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One of the coolest modern accessories, smartwatches always tell the time, but also have extra features which make them useful for people on the go. Wearers use them to send messages, open apps and monitor their fitness journey. HotUKDeals collects the best smartwatch offers, then we publish them together on one page. Read more
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) 44mm Aluminium Black £367.59 (£356 w/ fee free card) with coupon delivered @ Amazon France
Refreshed 6 h, 54 m agoRefreshed 6 h, 54 m ago
Feels like a decent price for the latest watch. Below indicative price using Amazon’s calculator Description Fundamentally redesigned and reengineered. The largest Apple Watch… Read more
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Does it come with a standard 2 year apple warranty? Do you need a receipt to show?


I have a Series 4 non-cellular (GPS only) Watch which DID come with the folding-pin power adapter


Series 3 DOES. You get the interesting 3 pin plug that flips open and closes. Really neat (y) 🏻 EDIT: just seen a comment above saying you only got it with the cellular version.


How come you posted that? Just as a general comparison? The screen shot shows what everyone is arguing about.


Thank you! Seems like a good price to me from what I’ve seen come up on here lately?!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose - £229.01/ £179.01 With £50 Samsung Cashback @ Amazon
Made hot 18th MayMade hot 18th May
Sold by amazon at £229.01 Follow the instructions in this link to get £50 Cashback from Samsung. Features & details … Read more

Don't think this listing is eligible. Its not the UK version. Samsung offer states' Purchase an eligible Samsung product (UK version sold and dispatched by Amazon UK) before 27.06.2019 23:59 BST and claim up to £170 from Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited within 30 days from the date of purchase. Level of reward will vary based on purchased product. Claims must only be made by the end user customer. Maximum 4 Claims per household.'





I know it's a smart watch, but it's still quite big for a lady - depending on the lady of course


The reviews suggest it's not the UK version (which is £268.95 on Amazon) so you may hit an issue if you need to supply the serial number/IMEI.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm -  £279 + £50 Cashback poss £229 @ Currys
27/06/2019Expires on 27/06/2019Made hot 18th MayMade hot 18th May
Claim £50 cashback when you purchase this Samsung Galaxy Watch Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited. Purchase between 17.05.19 – 27.06.19 from a participating retailer. Claim from Sam… Read more
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I have a 6.3inch wrist. ⌚ Is this watch too big for that wrist size?


If you can see 5 year guarantee included... that's a great deal... when I look at the site I only see 2 years included with the option for added cover for additional 2 years. But, if you can get it with 5 years, that's the deal I'd go for. (y)


Dude it’s 5 years


Actually, John Lewis offers the same 2 year guarantee so exactly the same offer. Just different retailer


Buy from John Lewis it’s same offer but with a 5 year guarantee as suppose to 2 from Currys

Garmin Forerunner 245 for £224 @ start fitness + free next day delivery
Made hot 17th MayMade hot 17th May
I've been looking for a good deal on this what since it came out a couple of weeks ago but all site had it at the £250 RRP, and some didn't have it in stock yet. Came across this … Read more

Ordered one of these. Had one in the shopping basket for a couple of days so they emailed a reminder with a 5% voucher code... couldn’t get to them to stack though (lol) . Depending on how it goes, may sell my Apple Watch 3 which I’ve been using for running.


Got the 245 yesterday and coming from a fitbit surge, I'm loving the extract data I'm already getting, I haven't even been for a run yet! ICHING to get out there and get something logged. The fitbit surge did me well but have been running for about a 1.5 years am ready to try and up my game some. You mention the Pod/HRM-Run which funnily I was looking at this morning, again for more info on stride/technique. The only thing I missed was the auto back light when you turn to watch over to check the time, but a quick google and a dive in the backlight setting soon solved this. Very happy with the watch!


