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Tesco Mobile is the mobile phone branch of one of the UK’s favourite retailers. Offering a wide range of handsets, contracts and SIM only deals, Tesco Mobile specialises in keeping their rates as low as possible. They also offer plenty of mobile phone discounts, all of which can be found at the Tesco Mobile HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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15% off Tesco mobile for colleagues and up to 9 friends and family
26/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Tesco Mobile – Limited Time Offer 15% off a month on selected Tesco Mobile colleague deals. Tesco Mobile – Limited Time Offer What’s the benefit? Tesco Mobile turned 15 this year … Read more
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I can't look. Says I need to log in as staff member


These are the phones included in offer Samsung Galaxy S9 Black 85053061 Samsung Galaxy S9 Blue 85053147 Samsung Galaxy S9 Purple 85053199 Samsung J4 Plus Black 86174152 Samsung J4 Plus Gold 86174169 Samsung J4 Plus Pink 86174175 Samsung J6 Plus Grey 86174198 Samsung J6 Plus Red 86174209 Samsung J6 Plus Black 86174181 Apple iPhone 7 32GB Jet Black 82132859 Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black 84225568 Apple iPhone 7 32GB Gold 82132911 Apple iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold 82133386 Apple iPhone 7 32GB Silver 82132888 Apple iPhone 8 64GB Gold 83928412 Apple iPhone 8 64GB Silver 83928153 Apple iPhone 8 64GB Space Grey 83928118 Apple iPhone X 64GB Silver 86101850

iPhone SE from £12.50 p/m 36 months 500MB data, 5000 minutes & 5000 texts £450 @ Tesco mobile
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Thought this might be a good deal ,think it works out at £126 for an iPhone se but there’s also a contract to pay for cheapest being £12.50 you can can mess about with length and … Read more

My apologies then! Yeah, always baffled me a bit. But I'm not complaining, I upgraded to the Xr and sold my year old iPhone 8 for £450. I intend to keep the Xr until it physically doesnt work anymore and I dread to think what the price of phones will be then.


I think you’ve misunderstood; I’m not saying a five year old phone shouldn’t be cack. I’m honestly surprised that a five year old phone goes for £100+, regardless of which fruit is displayed on the back. Call me naive. The fact that I’m still using one is my issue, I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. The battery is shot and it cuts out all over the place. That’s why I’m looking at new phone deals!


Would be really nice if we could see if an S4 would run 5 year newer software well. Let's give Apple some credit for there updates. I wouldn't mind betting a Nexus 4 would run Android P well though, as the specs were so good on day 1.


Why would you expect a 5 year old phone not to be a pile of cack? Why would a 5 year old phone be able to run this years software well? Would a galaxy S4 run android P well? Always baffles me why people slate apple for slowing down older phones, they don't, older phones just aren't made with hardware that supports software developed five years later. You're 5s is cack because it's five years old. My aunty got this deal last year, she's tiny, and 99% of phones these days are just far too big for her, so far this month she'd used 30mb of data. So it's perfect for her.


Just got one of these for a work phone. Feels like going back to 2012 compared to my 2016 Oneplus 3. Screen is tiny and lacks any punch, no way of seeing that I've missed a call after returning from lunch, (without having to wake the phone.) If you've got small hands you don't have much choice these days but for all others, I'm struggling to see the appeal.

Huwai P20 Pro £29.99 pm 36m @ Tesco
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Huawei p20 Pro. Tesco mobile £29.99 2gig

EE in store £53 month. 2 year contract. P20 lite £36 psmart £26 pm


Oh I know there's better deals out there but EE in store are so expensive


Even instore EE could probably beat this xD sorry dude How many links dyou want? Just type p20 pro into the search bar here, literally any deal is better than this. I got my Mrs a P20 Pro, no upfront, 31 a month, unltd mins + texts, 30GB data, with EE through buymobiles. 2 year deal.




Yeah not bad, I have managed to get it for 37 quids pm (with red entertainment Spotify cost me 9.99 normally) which is only 27.01 pm with 80GB data directly from Vodafone. Phone itself is ace! Not regretting not paying more for Mate 20 pro :)

iPhone 6 - 32GB version on offer in Tesco for £319, reduced from £479
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
If you are looking for a cheap iPhone, Tesco have got on offer at their in-store phone shops the iPhone 6 for only £319, saving you £160 from the usual price of £479! Tesco said w… Read more

Have a look on gumtree and eBay. You can get some used phones which are in pretty good condition for a much cheaper price. I had got my iPhone 7 32gb in January 2017 from a second hand shop for £500 and it was still in the box and hadnt even been opened. Apple and other retailers were selling it for £599. You could probably get an iPhone 7 for £349 which is in pretty good condition.


