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Tesco Mobile is the mobile phone branch of one of the UK’s favourite retailers. Offering a wide range of handsets, contracts and SIM only deals, Tesco Mobile specialises in keeping their rates as low as possible. They also offer plenty of mobile phone discounts, all of which can be found at the Tesco Mobile HotUKDeals listings. Read more

All Tesco Mobile Deals, Discounts & Sales for April 2018

Half Price Moto G5 for 6 months at £6.69 (remainder 24 months @ £13.39) total cost - £361.50 @ Tesco Mobile
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Grab yourself a little gem of a phone for half price for 6 months. The phone is a great mid range device coming with 13MP Camera 16GB of storage Capable of up to 32GB SD storage … Read more
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actually the phone is only £131 and interest free credit, tariff makes it expensive as just looked, not a bad deal really,but not that good either




Wasnt this phone £89 from o2 before christmas?


its £144 Sim free from Tesco direct https://www.tesco.com/direct/search-results/results.page?catId=4294967294&searchquery=moto+g5&SrchId=4294967294 .


Better off buyer the phone and then getting a sim only deal Phone is only £170 from John Lewis and you can get a £5 / month SIM only with the same minutes/text/date. 170 + (24 X 5 = 120)=£290 Or spend an extra £30 and get the G5 plus from cpw.

Half Price Samsung Mobile deals @ Tesco Mobile
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Grab a 3 or 6 months half price on Samsung phones on contract at Tesco Mobile Month 2-4 or 2-7 is half price (depending on the phone)
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Wow..500mb? You need more just fir updates:))). Can't believe someone will actually agree with 500mb and pay for it


30 month deals .. hopeleass looking at note 8 its 6gb data cosing 1500 pounds for 30 months.. stupidity


500mb! I use that in one day . Are tesco stuck in the year 2007?


Who ever wrote that Point Of Sale has hit new heights if knobishness. 3 or 6 months if half price line rental while making it look permanent. What a steaming pile of (poo)


Rip off tesco again 👎

SimFree Mobiwire Aponi 3G with £40 TopCashBack £16.99 at Tesco Mobile
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Price including free delivery £16.99 TopCashBack Handset Purchase £16.01+ Exclusive CashBack Offer £40.00 Display The Aponi has a 2.4″ full-colour QVGA display provid… Read more
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Oh well it was worth a go, order now cancelled. Also did you see someone else posted this on hot dealsearlier today


So it's yet another non-existent 'Hot Deal'!


It always meant that... just really badly worded. I asked TCB via a direct message on twitter a few days ago... I was told its a contract and they would clarify the wording... Which looks like has been done now.


I looked at topcashback website via chrome. Looks like it's contract purchases only.


But it diesn't it says handset contracts

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Moto G5 on Tesco Mobile (via telepohne)  £12.50 pm 24 month contract 500mb data/500 min/5000 texts £300
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
OK here's the deal, this is showing on their header page as a Black Friday deal but not on their website yet (current price £14.50 so a £2 pm saving). I phoned and got this deal t… Read more
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That was your sticky website loading on your second tab that used it up.


Works in increments of £2.50 e.g. £10 clubcard voucher worth £40 food. Just pay for your drinks. https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/boost/eating-out/4294967291.cat


What's the meal deal?


Yes, I have to agree with you, most people will not see this as a hot deal. I'm a big Tesco clubcard user, can live with the adverts and have two Tesco phones so for me the tariff works out at £9 - £3 (adverts) - £4 (meal deal) = £2 pm.


I used 500mb of data writing this. Cold

Tesco samsung S8 along with free gift £37.75 for 30 months - £1072.50 @ Tesco Mobile
LocalLocalFound 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Samsung galaxy S8 plus a free gift, samsung clear cover wireless charger, samsung glaxey tab e or samsung gear fit 2
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So 12 month contracts benefit the seller, of course they want you to upgrade every year, thats good business. And every year with every annually upgraded phone most reviewers say that the upgrade is not enough to buy into it if you have the last phone. Hence, my comment. Perfectly logical.


Phones are advancing faster than ever, hence Sky, EE, SAMSUNG etc are all offering upgrade programmes after 12 months. So i'm failing to see the logic in your statement.


