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Sky VIP Movie A Star is Born now live 25 September 2018 6.30pm/7pm
25/09/2018Expires on 25/09/2018Found 19 h, 42 m agoFound 19 h, 42 m ago
Sky VIP Movie A Star is Born now live on Sky VIP app. All locations available.

Thank you :)

Spotify Premium 3 months free (Sky TV customers) Free for 3 months
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
You will need to create a new Spotify account in order to take advantage and be an existing Sky customer. Free for 6 months if you take up Sky Q - only really beneficial if you’ve… Read more

I don't plan to cancel at the moment so no but when I do and if i have trouble doing so, I'll quote them the terms of the offer and it will be cancelled.


It happened to me before that's why I said that and with Sky there isn't much much guessing


Just asked live chat and it doesn't affect your current contract or end date at all. It's best not to just guess. HEAT YO!


Did you manage to cancel? And if so how did you go about doing it? Their live chat is hopeless at the moment.


Free Spotify Premium offer: Available for new and existing Sky TV customers. Not available to existing Spotify Premium subscribers, Premium for Family subscribers, or if you have previously enrolled in a Spotify Free Trial. 6 months free with Sky Q Experience, 3 months free without Sky Q Experience. Spotify access through Sky Q box and other devices, Spotify app not available on Sky+ boxes. New customers: add Spotify Premium after you've completed your Sky Entertainment order. Spotify Premium £9.99 a month after trial unless cancelled. £9.99 a month after trial unless cancelled. UNLESS CANCELLED. Cheers OP!! Saves me £60

Only British Gas Customers (may work for non-BG customers with voucher code) - Sky Fibre Unlimited- includes line rental and Sky Talk Anytime for £25pm for 18 months (£9.95 router fee)- PLUS £100 prepaid MasterCard
27/09/2018Expires on 27/09/2018Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Got an email for this good offer for those who missed out on the previous one a week back. This is for British Gas customers ONLY. Check your email for the link. ENDS: 27th Septe… Read more

What about existing customers. £100 gift card not overly important to me with this deal.


Seems like a good deal to me, even without the £100 cashback card


Avg speed of 36Mbps


£25 a month is a good price for sky fibre. Even if it’s the slower package. Do you know the speed?


Seems like you may be able to get it without being a British gas customer. Try using the offer code: GETSKYBB2

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Sky vip free tickets for Julie
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Now available to book. Wild and newly single, Julie throws a late night party. In the kitchen, Jean and Kristina clean up as the celebration heaves above them. Crossing the thresho… Read more

Lucky Julie! (lol)


Thanks for the heads-up @1MrsB - I'll give my account a check later :)

£333.95 for 18 moths Sky broadband (+ £75 Topcashback plus 100 prepaid card)
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
£18 per month for 18 months broadband New customers only. Works out £149 after you take of the prepaid card and £75 cashback
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could somebody please tell me how to get the £100 prepaid card? Or has this since expired, thanks in advance


Anyone know if you cancel with sky how long is it before they consider you as a new customers again ? I've just given 30 days notice on the tv part and as for the broadband they said the new provider will do the swop over so no need to cancel that.


Don't worry at all. They will increase tge contract midway, tgen you run away. Simple


Personally i hate the 18 month lenght of contracts being given by virtually all the companies now. A lot of things can happen in that time.A year is plenty.


Tried to get this and all they did was try to con me into buying fibre con artists. (poo) (pirate)

Free sky HD box via Sky - Account Specific
LocalLocalFound 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
Hi first post on here in a long time but here goes. May be account specific but I was checking my sky account and due to having sky sports in my offers section was a free sky HD b… Read more
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Can you still transfer recorded programs from a 'Q' box with a HDMI splitter?


