom...


I had no idea it was available, thanks.


Gotta love the return of Tetris for this. I miss Sky GameStar




It was just sarcasm

Sky Mobile Piggybank data: trade in 20gb (or 10gb + £2) for a £10 Sky Store voucher
200° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Just noticed this offer is back on Sky Rewards Piggy bank, basically cash in unused data in your piggy bank and get a voucher for Sky Store. 20gb gets you a free £10 voucher, or 10… Read more

No .quite frankly it's a huge con .The accessories you can trade your piggy Bank in for plus cash as well can be bought cheaper than the cash you have to stump up as well .Check how many items can be exchanged with zero cash as well ! Trade for voucher to buy a Blu-ray is about as good as it gets

I got 205GB. What can I get with this? Can I use this to lower my DD with sky ?


If you want to rent a movie, you can only use it for skystore online. You cant watch them through your sky box. If you rent and keep (£15ish) you can download to sky box.


A £10 voucher won't get you far with their overpriced movie store 😡


Hugely overpriced goods like a screen protector for 20 quid .

Sky VIP: Free Virtual West End Shows (& Juliet, Six, Mamma Mia)
03/07/2020Expires on 03/07/2020Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
For sky customers, you will be able to stream six weekly theatre performances. The shows and times are: &Juliet: 21st May 12:00pm to 29th May 11:59pm Six: 28th May 12:00pm … Read more

This is really disappointing from sky. It’s very misleading as I did think it was the full shows. For anyone that would like to watch a full show, The Sound of Music is on YouTube here:


"Missing the buzz of the theatre? Enjoy a taster from this hilarious and fun-loving musical, & Juliet known for its pop anthems from the past 30 years." Yeah I signed up expecting something more, but it appears to be more of a "taster" or advert for the shows with the off song and interviews with the crew that you could likely find on youtube or the theatre website.


Maybe i was a tad harsh, I was just expecting something more, especially since it's only for Sky customers only.


That's a shame, but where does it say that? My wife & daughter have wanted to see & Juliet for a while now.


hope they stick them on NowTV

Disney+ £5 per month if you sign up via "offers" on your Sky account
-194° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Not bad for existing Sky customers who want to dip in to Disney Plus from time to time. Its a 31 day rolling contract, saving you 99p if you paid directly to Disney. As with other … Read more

I would love the 99p a month off, if I could get it.


For what packages?


Thanks for this @mdcrawley Sure its only 99p a month but you're saving just under 20% on something so if you're able to get it and make use of it its a good deal! :)


This does not work as it adds a 5.99 charge so it’s a glitch


It's not a fair point. Saving a quid here and there is exactly what this site is about.

Sky Q Multi Screen - with a £10 / 18 month subscription you can order extra Sky Q mini boxes free of charge (selected accounts)
311° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
If you add sky Q multi screen to your subscription you can order extra mini boxes free of charge. I just ordered extra 4 boxes for £10 a month.

@Mathew_White I call today to this number 03442414141 and got msg wait time is 30mins then i said leaving sky when automated service ask me the reason and been told I will be connected in 3 mins but only wait 30 seconds that was very quick, and got sky signature (normally £30) plus cenima (normally £19)and HD normally £6) total £55,but got all for £27, 18 months contract


I often find the offers are better if u look on Ur account via Ur sky box. I was wanting to add multiscreen, via the app it was asking extra £9 a month. But thru my box it's asking for a extra £3 a month. Very odd!


You did better than me. I have same as you plus movies. £53 pm on 18m


I think that is likely the full going rate. I dont have sport or movies, but most other stuff. Ultimate box sets (which inc Netflix), and Sky q UHD + 2 mini boxed. I just ran off contract and price went up to 56.70. Rang up yesterday, got straight through and 18 montsh at 35 (y)


That's a good deal for sure. I'm still trying to decide if I want to pay anything when only thing I watch is sports, which isn't going to be very entertaining for months. Anyway cheers for the info, I'll definitely be looking something similar if I commit to another contract. (y)

Additional Sky Q Mini Box £50 at Sky Digital
-247° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
I may be late to the party... I thought you used to pay a subscription fee for every additional box, but these are available with no additional fee. It may only be those who alrea… Read more

Thank you I’ve been trying to order one for 8 weeks I’ve now ordered 2 x


Hi is your box 1tb or 2tb ?


No, apparently they have to activate the multi room option on your account as well. If you have VIP gold or above then the mini box should be free then £10 a month for 18 months (minimum term contract)


If I only have one mainbox and buy another mini box from eBay or wherever will the minibox work without multiroom subscription?


So now sky are charging, very confusing as Sky gave me mine for free

Iphone 11 64Gb with 10GB Data - £36 per month for 36 months - total £1,296 @ Sky mobile
-563° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Was looking for iPhone deal and found a great deal with sky mobile. Its £36 per month with 10gb data, unlimited and mins
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Yeesh. I’ve seen more data for less a month for a whole year less. Pretty bad deal.


A o2-based 36months contraqct sure hope you still get the chance the changep hone after 24 months just as with o2 directly. But as most others commenting i wouldn't go with a 36 month deal, especially since most o2 deals are not or not much cheaper than competitors on 24months(more frequently they are much more expensive) Because also saying something good about o2/o2 based you got the credit them for the clear tariff breakdown.


36 months = 1095 days = 26280hrs . No chance, 2 years is an eternity as it is.


Thanks for your help, I've showed my brother that deal. He will still be able to change if he wants that shorter contract. (y)


FYI, the link didn’t go straight to that deal for me, so it also may not have for the other user. Agreed that your deal is better than this one. Even though there’s an upfront cost, you’re out of the contract sooner.

Select Sky Boxsets free through May & June including GoT for Sky Customers
440° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
With people spending more time at home, Sky TV is making popular and iconic box sets such as Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, Parks & Recreation and Intelligence available to all Sk… Read more

I just tried a few US dramas listed on the sky go app. Still doesn’t seem to be working.


Ah okay, thanks :)


Probably not giving it you for free for 2 months as it’s a selection that will be made free between now and end of June compared to having access to all the ones they offer.


I pay for boxsets does that mean they are free to me for 2 months? I cant find anything anywhere


Thanks opp