Can't add new phone number to Sim on OnePlus Nord 2 5g

Posted 10th Jul 2022 (Posted 18 h, 32 m ago)
I recently moved over to the above phone. When I try to add a new phone number to my contact list I only get 2 options.

Add to:
* or add to:


But no 3rd option to add to Sim card which I've had on previous phones.

Any ideas how I can do this, thanks.
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    i dont get why you would want to add to sim
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    Have a look at the contacts app on your phone and in the settings it might allow for saving to sim.
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    Are you sure the contact doesn't already exist on the phone or sim/s?

    Because it is asking for additional information.
    It's a new number, not previously added
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    Suggest that the second option is actually the SIM. Try it.

    Failing that maybe there's a copy all contacts to SIM option.
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    Oneplus uses the official Google contacts app and Google dialer app - Google removed the option to save contacts to the SIM card in 2021
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