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Get Sky Fibre Max, 63mb Talk & line rental  for just £27 p/m for 18 months (One off Broadband set up £9.95) and receive a £70 M&S voucher
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Get the fastest Sky broadband with free anytime phone call phone line for £27 a month. Free connection, £9.99 delivery. Receive a £70 Marks Spencer's gift card. Costs added up: … Read more
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No, got telly already


Depending on what Samsung tv you just purchased, mine has freesat built into the tv, then just plug an external hard drive or a usb stick into tv to record. Freesat will use existing sky cables. Firestick you can't save programmes or films, but you can stream the content and just requires plug socket for it and an hdmi port in the tv.


Kodi or the alternatives are such a faff on. If people aren't tech savvy it's a complete no go. I got fed up with the constant buffering, having to update all the time etc I just find the subscription services like Netflix so much easier and at least my 5 year old can use it safely. Very unfair to compare to this deal...


Are you a new sky customer?



Full Sky fibre broadband, Sky Entertainment TV package & any time calls phone line. £37 a month - 18 months £666
23/02/2019Expires on 23/02/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Total package. Fibre 36Mb broadband £37 including line rental ✔ Average speeds of 36Mb ✔ Over 300 Entertainment channels ✔ Free unlimited calls with Sky Talk … Read more
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Just got it for £41 as an existing customer, installation February 5th


Got this deal in December at £30. You should ring and haggle ! I was a new customer . At £41 I was being offered the 63mb broadband... Think it's called fibre max


Well after careful consideration & after not getting any quality offers from sky to keep me I've decided to move to virgin with there top vip bundle £79 with £150 credit to the account plus thru tcb £125 works out £56 a month for 12months & better wifi in the house, a little disappointed with sky not had a single call from them asking why I'm leaving, but have to say virgin have bent over backwards to get my custom, let's see what there like in 12months time!


Here's what it will cost you if you want anything added to your package:


Said I was leaving. Apparently I am a loyal customer so offered me that. Tbh there are better deals out there and you've got virgin , now tv etc.. but 27 for what if got I was fairly happy with as due to my set up I need sky incase internet goes down so I've got something to watch rather than relying on tv that requires internet to work....

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema Bt Sports
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan

Virgin deal here+ £150 credit


I had no problems with the broadband,it was perfect most of time, the speed was very good. My biggest problems were with customer service. If your after a provider, don’t overlook Sky, I’m paying just £35 per for there 300 channel entertainment package, which includes a 1tb smart sky Q box and fibre broadband and a landline. Try any providers, but please don’t try virgin media, believe me you’re only end up hating them like I eventually did after 8 years.(fierce)


Is the broadband comparable?


Yh, it's not for loyal customers like myself and a lot of other people on here who have always paid there Bill's on time.....I've left virgin media now, and surprisingly I've got a better and cheaper deal with sky TV now it was the best choice I've made in a long time. media don't know the meaning of the word 'loyalty', and I really hope that they continue to lose customers caused by virgin media's diabolical customer service!!!! (mad)


Do that everytime my contracts up,land never been offered anything like this. (Been with Virgin since NTL days) Perhaps I should leave for a year lol

Sky unlimited with anytime calls £18 p/m 18 months - £9.95 one off cost - £333.95 @ Sky
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Sky unlimited with any time calling £18 and sky max with any time calling £27 also possibly £75 quidco

I think it is but best checking with sky


Is this deal possible whilst I'm in my 30 day cancellation period?


What is the service like seen lots of reviews so was a bit vary


Now broadband was offered fibre at 23.50 pcm unlimited calls to mobile and uk landline upto one hour with top cash back offering ninety pounds backusing topcashback after 2 months.took 2 weeks to transfer telephone number and 4 weeks to activate broadband still awaiting payment.includes fast broadband and line rental .


Also possibly £75 quidco too 👌

Sky Fibre Max upgrade, £11.01 for 12months. Usually £25, through Sky Call centre (line rental is separate, still £18.99 a month)
LocalLocalFound 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Broadband Deal You can upgrade to this offer even if you are still in contract on a lower Sky Broadband package. It also seems you can get this deal even if you don't have Broad… Read more
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I spoke to them a number of times, including the period you mentioned, but a number of the offers were even worse!


Sorry to hear that. I think if you had called them closer to xmas time, you would have been offered a better deal. Maybe between black friday and xmas.


