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Xbox 360 Black Friday Sale 2018 - ends 26th November
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
DLC added at bottom of post Alone In The Dark 85% £1.79 ArcaniA: Gothic 4 85% £2.24 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 60% £7.99 Backwards compatible Assassin's Creed Liber… Read more

Yeah, it's a needlessly silly requirement to mandate the use of the older system. Especially as they actively encourage you to buy older games through backwards compatibility.


Ah ok, I got rid of my 360 ages ago.


You can but you need to do it on the xbox 360 itself. On the xbox store it won't allow you to use credit for 360 titles.


Can you buy 360 games with rewards points? I thought it was only xbox one games, xbox live etc.


Thanks. Will pick some up with ms rewards points.

Xbox Black Friday Sale: Starts today for Gold members, including FIFA 19 £35.99, Black Ops 4 £41.99 & Shadow of The Tomb Raider £27.50
Refreshed 17th NovRefreshed 17th Nov30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018
The Xbox Live Black Friday game sale starts today for Xbox Live Gold Members, the sale opens up to everyone on the 19th November and runs until the end of the month. Over 500 ga… Read more

"Patiently" waiting for one x bundles.


No time to play


Shadow of war season pass and injustice 2 base game


Anybody know how to fix the Xbox Netflix app lip sync lag?


Lazy view on fifa 19, but hey let’s be a sheep.

Xbox USA Black Friday Sale
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Microsoft have kicked off their Black friday Xbox Store sale in the USA for Gold members. You can get fifa 2019 for $30 which is around £24. You can either use cards like Revolt … Read more

Had same peoblem yesterday figured it out. make sure region icon on bottom left is correct one, United States, then click n one game and the first time you go to buy it, add a extra payment method there and it will add all your credit in one go, thats where you reddem them with this trick instead of redeemcode section, you add the card as payment and then it will accept on checkout , then add a zero tax state address and it will take the whole amoun


I just use the Xbox app. Change the region to USA English. Completely shut app down. When you reopen the app it will be in the USA region and the store will allow you to redeem codes and buy games from the u s of a


hilton is a great place to live also very easy to find their address :)


Excellent... Thank you


yeah thy can hold multiple billing addresses i got one for: turkey oregon england russia colombia but revolut has stopped a while ago so gift cards for US, turkey and what not the way to go .cdkeys will let u buy it for a small discount too

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Xbox Store UK Black Friday Sale -  14/11/18 - Early access for Gold members
Refreshed 17th NovRefreshed 17th Nov
1979 Revolution: Black Friday 5.75 GBP A Hat in Time 14.39 GBP ABZU 8.00 GBP ARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. PAC-MAN 0.80 GBP ARK: Survival Evolved 18.00 GBP ARK: Survival Evolved Exp… Read more
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@egodwin4 Here you go, mentioned earlier.


My son has Xbox live and he wants ARK Survival. Can I buy it now through his Xbox live account and keep it until Christmas or will it download straight away?



Game pass is £7.99 a month and you get the games that are included with the service and once the game is on the console as long as it’s not an online game you do not need the internet to play


Your always better buying a bundle package but no you don’t download for free you have to still pay for the games but there are two amazing subscription services called Xbox game pass and ea access exclusive to Xbox that have ally of games for you and your done to enjoy

Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 and Xbox one backwards compatible £8.24 @ Microsoft Store
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Been looking for this under £10 and found it on the Microsoft Store with the gold deals for £8.24. Hope this helps someone as this is my first deal on here, been around for years b… Read more
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Does that include all the disk goty content?


Is any of the free content of the game for single player story ?


Only if you buying fomr a 360, not on a PC or XB1 as far as I know


Have they allowed you to use Xbox credit on the 360 store yet?


Thank you very much!

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Crysis 1,2 & 3. Xbox 360/one @ Xbox Store - £7.49 each
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
.Crysis 1,2 & 3 for £7.49 each on Microsoft UK store. Works on Xbox 360 and Xbox one console's.

Remade in the Crysis 2 engine


You need to punctuate.


Crysis 3 is still playable online, been playing it since it came bwc, its good fun but hard, only the first option on the top of multi games is been played though. Normally around only 50-80 people on line, night time is best


Your comment made me chuckle (highfive) . back in the day it was not wise to mention your home brew pc rig to anyone for fear of this question :S :/ (mad)


Love all three, number 2 is my favourite but loved the tank level in Crysis

METAL GEAR SOLID HD EDITION: 2&3 only £7.49 with Xbox Live Gold
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
The disc version has shot up to around £25+ now that its available via backwards compatibility on Xbox one and Xbox One X Seems a great price to have digital copy if you have a Go… Read more
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Bought this, Cheers OP. Can't wait to hide in a box!


still have it unopen from day it came out , god knows why I never played it ….