Can anybody help me please I'm looking for a iPhone for my daughter for xmas which is best one to get and where's best to get it my daughter has asked for a iPhone 6 s plus but at 349 I find that to be expensive for a old model phone please help I have very little knowledge when it comes to iPhones Thankyo


I had a 6 until this weekend when I got a used 7plus. The 6 was incredibly tedious to use, the combo of cpu and low ram made it difficult for me to use properly. Waiting 10 seconds for an app to load isn’t something that I am happy to do. I would advise looking for a good price on a used 7 or the 6s is available at a similar price new by all accounts. The 6s or the we is a much better phone and will have a longer future. The se is available from giffgaff for 199 if you are happy with the screen size


Weh hey! First sheep comment, well done. Yours, a ‘Baaaa’my Apple iPhone owner. On a more constructive note, that’s not a great price, even a 6s should be cheaper than that. Getting hold of a 6s would be a far better move, much more solid and decent phone. Had mine 3 years, still going strong-not really been tempted to move away. I do a lot of photography so the only thing that I really notice is the camera: it’s not as good as I’d like it to be, but if anyone is considering a 6, look for a 6s: performs like a different phone.


And yet I haven’t seen many deals around on later models. Rather than reduce the prices they may well keep them where they are and make more profit per unit sold. :{

Tesco Mobile Black Friday Deals 2018 - Ends 2nd Dec.
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Some of the deals on offer: PHONES (Contract) iPhone X 64GB - £38.25pm (2GB data, 5000 minutes, 5000 text) iPhone 8 - £28.49 (1GB data, 5000 minutes, 5000 text) HUAWEI P20.-… Read more

Best network I have had as it piggy backs o2. It's the only signal I get in my house, 3 is rubbish in my area so have just upgraded to take advantage of the sim only 5gb offer and am saving money with family perks! Great customer service.


Worst network I have had. Poor signal in my house. Had much better signal from 3, will be going back to them when my contract is up.


Not that great. Sim only on Plusnet, 30 contract cheaper


They'd be cold at 24 months


@amazoncrazy - No problem @AtomicTurkey & @markvickymax - Thanks for the heads up.

Tesco Mobile Black Friday Sims 20Gb for £16.50, potentially cheaper
LocalLocalFound 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Tesco mobile sims, If you are friends with anyone that works for Tesco then you can use their employee number for another 10% off and if you have contracts already you could qual… Read more
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Yeah, just rang them, got it sorted, happy days (y)


Yes you can’t do much on the web chat. Phone took ten mins. Or pop into a store.


Nice to know it's working, I need to ring tesco up and move onto the £10 deal, couldn't get it sorted over web chat unfortunately.


Thanks! I just upgraded my dads sim tariff. He had a £5 sim only tariff. I took out a sim contract myself for £10 a month. With family perks my dad pays £4.50 and I pay £9 a month. Dads been with Tesco 3 years so he gets another 50p off. Result.


50p off monthly

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Motorola Mota E5 Play - £7.50/month (£180 for 24 months) @ Tesco Mobile
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Cheap mobile phone - £7.50 per month for 24 months. Phone is free! You get 500mb data, 250 mins and 5K texts. Black or Gold (£89.95 sim free on Argos)
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I get 1gb plus 250mb family addon and 500 mins for £7.50 at Tesco So really accept the phone deal then after 30days upgrade the package to the £7.50 1gb 500min 5000 texts deals and as its an upgrade they may accept it as a new 12mth contract, BT do the same, a friend of mine got out of his contract by upgrading then used the 30day cool off period to leave penalty free.


Hot! BUT for another £2.50 you can get double those allowances ..............better deal 1GB, 500 minutes £9


Not sure why this is so cold. Decent value for a cheap mobile contract that includes handset.

Tesco Mobile 25gb for £20
LocalLocalFound 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Been browsing through Tesco Mobile, then they have updated the webpage with this deal.................................Good Deal? you decide :) Usage contract: 25 GB data 5000 m… Read more
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That three deal with 100gb, is tempting but i for one, will never go back to them. Their customer service is in India, where they take no liability for anything, they like to pass the buck from one agent to another, then you have to explain them the situation over and over again. I had a legacy bundle with them with unlimited everything, they made 0 effort to give me a new deal for loyalty, total shambles. Their network coverage for calls is alright but its never good for Data downloads/ uploads, the speed is abysmal.


