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Bloodborne™ The Old Hunters DLC £6.49 PSN Store (List Price £15.99)
Found 1 h, 14 m agoFound 1 h, 14 m ago
HUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES Experience an all new story set in the chilling world of Bloodborne™. Long ago, the old hunters buried terrible secrets in the ruins of Byrgenwerth. But they… Read more

Disc version and download versions would give you two separate installations. If you have the base game digitally, best just to buy the DLC digitally too. In order to access the Old Hunters DLC in game, just grab the item from messengers next to the doll and go to Cathedral ward, exit from left door and let the bloody Amygdala grab you and squeeze you like a peanut. You will then enter the Old Hunter's dream. :D


You won’t get fed up dying a lot, I thought the same but you just keep learning and you succeed


I quit with Nioh but if the price keeps dropping I’ll buy again and Bloodborne is an amazing game. I was doubting a PS4 pro last year and it’s turned out to be one of my best purchases!


How many hours have you sunk into the game? It's a good 60-100 hour game isn't it?


Exactly, they're talks of a Bloodborne 2 but how anyone completes the first without being good at speed running I'll never know

The Last Guardian - £11.99 @ PSN
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 13 h, 25 m agoFound 13 h, 25 m ago
The Last Guardian digital download on PS Store
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Are you on a ps4 Pro?


If you want an example of poor controls I thought Shadow of the Colossus was far worse, it made the game an absolute chore to play. I found myself leaving the horse behind and walking to my destination....


Waiting until it's free on psn, give it a few more month's


I didn’t experience any of the issues you speak of.

PlayStation Plus for May - Beyond Two Souls (PS4) / Rayman Legends (PS4) / Risen 3: Titan Lords (PS3) / Eat Them (PS3) / King Oddball (PS Vita) / Furmins (PS Vita)
31/05/2018Expires on 31/05/2018Found 19 h, 0 m agoFound 19 h, 0 m ago
[ PlayStation Blog ] link. As usual, we’ve two additional titles for both PS3 and PS Vita. The final line-up looks like this: Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) Rayman Legends (PS4)… Read more
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You’ll be able to get it (and all the games) on the 1st Tuesday of every month. You can purchase the games from the web store, with the PS App or direct from your console. In this case the activation day luckily drops early in the month,Tuesday 1st May. I’m guessing you’ve only just become a Plus member?


I still think the games are well worth the £3 a month the sub costs, but I’ll agree with the PS3/Vita comment (although the vast majority don’t own/play them anymore and don’t care). Even more so for the Vita. We had an amazing run back in the day with top quality PS3 games for months, but we’ve never had that for the Vita. It’s great to see some love for the Vita on HUKD and I do hope we get a few more games from the awesome back catalogue come to Plus before next year. At the moment it’s a slow death, when it could be a last hurrah... (flirt)


Is Beyond completely free? How do I get it? (I’m a ps+ member) TIA x


Tbh I'm missing the decent PS4 Indies we used to get sometimes. Retail games I usually just buy a physical copy if it's a game I'm interested in. I liked the Indies on ps plus, finding games like Tricky Towers that I would never have bought but have since become a staple for when my mates are round! Good offerings though. Maybe when they ditch the PS3 and vita support we'll get the best of both. I own all 3 consoles but don't think I've played any of the free games on Vita/PS3 for 18 months now.


Keep rapping

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PlayStation Vita Game Sale at PSN Store Indonesia
Found 22 h, 42 m agoFound 22 h, 42 m ago
As of 25/04 Indonesian RP PSN credit may be purchased from Offgamers at following prices: RP 100,000 = £5.86 RP 200,000 = £11.65 RP 400,000 = £23.29 Small transaction fee may app… Read more
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I can't see why Sony don't patch the accounts so you can play them the same as ps3/PS4, I would buy so many more vita games if this was the case.


Concur with above comment.. just too much hassle. I did consider buying a vita just for USA (They used to have the wing commander games not on UK) but ended up not bothering.