Can I use credit to buy this does anyone know!???


Gold members start today, non gold from the 19th and then it ends at the end of the month,


Was about to drop 15 quid on this the other night , glad I held on (y)

Final Fantasy 13-2 £7.49 and lightning returns £9.99 @ xbox uk
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
All three xb1 back compat games on sale. Final fanatsy 13 £5.99 final fanaysy 13-2 £7.49 and lightning returns £9.99
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Cheers for the reply, well it says early access for Gold members so hopefully these prices are available for everyone soon I'll just hang on in there :)


Yes unfortunately mate. That’s the little gold square over the price.


Hi guys FFXIII 2 shows as 14.99 for me and Lightning Returns as 19.99 do you need to have Gold to get these deals? Thanks.


Almost as bad as posting a deal for beats headphones. (lol)


Normaly Tuesday to Tuesday. But this is part of the black friday deal. So should be 2 weeks. So Tuesday 27th.

Final Fantasy XIII £5.99 Store
Refreshed 15th NovRefreshed 15th Nov
The game only got a digital release this week and is now Backwards Compatible and X enhanced- including redone cut sequences. absolute no brainer for £6
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I agree, I've done so many side quests and extremely overpowered and I'm only on chapter 3 still...


I don’t, it was so likely to be on sale for black friday people should have some patience ;)


i feel sorry for anyone who got this within literally the last 24 hours of it being added


Oh you are not crazy- FFXV could have used a bit less open world tbh


Yeah it went BC this week, they updated the graphics and it looks so much better now :D

[Xbox 360/Xbox One] DiRT 3 - VIP Pass (Add-on) FREE with Xbox Gold @
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Unlock all DiRT 3 multiplayer modes, 5 cars and the opportunity to upload highlights of your best runs direct to YouTube* with the DiRT 3 VIP Pass. With the VIP Pass you can prove … Read more

Been free for years - but a nice heads up Storeparser is a good site to see what's going on with price drops etc in the ms store- usually up to date


Always been free

Xbox Live Gold - £1 for 1month @
Refreshed 15th NovRefreshed 15th Nov
£1 for 1 month is back on for non gold members, perfect to get into those black friday xbox deals as gold members get bigger discounts :) You cannot stack though, so its only £1 … Read more
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Im unsure if Game Pass works with 360, im only on One! Game Pass is like a rental service, £7.99 a month and any games in their "vault" are available to download and play as long as you subscribe, once you're no longer a subscriber the games won't work


Ive just joint Gold on 360, was trying to see if anything free on pass but now very confused.


Game pass has a large selection of games for you to download and play, huge choice and alot of good games too and a bargain, £1 for a months trial is great


there is also 1£ for game pass but dont really get whats that about

Xbox Store UK Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sales - 13/11/18
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
AereA 75% (GOLD) £6.70 Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 50% £8.00 DUCATI - 90th Anniversary 75% (GOLD) £4.00 Dead Age 33% (GOLD) £8.03 Desert Child 10% £8.63 Digerati Card Game Bu… Read more
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Civilisation Revolution show's as 75% off. But at the checkout it's 19.99?


Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic is currently on Game Pass if you are subscribed :).


It seems I’m only providing a service this week sir


Thanks for putting this up, more effort than microsoft clearly.......... 8)


Appreciate the effort but where's the real games?

XBox Black Friday Deals - £70  off on any XBox Console // Save up to 25% on XBox Controller // First Month Live Gold for £1.00 @ XBox Store
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Some of the preview of Black Friday deals on XBox UK website now. 1 - £70 off on any XBox Console From November 18 till 26. 2 - XBox Live Gold £1 for new accounts from November… Read more

"Romanian Dave" (lol) (lol) ;( ;( ;( I've heard it all


You need to ask for Dave


Where are all the PS4 console bundles?


I chatted with them. In 20 minutes we worked out my name is James and I'm feeling fine. They went for 10 minutes to look it up and came back and offered me a bloody coffee emoji. I think they were taking the p!$$ out of me tbh. Silly cow, Carmel from ms.


