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Windscribe Pro Vpn - 12 months with new code (many reports of being FREE!)

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Edit: Are other people getting free pro on this code too? (See my post below)

Back again BUT FREE (at least till pulled) - Windscribe Pro VPN

Go to your account (or create a free one) > claim voucher and enter the code there.

These ‘almost cheapest ever’ tariffs come and go very quickly so hope you can all grab it this time round
Windscribe More details at
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  1. AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    I’ve just tried this code now on an account that had 2gb a month and it upgraded me FREE!!
    Kojo_Segu's avatar
    Same here .
  2. marco806's avatar
    52520052-ioJvO.jpgWorked for me on a 2nd account I had created 3 weeks ago.
  3. bear91's avatar
    Can also confirm free pro from 30gb
  4. bcfcant's avatar
    I signed up and it asked if you have a promo code, used the above and automatically gave me 1 year for free. Thanks for sharing!
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    My pleasure. It was a shock to me too!
  5. WhatDeal's avatar
    Just signed up on new account with no email address.. Showing as Pro for 12 months for me
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    Ah that’s great, I thought it may have been expired
  6. janlim's avatar
    It say Voucher provided is invalid or expired
    jaceyar's avatar
    Me too.
  7. chinkzsta's avatar
    “Voucher provided is invalid or expired”
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    Ahh shame thank you for letting us know
  8. Ianaf72's avatar
    Nice one, thank you - current pro runs out in November; just applied this to a free account and it gives me pro for free until next April
  9. haines1997's avatar
    Thanks, managed to get this one and upgrade from the free 30gb.

    I use this mainly for holidays, but any other main uses I might be missing out on? Thanks!
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    Did you have to pay for the upgrade to pro? Mine just said I’ve upgraded to pro from 2gb and it cost me nothing (see my voucher pic post) wondering if it was just a glitch for me or if it’s a free upgrade to pro!
  10. ClaudeFrollo's avatar
    noice one
  11. redwing5's avatar
    Red hot.
  12. official_lata94's avatar
    Lovely stuff…thank you
  13. bb11's avatar
    Mine was also running out around June and it's added 12 months onto that so June 2025
    AaronJones's avatar
    How do I add this to an active subscription? Thank you
  14. SMZ's avatar
    Thanks Op! Worked for me!!
  15. lloydt69's avatar
    what a deal
  16. DCollector's avatar
    Free pro here. New account never been a member. Now to see how to use it lol
  17. NomiHK786's avatar
    Thanks OP 🔥
    Got Pro for free 🔥🔥
    Can't complain at all 🔥🔥🔥
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    Very welcome
  18. icon_angel's avatar
    Just tried adding it to my account and it said it was "invalid or expired". Shame.
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    That’s a shame, thank you for letting us know
  19. mattashhall's avatar
    Thanks got it for free on a new signup
  20. 777jrg_'s avatar
    Worked for me! Thank you. Does this mean that it will always renew at £0 now?
  21. DarrylJohn's avatar
    Cheers OP.

    Not sure if anyone tried, but when you went onto pricing, you could add the code again and stack.

    ClaudeFrollo's avatar
    2041 LOOOOOL ffs
  22. AnitaBlaggit's avatar

    Upgraded to pro for nothing here when I entered the above code
    oldwallasian's avatar
    Same for me too, £0 paid and Pro until 04/04/25. My previous Pro sub had lapsed in 2020 so made up with this.
  23. Solee's avatar
    I signed up to Windscribe last month and it's been slower than Nord / Surfshark which is a shame.
    AnitaBlaggit's avatar
    That’s a shame to hear. I use Windscribe all the time and on torrents it’s faster than off and I use it on my day trading too and it doesn’t affect the speed of my take profits , been very reliable for speed. Sorry to hear that
  24. mrt009's avatar
    new account with code but doesn't appear to have been applied
    2GB free
    upgraded to 10GB (verify email)
    added code to give PRO (Unlimited Bandwidth Usage & access to all severs)

    52520116-9cmIv.jpg (edited)
  25. FTOdude170's avatar
    Tried a couple of accounts, can't get it to work
  26. jwc04's avatar
    Just tried, my attempt said invalid or expired too
  27. hughesc's avatar
    Mine said invalid or expired 😞
  28. ClaudeFrollo's avatar
    Looks like they caught on.. woops let’s see if they’ll honour it
  29. Armi's avatar
    Didn't work for me, sadly. I have a free 10GB account.

    Thanks for the info regardless, heat added (edited)
  30. thenexus6's avatar
    Doesn't work for me on my 30gb account
    ClaudeFrollo's avatar
    Yeah they’ve caught on unfortunately
  31. jimbo001's avatar
    I missed out on their pro for £8 / year so am still salty.

    That said, I never use it
  32. Miss.Frizzy's avatar
    Invalid or expired for me
  33. Joseph_Wilson7jB's avatar
    Mine just worked. Unlimited pro for a year. I did have to enter the discount code twice though.
  34. GigRan's avatar
    Not working
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