Great effort, thank you joeydeacon. Shame the Vita is a pain for multi-user. I have tried several times to share my PS account on my daughters Vita as I have PS+. Also we cannot share my previous PSP purchases.


I voted hot mate but this is a bad idea... Having multi accounts on vita is a nightmare. Logging into different accounts would require factory resetting the device... But to anyone who is interested, this guide may help you:


didnt think you could have multiple account locations on a Vita, don't you have to factory reset to change regions?

Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 & 2 Bundle just £3.99 from PSN (reduced from £11.99!)
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 22 h, 54 m agoFound 22 h, 54 m ago
Just spotted the bundle price of Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 & 2 Bundle is a mere snip at £3.99 for both games! This bundle wasn't included in the recent PSN discounts post, whi… Read more
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This is a phenomenal price. Heat added.


Fair play, I might add that too x


Nice price, heat added. Would suggest it's worth putting PS3 in the title though, as some might buy thinking it's OK for PS4 - only to be disappointed.


1st one was a great game when released on psn. 2nd one is not as good but still completed both back when they came out.


Yeah, the original is amazing and the reboots look even better! I was about to buy them separately, then typed in the search on PSN and the bundle is even cheaper, so for less than £2.00 a game, I couldn't say no!

ChromaGun (PS4) - £4.99 on PS Store
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 23 h, 14 m agoFound 23 h, 14 m ago
Cheapest it's ever been on PS Store If you like Portal/The Talos Principle... well it's not quite as good as those to be honest. But as first-person puzzlers go, it's easily up th… Read more
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Cheers for pointing this game out, would have missed it otherwise - looks good. (y)


half an hour in and it's a fun little game, worth a fiver


Certainly seems decent enough for that price, and I do love my puzzlers.


Hot.. purchased ready for vr


Soon to be getting a psvr patch too

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PSN Discounts 25/4/18
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Final Count: 881 discounts!!! I had to rewrite my spreadsheet! PS4 .Hack//G.U. Last Recode - £19.99 (56% off) 10 Second Ninja X - £2.49 (69% off) 140 - £1.69 (77% off) A H… Read more

edit: the games (and sale prices) are all there but there is no mention of a sale on the main store page. All sale games are mixed in with full price games. On PS3 go to 'games', 'digital only games' to start finding the sales.


There are no sales on my PS3 (UK PSN store). Everything is on the playstation website but nothing is showing on my store/console (PS3).


Depends on your tastes... I'd recommend Bastion, Broken Age, Digimon, Everybody's Golf, any of the Final Fantasy games, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio, any Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Slug, Muramasa Rebirth, Odin Sphere, most Resident Evil games, Ridge Racer and Valkyria Chronicles. Others might recommend Danganronpa, Hatsune Miku, Lichtspeer, Psycho-Pass, Steinsgate and Zero Escape but they're not my thing.


Thank you


Yeah - they work on the Vita :) It's unclear from PSN but the question has been asked and answered before:

Overcooked (and other bundles) - PS4 £4.99 - PSN UK
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Fun party game. Three versions to choose from: Overcooked: £4.99 (down from £12.99) Overcook… Read more

Bought this on psn two weeks ago. My wife loves it. Great fun


Which one gives you all the content in one go?


I already own Overcooked and The Festive Seasoning. To buy the gourmet version it's another £5.79. Yet if I didn't already have those other games, I'd be able to get them all for £5.79. Is this correct? If so, a bit annoying. Hot deal. GREAT games.


Oredred Overcooked looks awesome. Paypal apymetn complte but it wont let me DL on PSN says I dont own it lol :(


I had the disc on Xbox One, was Gourmet edition with all content on disc.

Star Ocean - The Last Hope - 4K & Full HD Remaster - PS4 £11.99 PSN
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
IMO this is so much better than Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness both in terms of gameplay and story.

The game is great and the remaster looks amazing.


