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Superdrug is one of the UK’s most famous retailers, operating almost 900 stores in every corner of the country. When customers need cosmetics, haircare products, perfumes, items for their baby or health supplements, Superdrug is often the first place they think of visiting. The company also runs plenty of discounts for customers to enjoy, and all the latest offers can be found at the HotUKDeals Superdrug listings. Read more

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5% off stamps at Superdrug
Found 7th Feb 2008Found 7th Feb 2008
Superdrug 5% off stamps from 7 February -------------------------------- What's the deal? Superdrug is offering 5% off first-class stamps from Thursday 7 February until Sunday … Read more
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Thanks for that - saved me the bother of even trying!


Yes - our tills are blocked from knocking discount off stamps and other items. The 10% off is a store feedback survey and can be used when you spend £10 or more subject to T&C's


COINS: Coins are legal tender throughout the United Kingdom for the following amount: £5 (Crown) - for any amount £2 - for any amount £1 - for any amount 50p - for any amount not exceeding £10 25p (Crown) - for any amount not exceeding £10 20p - for any amount not exceeding £10 10p - for any amount not exceeding £5 5p - for any amount not exceeding £5 2p - for any amount not exceeding 20p 1p - for any amount not exceeding 20p


The T&C stop you from using the 10% against stamps - is this applied in practice, though?


check your receipts when you buy these as there is a 10% discount being offered on conpletion of a survey

Gillette Fusion Shave Gel 200ML - £1.99 @ Superdrug
Found 5th Feb 2008Found 5th Feb 2008
Hi 1st post so pls be kind! Superdrug have the Gillette Fusion Shave Gel and Foam (Stealth or Sensitive) reduced from £3.99 to £1.99 instore &online. This is the same prices … Read more

Probably because the site is called hotukdeals and even at £1.86 its slightly tepid. A number of places are selling a product at almost the same price, wow - lets post. By posting rhubarb deals like this all the time we'd bring the site to its knees (without the need for a forum upgrade intervention like in December)


I agree - wot is the point in voting cold for 13p difference. thanks for that - I think it is an excellent price VOTED HOT!!! As for the blatent childish CAPITAL LETTER remarks, take no notice - welcome to the site, and it is not nice when you post your first deal to get that. Voted Hot anyway, as it is near to me, and not worth me going out of my way for 13p! Thanks GREAT PRICE!


Oh sorry, I'll vote hot the next time for something that's more expensive! ???? I would vote cold twice if I could, once for the deal and another for the bad attitude!


:w00t:cheeky fecker! - DO SOME RESEARCH


Dont think this deserves a cold vote for 13p difference (at the max) :) Should be a choice of whichever is the nearest store..

Finish Quantum Dishwasher Tablets - £2.99 instore @ Superdrug
LocalLocalFound 30th Jan 2008Found 30th Jan 2008
Quantum Dishwasher Tablets box of 36 for £2.99 at my local Superdrug store in Boscombe Bournemouth. Checked the price at Asda on line and a box of 24 is £6.78 so a really good deal… Read more
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Rang around 6 local branches in Surrey, only 1 stocked dishwasher tablets but not these. Tesco have the 24's at half price, around £3.35 till next Tuesday.


I have been back today to buy 2 more boxes. Shame its not all Superdrug stores.


Girlfriend just popped into Preston Superdrug they don't sell dishwasher tablets.


my local superdrug does stock dishwasher tabs but not the quantum ones :( however my local summerfield has £3 knocked of 24 quantum tabs but the deal is not as good as superdrug :(


I've never seen dishwasher tablets in either of my local Superdrugs, has anyone else?