This is so frustrating no wonder why they lost in the U.K. can’t get the simple things right. The least they could have done was update us with new date. So annoying US has it already

Free Xbox multiplayer 8-11 Nov
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Xbox multiplayer is free for people who don't have gold from the 8th to 11th
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Yeah I love having about 50 game launchers on PC that all need updating every time you start them up, then your games do, then Steam, Uplay, Epic, Origin, Battle net, throws adverts at you too. An hour later you might be in a game (angel) The best of both worlds.


But do you have this ?


A weekend of Noobs lambs to the slaughter in FPS games (lol)


I've been on Gold so long this post had me double-taking to remember I'm paying for it


We lowly peasants are like ants to the elite

Free left 4 dead 2 trial (bwc & xbox enhanced) @ Microsoft Store
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Recently xbox enhanced,and backwards for a very long time, so this trial may be of use to somebody new to it or willing to play again, as i recently just discovered this game (yes… Read more
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Shouldn't it just go in the discussions area then, rather than the deals listing? Also, based on the comments from others, your title seems incorrect if the demo can't be played on XBox One, then it is't BC or xbox enhanced is it? (The full version is, but that isn't free). Edit: That said - I've never tried a 360 Demo on xbox one myself


Im just new to the game and demos are NOT available for every game may i just add, and as people get older, games are forgot about and younger new gamers find out about old backwards games that are great and that are still going strong online, many games after there first year crash with online games been played, as the games are not great, im a person who plays alot off old classics like this so if i help a few people , im happy,


Oh I've played this game quite a lot and have it installed already. I was just curious if the demo worked. Would be nice if it did but then that's technically another title they need to fix backwards.compatability for.


Demos have always been absent unfortunately.


I assume so as it bwc but do let us know and what the trial gives us, i was thinking this post would go cold,, but i hope a few people get a go at this game like urself

Crackdown (Xbox 360/Xbox One) FREE on Xbox Live Marketplace
Refreshed 9th NovRefreshed 9th Nov
The original Crackdown is currently available to 'purchase' for free from Xbox Live; this doesn't appear to require a Gold subscription. At a guess, this may be linked to X018, b… Read more
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You have to play Crackdown.. It will take a few minutes to get the hang of controls and graphics.. Back in the day this was top notch. You'll thank me later.. Its like Robo cop with Achievements, a cool narrative and narrator! Make sure you give it a try.. I was glued to it way back when!!


thanks :)


You also realise your arguing with an internet stranger over a subject that doesn't matter when I've also agreed to disagree. I say the X is the current generation and the one is last, but each to their own.


You realise that you're disagreeing with pretty much the entirety of the gaming community, including Microsoft themselves? ;) The Xbox One X is an alternative option within the Xbox One "generation" of consoles.


Ah well we shall agree to disagree on the generation. (Not the name, we are in agreement!)

Xbox UK Store Deals with Gold and Sale Specials 06/11/2018
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
ARK: Survival Evolved 50% / 60% : 18.00 GBP ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition 40% / 50% : 37.50 GBP Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition 40% : 7.19 GBP Atomic Heist … Read more
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🔥 thanks. Am very tempted to grab JC3 for the dlc


not sure if everyone knows this, but can i add it seems like PUBG is free on xbox store too at the moment


Air guitar warrior.... I might need this. Still can't get the hang of air guitar in real life, I struggle to switch between c and d.


Every sale i hope for cuphead...maybe black friday :)


Some of the names of these....hilarious

Xbox live 12 months for £39.99 (£28.59 after cashback via Topcashback) @ Xbox
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Through TCB you can get £8.40 cashback on xbox live 12 month subscription. Also ending on 4th november is £3 additional cashback on first order after activating the link of TopCash… Read more
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Spoken to Microsoft and was told it starts immediately :(


Dashboard. Had it cheaper from recent 3 month codes and rakuten deals


Where from?


Yes. Pre paid codes not redeemed can be used at a later date. Just keep a hold of the code 😃


Is it activated straight away or can I use it to give as an Xmas present please?

Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Forza Horizon 4 Bundle (1TB) with Red Dead Redemption 2 - £409.99at Microsoft  Store
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
sorry if already posted. Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition 1TB console I Xbox Wireless controlle… Read more
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You could always trade RDR2 for £40 at CEX.


Damn, was about to go for this then but it is £410 with rdr2!


Rdr2 is out of stock on the website


Anyone else wanna confirm?


Not the first to post this, and most definitely not the last