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GL.iNet GL MT300N/V2 Mango Wireless Mini Portable VPN Travel Router Mobile Hotspot in Pocket WiFi Repeater Bridge - By Cutesliving Store

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4322577_1.jpg• High Wi-Fi Transmission Rate :
Enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds with a transmission rate of up to 300 Mbps.
• Portable and Compact :Take your internet on-the-go with this mini wireless router that fits easily in your pocket.
• VPN Functionality :Stay safe and secure online with the ability to connect to a VPN network.
• Multiple LAN Ports :Connect multiple devices to the internet with up to 1 LAN port and 1 x10/100Mbps WAN port.
Product Information
HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES:【OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE】 OpenWrt pre-installed, USB disk extendable

【LARGER STORAGE & EXTENDABILITY】 128MB RAM, 16MB Flash ROM, dual Ethernet ports, UART and GPIOs available for hardware DIY.

【OPENVPN CLIENT】 OpenVPN client pre-installed, compatible with 30+ VPN service providers

KEY POINTS:300Mbps Max. Speed


VPN Client /Server


CPU: mtk7628nn @ 580MHz SoC

Memory: DDR2 128MB

Storage: FLASH 16MB

Antennas: Internal

Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Wi-Fi Speed: 300Mbps (2.4GHz)

Interface: 1 x WAN Ethernet port, 1 x LAN Ethernet port, 3 x LEDs, 1 x USB 2.0 port, 1 x Micro USB port

Ethernet Port: 2 x 10/100M
AliExpress More details at

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  1. harrythefish's avatar
    Checked out the Amazon reviews for this router and even the 'top critical review' is quite positive, just commenting that it maxes out at around 7 Mbps if used with a VPN when video streaming.

    The brand is respectable. But I'd be considering the dual band GL.iNet Opal (GL-SFT1200) around £32 delivered on AliExpress.

    aliexpress.com/ite…tml (edited)
    hecatae's avatar
    For £2 extra you can pick up the Opal from Amazon as it's currently got a £10 voucher available
  2. greg666's avatar
    VPN travel router from China?
  3. MickyMick's avatar
    I have this, and attempted to use it in the wild for the first time last week, a Premier Inn. Premier Inn use a 'Landing Page' to authorise access to the Internet via their network.
    I gave up trying to get this router to access web via their network and went with tethering on my phone.

    I was probably doing something wrong but everything I tried failed.

    If anyone knows how to bypass landing pages with this device please let me know.
  4. SteamedLobster's avatar
    These are fantastic for sharing expensive WiFi in hotels or cruise ships. Highly recommended though wish they would bring out a version with 5ghz and 2.4ghz bands at this price.
    plunet's avatar
    Another place for using this is on a plane where they charge you for WiFi per device.
  5. harrythefish's avatar
    EAP? OK off to school again.

    Edit: now I remember, we had it at a previous company and called it LEAP. You install a certificate on your laptop and it automatically connects to WiFi in any of the company's offices. There was a guest network alongside for those who couldn't connect via LEAP, that would be your workaround. (edited)
  6. kieranlewiss's avatar
    These are good for uni halls also, if you want to use a Google home or Alexa they normally don't allow it but these bypass this
    GibStudentCode's avatar
    Why don't they allow Google home or Alexa?
  7. cristiandan's avatar
    does anyone know how would a usb 4g modem stick work with this? what modem types are supported, any documentation about this? (edited)
    hecatae's avatar

    some devices turn up in tethering, as a lot of 4g modems are actually running Android or Openwrt underneath. (edited)
  8. muddyfunkster's avatar
    I'll see if this works on the plane. It's a pain to buy WiFi for every device, I should be able to buy it once for the router and then share across my other devices.
    hecatae's avatar

    Okay that comment is on the Beryl AX, the latest travel router but you are able to get the Mango doing the same job. (edited)
  9. charles_roma's avatar
    Also it has vpn support so allows you to use as portable network with vpn for a family on the move to share a connection.. Works with powerbank should you want to be truly mobile
  10. whiteswan's avatar
    So..........if I take this on holiday to Dominican - I can connect hotel wifi to this - and then connect my firestick to the wifi as normal - is that correct ?

    hecatae's avatar
    That's correct,
  11. harrythefish's avatar
    Couldn't use the link because my privacy settings on my Asus router blocked it. So went direct to AliExpress site and searched for it. Found an example for £15 including shipping. One of the first sentences in the skimpy description is: 'Cant Find Express Vpn In App Store'. Confusing or what?