Durex Condoms - £8.74 & BOGOF @ Superdrug
Found 28th Jan 2008Found 28th Jan 2008
Superdrug are doing buy one get one free on all Durex condoms,and lotions ! EG. DUREX PERFORMA 12 FOR.............. 8.74 B.O.G.O.F ! Great offer this.
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] ] This place was posted here ages ago and is still the cheapest I have seen 25 = £5.99 (durex or mates) 50 = £7.99 (durex or mates) 100 = £12.99 (durex) or £11.99 (mates) Delivery is £3.50 but it still works out very cheap


Yes but not everyone can wear extra large, otherwise it be hanging down like a santa hat :santa: Plus the Performa will help you last a little longer :whistling:


.........that will cost you a million!


well obv if they dont work you will have a baby worth a pound


doubt being the important word in that sentance

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor £7.74 instore @ Superdrug
Found 24th Jan 2008Found 24th Jan 2008
Was in my local Superdrug today and they had the Gillette fusion champions pack half price. This pack contains the razor with 2 blades as well as a 4 blade pack so in total 6 blad… Read more
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Heat Added ....




I would give this a COLD COLD .. Tesco's are doing a brilliant deal with the RAZOR & 6 BLADES included for the same PRICE .... Grab them at the TESCO's ... They had loads of them yesterday ...


have some heat


Fantastic deal. The lemmings rating system rules still

* BRAUN ORAL CARE TOOTHBRUSH 8500 * £37.38 Down from £74.99
Found 19th Jan 2008Found 19th Jan 2008
Hi all, if you're like me and missed out on the fantastic price Sainsbury's were doing it for, grab this bargain! (Sorry, Sainsbury's were doing the deluxe version!) I only saw it… Read more
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Sainsburys ARE still doing the delux for 23.50:thumbsup::-D


I'm sure I saw this in my local Sainsburys today for 23.50


Good price. They have it in Superdrug for the same price


Thanks silverbandit, have edited first post, also to highlight free delivery, Quidco (9%) and 10% voucher!


£36.95 Delivered + Quidco + (Vouchers Maybe) from John Lewis, was in stock, but now showing out of stock John Lewis also offer a 2 year warranty with this, as compared with superdrugs 1 year

LocalLocalFound 6th Jan 2008Found 6th Jan 2008
Hi all I popped in superdrug southend to look for the 40cd spindle with camera. I didn't find that but I found 5 pleomax DVD-Rs in jewel cases. It said £1.50 but at the till went … Read more

Thanks for this - sent my dad into our superdrug as he was going into town anyway - got 2 packs of the A4 photo paper for me @ 99p each - bargain!!!!

40 CDR Disk Spindle with mini digital camara  - 99p - instore at Superdrug
Found 4th Jan 2008Found 4th Jan 2008
40 Mr Data CDR disks on a spindle and comes with free matchbox sized digital camera. Nice little toy for the kids or keep the camera in the car glove box etc

didnt find this exact offer, but i asked instore and they found loads of other 25 packs of cd-r for 99p - bargain, they had memorex, tdk and samsung.


Ours did'nt have any pc stuff at all :(


i went to my local S/D bu they didnt have any


Most stores wont have any left. They are discontinued stock from about 2/3 years ago, hence the price. Most CD's and DVD packs are 99p at the moment Also get Kodak A4 photo paper for 99p


thx i will have a look tomorrow

Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D with 2 blades + 4PK of Free Blades - Only £3.59
Found 2nd Jan 2008Found 2nd Jan 2008
Just been to Superdrug and picked up a Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D Diamond which had a seperate pack of 4 Blades strapped to it (FREE), Unfortunately it was unpriced on the shelf … Read more

I went into my local superdrug today, and they only had one which had 2 blades in. It was priced the same too. Anyway went over to boots to buy some other things and notice they had it in but at £2.97 with 2 blades, which I didn't think was bad. Thanks, as would't have looked out for this otherwise. :thumbsup:


The best deal was at home bargains a few months back. They were selling the packs of 4 blades for 99p... Needless to say i stocked up and still have a few months supply left. They also had the quatro blades at the same price ( bought a few packs of those too). I prefer these Wilkinson Sword blades to Gillette myself. But i guess its just what your skin gets used too.


In fact just opened the razor to find that there are SIX BLADES IN TOTAL as therazor had 2 blades included. So I will be going to get another pack tomorrow as it's cheaper than buying a pack of 5 packof blades seperately


Checked and there is NO date or old offer on box. and the free blades are included. So can't agree that it is old stock just because it is not stocked online, like a lot of items. As for comfort, I have never had a problem with either Wilkinson Sword or Gillette, just the disposable which cut you to ribbons. I suppose it comes down to individual choice. Like to see anyone buy better (razor and 5 blades) at this price. They were also fairly reasonable for spare blades.


