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Posted 3 April 2024

Thermalright TR-M.2 2280 TYPE A G 2280 SSD heatsink for NVME SSDs ( Grey ) @ deliming321 / FBA

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Great value SSD heatsink for use in a PC. The height is around 13mm,so a bit too high to comfortably fit in the old PS5(people have shoehorned it in though so you can try) but the Slim version has more problems. A 10mm high heatsink such as this would be better for a PS5.

Key Features

  • [Brand Overview]Thermalright is a Taiwan brand with a history of over 20 years of development. It has a certain popularity in domestic and international markets and has a significant influence in the radiator market. We have been focusing on the research and development of computer accessories. The R&D product line includes: CPU coolers, case fans, thermal silicone pad, thermal paste, CPU fan controllers, mounting brackets and other goods.
  • [Aluminum Alloy Material] Aluminum alloy with anodized sandblasting process and anodized surface treatment greatly increases the heat dissipation area of the M.2 SSD cooler with 10°C-30°C (varies depending on the environment).
  • [Easy to Installation] Size: 70*24*13mm, the 2280 heatsink SSD cooler is designed with double-sided clips and comes with 4 screws for a tighter fit to the SSD and enhanced thermal conductivity, allowing for quick and easy installation and removal, combined with instructions and video tutorials for better installation.
  • [Wide Compatibility] Designed for desktop PC M.2 interface, this M.2 SSD heatsink works perfectly with M.2 2280 SSD cooling and is compatible with Samsung 990 Pro, 980 PRO,960 EVO, 970 EVO, 950 PRO, 960 PRO, 970 PRO series M.2 2280 SSDs without interfering with PCI-E slot devices.
  • [Double-sided heat sink] with high performance heat sink silicone film with good thermal conductivity, the SSD 2280 heasink cooling is laminated on both sides and combined with the aluminium combination, allows for optimum cooling performance.



Do you need an M.2 Heatsink for your M.2 NVMe drive? Thermalright M.2 2280 M.2 heatsink test
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  1. NitrousUK's avatar
    Before the inevitable comments come in.. Yes, some SSDs do benefit from a heatsink. They get hot, 80-90C, and throttle quite easily with sustained workloads.
    Arkz's avatar
    Yeah, tried this on my KC3000, the paper thin graphene heatsink it comes with does hardly anything. Got one of these around this price last time. Made it take a lot longer for the controller to heat up copying files compared to before, and never got as hot as before either. So for the price absolutely worth it.
  2. Alex_H's avatar
    I have one of these as unlike the m.2 heatsink supplied with my motherboard, this actually cools both sides of an nvme drive. It's a great heatsink so heat from me.
    Arkz's avatar
    Cause the memory only gets warm, it's the controller that gets hot and needs cooling for long sustained reads and writes.
  3. CarloRivera's avatar
    Ah, my M.2 is snug underneath my graphics card - bot sure it'll fit. Might take a punt anyway for four quid...
  4. satsumaaa's avatar
    hi, would this work for a ps5 slim?
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