    Apart from saying this sounds like a great idea, who actually owns one of these and can confirm their experience?

    At this price this could be a bit of a toy to play with. To stream 1080p video through a VPN takes a serious bit of compute, decent processor needed and isn't easy to run for any length of time on a power bank. Also there's the issue of cheap networking electronics have vulnerabilities or backdoors. I'll investigate further as I'm looking for a cheap portable router that can act as a Windscribe VPN client. (edited)
    superbob2000's avatar
    that is exactly what this is aimed at. look it up on amazon or google, plenty of info about using it for wireguard etc..
  12. Keldin's avatar
    Be aware that this operates on a limited number of WiFi channels. Channels that are not allowed in China are blocked so if the network you want to connect to is set to one that is blocked it will not be able to see or connect to it.
    hecatae's avatar
    Mine is currently connected on channel 13
  13. ukjams's avatar
    IIRC the Mango doesn’t support EAP, fyi in case that’s important to you (office networks etc.)
  14. Bright.Star's avatar
    Have one of these for a long time. Amazed at the signal strength I get around the house compared to the Virgin Media router.

    Use with OpenWRT for Surfshark VPN and use in hotels when travelling for safe and secure connection. (edited)
  15. hihihehe's avatar
    Got one in the house which I use with Windscribe VPN via Wireguard. Works perfectly. Great device
  16. jaceyar's avatar
    I use a mifi often when I travel, how is this different? I do use my older mifi as a booster around the house though. (edited)
    superbob2000's avatar
    If you use a mifi, I would say there's no reason to use this router unless you want to use public wifi and not your SIM data.
  17. Phworrr-thats-cheap's avatar
    hecatae's avatar
    I find it depends on the seller, I have never deviated from the actual stores on there, and the Choice Delivery also helps.

    eBay on the other hand is awful at present, sellers who vanish etc.
  18. BonzyBuddy's avatar
    I have this, had it for years they were giving it away with vpn packages
  19. croz123's avatar
    Great device
  20. LiquidL's avatar
    I've still got one of those tiny Nexx routers. It acts as a SMB v1 server serving games from a usb drive to my PS2 over ethernet. Very handy indeed as the PS2's usb is too slow to serve some games properly.

    This looks a really good deal
  21. john.shelby's avatar
    What's the advantage of this over using your phone as a hotspot?
    nofuture2020's avatar
    Guess saves you ruining your phones battery.
  22. UKDealzz's avatar
    What would you guys recommend having to put a SIM card inside instead of tethering an old iPhone 7 24/7? Seems like it might take ages to get 5G so assume it'll have to be a 4G unit but was hoping to get a 5G unit to not waste money down the road but guess 5G units are expensive at the moment due to newer technology.
    I've an unlimited SIM as I was fobbed off with broadband and would have to pay for FTTH at my address when I ended an old contract and was going with Vodafone.
    hecatae's avatar
    Depends on your budget.
    Decent 5G routers with incredible 4g capability start at £130 on eBay for a ZTE MC7010.

    There's also inseego and sercomm
  23. UKDealzz's avatar
    Cheers mate
    Would you recommend the ZTE or are there better units for the money or do I get good 4G unit until 5G comes to my area, if so what unit and price range?
    hecatae's avatar
    I would purchase a 5g if you can afford it
  24. superbob2000's avatar
    Decided to get the Opal model instead, £27.70 from aliexpress with the £2 off code.
    Bit bigger but has 2 external aerials and 5g wifi
    hecatae's avatar
    Plus a USB C charger and three ethernet ports, plus 128mb flash and 128mb ram.

    Lovely device for the price
's avatar