I just got the Note 8 on a 30 month contract. Brought the price down and to be fair the slow speed at which phones are advancing now I'm not too bothered about being caught up in the 24 month refresh cycle. Kept my last phone for 3 years. And it's flexible so I can always pay off early if needed.


Last time they were used to help shift the soon to be replaced S7/Edge. Now the phone is current and the gear fit has just been replaced!


As I said offer is on in Samsung shop and its on finance with Samsung at zero% interest

Motorola C + Headphones + 500mb/250mins/5000txt £7.50/month x 24 months = £180 @ Tesco Mobile
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
My dad has finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a smart phone. We've been keeping an eye open for a reasonably cheap package with / without a phone and spotted this in… Read more

Then you'd be wrong on both counts. If you're happy with the lottery of buying from China that's great, but for the user mentioned in the OP this is a better option on many levels. I'm still waiting after a month for the bargain blackview a7 that was on here. I could have been using a Motorola instead of waiting.


Yawn! Speaking from experience you are wrong again. Have you ever used one? It even has great battery which is comforting to those coming from a brick phone.


I would hardly call the Motorola C a smartphone. It will put them off as it is so rubbish.


I agree this is not a deal for all, but for a relative who only uses the phone for basic calls and texts it's perfect, particularly because you get support from Tesco in-store or their UK customer care centre. Of course you can get way higher spec phones for £70 delivered in a few weeks from Gearbest, but the support is non existent. Different strokes etc.


Looks like the lady may have taken a holiday! :)

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Tesco Carlton Nottingham Phone shop are giving away free USB sticks and Travel Mugs
LocalLocalFound 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
Tesco Carlton Nottingham has just opened today and are giving away free 2gb USB sticks and Travel Mugs to those who visit today! Just went and got a USB stick for myself

might have to drop in after work thanks :) Just wish they would know the old pub down next door to it lol

LocalLocalFound 10th Sep 2017Found 10th Sep 2017
Bought this today in Tesco in Phone Shop, reduced from £16 to £4. Samsung own brand. Can't find it online, must be instore only. This one...http://www.samsung.com/uk/mobile-access… Read more
Tesco NEW SIM ONLY Deals. (See post) inc. 6gb 4G data, 3000 minutes, 5000 texts - £12.50pm
Found 4th Sep 2017Found 4th Sep 2017
Tesco have launched 4 new tariffs today, the one highlighted is £12.50 but you could potentially get this for £8.50 a month! £3 off per month for using Tesco Xtras with Android de… Read more

Bad data speeds !


£12.50 one not around anymore


I got this on a 30 day contract over a year ago 8)


12 month contract? no thanks


Ok so this is hated on a lot. However, you need to watch one advert per day for about 26 days out of a month. There is also an option to pause the ads for two hours. Without that I think yes its requires EXTREME patience.

Nokia 130 £0.99 when bought with £10.00 credit top up at Tesco Mobile
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Tesco Mobile Nokia 130 for 99p when bought with £10 tesco top up voucher. Total transaction price £10.99. Great emergency leave in the glove-box phone. In store only, while sto… Read more

Brilliant first post. Hope there are still some in stock. Many thanks.


Just bought one in Tesco Extra Loughborough, price ticket said £2.99 (if bought with £10 airtime) but went through at the deal price. Have some heat


Someone got out of the bed on the wrong side


Well you're actually paying the £10 to actually not use them, but yeah. There are cheaper networks agreed, however they are the least complained about network according to ofcom...


Put the £10 credit on the phone and ring 4455 and get them to unlock. Easy enough.

Tesco Mobile - Alcatel 10.16G - In store 99p
LocalLocalFound 14th Aug 2017Found 14th Aug 2017
Nationwide deal. 99p. Phone is locked to Tesco. Phone is great for the car glove box for emergencies. As to comments saying it's not nationwide, that is because on Tesco Mobile's … Read more
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Just bought 4. 99p each. They are still out there. I found mine in the separated ‘clearance’ section, not in the mobiles. They also had some Samsung models marked at 50p. None on shelf though.


heat from me purchased phone as a spare for wife whilst hers gets repaired


This Phone, definitely?!, loooool.