But surely sky shouldn't be charging its customer the £12pm extra just for sky q box on top of your package


Hybrid lnb's are not part of standard install, and if you get Sky Q installed and can't persuade or don't ask the installer for a hybrid they will put the Q lnb in which will mean old boxes and freesat etc will not work. I can't imagine that Sky asks for hybrids back, where did you hear that, it is about £15 worth of kit and can't see the point of sending an engineer back for that, its not cost effective. I have had my Sky Q for a year and have had no issues, and think I have had to restart the mini box twice as it lost connection in that time. What might cause issues is if you have a large house and/or currently have wifi issues in certain rooms etc and you might need to hard wire the mini box. Sky as a company are moving away from satellite, and that will be the biggest change over the next 10 years which will kill the old boxes.


Sky Q will only alllow 2TB per house you cannot have more than one recording box unlike sky HD. You can’t have a mixed sky HD and sky Q subscribed system although it is technically possible they won’t allow it. Some people can operate their sky hd boxes for a while after changeover though. I wasn’t aware that they asked for the hybrid LNB back if you unsubscribed but it sounds like them..... The many issues with sky q boxes mean that I’m reluctant to change-perhaps they’ll programme in multiple errors like they did with the Thomson HD boxes to force people to change over.


+ Sky Q has 4k capabilities.

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Sky Entertainment, HD, Kids & Cinema for £30 pm for 18 months - £540
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
Sky Cinema Offer Get all the best shows on Sky Entertainment, plus 1,000 movies on demand and 11 live Kids channels - an all in glorious HD. Hurry, offer ends Thursday 6 Septembe… Read more

Mine is a retentions deal (but it was through the site I got the free sky Q box (£20 install due to error on site) then phoned up and got the total which was @£58 down to £35 through the "value" team.


new customer ?or retention deal bud?


I tried calling to get this offer because I've got the same channels but paying 45 pound. They told me I wasn't eligible and that it was for new customers only. Yet the small print on the offers tab at the bottom of the website states available to new and existing customers.


Have previously spoken on livechat but unable to find it now. I need to renegotiate a new deal.


Can see the £30 offer on the sky site but when actually go through it, it still comes out at around £39 a month after adding on the obligatory £12 a month !?! Would consider Q at 30 a month as currently pay 27 for entertainment and kids on hd+ box

Samsung Galaxy A8 + Samsung Gear VR for 20 a month
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Samsung A8 still selling at 299 at carphone warehouse and headset RRP 119. You will get 2GB data and unlimited minutes and calls.

Add £3 a month and get an s8 with 4gb data from i think it was you wont get the vr but in reality its only worth 30 quid anyway


Need to make it clear that this is a 30 month contract so it will cost at least £600 total. Not sure that the value of the VR headset is really £119. Not for me but good luck with the deal (y)

Sony Xperia L1 2GB data - £11/month @ Sky on 24 months contracts
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
11 pounds for a phone with 2GB data unlimited call and text

It's a 12 month contract for the sim, and a 30 month loan for the phone.


Cold from me



It's not obvious from their webpage is it. I think the 24 month one is to keep the phone but I can't see for definite


Click the link, read the webpage

Sky Fibre Unlimited - Including Line rental and Sky Talk £25pm for 18 months PLUS £100 Prepaid Mastercard (£9.95 Router fee) @ Sky
Refreshed 1st SepRefreshed 1st Sep
Nice little fibre offer from Sky gone live today, giving you their Fibre Unlimited Package for £25 a month (Normally £38) Line rental and Sky Talk are Included, PLUS a £100 Prepai… Read more

Quidco seem to have a cashback of 75 quid plus there is a 10 quid bonus - if both pays out works out pretty cheap - anyone tried and it tracked ok for them?




Mine tracked at point of purchase 2 months ago but nothing other than that I'm afraid. There is a £10 TV & Broadband bonus offer on Quidco until 11.59 on Sunday just shown up today.


Just checked seems like the sky one can't be used for: gambling, cash withdrawal, cashback, current and petrol stations. My bad, guess it depends on the companies t&c!


