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If you want no-frills shopping and discounted prices on the everyday staples we all need then Aldi is the supermarket for you whether you shop online or pop into your local branch. And, with Aldi online shopping, you'll also find a whole range of household, garden and car products as well as toys, electronics and appliances. Aldi product lines are a mix of its own-brand goods and brands popular in the UK. If you want to make even greater savings when you shop with Aldi online UK, then visit hotukdeals for an Aldi discount code. How to redeem Aldi vouchers
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Free delivery
Free delivery
Free Extra Large Item delivery at Aldi (normally £9.95)
The online voucher FREEDELIVERY entitles you to free extra-large item delivery on selected products (usually £9.95). This voucher is valid for the period of 08:00 01 June 2021 unti… Read more

Must be a glitch. Try adding any other wine to basket and del charge gets added.


Free for me over £30. See the screenshot.


Del is £4.95 on all wine orders now. They changed it about two months ago.


Wine delivery is free on orders over £30.


Not working

Free delivery
Free delivery
Free next day delivery on Halloween special buys @ Aldi
As described in picture, free next day delivery on all Halloween special buys using code HALLOWEEN. Reductions on some items.… Read more

Also states only available for the first 3500 orders :)


Was trying to edit post, got myself in a bit of a muddle (lol) . Thanks for uploading that (highfive)


Also 50% off a few items

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Get £10 off when you spend £50 or more on Garden Shop Specialbuys online @ Aldi
The online voucher of £10 off when you spend £50 or more on Garden Shop Specialbuys is valid for the period 08:00 21 September 2019 to 23:59 28 September 2019. There are only 2000 … Read more



Great code (highfive)

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Aldi 10% off voucher
10% off at Aldi

Yes only online & sale items only


I take it you can only use it online


Only works for sale items :-(


Yip unfortunately for us in-store shoppers! Nae luck! (mad)


nah~the deal at lidl recently was way better (in newspaper)~spend £40 get £10 off=25% off (i did it twice)

Best Aldi deals from our community

Gardenline Dual Fuel BBQ - £149.99 + £9.95 delivery (available from Sunday) delivered @ Aldi
TomorrowStarts tomorrowPosted 2 h, 51 m agoPosted 2 h, 51 m ago
Gas burners for convenience Charcoal grilling for fuller flavour Wheels for easy movement 2 Cooking grids for charcoal 2 Grids for gas unit Spice box Bottle opener Foldable side sh… Read more

Bought this for my dads birthday last year. It’s a huge BBQ with tons of cooking space. It took us a while to put together (definitely a two person job). For £150, it’s great value.


Got the Asda one last week. Yet to put it together cos of bad weather. Based on reviews of both I will stick to the Asda version.


Friend of mine has this one. Quality is much, much better than Aldi. This Asda one is absolutely huge though.


The thinnest metal possible. I was so disappointed in these last time. Its a cheap barbecue in price but also construction. No doubt people will say 'what do you expect for the price', but yeah, expect very poor quality and you'd be right.


Asda let you know the BTU of theirs, also states porcelain coated cast iron cooking grills (Though the picture on Aldi suggest their's are)?, Adjustable height charcoal tray for temperature control Hinged porcelain enamel grill lid & Flame Diffusers, although Aldi does seem to have a slightly larger cooking area overall Don't know if the Aldi model has any of these as nothing in description, but if they certainly can't match any of the above the £50 extra for the Asda one is the better deal imho, depending on your warranty worries. Looking at the reviews you may well need it with the Aldi one...

Gardenline Wooden Love Bench £89.94 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 12 h, 27 m agoPosted 12 h, 27 m ago
With the sun coming out and demand for garden furniture going up this felt like a good price for a two-seater bench with a rising table in the middle. In stock. Online-only. Make… Read more

Yep, that pop up table looks about as awkward as a gear stick when you're trying to show your love in a car!


If you love beer, it's fab <3


Yeah thought love bench meant people sitting left arm to left arm. Or right to right if wonky love bench. Oh I started a other debate


Cant work out why that popup bit in the middle turns this basic bench into a love seat. Any suggestions? Maybe I just lack imagination.

Tower Fan £19.99 in store @ Aldi (Widnes )
Posted 20 h, 55 m agoPosted 20 h, 55 m agoLocalLocal
Don't overheat in a hot house this summer. Cool down your rooms and keep air circulating with this Easy Home Tower Fan. With 3 speeds to choose from, this fan oscillates through 75… Read more

National I believe as seen this in Portsmouth too.


Just bought this today and have put it on just's not loud at all


62 decibels seems loud, but then again it is cheap. Have some heat!