But you’ve got this for 3 years


That doesn’t bother me. I had my iPhone se for the last 2years and was happy with it. I’m not a big gadget geek and don’t need the newest models out....


But in 12 months time another phone will out and you’ve still got 2 years with this phone


thats utter bs my friend, o2 and tm have a 50/50 partnership and get the full nework, unlike giff gaff that 4g severely throttled, dont know where u get your information from, but its completly wrong

Pay as you go Tesco Rocket Pack Sim 2000mins, 5000 text and 20GB data for a month - £20
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Pay as go Rocket pack Sim for £20 You get 2000 mins, 5000 text and 20GB data for a month.

'Kids' LOL.


The Unlimited one is pretty pointless though, after 20GB the speeds go down to 384kbps. The other two are good though.


Kids can’t get Even one month contract😋


There are better deals out there. Even Giff Gaff which are on the same network can do better than this:

Tesco sim only - £15 p/m 12 months - 12GB 5000 mins / texts £180
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Tesco sim only 12 months 12gig

Its a good deal if combined with Perks and friends and family staff 10% discount


Purely as I was due an upgrade and found a deal that they couldn’t come close to matching. Even rang them and asked if they could get their offer close to it as didn’t want to leave them. Like I said if I had to pick any mobile network I would say Tesco 100% of the time.


Networks run off O2 mate. Why did you leave?


They have a Tesco Mobile shop in my local Tesco Extra and the staff there are far from clueless. I found them very helpful when I was with them.


(lol) (lol) None of that is the networks responsibility? That’s for you to look up yourself or Apple if you’re too lazy. Plus their meal deals are cracking

Claim a FREE £10 TESCO gift card with first rocket pack purchase @ Tesco mobile
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Get a FREE £10 gift card when you buy your first £10, £15 or £20 pay as you go Rocket Pack. Once you've topped up, you'll receive a text asking for your email address. We'll then … Read more
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They have confirmed that this is a great deal because everyone buys food this is a free rocket pack but before anyone jumps for this this offer has been on a month already and finishes 2nd sept. If you are going to do this you need to go to a Tesco phone shop get a SIM card top it up buy a rocket pack then you have to go through a sequence of replies including accepting terms and conditions. It's still doable but you need to be on top of it. Too late for me I'm out. Heat though. Oh well let's ring O2 ask for my pac and see what's what


This is what they said when I contacted Tesco, 'You the gift card you will receive can be used for top up or any other items you buy from Tesco.'


Can you spend the gift card on groceries if so I'm in


Could you use the phone credit in play store for apps on another number ? Something like that was possible with EE PAYG credit in the past.

LG Q6 £11.98 P/M for 18 months 5000 Min 5000 Text 500 MB data £215.64 @ Tesco mobile instore - Reading
LocalLocalFound 29th AugFound 29th Aug
LG Q6 £11.98 P/M for 18 months 5000 Min 5000 Text 500 MB data £215.64 @ Tesco mobile instore - Reading
RTC deal in store ONLY! LG Q6 £11.98 P/M for 18 months 5000 Min 5000 Text 500 MB data on anytime upgrade plan phone will only cost you £53.64 over 18 month period and rest is y… Read more

Terrible battery life


If its good enough for kids, its good enough for grandparents.

Huawei Y6 price reduction at Tesco Mobile £90 in store (other Huawei's reduced too)
LocalLocalFound 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
From 30th July! Currently selling at £130, the price will be going down to £90, which comes with £10 free credit, which can be used to unlock the phone, whereas the phone sim free… Read more
Avatardeleted1822053Get dealGet deal

hi Huawei Y6 2018 definitely has NFC enabled.


Plenty of stock here and the correct price too! Sorry to hear your local doesn't have any in! But not a scam. Bit quick to get to scam there for stock issues in your store?


Not in stock. Tesco scam.


No sign of 5e y6 deal at Tesco yet. I’ve been waiting patiently. Been depending on this so if they don’t do it’s going to turn all of my plans upsidedown face!


https://www.tescomobile.com/trade-in Check on there for all the info. The prices are fair, not the best, but not the worst. They are also more easy going than CeX for example, allow wear and tear, and they don't need the box or charger, just the phone.