Are you sure on that? You couldn't with the BT MasterCard.

FREE cinema tickets for 29th Aug- American Animals via Sky Vip app
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
I wouldn’t normally post sky cinema tickets as they get snapped up quickly. However, there is loads of spares for tomorrow! Locations available at the time of writing: ashford, Be… Read more

Watched it this evening, courtesy of Sky. Really enjoyed it.


Watched this last week. Not bad at all! (popcorn) (y)


does it have to be sky tv customer?? or will just broadband and phone be ok?? thanks




Do you have to be an active paying Sky customer to get in on this?

4k Atmos films - Saving Private Ryan Free for Sky Q customers with the film package
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Free for Sky Q customers with the film package amongst many other 4k films such as Patriot, Justice League, Jumanji, Blade Runner 2049. 33 in total

It would do , as you never own the the box .


Not in atmos and their 4k films are mostly unknown


I got Netflix. There are thousands of free films on there (lol)


Those with atmos systems will appreciate sky are trying to update alot of titles to atmos. Myself im always looking about for these kinda films and dont like to pay £20


Sky Rep said HDR is coming, when I mentioned the massive delay implied some hardware limitations with the current box I was assured "if a new box was required it would be provided free of charge". Of course they'll say anything to get a sale.

Samsung S8 with Free Samsung Gear VR Headset £25 per month with No Upfront Cost! on SKY Network
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Samsung Galaxy S8 on Sky with 2GB of data, unlimited minutes & texts. Can be upgraded to 4GB data for £31 per month. £25 per month over the course of the two-year contract wit… Read more

Thats a pretty good idea actually because screen mirroring normally makes showbox quality worse and voices out of sync. Which app do you use ? Cheers


Their good pieces of kit. I use mine once in a while with some video player app and showbox. :)


Yeah i got my vr for £35 and felt robbed lol


I bought last year's model of eBay £11. Didn't have the remote of course. But the headset can be picked up for close to nothing now aday's.


Pretty sure sky has 30 month contracts

Sky Mobile unlimited calls, texts & 2gb data £4.50 a month
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
For existing Sky TV/Broadband customers. Unlimited calls Unlimited texts 2gb data instead of 500MB £4.50/month instead of £6/month How to get it? ; Speak to them on live chat a… Read more

I am not at all bothered whom was first, but if you do not need to 'chat', as you say, then please amend this deal and it will indeed be different (y)


Huh? It says in the OP above: "How to get it? ; Speak to them on live chat and ask for the offer"


And this one you don't need to chat at all. Therefore it is different.


Wrong. It states 'via online chat' in both the title and description of that deal posted on 16th August.


Wrong. You had to ring up and beg a week ago, now you can do it online.

Sky Mobile sim only deal - 2GB data unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £4.50 a month 12 months via online chat
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
2GB data unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £4.50 a month Online chat 25% off current £6.00 price.

I’ve just looked online for this deal as I couldn’t get on live chat. I could only find 2gb for 6 quid. I went thought the confirmation process expecting to be 6 quid, then on the final page it offered £1.50 discount, so I am paying £4.50 for 2gb. It might be worth trying to go through the motions and see if you get offended the discount in the end.


Thanks, Heated.... I bought it for my daughter. Would it stay £4.50 after 12 months as well?


Just had an email saying once I register the SIM, I will be also given an extra 2GB for the first month which might mean I can use that to rollover to the next month aswell


Has anyone managed to get this today? After being told last night it never existed, I did Facebook chat today and was told the deal expired a week ago!!!! So frustrated. I still can't find the online chat on my app, to give it one last go.


Don't bother with phone, I posted above that I got the offer, but I also rang up first and wasn't offered this offer. When I went through chat I was, weird but chat seems the way to go.