Good point that, it has been a warm couple of days, huh?. Wouldn't want alllll our phone's evaporating into nothingness now, would we?, hahahahahaha. :-D


I got the last one at the Tesco Extra in Corstorphine this evening, it even came with 20p credit. Obviously still worth checking, particularly at the Tescos with a dedicated cellphone alcove as they're less likely to just get tossed on the shelves and evaporate instantly.

Tesco mobile sim only 1500 minutes 5000 text 4gb data £11 p/m 12 months (£132)  £3 off using xtra app £8/pm
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
Tesco mobile sim only 1500 minutes 5000 texts 4gb 4g internet = £11 £3 off xtra app =£8 month
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Tesco cannot compete


Look at plusnet


Check out PLUSNET deals on SIM cards. You'll never look at Tescos again


Awful network gone. Deals aren't as generous as they used to be


Thats an ok deal....

Moto C £8.50/month Tesco phone & data contract
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
I was looking for a first phone for my 10 year old daughter. She will be taking the bus to school. She headed straight for this one and with the phone and tarrif contract coming t… Read more
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Xtras app gives 200Mb, but it can use more than that some months downloading ads. I've blocked it from using mobile background data do now it only downloads the adverts at home over wi-fi. Don't forget family perks if more than one phone on the same contact.


Its called the TESCO XTRAS app and will give you £3 off the price and 250 MB free data so paying £5.50 for 250 mins 750MB data, New Moto C.......... makes it a great hot deal


You have my sympathies. I hadn't realised Huawei had been so stupid as to remove that obviously useful option from 4.1.


You might find the Tesco Mobile app gives you a small but welcome monthly discount, worth checking out.


This is a p9 lite, EMUI4.1 no option I can find other than usage reminders. No drop downs anywhere on emui4.1, it's a **** interface other than being able to search it.

1GB data, 500 mins, 5000 texts - 12 months sim only contract (£7.50/month, £90 total) @ Tesco Mobile
Found 25th Jul 2017Found 25th Jul 2017
Tesco have doubled both the 4G data allowance (from 500MB) and minutes (from 250) on this tariff. Occasionally they double the minutes on this tariff, but I haven't seen both data … Read more
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No existing customer, just phoned them. I also got it for my daughter & Sony (strong)


-180 degrees! People seem to be missing the point of this deal, lol!


Wondering this myself, I've been with tesco for an age and never got any sort of retention's deal (their signal is best where I am so have stayed despite this).


You mean as a new customer or contract renewal? How good a deal did you get?


Only on android

Tesco Mobile: Pay As You Go £10 Rocket Pack Half Price For 3 Months
LocalLocalFound 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Most PAYG users should be able to save £15 with this deal. This bundle gives you 1GB data, 500min, 5000 texts per month. This offer is not very public, here is are the details fr… Read more

The rocket deal at tesco mobile is £5 for 3 months then £10 thereafter. And you have to top phone up enough to pay for it every month if you want to keep it.


It's a 30 day contract, so no big deal really, it's not 12 or 18 months .... and you can set a £2.00 cap, so no unexpected large bills. The default / standard cap is £10.00, so again, even if you leave it at default, your still not going to run up £100,s or £1,000's. As for EE coverage, I find it very good where I am, but that's always something you should ideally check out before taking on any mobile phone contract, or deal.


It is a good price but with a contract there is always the risk of getting billed for more charges. I did notice that Tesco monthly offer a free service to put a cap (min £1) on your monthly account to keep those to a minimum but personally I feel much safer with PAYG and a zero or small balance. EE doesn't have coverage the places I go unfortunately.


sounds decent to me, my youngest daughter is on a plusnet deal so makes sense to put them altogether and we are heading out to tenerife so can use the data out there which will be good


Well, if you only need 1GB data then I'd go for a 12 month 12GB mobile broadband from three. Costs £25, so ~£2/month and also works abroad. Use a voip app and you can call for ~1-2p/min to landlines across the world (and free between the same app). It's only expensive to call mobiles and text. This solution works fine for me as I never call anyone. I might look for something cheaper next year, though. Edit:example link: https://www.mymemory.co.uk/3-payg-4g-trio-data-sim-pack-incl-12gb-data.html?utm_source=google_shopping