I still have the xbox 360 limited edition version and spent 200 hours on this game.

[PS4] Yakuza Zero £18.99 @ PSN
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
'The glitz, glamour, and unbridled decadence of the 80s are back in Yakuza 0. Fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima. … Read more

Isnt this part of the US Humble deal atm? Would be better to go for that I think.



I import each page of PSPrices' table view into Excel through data queries (20 pages today!), parse the info out into separate cells with formulas, format it with other formulas, sort it and then filter it into 3 seperate platform lists... Then I copy the lists into Notepad (Excel data renders as unreadable muck on here) before pasting it into here. I then have to add bullet points because the HUKD mobile app renders lists as unreadable muck without them. The spreadsheet has taken a few modifications over time but I've got it to the point now that the above normally takes under 10 minutes (y) Anyway, it's in now (:I


Haha. I have no idea how you compile the list mate but it's always very much appreciated :) Edit I'm guessing it's with the help of psprices but surely you don't do them one by one?!?


Woke up late today... I'll get on it (embarrassed) Edit: 697 discounts???? That's broken my spreadsheet!

Persona 3 FES for ps3 £3.29 @ psn
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
While I wait well over a year for p3p to go on sale, I might just forget it and go for this. From all accounts a lot of game for the money!
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Maybe we should form a support group and campaign outside of playstation UK headquarters


Glad to hear I'm not the only one waiting for a p3p discount...


The summary I understand is whilst fes has full environmental movement , p3p is presented more like a visual novel, removed anime cutscenes but full control in dungeons. Coming off playing FES years ago, p3p is better to revisit as its just quicker to play through as your not running around the same out of dungeon environments so its better paced in that regard


It's worth mentioning that if you don't mind the ethics of emulation, playing it through an emulator lets you use the full party control in FES which P3P added. Someone made a little cheatcode for it, it's very cool.


That's a big debate. Better graphics in console version. Better gameplay tweaks in portable version. Extra content in fes.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - PS4 - £16.99 @ Playstation PSN
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Totally amazing game. BAFTA 2018 winner in 5 categories (nominated for 9). This compelling game was created in collaboration with neuroscientists and people who experience psychosi… Read more

Fantastic game with a great atmosphere. Best game ive ever played with headphones on.


Yh, but you need to understand this is a small development team with a limited budget. So, obviously it's alot cheaper to sell the game digitally, then have to pay a lot to mass produce and ship physical copies. I mean you can't really compare a linear single player game to two huge open world RPGs. Uncharted trilogy are a bunch of old games with slightly improved graphics, so I wouldn't except to pay full price anyway. Huge games like the Witcher 3 or HZD are the exception, because there's a lot of games where they feel like it's filled with busy work and out stay there welcome. Sometimes, I just want to play a focused single player game. For me the value is more about the actual quality of the game, rather than the length.


By that opinion should Skyrim remastered be around £80 if we're basing value on length? If this game was longer it would be full of pointless filler that would ultimately cheapen the quality of the game.


I am commenting from a value perspective, not what is 'right' for the game. It's a short game with limited replay value and it's digital so you can't sell it or trade it. £17 for that is just okay-ish in my opinion. I paid less for physical copies of HZD, Witcher 3, Uncharted Trilogy etc. So hard for me to vote hot on this.


That's the right length for a game like this, IMO.

[PS4] Valkyria Chronicles Remastered £6.49 & Valkyria Revolution £11.99 (£8.49 with PS+) @ PSN
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Valkyria Chronicles is a series of military-themed tactical RPG games created by Ryutaro Nonaka and Shuntaro Tanaka, and developed by Sega. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered £6.49… Read more

Chronicles is one of the most underrated games ever. Still one of my favourite games for the PS3 and a steal at that price. I'd avoid Revolution though....its garbage.