Just spoken to sky about my expired account and they offered entertainment, sports and multi room, all in HD for £47 on a 12-month contract. I was previously getting this for £40 on a rolling one-month contract, which also included movies and boxsets. So, 15%-ish increase in price, for half-ish of the service and long-term lock-in. The Q equivalent was offered at £62 + up-front charges. Suffice to say, i will not be re-connecting. Odd that they are not doing any better offers, as their subscriptions are down on previous years and you would think they would be a bit more keen for my business, but hey-ho. I can get a special deal on the BT TV stuff, which will provide all of the channels from the ‘entertainment’ package that i am interested in, not interested in all of the American channels, and it will give me the recording facility that i really want, along with the additional room. I will use short-term Now TV codes for sport, albeit I will lose the ability to record and hence have to watch it live, I generally prefer to record and watch later, but it’s not the end of the world. The pain with the BT TV Is having to get a TV aerial fitted and routed to 2 different locations in the house. Obviously this comes with extra cost, although it is a one off charge that affords me flexibility in the future. Still, the saving is significant! Hope this helps somebody, for all it is off at a bit of a tangent to the original thread!


thank you , I'll do first thing tomorrow , thank you again


The offer is still on, even though I expired the deal. If you already have Sky Broadband, just phone customer services and say you wanna upgrade to Sky Fibre Max. They'll hand you over to Broadband team then while there, mention that a friend is getting Fibre Max for £11 on a 12 month contract, and if you can get it aswell. ------------------------------- If you dont already have internet with Sky, but have phone line or Tv through them, still call. Then go through the same process of saying, "you have a friend who is getting Fibre Max for £11 on a 12month contract" :) Incase you weren't aware, line rental is still £18.99 on top each month. However some people haggled and got it down to £8.99 a month.

Sky Sim Only deal £6/month for 12 months for Unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Just upgraded my Tesco Mobile sim only contract to this - seems like a bit of a bargain! + £15 quidco makes it roughly £4.75 / month so even better ;) 2GB Data, Unlimited Calls … Read more
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That offer before Christmas was for SKY existing customers only.


There isn`t a link for the deals like this as they expire VERY quickly. As an exisiting customer I got offered any of the sim only deals at half price, but it was as a once only offer......maybe contact them?


Have you got a link please.


Just done the same and they offered for £3 a month too. I wonder if the £15 Quidco will still come in, if so its effectively £1.75 a month.


i just called them to cancel as plusnet i am with agreed 3gb for same price but Sky offered this deal for £3 so accepted it.

Sky mobile. Not just for Sky customers. 2GB data & unlimited calls. £6 a month x 12 Months = £72
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Perfect SIM for people who don't use a lot of data or use mainly WiFi. Unlimited calls & 2GB data... £6
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Don't know why this deal is expired. Topcashback £15, Quidco £20 Sky are running this deal till 11.59pm 31 Jan.19. I will be getting in 2 weeks time, so that I will only have to pay 1 months penalty charge to my existing mobile provider. O2 & Vodafone are the only ones that work in my house. Plus I like the idea of carrying forward the unused data forward for 3 years & not losing roll over after 2 months or so.

hunsbury0 Enter your postcode & will the signal strengths for 2G, 3G & 4G.


Thanks OP for the deal but stupid website. The most import bit is missing. What bands do Sky operate and are they2g, 3g, or 4g.and what coverage. You need this info to workout if your phone will work! :D


Rang them today - just ask for it


I recently joined Sky for £3 a month. Think it was a glitch but they honoured it

Spotify on Sky Q
- Spotify Premium free for 3 months
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
3 months free Spotify premium on Sky Q Open to new and existing Sky TV customers. With Sky TV and you could get Spotify Premium free for 3 months. New premium Spotify customers o… Read more
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Got 6 months for junior a while back, how do you cancel it cant see anything via sky website


FYI - can't cancel through live chat or Spotify - have to call Sky.


I got for 6 months via Sky a month back.


My TIDAL 6 months ran out so was looking for an alternative. It seems to be working for me.


I already made use of the 6 months they offered before I wonder if I can extend it with this.

2GB data , unlimited calls and texts £6 p/m 12 months £72  @ Sky
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Unlimited texts and calls and 2GB of data 12-month minimum term for Sky Mobile services. Sky Mobile services are for your personal use as a consumer. Prices may increase and servi… Read more

Why is this cold as I think this is a great deal as I'm currently paying €5 a month for 1.5Gb with Plusnet and it doesnt rollover. The rollover is a much better deal so I'm going to switch to Sky. Thanks OP.


