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Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Sports Watch £46.99 @ Amazon
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
The Amazfit Bip S smart watch has outstanding battery life thanks to the electronic components selection and power optimization technology. With up to 40 days endurance on a basic … Read more

It is pretty easy. You can download Zepp app and folow the instructions.


Is this easy to set up as I wanna get it for my father but his has no tech experience or knowledge. And I'm just a little better then my dad lol


I think Bip S was released last year.


Isn't there a newer version, that was released around two months ago?


Great price and replacement for pebble , heat!

AFAC Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Saturation Monitor Heart Rate Monitor - £5.94 Prime (+ £4.49 Non Prime) Sold by Dapuyi and Fulfilled by Amazon
315° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Lighting deal (y) Features & details ACCURATE & RELIABLE RESULTS - AFAC finger oxygen saturation monitor can accurately measure human heart rate, blood oxygen rate and pe… Read more

These are really good, works well


Most Chinese batteries are like that. You’re abusing your power by giving a 1 star review. This is like when people give 1 star reviews to the manufacturer because the shipping was late lmao


Nice find OP (y) Ordered one for myself...Its hard to guess which Reviews are good and which are bad to be honest we all know how Amazon works, it just pot luck if you get a good thing or a bad thing when buying off of there. All the years i have been using Amazon i think i have sent back about 5 things so far in about 15yrs.


I used to really like Amazon, now it's no different from eB*y full of fake, poor quality products from the Far East... (flirt)


Absolutely. Oxygen saturation is the one thing that you need to monitor when you're heading into pneumonia (COVID-related or otherwise). For less than a tenner, this is one of the best pieces of medical equipment you can have in the house in these times. There have been several publications deep-diving into the performance of the various (mainly Chinese-origin) pulse oximeters at the cheaper end of the spectrum,. e.g.: https://journals.lww.com/anesthesia-analgesia/fulltext/2016/08000/the_accuracy_of_6_inexpensive_pulse_oximeters_not.9.aspx Two of these in fact met FDA clearance thresholds: Contec CMS50DL and the Beijing Choice C20 Hence I wouldn't dismiss all ''cheap Chinese' meters as utter c**p as some posters tend to do in these discussions.

HONOR Band 6 SmartWatch, Fitness Tracker Fitness Wristband with SpO2 Heart Rate Monitor - £44.99 @ Sold By CompAcy FBA
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
New Honor band 6. - £44.99 Features & details 【New Upgraded Visual Experience】 1.47'' AMOLED Large HD display full touch screen smooth experience, Strong a… Read more

I too am a lazy turd, who would like to become a slightly fitter turd... (flirt)


Yeah - it’s not as slick as it should be but I’m a lazy turd so anything that counts my steps and shows how much I havn’t moved is good enough - if your Bear Gyrlls then get a better watch with a better app


What app are you using with it? I'm using the Huawei Health one (android) & it's rather meh. (flirt)


mine arrived yesterday.. all good, all working, brand new.. for the price more than happy with it Can reject calls / see notifications.. unsure how i can use the shutter functionality or control music on iphone though Edit.. can only use music function on Android, not IOS Battery came with 75%, unboxed it at 5pm, heart rate on /sleep on/ playing with it.. now after 19hours 66% - pretty good


I presume this still isn't a UK model as such as it still doesn't appear to have been released by Honor here yet for the UK market.

AFAC Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Saturation Monitor Heart Rate Monitor - £5.94 Prime (+ £4.49 Non Prime) Sold by Dapuyi and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Features & details ACCURATE & RELIABLE RESULTS - AFAC finger oxygen saturation monitor can accurately measure human heart rate, blood oxygen rate and perfusion index. Safe … Read more

What does the +/- setting do ?


Those devices are not meant just to detect static light: they are also detecting a pulse, which surely is a periodic change of light. When those cheap oximeters can't even detect if there is an actual finger in the device, or give a reading when there is no finger, they are basically just random number generating machines and serves no purpose. In term of accuracy, even more expensive devices can't really do more than + - 2 or 3%. Therefore, it's not really that absolute number that is meaningful but more a variation. For instance, a drop from 92% to 88% using the same device. It's a shame that Amazon is selling medical devices that are clearly not tested or useful. One day, they will get in trouble for that.


What??? A pencil has got a pulse now?


Tested it along with a hospital one ., did show almost same result about 1% +/-


I'm not a nurse but have no idea why that knowledge "needs" to be known by them... It's obviously detecting light given that's its sole sensor - I have no idea why it sometimes thinks the light it's detecting is a finger and sometimes doesn't (it's always detecting light - hospital wards don't tend to be pitch black...). If, as you claim, the value being given can be out by 5%, a 2% fall is by definition impossible to accurately measure. It couldn't possibly therefore be the difference between "life and death"... You also seem to be assuming that the inaccuracy is random (i.e. it might say 100% one second then 90% the next) whereas in reality that doesn't happen (on proper machines - no idea about this one).

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Casio G-Shock Heart Rate Monitor GBD-H1000-4ER - £305 @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Giving you all the information you need at your fingertips, this Casio G-Shock Heart Rate Monitor Men’s Watch will help you crush your fitness goals. Its stand-out design is comple… Read more

Lollll as a sporty watch not bad ;)


I was going to say it looks like a total mess!! its hideous!! (zombie)


£285 @ H Samuel, not the red one though.


Can't believe I'm gonna say this but looks cool (y) (y) (y)

Garmin Forerunner 735XT Running Watch with Heart Rate Monitor - £200 delivered @ Cotswold Outdoor
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Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
This is a fantastic price for an amazing watch and the Heart Rate Monitor too! Three year warranty and free next day delivery, not seen this cheaper anywhere! Watch functions: … Read more

My mistake - I missed that it included the HR monitor. Agreed in that case - a pretty good deal!


Looks like the HRM are going for between £45 - £50 on ebay so if I sell it looking at around £150 for the watch so not a bad deal!


I second that. Just waiting for a deal before grabbing one. :) In terms of this watch, I bought this almost a year ago for £178 so this does seem a bit high. That said, I have no regrets buying the watch - am happy with it!


I'm a Garmin fanboy but there's no way I'd pay £200 for five year old technology.


It wasn't because at the time the 920XT was out and the 935 and Fenix 3 arrived shortly after - the 900 and Fenix 3 series have always been the top triathlon watches because they had this key feature. My friend did the same course as me on the 735XT and it calculated about half the ascent it should have done. Fenix 5 series then (not Plus due to cost) or even the Fenix 3.