Sky VIP - Free Cinema Tickets (Existing Users)
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
If your a sky customer you can get free cinema tickets and much more I’ve booked tickets free to see the spy who dumped me

So went to the viewing of this’s today was actually quite funny


I wouldn’t bother there only in big city’s so no use to half the pop




No all screenings have a sky rep who will allow admittance to another film if screening is over subscribed.


Highly unlikely, as the cinema has nothing to do with it, it's Sky staff checking you've got a ticket. If you then help yourself to an empty seat for a different film, that's a different story, but not exactly according to rules.

sky broadband unlimited £18 p/m +£9.95 one off cost ine rental and Sky Talk included £225.95 for a year + £50 prepaid mastercard
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
£18 p/m +£9.95 one off cost ine rental and Sky Talk included £225.95 for a year + £50 prepaid mastercard. Average monthly cost over the 12 months contract duration inclusive of all… Read more
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Plusnet have a better deal at the moment that is a little over £10 a month, which I have and so far it's been great for the price. You pay it all upfront and then nothing to pay for the year. As another poster said, check out the mse broadband page.


Martin lewis website( MSE) Money saving expert is always worth a look as they also seem to get insentives for you to join up,rather like the now expired deal here,dont forget Uswitch and Money supermarket.The insentives change across all three of these at times.Happy shopping / gaming. (highfive)


Hi LadyEleanor,i didnt know you could find out through Sam.So being intrigued i found out,and im 1075m away.From main exchange.And as from the roadside green box about 75 m.So quite lucky.


Speed depends on distance from BT exchange. For 10+ I think you will be under 1Km. I think Samknows tells you.


Ah I thought there might be a reason so didn’t want to risk it, I can’t get fibre but get by gaming on my standard plusnet broadband at the moment. I have just come out of contract so shopping around for a new introductory offer so was genuinely curious before I switched. Thanks for the reply. (y)

Sky Q and entertainment for £10 per month (18 months - £180) - Existing Broadband Customers without TV Package
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
So I got called by sky today as I'd been "chosen" for a great deal. Sky Q 2tb box with free installation and the basic entertainment package for £10 a month on an 18 month contract… Read more
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For £20 it’s a good deal, I’ve been trying to get this for a few week but best I had was £55


Sky just emailed me with We want to make the TV you love even better. As a Sky VIP Diamond member you can get our next generation Sky Q 2TB box and Sky Q Mini box for a set‑up fee of just £20 (usually £125). That's a saving of £105 when you take the full Sky Q Experience for £12 a month. I'm not sure if this is a good deal or not as I'm not looking to change to the Q box.


You should try and haggle some more. I have that internet package for £8.99.


Does everyone pay their sky q multi room as it doesn’t look like I do. I have a 2tb box with 2 sky q mini box’s with box sets and cinema for £29.65 a month.


Hi I'm after a half price Sky Entertainment code which one of the sky advisors said is in circulation ? Any know or have it please? Thanks

Sky mobile  - half price (for TV customers) £6.50 4gb data, £7.50 5gb data (Via customer services)
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
For sky TV customers sky have offered me half price sim only. 4gb data £6.50 or 5gb data 7.50. After discussing deals lady phoned back with this. Apparently starting next week but … Read more
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I can never get through to sky on chat online always busy


Update: Yesterday I received a call out of the blue from Sky after regularly checking the deals webpage while logged in and calling them about it and quoting this deal. Before they only gave me the 2GB deal but this time they offered this deal for a new sim. edit: They also offered me 25% off the 10GB plan.


People asking how I got deal - I got it when I phoned to compare broadband prices as im with Bt. I didnt take the broadband only enquired and then asked if there was anything on offer to get my prices of tv down. They asked if I was interested in sky mobile but it wasn't as cheap as who im with. Lady phoned me back later to say she'd just heard about above deal and so I took it


Sorry I got the £6 for 2gb which is still better than 0.5gb not the OPs deal.


Could you please tell me how you got this specific deal, closest I got was 2GB?