Got one a few weeks ago from Superdrug, had an expired offer on box old stock. Cheap but no where near as comfortable as a decent Gillette.

Witch Clear Pore Strips 2 or £5 at Superdrug
Found 31st Dec 2008Found 31st Dec 2008
Superdrug are selling Witch Clear Pore Strips for 2 for £5.00 otherwise costing £5.99 each!! I couldnt see this offer online so I presume its only available instore. The link added… Read more

Oh no saving money, i must vote cold, i dont get this forum some times. Dont vote cold because you dont need or want this product, thats not the point of voting on the forum. If people dont get this offer i'll explain it a bit more clearly - if you walk into Superdrug or infact most pharmacists (Boots etc) the Witch Clear Pore Strips will cost you £5.99 to buy one. If you buy two in Superdrug they go through the checkout as £5.00 for both of them. You are saving £1 and getting two of them! Why is that a bad offer/so cold????

Cadbury Advent Calenders 29p at superdrug or 3 for 58p!
Found 23rd Dec 2007Found 23rd Dec 2007
In superdrug they had stacks of cadbury advent calenders at 29p or 3 for 58p. IMO cadbury have the best ones, so get in quick!
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[SIZE="6"]YUMMO [/SIZE] :w00t:


My point is, if you want cadbury's chocolate - buy a bar - damn site more chocolate / better value than an advent calendar, less packaging, less hassle - same outcome. Just because something is cheap you dont have to buy it ... But if you wanted an advent calendar, a tad too late me thinks


Cheers shopaholic. See that now. Damn, I thought we'd a time traveller with us.


Sorry for sounding clinical, but what the hell do you think?


Jackthelad was referring to the fact that it would be out of date if you kept the calendars for next year - not to eat now.:whistling:

Flower By Kenzo 30ml Perfume Pricing error??? £15.95 INSTORE
Found 19th Dec 2007Found 19th Dec 2007
RECEIPT POSTED ON COMMENTS Went and bought this perfume for a loved one from superdrug today after hunting around for the best price. Just checked on the site and its coming up as … Read more
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I went in to get the 30ml, but saw the 100ml for 25 pounds and bought that one instead - Bargain! Also picked up the Britney Spears one (Curiosity, I think?) for 15 pounds, which is very cheap, too and quite nice.


i got mine from ethel austins,their regular price is £15.00 but they had a 20% off instore special,mine cost me £12.80 :whistling:


Great Price! Called in the store today asked about the Kenzo, but was told straight away about the 100ml EDP for the bargain price of £25!! Girl friend will be over the moon! thanks again...


Yeah this is he EDP version. Chhers superdrug for lowering the price. Lokks like a few other stores have done the same. Whatever you do, dont get it from boots!


fragrance direct have this for £14.99- 30ml or £29.99 for 100ml Christmas delivery is still available.

Oral-B Professional Care 8500 electric toothbrush kit only@29.99 (£45 off)
Found 9th Dec 2007Found 9th Dec 2007
This oral-b 8500 profesisonal kit was originally £ 74.99 but now is only £ 29.99 with £ 45 off.A real bargain. On top of that in my local superdrug there was another scheme that … Read more

Oh right ok, thanks :)


This has been discussed in a recent thread and it seems like the only difference is that you get a few extra accessories with the 8500 and theres a holder for the brush heads in the charger unit. The actual brush is identical. In my opinion, the 7000 model at a discount price represents the best value. ClashInDevon


Anyone know what the advantages of this brush is over the '7000' model are, as it is only £22 on amazon.


Back in stock on the website, went to a couple of stores in Walthamstow didn't have the offer there.


