Posted 21 May 2024

Sonos Arc + SUB G3 + 2 x Sonos ERA 300 - Premium Dolby Atmos Home Cinema Speaker Bundle

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  1. jouster's avatar
    I love my Sonos, had there stuff for 12+ years and got a house full but these prices are getting mental, especially when an amp and speakers with wires will sound better hands down for a lot less of the price...and Sonos still has a wire...as they all need power...

    If you are really after this setup, do whatever you can to get a 30% off voucher.... (edited)
    MaJiiK's avatar
    How would you go about getting a 30% off voucher?
  2. jakeblade's avatar
    I have this set-up too, but find the new app is absolute garbage.
    royy's avatar
    Yes I had the app on an android phone set to not automatically update and it updated anyway also updated on my tablet even tho selected for manual updates. I'm new to sonos within the last few months so only got the sonos beam gen 2. I'm happy with it but certain things don't work such as the voice enhancement.
  3. smudgemobile's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
  4. Shaftydude's avatar
    Can't believe the sonos era 300 cost so much more then the Sonos One SL.

    I have the same set up but with the Sonos One SL as rears. £1100 Total.
    random__man's avatar
    I've both - the Era 300 is a big improvement as rear surrounds - a bit ugly though
  5. Karis's avatar
    Hey , thanks for sharing your first deal!
  6. harji12345's avatar
    managed to build this for a lot less
    arc - 600 costco
    sub 560 ebay maypay 15
    2 x era 300 610 maypay15
  7. Jay121x's avatar
    I have this setup
    Movie night is awesome
    bally12345's avatar
    How's the new app?
  8. Exstco's avatar
    Great price. I have this set up plus an extra
    sub and it’s incredible. New app is flawless too
    lucasbiggs's avatar
  9. mrcashman's avatar
    I have the Arc on its own and it's pretty comparable to my old setup (playbase and 2 Play1s as rears. I'm sure the surrounds and sub would make the audio experience enviable for anyone.
  10. Jay121x's avatar
    How much!!!!!!
  11. RayGray's avatar
    Anyone barmy enough to spend thousands on this bollocks deserves it. It's trendy asshole nonsense, if you care about home cinema you want a decent AVR setup.

    PS: Spending money poorly on crap products doesn't make you appealing.
    Set-Phasers-To-Stun's avatar
    Don’t hold back, you should say what you really think. 
  12. GodVilla's avatar
    Now £2056
  13. Gspaddock's avatar
    This’s company is excellent!
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