Heat given! I am in contract with Tesco mobile but seriously thinking of paying the penalty for early closure. Am I right to assume that it will still carry on after the 12 months. 2GB data, unlimited calls & texts for £6.00 pm, for people who don't need to have broadband or TV package from them? Quidco £20 or Topcashback £15.00 is still available as at 9.45pm Wednesday 2 Jan 19. Sky confirmed that after 12 months, it will convert to rolling contract offering the same data, minutes, texts


It looks like the better Deal of this was to be had a little while ago by the looks of thing's still?. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Got this for my son as it was only £3 a month. They also gave unlimited data on Christmas day! How generous of them...


Was £3 for same package a few months back freeze

Netflix & Sky Box Sets for £10 - Sky Q upgrade via Sky Shop
LocalLocalFound 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
I have been a Netflix subscriber for a few years now and currently pay 10 pound per month - just been on the Sky shop on the Q box and there is an offer to upgrade to the ultimate … Read more
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Heat! 🔥 Good deal if you qualify. Worth remembering that there is an Up Front fee to any upgrade to Q boxes, with or without multiroom "experience". My contract was up a few months ago but not check my Bill for a while. Up to £55 from £41.50. Messaged & dropped Cinema coz deal ended, was £13.50 extra pm. Been offered on "Message" existing package at £36 but want extra £22 for Q Multi with £70 upfront. Sod that! Might give notice & see what deals are offered, then finally buckle after 28 days, before my wife kills me! (y) 🏻 8) 😄 (annoyed)


I can confirm no Netflix in uhd without 2tb sky q box and correct subscription doesn't matter what you already pay for through Netflix so I don't use it as I can get Netflix 4k on Amazon firestick or through my of TV.


Be warned, if you already have a discount on your sky boxesets, you would have cancel that in place of this offer. Netflix is not available standalone through sky, you would have to go direct, disappointed with sky on this front!


I`d pay SKY £5 a month extra for netflix, but I have to upgrade to Q in order to have netflix through SKY. So in order to do what I already do but via Q, I have to pay £139 MINIMUM UPFRONT, and then the cost to add NETFLIX is £10 extra a month...............?


This deal does not include UHD Netflix for everyone. If you already have Sky Q with the 2TB box and the additional Sky Q Mini box (so you're already paying £12 for the "Sky Q Experience") then it may only be £10 to upgrade to the "Ultimate Package". However if you do not, then you do not get UHD Netflix regardless of what your current Netflix subscription is. It even says so on Sky's website. You do not get UHD Netflix without having the Sky Q Experience

iPad deal - £10 per month, no upfront fee! 32GB 48 months- £480 @ Sky
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
No upfront cost £10 per month spread over 48 months 32GB
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Yes already given your deal heat Joe as it’s not a bad offering at all that. Some folks just don’t appreciate that there is a use case for a cellular capable tablet. Much better that you don’t have to hammer your phone data all the while. Also handy to get a tablet with a sim that uses a totally different cell network to your phone - helps for those areas of the country where there are still issues with certain networks.


Not necessarily, if you already have Sky mobile then you don't pay any extra and the iPad costs £10 per month.


Or this for £473.60 including 5GB per month


You are absolutely on the money! I totally missed that and makes this quite reasonable. Its not £299 at all.. the Curry's equivalent is £424! This is in effect an interest free loan! Most on this thread including me owe you an apology OP! Sorry and thanks for posting. (y)


Isn’t your example there based on the non cellular version though? Emma’s deal here is based on either the 32gb or 128go cellular version.

Free cinema tickets for Instant Family on sky vip
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Free cinema tickets for Instant Family on sky vip. Available at lots of cinemas.

Thanks for this! Will be an interesting experience! I wonder whether I will feel like a "VIP" :{ (popcorn)


Cheers Dan. Appreciate that 😁 Got some.


I've never been turned away but never go late, the cinema is always full in my experience (a rarity in a paying screening)! Lots of people book but just don't turn up, I've been guilty of that once when forgetting to cancel. Go to the cinema and there will either be signage or ask a cinema staff member and they'll tell you where to go for the screening. Once you are there, there will be some cinema staff to scan the tickets as with a normal booking, then you can go in. No food and drink included, but there will be no trailers/advertisements!


Never been to one of these before but booked for this one. How do they usually work? Is there a genuine risk of not getting in or are they just covering themselves (if yes, how early should we arrive?) Are the Cinemas usually packed or half empty? Any food or drink or anything included? Will there be a sky employee sorting it or do you just report to cinema staff? Grateful for any advice! Thanks!


Back now!

Sky broadband & Unlimited phone calls. £18 a month. 11Mb internet. Line rental included.
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Normally £30 a month. Reduced to £18 a month. Average 11mb speed. Includes Skytalk so if making unlimited phone calls from a landline is important for you , then it's a good deal.… Read more
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11mb lol


I agree it’s misleading but when processing the £8 anytime calls is selected. This is a good deal if fibre is not an option and with £75 cash back tracked through Quidco i doubt there is better out there. Thanks op


Sorry my apologies it dose include free any time calls, just slightly misleading on skys site had to ring through to confirm.