They serve different purposes, the VA3M is a casual fitness watch which does a bit of everything to a reasonable level, whereas the 245 is a running specific watch (high level) that also supports various other activities. As a runner I'd go for the 245, I previously had a 225 and currently have a 235, which has worked well for me. The 245 has the new GPS Chipset, ultratrac, new HR sensor with Pulse OX, supports advanced running dynamics via RD Pod/HRM-Run, improved race prediction and training stats (training effect, load, recovery etc), physical buttons (think gloves, rain), more customisable data fields, looks better (VA3M is too smooth), the new maps/coarses also look good/useful. I also use a training app called TrainAsOne, at the moment I have to create and sync workouts manually (PIA) due to Garmin restricting GC apps creating workouts on the 235 however the x45 range can sync workouts via the app. Consider the 645 if you're a runner and want the features from the 245 but also want Garmin pay and a barometer, you'll get it for around the same price as the 245 when deals pop up.


Fair enough. I think the 245 music is a better looking watch and more functional overall but 120 quid more seemed excessive and I'm a fairly keen runner. The vivoactive 3 I bought doesn't transfer data to my mobile or computer so I may have to replace it too! Will try one last time to fix it this weekend


Yeah, I know what you mean - in fact, the vivoactive 3 has a few things the 245 doesn't have, like a golf app and garmin pay and a barometer. I actually bought the Vivoactive 3 Music at 150 from Argos, but haven't opened it. I'll probably bring it back to Argos. The things that swayed me to the 245 are: a) I much prefer the look. b) increased battery life c) audio alerts through headphones whilst running d) newer GPS chip (though I don't know for sure if it's better or not) e) I prefer buttons over a touchscreen All these things are fairly minor though, and if I'm totally honest, I would say that the look of the watch is probably what swayed me the most (very vain I know, but I'm gonna be wearing it every day for years)

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 GPS, 38mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Anthracite/Black Nike Sport Band £249 @ Amazon
Made hot 17th MayMade hot 17th May
Excellent price, though its the 38mm. Description Product Description Low and high heart rate notifications. Emergency SOS. New Breathe watch faces. Automatic workout detection… Read more

I believe it is the national price although no longer listed on their website.


Which John Lewis was it?


Cheers for the heat!


Have some heat friend, I need a new apple watch, had my series 2 for years now so may consider this


Even if I’m out camping hiking for 2 days I can still get 2 days of use not sure if the gps pings less frequently depending on activity?

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, 42mm with Sport Band, White £199 / Nike+ 38mm £229 with 12 months BNPL / Apple HomePod £229 (more in OP) @ Very
Made hot 16th MayMade hot 16th May
Upto £150 back on Apple Products with 12 months BNPL Use code NWEAP at Checkout Payment method will automatically changes to 12 month BNPL For New and Existing Very Customers… Read more

Just the BNPL one


Hi, out of interest did you use both codes or just the BNPL one. Thanks


I've had the delivery email but no email about the cashback as yet, I always worry about that as the code just states that it's bnpl and doesn't mention any cashback.


Something else to point out here if you REALLY want to try and maximise any cashback is that unlike lots of other credit/catalogue type retailers Very allow you to pay your bill balances off by credit card. That means you can, if you time things right, pay on card and get another month or so interest free. By sheer fluke my cashback Barclaycard's bill date is about 2 days before my Very bill date so I wait till I'm in a new billing cycle and then pay off these BNPL charges using that card. Yes, I dont get that much back, but, it is better than nothing AND its totally free.


My personal opinion here is they are REALLY strict on the T&C's on these promotions and I almost get impression credits are manually added to check account is correct etc. so if it was me I'd not risk it. They also only apply the credit, if you notice, after your return period has lapsed so that you cannot then return if you dont get the bonus. What I would do, however, is go via things like TopCashBack and get the credit for purchase.

Fossil Q Venture - Women's Digital Connected Wrist Watch with Stainless Steel Strap £99.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 15th MayMade hot 15th May
Cracking price for this in my opinion.. Features & details This stainless steel smartwatch features a glamorous design / Personalise your smartwatch face and features any … Read more

Lol, I'll try :D


Thanks op You don't post enough smart watch deals We need more ;)


No Google Pay :(


the 18mm lug width that makes it look a little "off" on a bloke


This looks perfectly acceptable for a bloke as well, imo.