Tesco mobile 20GB 5000MINS 5000TEXTS - £18pm x 12 months - £216 - Starts 27/06
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
Tesco mobile 20GB 5000MINS 5000TEXTS - £18pm x 12 months - £216 - Starts 27/06
New monthly deals starting tomorrow with their 20GB for £18 now back on offer. Along with this is a promotion for s8, s8+, s9, s9+ and note 8 where you are eligible for a free gif… Read more

:/ ‘International’ roamingisn’t Europe.


You can use your Tesco allowance anywhere in Europe too.


Only thing Dano will be checking out is you in his van! :aubergine: Much better getting the 18GB 12m o2 sim with 6 months free Netflix and a crap load of inclusive international roaming countries


Do I add it to my basket and it'll show up as free in the checkout?


Come to Leamington Spa Tesco phone shop parade get free hug and this offer

12GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes & Texts - 12 Months Sim (£180 for 12 Months) @ Tesco Mobile
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
12GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes & Texts - 12 Months Sim (£180 for 12 Months) @ Tesco Mobile
12GB 4G Data 5000 Minutes 5000 Texts 12 Month Sim £15 Month £180 for 12 Months Why choose Tesco Mobile? * Cap your usage * Worried about exceeding your mont… Read more
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Best to check what frequency they run on. Simply being an mvno running off 02 doesn’t mean they get access to all of the bands. 02 has 800mhz spectrum so indoor coverage should really be decent.


Whilst agreeing with you, it really does depend on region and which mast/what frequency it runs on is deployed locally. I refer to rootmetrics when deciding which network is best for you...locally...


Non existent, myself and 8 family members on on tesco, I do all the calling for upgrades etc as my elder family members aren't very savvy, I've never been offered anything that wasn't available on the website, biggest discount I've been offered across 9 accounts in 5 years was 50p. But UK customer service who answer quickly.


What are Tesco retention team like ?my contract is up soon


I am quite disappointed with tesco mobile. Being in central birmingham I thought that coverage would be great. Shopping at my local supermarket when deep inside I can’t even get a signal. i used to get 4g signal when I was on three. The only reason I left was because I needed something that allowed thethering and the basic plan I was on three didn’t allow that and the offers they were given were not great. i am going to leave Tesco mobile once my contract is up. Unless someone on here might have an idea of if the signal can be improved. I use an IPhone 7 Plus

Tesco Mobile PAYG 3 GB 4G data 500 mins 5000 texts £20 £6.67pm (3 months)
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Tesco Mobile PAYG 3 GB 4G data 500 mins 5000 texts £20 £6.67pm (3 months)
This is for new and existing customers. For new customers: 1. Buy a Tesco Mobile PAYG sim and top up with £20. The PAYG sim is free in store if you top up at the same time. You c… Read more
Avatardeleted1748014Get dealGet deal

I think it reverts to the normal rocket packs tariff at £10 a month, but you could always cancel it. If you don't have enough credit it won't renew anyway.


You can actually use it, I've used it many times in the Netherlands.


You do what you should have and move to Giff Guff 3GB/Unlimiteds for £10 ie you’ll get more help from GG mods than you will from ‘Capita customer care’on o2/Tesco


What happens after 3 months?


Nice offer, but it seems you can't use the rocket pack in the EU. UK only Seems you can use abroad, after I read the blurb properly When periodically travelling in our Home From Home Destinations across Europe and beyond (HFH), calls and texts to standard UK landlines, UK mobile numbers, HFH landlines, HFH mobiles as well as data usage, will be charged as in the UK. Usage beyond a Fair Usage Policy may attract other charges. Full details, current list of HFH Destinations, charges, and terms are available at tescomobile.com/terms

25GB of Data / 5000 mins & Texts for £20pm 12 months Tesco Mobile!
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
25GB of Data / 5000 mins & Texts for £20pm 12 months Tesco Mobile!
Was just about to get O2's 20GB for £20 but then saw this one which is basically the same but for 5GB more. Can't fault it.

Thats a load of rubbish i have both and they are the same its no faster via 02 if you are with tesco with tesco they dont put the price up and you can cap your allowence etc so much better


The same here... no problems with virgin at all. unlimited data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts for £20/month... Cold for me...