3 Day - 10% Off Everything at Superdrug !
Found 28th Nov 2007Found 28th Nov 2007
This is my first post so appologies if it doesn't meet the usual standard. I have just discovered that for the next 3 days Superdrug is giving 10% off of everything. There are s… Read more
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thanks op gonna start spending tomorrow - payday



thanks for the tip fredsave69 :)


:-D thanks fredsave69 - I was going to get some Lancome Juicy Tube lip gloss from Superdrug as it is only £20 for 3, now I can get it with 10% off too!


Thanks for the tip fredsave69 and welcome to HUKD's :)

3 for 2 on Christmas Gift Sets. Some are half price!!!
Found 23rd Nov 2007Found 23rd Nov 2007
3 for 2 on gifts. Some like Spa, for instance, are half price so you get a great deal. If you have any receipts from Superdrug that mention the survey at,… Read more



Already posted here..


FLORAL LAVENDER MINI TUBE TRIO Read more > 3 for 2 on Christmas gifts. Selected lines online Price Was: £1.49 Now: £0.49 so 3 for £1 less than one in the first place.. :D excelent deal. ;P


Good deal imo, they have some very nice lavender / rose bath sets which will do nicely for christmas, they have things from 0.49 - 0.99 upwards. Also in a different section they have Olay Wrinkle range 2 for £9.99 - well the night time wrinkle and the day time wrinkle fluid are £9.99 each so that makes them BOGOF, which is a good gift for my mother. I bought £52 worth of stuff including 3 £5.99 christmas sets (for relatives), 2 things of hair dye (2 for £10) and 2 olay wrinkles and the total was £30 so very happy with that.

Superdrug 5% Stamp Discount - Back Again From Tomorrow!
Found 20th Nov 2007Found 20th Nov 2007
Just watched Working Lunch & Superdrug are discounting 1st Class Stamps again this year. Offer is limited to 72 per customer so take friends and family with you to maximise th… Read more

Look at a stamp straight on and then twist it backwards and forwards and you'll see a shiny strip in the centre.


Sounds like an urban myth to me. I have just held a stamp to the light and there is no strip


I guess you are not in a village then you ignorant fool


why and how - what? Why does it work and how? If you hold a stamp up to the light you'll see a shiny strip along the middle which is 'read' by the sorting machines and then 'deactivated' so the stamp cant be reused. But as the sorting machines read each letter incredibly fast they cant tell if its a whole or half stamp they are reading. So a stamp cut in two would be read as two stamps.


*yawn* Close them, already

Britney Spears Curious Eau De Parfum 100ml only £15!
Found 16th Nov 2007Found 16th Nov 2007
First Post people so sorry if I mess it up! Britney Spears Curious Eau De Parfum 100ml @ £15 is an absolute steal as RRP is around £40. Appear to be sold out on web by pop into y… Read more

Just went in to Superdrug and got the 100ml one for £15.45, brilliant price as I very nearly bought one from Boots for £39.99!! I think I may go back and buy another!


This is really nice chilled with pepsi.


Surprised she's not drunk it all already. :-P

Found 4th Nov 2007Found 4th Nov 2007
Saw this on the superdrug website. Seems ideal if you are suck for a christmas present for somebody. reduced from £39.99. Not sure how much delivery is. It is in stock too.

............ Yeah see what you did there ?!, You missed the word "Please" after "pm me" K ;-)


has anyone got one of these??? pm me


Standard Delivery: 2 - 4 working days. Cost £3. Free delivery for orders over £35*. Express Delivery: Next working day. Cost £4.50.

Underwater digicam ViviCam 5188 Black - £39.99 in-store @ SuperDrug
Found 28th Oct 2007Found 28th Oct 2007
Having checked to find prices were higher everywhere else I bagged one of these for the kids for Xmas - They had loads in Burnham on Sea - both pink and black. ViviCam 5188 Black … Read more
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I bought this camera last time it was in Superdrug back in July.. I took it to Cyprus and had cracking photos by the pool and in the seea by the beach. It is very much an outdoor camera though to be used in good light as it takes poor photo's indoors and when the sun aint shining but if you want a camera to take on hols this is it.. dont need to worry about getting sand on it as you just wash it under the tap.. the waterproof housing is totally water tight . we took ours in the see and took great pics of little fish!