Virgin Media Offer - Full House Bundle £45pm x 12 Months - Total Cost £540 (With Potential £225 topcashback plus Samsung Gear Sport Watch)
Made hot 14th MayMade hot 14th May
Just saw this offer on virgin media and with the cashback makes the bundles pretty tempting Says this Looks like for new customers only

Found if you go through sales then next day speak to pre install team they offer an even better deal. Initially i was offered the full package include additional add on's for £70 a month after the £150 credit. Spoke to pre install said sky/bt offering a better deal so they dropped the price to £58. Happened last time i was with virgin 2 years ago. Dont bother going back to sales team they not bothered after your signed up but the pre install team do sort it out.


Sky TV Package Unlimited Virgin Sim Broadband + phone + basic TV Package - Virgin (old deal just expired)


I'm currently on 200mb DL / 12mb UL. 2 x V6 boxes. TV is only Freeview channels and a few of the ones nobody cares about. Phone with free weekend calls. Paying £40 per month. Out of contract since Tuesday. Discounts from last update run out in November. Looking at the new packages I'll stick with what we have for now.


What package are you / were u on to be saving £60 a month?


So I called up and had pretty much a non event! Existing customer - wanted the new package, all going through (then systems failed AGAIN!). Will get a call back tomorrow - but no problem with me as an existing customer getting the new deal. Not sure if I get the watch (but tbh not honestly fussed about that). This deal saves me nearly £60 a month on it's own.

Fenix 5X Sapphire NOH Multisport GPS Watch (Slate Grey/Black) - £349.99 @
Made hot 12th MayMade hot 12th May
Been waiting for a good deal on these for a while. Newly overhauled 5x sapphire, factory refurb from garmin with 1 year warranty. Seems a good deal for the sapphire 5x. Not dispatc… Read more
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Interesting, thanks. Was tempted but with that software warning and seeing one in person (it's just too big for me), I think I'll just stick with my Apple Watch for now lol


It's done so that you are a member of a "club" to get out contract agreements with distributors, agents or retailers. Imo there are thousands of sites that should be banned. I don't quite understand why this one.


Don't shop there then, the reason they do this is because the manufacturers have agreements with distributors and resellers (retailers) not to sell directly to public. And certainly not to undercut them. So the way they get around this is by selling through a "club" , in this case sport pursuit. Shoddy practice or not you get your guarantee and from a customer point of view I've always found them good to deal with. On the downside I've also had a business where I was buying from the distributor at a higher price than sport pursuit were selling to the customer. Pretty much making it impossible to make money. So in the end less consumer choice.


I have this exact watch, but bought mine brand new. LOTS of bugs in the software. For example, my watch faces lost all the customisable features months ago due to crappy software and I can't get them to appear again - very common problem after installing custom watch faces from Garmin's website. The software is atrocious. The Garmin update feature is horrendous and the worst thing I've ever experienced - it's full of bugs. Also, if you complain or ask a question, Garmin ignore everyone on the forums and have done for years. You will find issues on the forums that people have been complaining about for over a year and they do nothing. I have been unable to install the latest map updates it says are available for the 5X ever since I bought the watch months ago as it doesn't work - everyone gets an error message and apparently it's because the maps don't even fit on the watch and Garmin are totally useless. The sapphire glass doesn't have a scratch on it, but my bezel has a very noticeable dent in it which appeared in the very first week of careful ownership and various scratches. I am really careful with the watch and couldn't believe it dented like that - the bezel is made from very weak material and is the softest I think I've ever had in a metal watch. The watch is certainly not indestructable - I have found I have to be more careful with this watch than all my other watches.


I have been looking at getting a Fenix, couple of things to note. This is a 1 gen old now, beware Garmin does drop support after a while, but hopefully all the bugs are ironed out (Garmin notorious for bugs!) Also, this model is MASSIVE, if you are anything but a thick wristed rugged man it will look out of place. The upside is it is pretty indestructable

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Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Bluetooth Smartwatch, Activity Tracker £41.52 @ TomTop
Made hot 11th MayMade hot 11th May
Features & details Look as Good as You Feel: With a range of colors and options, the Bip is designed to be worn as an extension of your personal style. Weighing only 1.1oz (32… Read more

Hi all - this is now sold, cheers


Interested if still selling






If you still have the grey bip available, I'd be inter

4G Version HUAWEI Watch 2 - Android Smartwatch (Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G) Color Black (Carbon) £145.55 @ Amazon Spain
Made hot 11th MayMade hot 11th May
Paying in euros at checkout with a fee free card, revolut etc, will get you this for £140. The cheapest it's ever been for the 4G version. Functions and details GPS can be … Read more

Nice find. The pictures they use suggest it's the Chinese market 2018 variant, hopefully it's just stock images or the language is easy to change.