THanks. I went through the retention with Vodafone and I got 20 gb unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for £16 per in the and they gave me a month free deducted fr the bill so I am paying £14.60 per month so happy 😁


i would go for the o2 version for 5gb less, this is because in my experience the Actual network provider such as EE, O2, Vodafone are much faster data and much better signal than the "virtual network providers" which basically rent space on the actual providers such as tescomobile, vectaphone, asda mobile, giff gaff. in this case tesco mobile uses o2 network and i have found with Virgin mobile especially that signal levels and data sped is much slower using virgin than directly on EE sim. they must be throttling the connection so the old saying you get what you pay for that being said, i do like tesco mobile myself because i can cap my bill so no nasty suprises each month whereas o2 although you wont go over theres things like 0845 or chargable numbers which you pay for and you might go over 20gb and get charged £400


Yep. O2 own 50% of tesco so might be why they give same speeds.

50GB 4G Data (includes tethering) - 5000 Minutes & Texts - 1 Month Free Line Rental - 12 Month Sim (£330 for 12 Month) @ Tesco Mobile
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
50GB 4G Data (includes tethering) - 5000 Minutes & Texts - 1 Month Free Line Rental - 12 Month Sim (£330 for 12 Month) @ Tesco Mobile
£27.50£3521%Tesco Mobile Deals
50GB 4G Data 5000 Minutes 5000 Texts 12 Month Sim 101% cashback @ topcashback.co.uk/tesco-mobile/ Basically 1 month free line rental = £27.50 a month £30 Mon… Read more
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I expired it because you couldn't see the price...happy now


Can't see this price?


Their network sucks tho, especially when roaming abroad. I stick with Tesco for the caps, people on other contracts seem to end up, at least occasionally, ending up with huge unexpected bills.


Not entirely true, I have a 30gb sim - £20 a month, £11 after cash back. And for an extra £5 I can upgrade it per month for unlimited data and, from my experience, nothing is monitored. It stops counting on your end. I did get a bill later which showed I had used 60gb on Netflix and 40gb on anything else. But the section on Personal Allowance simply stopped counting. Oh and I put the sim into a mifi device so while I was working away it functioned as my home internet.

Alcatel 3V Android 8.0 Oreo £85 Tesco Mobile in-store with £10 top-up
LocalLocalFound 10th MayFound 10th May
Alcatel 3V Android 8.0 Oreo £85 Tesco Mobile in-store with £10 top-up
Alcatel 3v in black or gold. 6-inch 2k screeen with 18:9 aspect ratio. Dual cameras 2GB RAM 16GB expandable to 128GB

Could somebody who has this phone please tell me if Arabic language is available in settings. Went to Tesco today to look and they wouldn't open a box to let me check. Just dummy phones attached to their display board. My local Tesco really is crap in every respect. I asked about unlocking and the woman said "We don't do that. You have to go to the local phone shop for unlocking" and proceeded to tell ne about the 2 nearby all-in-one phone shops that do repairs etc! I left, cursing Tesco like most times I visit there.


Unlocking your pay as you go device Your Tesco Mobile pay as you go phone will be free to unlock 12 months after it was activated. If you want to unlock it in the first 12 months, it will cost £10 so you'll need to make sure your pay as you go device is topped-up.


Ok - to clarify - not implied - says I’ll not be touching android until the fake security patches issue is sorted out . Apart from pixel 2 which I dislike for the random reboots and screen burn. The security is fine though on Pixel 2 . Let that be an end to it now it’s clear


So it's £10 to unlock?


A family member bought this and a couple of days use in we are impressed. Compared to my Redmi Note 3 this is not bad at all. The screen is really very good. Camera about the same as mine, fingerprint recognition good, simple games run well. Used the 10 pounds credit to unlock straight away with no fuss. Customer services were very helpful indeed.

20GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes - 5000 Texts - 12 Month Sim £18 p/m 12 months £216 @ Tesco Mobile
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
20GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes - 5000 Texts - 12 Month Sim £18 p/m 12 months £216 @ Tesco Mobile
Why choose Tesco Mobile? * Cap your usage * Worried about exceeding your monthly allowances? Tesco Mobile lets you cap your usage, so you can't rack up extra charges. Incl… Read more
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Is there a compare website that tracks mobile taruffs? After EE network. O2 getting expensive


Tesco customer services always good. Can't fault their coverage either.


Very tempting good network and support


Tesco mobile customer service is the best of any company I have ever used. I would recommend them to anyone.