Sorry to digress of the subject, but since when has £40 become a stocking filler item? When I was a kid I'd be lucky to get a £40 gift for my main present. But anyways, all shots will be rubbish underwater if you do not use a strobe.


and the sort of results you expect If you are prepared to spend £200 then the viv will not look too clever in comparison but I'd not put that in a kids xmas box - for £40 its an educational toy that will encourage kids to get ff their bottoms. If you see one cheaper please let me know.


it all depends on how important and how often you are going to use your camera in the water.


but if you don't trust them you are back to buying a cheap camera to go with it and might as well have got the Viv 5188

LYNX Body Spray - 2 for £2.99 @ Superdrug !
Found 4th Oct 2007Found 4th Oct 2007
superdrug are selling LYNX body Spray for £2.99 for 2, thats a saveing of £1.97. Makeing it just £1.49 per can instead of £2.48

just go in a club at about 1am nowadays ur fit right in evreyone smells of sweat now, not smoke


Mm tasty :giggle:




I just's well cheap, but I have to pay for a night out.


wilko have the lynx for 2 for £3 too

5 pack Samsung 120min DVD+R8x discs for £1.49 @ Superdrug
Found 2nd Oct 2007Found 2nd Oct 2007
Samsung 120min DVD+R8x 5pack discs gone down to £1.49 instore

Superdrug have lots of similar items at cheap prices. 24 AA batteries for £2.99 too if I remember correclty, decent ones too.


fair price if you only need 5. SVP do 25 16 speed disks for £4.49


yes they are not going to be selling stuff like that anymore


is this at all stores?

Arm & Hammer Enamelcare Toothpaste BOGOF at Superdrug (£3.49)
Found 1st Oct 2007Found 1st Oct 2007
Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Have you been able to find a toothpaste that gives you a long term fix? No? Well look no further! Arm & Hammer would like to introduce our … Read more

I love the taste of this stuff. minty tooth paste makes me puke...literally.


does it work, id like to know too. However if you type in arm & Hammer Enamelcare review into google you can have a look.


Does this stuff actually work, or is it just the usual load of toothpaste hype?


For more info on the product, click ]HERE.:thumbsup:

Motorola F3 phone from Superdrug for £14.99
Found 29th Sep 2007Found 29th Sep 2007
There's a T-Mobile PAYG sim card included but no top needed for this purchase. Had tried my O2 sim card on the phone and it works, so it's unlocked. Just bought mine from the Sup… Read more

I've not seen nor heard of one that is locked. Great sound quality and battery life but nothing else going for this in my experience - mind you, it's a mobile phone so what else is needed ;-) _____________________ Be good, Dio :thumbsup:


Are they all unlocked?


Voted hot - still a phone.


voted cold piece of crud !:x


e2save are selling this for £7.99 but of course you need the topup. Virgin for example, £17.99 then use quidco to get £7.50 cashback, so its then £10.49 delivered.

50% Off Gillette Fusion  -  £4.99
Found 14th Sep 2007Found 14th Sep 2007
Gillette Fusion Power Razor Was £9.99 Now £4.99 Other Gillette Fusion products 50% Off Selected Lines - ms0001


go to boots, they are doing the razor (with 2 blades) and a pk of 4 blades for £7.99!!!!


anyone know anywhere where you can get cheap blades for these?


Voted hot.:thumbsup:

1 Week Only Deals @ Superdrug
Found 4th Sep 2007Found 4th Sep 2007
Hello, i work at superdrug and our new promotions were out today and i thought i couple were worth mentioning on here. GILLETTE FUSION STEALTH POWER RAZOR Fusion power stealth has… Read more

oops i see now.. sorry


is it £4.99 or £9.99?

BEAUTY ELECTRICAL NOSE TRIMMER 99p plus p&p (£3.99 inc del)
Found 30th Aug 2007Found 30th Aug 2007
Maybe of use to someone, many or none! Cuts and trims unsightly nasal and ear hair. not sure about P+P. did'nt add to basket to find out

I've updated the post to include the delivery charge, which we always try to show here.


£3 p&p for those that are interested.


:giggle: :-D :giggle:


As endorsed by Les Dennis.

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