You are very welcome, enjoy, made some great savings recently :D


Bought. Will go along nicely with the pixel 2 xl I bought at argos from your other post mrswitch. Thanks for sharing these finds!


Nice watch but too small for me , good for ladies


Paid £99 for a Bluetooth one last week, arrived with one of the strap catches missing and a distinct drop in the screen showing a inch long whiteish rim around the top, shame really I quite liked the watch itself

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Smart Watch - Sandstone - £149 @ Argos
Made hot 10th MayMade hot 10th May
Included in the box is the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Smart Watch with Black Strap and a spare Garmin Sandstone strap which comes separately. You are getting both the Black watch a… Read more

All sorted now, had the update downloaded but you have to unplug the watch from the PC before it actually installs


I had issues with it saying my software wasn’t up to date, had to follow a guide online where you basically remove it from Garmin connect and then re-set it up (y)


Got the last one in central Brum today. Really impressed so far, but having a little issue getting Spotify up and running. I'm sure I'll crack it though!

luongth one.


Thanks for this recommendation. Really nice face and easily editable.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro SM-R365 Black Large Red £93.96 @ Amazon Germany
Made hot 10th MayMade hot 10th May
Good price for new. Paying with a fee free card (revolut etc) and paying in euros can get you this delivered for just under £90. Product description Out on the racetrack, i… Read more

Agreed, had my gear fit 2 pro for about a year and very disappointed with the glitchy interface, poor HR tracking and the downright terrible MP3 playback


I've had a GF2, (non pro) for about a year now and paid £45. As it's not very accurate and has poor battery life, I'd say £45 was about the right price. £94 for this is therefore too expensive in my book. Really nice OLED screen though.


I've had my Samsung Gear Fit for a few years and I love it. Waiting for a good price on the Gear Fit 2, but I need a small and that's a bit more. Good price for the large.


This one runs on Tizen OS... It is terrible-avoid (fierce)


Whatever the price, these things are terrible. poor GPS accuracy, worse heart rate accuracy and the interface is slow and unresponsive. Starting it for races doesn’t always work. Avoid.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) 38mm Stiff Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Strap - £217.48 @ Amazon France
Made hot 9th MayMade hot 9th May
Apple Watch 3 - seems a good price?îtier-Aluminium-Gris-Sidéral-Bracelet-Sport/dp/B07HHFN3H1/

I would recommend the 42mm over the 38mm from personal experience.


I’m waiting for it to drop again, missed it last time.


Got the series 3 42mm from amazon France last week for the same price. Posted Here.


I am waiting got Series for 2 drop in price. This is a good deal tho!


I don't understand watch with cellular...and to pay for this every month is nonsense. Watch should be watch and phone to be phone.

Amazfit Bip Bluetooth Smartwatch, Activity Tracker  @, £48.20 - £5 online voucher + 3.08% Quidco
Made hot 9th MayMade hot 9th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Great smartwatch, great price. When you add the item to the basket and go to checkout, below the item there will be box with drop down list. Choose "for geek - take $5 off coupon"… Read more

I've placed the order on the 8th. Still on 'shipment processing' status since then. No updates and no response to my emails. Unsure what's happening.


How speedy is delivery from dx?


Is anyone waiting for the release of the next generation? this one was released almost a year ago.


Now ordered from tomtop for £41.52 will wait and see


Ok have found it for£52 on geek buying shipping from Germany let me know if yours ships

STUDENTS signed up to unidays can get 10% off Samsung Galaxy s10e and get a free Samsung Gear Sport smart watch
31/05/2019Expires on 31/05/2019Made hot 8th MayMade hot 8th May
By going via Unidays you can access this offer. Also, you can get up to £250 off if you trade in your old phone. Different phones have varying trade in prices. https://www.samsun… Read more
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Oddly, it seems to be cheaper using the trade in option on it's own rather than combining the trade in with the student discount. For my S8 plus, they're offering me £275 trade in value, but if I use the student discount its £150 for the phone and £89 off with the student discount, this works out to be a bit more expensive.