I am getting SKY Fibre for this price :o


Just contacted Sky, have confirmed phone calls are included.

Sky VIP (app): Free Ice Skating
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Log on to the Sky VIP app using your Sky ID. Select the option for 'FREE TICKETS TO EXCLUSIVE EVENTS' and select 'GET YOUR SKATES ON THIS NEW YEAR'. Up to 4 people. Just opened… Read more
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(lol) haha oops- ok none near civilisation then 😜


Sky vip is pretty decent I’ve just won 4 tickets to Disney on ice for family of 4


Thanks. Just booked :)


Register for free. Download the app and register using your Sky ID and password.


I'm Sky VIP Gold and it's not available for me - rubbish!

Free international and national calls from Sky landline and free unlimited data for Sky mobile customers today
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
I am not sure if anybody posted this before. Cant find in a quick search. This Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we’re giving you free calls from your landline to wish your loved one… Read more

I thought the headline is self explanatory as it is clearly mentioned


From your Sky talk landline NOT sky mobile for the intentional calls


Already posted on the greatest showman post

£30 cashback (Quidco) to 2GB + Unlimited Text | Minutes - 12 months contract £72 (£6pm -> £3.5pm) @ Sky Mobile
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
2GB - £6.00 month originally + £30 cashback from quidco here . As far as I know, it’s a deal for anyone even those without a Sky TV package. 6*12 = 72 - 30 = 42 / 12 = 3.5 Comes… Read more
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No longer £30 cash back


only if cashback comes through....


Sky deal is better as you get rollover data, you can't with Plusnet.


pretty good deal, thanks!


It uses O2

Sky fastest broadband, 63Mb & free anytime phone calls. £27 a month + £9.95 router fee
Refreshed 4th JanRefreshed 4th Jan25/01/2019Expires on 25/01/2019
Our fastest fibre Our fastest fibre Totally unlimited, super reliable Sky Fibre Max ✔ Ideal for movie streaming and non-stop gaming in busy homes ✔ Average speeds of… Read more
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Don't think it will match Virgin vivid 350 but that costs a lot more


Will this be on levels with virgin fastest broadband


Thanks for posting this as currently with Vodafone and their router is shockingly bad. Is the sky Q router any good for stable fast speeds?


Same issue.Samknows confirms my exchange enabled for sky too.Signed up to BT on 10th Jan, day before new contracts started so hopefully still be able to leave my contract early next March.Would have liked to have tried Sky broadband.


Download the My Sky app. Log in with your Sky ID - so it looks like you have to be a customer before you can join?

12 month contract for a sim only mobile contract for Sky - Unlimited Mins, Txts & 2GB Data £3 a month
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Great for those who do not need a lot of data or are still on pay as you go....
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not working for me either. must have ended


Still can’t get the link, they’re not giving it to me.


Do it via live chat, it's quick!


Send the link I want to change my own.

Sky TV Only Deal: Sky Entertainment, Cinema, Kids, Ultimate on Demand and HD Pack for 18 Months
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
ENDS THURSDAY. This deal includes all packages (including Netflix) offered by Sky apart from Sky Sports. Sky Sports can be added for an extra £18pm (usually £22pm). £35 a month … Read more

Sky q. It was the end of an 18 month contract which had been £35 PM for the whole TV package. I had to go back 4 times and talk to retentions before I got that deal. I binned the kids package as we never watched it


you usually get better deals when you been with them for a while,but may i ask was that for sky q or sky hd?regarding the ops post i suppose this sounds reasonable for a new customer deal,but not for me,i know most people have the full monty package,in other words everything, for about 35 pounds a month,or lower ,so why should i pay more, for less,so that some one else can have more, for less?.


Nope, use UK one. When the VPN is activated you'll be taken to the US site automatically. There's no really way of telling other than the address bar and fact you'll see programs like office US available.


So do you register a new account with a generated US address or can I use my UK one through the VPN?



Sky TV Bundle deals with Mothercare - Save up to 38% - from £30 / 18mths
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
My Mothercare rewards club (free to sign up to) are currently offering a deal through Sky TV or TV and FIbre Broadband. There are 4 options open to new and existing customers with… Read more

paying to much for sky tv could do some serious harm to your wallet


It's more expensive than going to sky direct.MothercareSky


Watching too much sky TV could do some serious harm to Mothercare sales lol.