5000 minutes/texts - 12gb 4G data - 12 months sim only contract @ Tesco Mobile £17.50 month - £210
Found 28th Jun 2017Found 28th Jun 2017
Tesco Mobile 12 Months Sim Only Contract 5000 minutes/texts 12gb 4g data £17.50 month Possible topcashback

Worth noting if you have 2 Tesco mobile contracts you can get family perks and get £1 a month of each one.


one month contract cashback from tcb so on this 17.50 cashback.just done it on the £11 one tracking within 3 hours. Imagine I have to wait until after 14 days cooling off period to get it approved.

5000 minutes - 5000 texts - 25gb 4G data - 12 months sim only contract -Add extra £3 for 30gb of 4G data @ Tesco Mobile £25.00 month
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
5000 minutes 5000 texts 25gb 4G data 12 months sim only contract £25.00 a month Add extra £3 for 30gb of 4G data Possible cashback £25.25 @ https://www.topcashback.co.uk/tesco-mo… Read more

I have this deal but with Tesco but 6GB data, I pay £12.50 a month on a 30day contract


Yep, as soon as i wanted one they all disappeared. I've not really found any 1 month rolling contracts worth buying. If i do find one i'll post it or someone else will i expect.


You can download the tesco mobile xtras app to take £3 off a month on this also.


Can still get better deals on all other networks - 3 gives you 30Gb data for £16, Voda less than £20. Tesco Mobile is a decent service however & good customer service - I've been with them for 10 years & just switched a couple of weeks ago to Three.


A few months ago there were a few deals for 20/30gb a month for around £20 a month but now as I want one of those deals they seem to have dried up. Anyone have any ideas if anyone still have the deal?

1500M - 5000T - 4GB 4G data - sim only - 12m contract @ Tesco Mobile
Found 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
Tesco Mobile 1500 Minutes 5000 Texts 4GB 4G data 12 months plan Sim only £12 month Possible 105% cashback on first months line rental

​Joking aren't ya EE are rubbish o2 are miles better than that crap never one problem Ive been with Tesco for 6/7 years not one problem yes the deals arent as good but the reception is brilliant I try EE cos of better deals but the reception was non existing never again Tesco/o2 all the way


I agree, i finally jumped from O2 because they have nothing but problems with one of the masts where i live and went to EE instead, i now get a full signal. I think it comes down to where you live these days due to a lot of people using their phones at home a lot more.


EE is far superior than o2! And of course it depends where you live!


I get over 100mb down and about 40mb up on EE in my house. I'd say that's pretty decent.


I'm with plusnet, hubby with Tesco his signal is non existent most of the time unless near big cities! Suppose it's wherever you use or need the phone signal as to which provider you go for. Not bad deal for Tesco customers as I've noticed the o2 network are quite stingy with the allowances!

Found 26th Apr 2017Found 26th Apr 2017
Not for everyone but might help someone who likes LG phones. Only trying to help. https://www.tesco.com/direct/lg-g6-platinum-sim-free/659-3139.prd?source=awin&awc=7090_14931… Read more

From India try eBay


How did you get the V20? I am thinking of getting one, used to use a big phone. My next option would be S8 plus but very expensive...


Ordered mine then checked my orders showed £629. checked bank which also showed £629 so i cancelled.


can you not unlock the phone for free though


Expired, no? Showing £629 as merb0786 commented..

2000 clubcard points with a Lenovo Moto G5 from Tesco Mobile - from £14.50 a month.
Found 25th Apr 2017Found 25th Apr 2017
Tesco Mobile are doing a deal where you can get 2000 clubcard points (£20 off at Tesco) when you buy a Lenovo Moto G5 which starts from £14.50 a month.

No worries when they bring out a new one, you can buy one and be confident you bought another one.


anyone notice the speaker isn't loud as the old version anymore if I knew I wouldn't of brought it


Its £165 payg: https://shop.tescomobile.com/pay-as-you-go/mobile-phones/lenovo/moto+g5?deal=50307 I've heard good things about this phone, have some heat :)


you might aswell buy the phone rather then pay £14.50


heat added