Good price for Chronicles but as above, the humble bundle is a brill price. I went top tier on it and I am selling my disc copy of this


Worth mentioning the Humble Bundle which includes Remastered and a 50% off code for Revolution (on the US store, not sure of current price) :)

Danganronpa v3 vita - £14.99 @ Playstation PSN
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Best price so far. Been dying to play this since finishing the rest of the series.
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Been waiting for this to go on sale for awhile since I own the first on the Vita, Got the e-mail this morning from PSPrices so I picked up this alongside 2. Don't think I'll bother with Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls unless someone can convince me, Did however pick up a few other games from this sale.


I think the visual novel style is better suited to portable devices personally. But either is good I bet.


Or just under £20 if you have PS+. I have the original 2 on Vita....trying to decide if to get this on Vita too or PS4


Also £24.99 on PS4 on PSN :)


I think I own the first physically, but regardless, I’ll be picking the series up in this sale. Good shout. Some great games in there. Disgaea 4, for example.

Persona 5 - Digital £24.99 from PSN
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Almost as good as argos previously, but digital for those that like the convenience
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It's a great game to chip away at. An hour here and there and then devote 4 or 5 hours to a dungeon. Repeat until bored/dead.


Don't forget the deal that's on HotUKDeals for £25 PSN credit for £21


Likewise :-( just spent 200! Hours in MHW so switched to GoW, but hoping this will be next - played first hour and it really reminds me of living in Japan; they really nailed the aesthetic (I mean doh, Japanese developer, but still it’s such a cool style)


I want my student days back again. Maybe then I could clear some of backlog and have a crack at games like this......yes, this is in my backlog.


This is 100+ hours easily. Great value.

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch - £5.79 On ps store
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
First Ni No Kuni game for PS3 has dropped by 63% to £5.79. Don't think it's the lowest it's been but still a cracking price as most physical copies have shot up in price thanks to … Read more

Maybe. Games like Valkyria Chronicles, Gravity Rush, Okami, Yakuza, etc. lead me to think it would still be profitable. It's in that category like Tales of Vesperia where I think there's a market for it but the devs are more interested in their next game than looking backwards so probably won't happen. Hopefully one day at least, even if it's just remastered for PC on steam or something.


I was initially doubting this but checking into the point, this is a fair point, actually, given than it was only 720p on PS3. While I'd certainly be up for buying a remaster too, it's probably too niche to justify that, even in the immediate wake of the sequel. Aside from the Final Fantasy series, JRPGs don't tend to see much in the way of remasters.


It has the kind of graphics that lend themselves perfectly to remastering at a higher resolution. It would look the same except a bit sharper in 1080p/60fps. I have it on ps3 and would happily buy the remaster so I could replay it (and actually finish it) with the upscaling.


This is a really lovely JRPG that's fairly straightforward and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.


If ever there was a game worth dragging your PS3 down from the loft for... <3 Currently on my 3rd run through the game and it still feels so playable, even when you know exactly what’s coming!

A Hat in Time (PS4) - £15.99 on PSN store
09/05/2018Expires on 09/05/2018Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
First time that the charming platformer has been on sale on PS4. Worth playing at full price and a bargain at this
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I bought it at full price. I did not like it. However it does have one of the best ghost house levels I've ever seen in a video game. But still not a patch on mario Odyssey 😜


Its much better than the dissapointing Yooka Laylee


If PC is your bag, it's £16.09 on Steam until Friday at 6pm.


Even Yahtzee liked it, and he hates everything


My 7 year old loves this

Everybody’s golf PS4 £12.99 with psn plus discount
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Digital copy from psn store

Ooo havent played this since PS2..! 😁 🔥


Yeah, very good golf game as long as you don't mind cutesy Japanese characters. It's great fun to play!


Voted cold by mistake!! Why can you not cancel that slip of the finger...


Yeah its well worth £12.99


Often overlooked game, but frankly it's a fantastic little game you can play casually or competitively. Easily up there as the best sports game for the PS4 and this price is very, very nice. Heat added~