Auto XS Torque Wrench - £12.99 (+ £2.95 delivery) @ Aldi
Posted 21 h, 57 m agoPosted 21 h, 57 m ago
Used to apply a specific torque when fastening nuts and bolts to prevent over-tightening, this super handy Auto XS Torque Wrench is a tool kit essential. Essential for the nuts and… Read more

Torque wrenches are expensive. Take a look in halfords. I got a budget one from B&q which I'm happy with but this looks a great price. Heat added


When the range of torque is up as high as 100Nm+, you’re not going to get much precision no matter which one you use. The torque wrench is basically a point at which you should stop turning, not try to get it to the nearest Nm. For large bolts, a few more Nm or less really isn’t a big deal. You’ve also got to remember that when you tighten, the torque wrench is basically a method of rotating the bolt to the point that it should stop slipping past the surface. If people are tightening at different speeds, static and dynamic friction put a whole lot more uncertainty in these measurements. Having one of these for this price is a whole lot better than over-tightening your wheel nuts/bolts and risking stripping the threads. People also need to remember that you don’t need to tighten the majority of day to day bolts very much. Wheels on a car: about 120Nm Spark plugs: twist them in with your fingers and then when you can’t do it any more, quarter of a turn with the ratchet. Failing that, 100Nm is about 10kg at 1m, or 20kg at 0.5m When I wanted ultra precise torque while doing my transmission, I used a digital balance on a ratchet of known length. Nm=ForcexDistance Where 100g=1N (more or less) and 10cm=0.1m


Personally would not touch this, the point of s torque wrench is to be extremely accurate with how tight you fasten. This does not seem to even come with a calibration certificate and on top of that, there is such a thing as just too low of a price. There is no way this will stay accurate at this cheap price point. I have brought a manner of different tools from them that have ended up failing or being below quality on the end, but you know what, that doesn't matter because its fine for their cost. This however, needs to be damn accurate, so I wouldn't go near it.


Really odd torque range - For example no good for spark plugs which are usually around 25nm. So what on earth would the typical Aldi buyer need this for?


True that this would be total useless for a bike, but only the little nimby-bimby screws have tiny torque ranges. If you don't have a carbon fibre bike you wouldn't even need a torque gauge for them. The cassette and cranks, though, are both about 50Nm. Then there's the hub, bottom bracket, cones, etc. All range from 30-50Nm. Depending on how expensive those components are, you can either get by or invest in something that's not from Aldi and has an actual certificate of calibration with it. No point buying something cheap like this...

Nextbase 300W Dashboard Camera - £69.99 @ Aldi
Posted 22 h, 4 m agoPosted 22 h, 4 m ago
Record everything with the Nextbase 300W Dashboard Camera. Save yourself time, money and hassle by protecting yourself with this state of the art dashboard camera. Recording in 108… Read more

30fps is very low if you're trying to capture quickly moving objects. Let's face it, you want to be able to capture everything in the best detail when the worst happens. So, something is better than nothing, but if you can afford it, get the best. Best dash cam 2021: 12 brilliant in-car cameras for driving peace of mind | TechRada The best dash cam in 2021 | Digital Camera World Best dash cam 2021: top car dash cams tried and tested | T3


Need 120fps to catch BMW Audi drivers


Does it pick up number plates ok? Only ever had 60fps dash cams to make sure I catch them


This is one of the best Dashcam I have bought after thorough research but bought at Costco with 32GB micros SD card included in it at discounted offer price of £70 in last month. So at this price of £70, this looks reasonable price. Quality wise, its a good Dashcam.

Kids PAC Man Pyjamas - £2.99 / £5.94 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 22 h, 45 m agoPosted 22 h, 45 m ago
Was £4.99 now £2.99 May also have them Instore. Brand: Pac-Man Colour: Grey/Navy Iron: 2 Dots Machine Washable: Yes Material: 100% Cotton Product Type: Pyjamas and Ni… Read more

If my mum bought me pj's in the 1970s of stuff she played with in the 1940s I wouldn't be impressed


They had these in-store at my local branch a few months ago but only the smaller sizes left.hope they have them in again (y)

Decorative Peacock Glass Table - £12.99 / £15.94 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 22 h, 52 m agoPosted 22 h, 52 m ago
Assembly Required:Yes Brand:Gardenline Design:Peacock Dimensions:50 x 35 x 35cm (approx.) Material:Glass, Metal Product Type:Garden Tables Weight:2.2kg (approx.) Enjoy your… Read more

Don't leave it out when it's windy, ours blew over and smashed.


Ordered for drinks on decking 🍹🍸


Love mine. Great small fold up table for drinks


Saw them in store too. Ok side table size between two chairs for a drink to be on. Both a bit garish for my taste though and the glass top isn't quite flat.


Maybe as flower pot stand?

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