I got 10% student discount and £50 part exchange for an old android phone. It wasn't for this specific deal but a month ago for the S10e


Why is android always low value compared to apple products.. (resale value


Okay, i just pulled the price from that you would pay at Argos. Thanks for clarifying.


Thanks - was hoping it was the galaxy one!! Wishful thinking.. 🙈

Fitbit Ionic Health & Fitness Smartwatch (GPS) with Heart Rate, Swim Tracking & Music £174.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 7th MayMade hot 7th May
Excellent price here from amazon for the grey, love the look of this thing. Features & details Start dynamic personal coaching on your wrist with step-by-step instruction… Read more

Had one of these since Feb. No issues at all so far. To be fair, I won it but it works really well with my Samsung phone and it's been great all round. I gave my old Fitbit Flex 2 to my sister. They both worked fine for us but I haven't used other fitness trackers so can't compare.


Agreed, but they did (eventually) fix the issues with my Poco F1. Took them a while though


I'm sure lots of the other fitbits are fine but this one is awful.


Don't buy, fitbit support are absolutely useless and their forums are even worse. When the ionic was first announced, it was mentioned to have a sp02 sensor... 2 years later fitbit have yet to even make the thing work and have taken all reference to this off their website. Take a look at their forums and you will realise how disappointing their customer service actually is with so many annoyed customers.


My Fitbit Blaze has no problems syncing with my OP5T on Pie

Garmin Forerunner 30 GPS Running Watch with Wrist Heart Rate, Amethyst/Blue £84.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 6th MayMade hot 6th May
Seems like a good price. Features & details Simple-to-use running watch with built-in GPS that tracks how far, how fast and where you run Wrist-based heart rate monitors he… Read more

Looking at buying a Garmin (with GPS) just for running. I already have a Garmin cycle computer so track all my cycling and walking in the Garmin app - it seems to make sense to track running in the same place. I have no interest in any of the tech features, nor wearing it at all except for running. If just for running, should I buy a Forerunner XX or Vivosport?


Surely the drag + weight will cost a few seconds per mile (lol)


310 here.


:D fair enough


Still love pink better haha

GARMIN vivoactive 3 Music - Black £199 Currys
Made hot 6th MayMade hot 6th May
Functionality - Text response - Reject phone call with text (Android only) - Smartphone notifications - Calendar - Weather - Control Smartphone music - Play and control watch music… Read more

VA3 Music now available at Argos for £149. Sandstone version, but what you actually get is the black one in the box with a spare sandstone strap. link


I've ordered it already! I knew it was out of stock. I'm in no rush so it's fine if it doesn't arrive for a while. Thanks.


M Only problem you have there is Clever Training have no stock. I emailed them about the 245 yesterday. "I am contacting you in regards to the Garmin 245, I have been in contact with our head office about delivery dates for the product and they have responded saying we aren’t getting as many units as anticipated this week, they haven’t specified the number of units we are getting but they have stated there won't be many. There was no date specified for the next batch of Garmins. I sincerely apologise for the delay and inconvenience this has caused." Assuming you're in no rush for it then it's a good deal.


Thanks for that. Accuracy seems ok. Hesitating between this and the Forerunner 245 music (300 quid). The 245 seems to be better for GPS lock and accuracy and also has audible alerts (eg. "your pace is blah"). I'm not a super serious runner (20-30k or so a week), but I hate the my current watch takes ages to lock on to the satellites and then cuts corners when I look on strava). Having said that, the Vivoactive 3 does have garmin pay which might come in handy. Might wait for the VA3 Music to come down in price though. EDIT: Just discovered that you can get the 245 Music for 269.99 when you use code DCR10BTF on I think I might just pull the trigger on that, even though it's way more than I initially wanted to spend.


Amazon appear to be price matching now. Though with the five quid eBay voucher applied Curry's is the better deal.

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