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Subway Discount Codes

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Subway is possibly the best known sandwich shop in the world. Visit the official website to know about the menu and the ingredients used, to know more about limited period offers and more. Find out about special breakfast menus and specials such as the Subcard - a membership that lets you collect points on all your purchases and entitles you to redeem those point across UK and the Ireland for free subs. Use the onsite store locator feature to find a Subway closest to you. 

All Subway Voucher & Promo Codes for June 2019

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Subway vouchers - Today's London Metro
P 15 Might be nationwide - can anyone confirm? Enjoy (Will add a photo when I can)

Greater London in t and cs , no good for Essex then


Same.McDonalds vouchers in the Glasgow Metro.Any idea if theses ever get posted up here in the north?


I think it's because Subway is cheap enough in a lot of Subway stores outside of London. £3.99 for that salad deal is the regular price at one of my local Subway stores for example - although another of my local stores charges a fortune!


Sorry to hear that - I don't know why they wouldn't run this nationwide.


Not in Metro for me. Not nationwide. Heat added for mentioning London in the title though. :)

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4 Subs, 2 crisps or cookies and 2 drinks £12 and more offers Central Region stores
Open the link and you’ll see vouchers to use at subway stores. Check here to see if there’s a participating store near you:… Read more

I went to a participating store and they knew nothing about this. They had been given a different set of offers and vouchers . Deals weren't as good as this.


It’s basically 2 footlongs but you can split it up between 4 people. It’s a bit odd there’s only 2 cookies or crisps though


I’m assuming 4 subs = 4 people? 2 drinks & 2 crisps/cookies to share?? I’d prefer 2 footlongs with the deal. Sounds simpler


Who knows


I have no idea. I don’t know where you could get better discounts from elsewhere for this many eligible stores :/

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Subway vouchers in today's Metro newspaper Friday 23/03/2018 - (London stores)
This is the weekend paper, some stations will have the Friday's Metro edition available all weekend. Vouchers are on page 11 (see e-edition for early access to the newspaper) … Read more

You clearly didn't read the full description above. 1) BOGOF vouchers don't appear more than once a week. 2) it's a Friday edition paper and my local underground station has the papers available all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 3) Next time you see subway vouchers think to yourself are they the same vouchers as today's.


Yes I see this deal in the metro once a weekday for a while now. I've collected 3 of them over past few weeks. Each voucher is good for 2 buy 1 get one free, so if you fancy going with a mate and you both fancy a foot long its a good deal. Or you could be a really greedy b*****d and go for two foot all by yourself!!!




What is so special about this? These vouchers are in metro several times a week.


I live in Birmingham, but am goIng to London on Saturday and would have used them there, but the Birmingham metro may not have the offers in. Thanks Mys anyway.

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Free subway cookie (short questionnaire)
Tell subway what you think on your next visit and you get a voucher for a free cookie. Less than 1min of questions (13 ish) and my voucher was emailed straight away. You show you… Read more

I never get asked for a receipt. Codes are not store specific, so unless the branch does not participate in the promotion, you should get your cookie :D


Store I'D is 32414 have been using this since it was posted a year ago 8)


Please enter the SUBWAY® store ID listed on your receipt.


Hit the unsubscribe/block button after you got your cookie?


I got 99 cookies coz the b**** ate one, Nom Nom Nom. (lol) 🤣

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Subway Voucher Booklet Now Available (Instore)

You are way too easy to please , Sir.


I don't try to emulate subway, but give me two bits of buttered toast, slap some deli ham in between and a dob of ketchup to make a sandwich and i'm happy :)


I tried that. My cooked fillings don't taste nowhere decent like Subways'. On top of that, store-bought baguette is too hard.


Hot! Thanks v.much


Why does everyone write "Macdonalds" lol it is McDonalds

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Subway Subcard
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Subway Vouchers

You couldn't force me to get a drink from subway. They're always flat and they have an odd aftertaste.


use to go a while back for lunch at work, but its an absolute rip off now so refuse to go anymore.


this makes me hungry :(


OH! AND ALSO REMEMBER TO USE YOUR SUBCARD! 1 point per 10p spent + For a limited time, everytime you use your subcard, you have a chance of winning something. I won a bowl of meatballs and a drink in just a week :D They send you a printable voucher to your email. 500 points = FREE any 6" Also, most branches give you student discount of 10%. Just flash your student ID card and ask for discount.


@starlet & mus_ne They give them only in the branches. You have to buy something the first time before they give one to you.

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Two 6'' Subs and 500ml Bottles of VitaminWater £6.99 [Coupon in Today's Metro p34]

it's no bargain BUT a reasonable 2 person outdoor lunch meal


I'll be honest, I have no idea for I don't usually (nor have I been in a long time) go to Subway myself (hence why the, "discount" is £6.99). Just posted it in the hope it benefits someone. Perhaps someone who goes to Subway often can tell us how much it would be usually.


Do they usually cost more than this??? You can get a nice sandwich, or pack of sushi, with 330 orange juice, apple juice, coke or water, and a packet of walkers crisps or a fruit bag or four finger kitkat , for £2 in Tesco just now! I guess I just can't see the appeal of dry over priced 6 inch baguettes, lol. :p

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2 for 1 subway voucher when u become a fan on facebook- stores include Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire ONLY
Valid at participating SUBWAY® Stores in Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Please check before order. Pricing and participation may vary. Not available in Bristol I… Read more

How do we check participating stores? I want to use it at a specific bristol store, but the email I got was for a different one :S will it matter?


i know. me tooo :(


Not good for me live on Norfolk/Suffolk boarder but hot if you can get it !

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anything of the snack menu and a cookie for 39p!! from subway

dang i missed it


good find thanx:thumbsup:


thanks people

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Buy one get one free Regular 6" Reggae Reggae Chicken Sub & Large Drink

they accepted my voucher in woking last weekend, no problem. 3.19 £ with a drink ... a cheap and cheerful lunch for 2! :) and the chicken was juicy :)


Used mine at Braehead today with no problem


They are handing out vouchers outside Earls Court Subway everyday - Free Regular 6" sub when you buy any 6"sub and a medium drink - valid until 31st July 2009. NOT branch specific so keeps your eyes out people! Other voucher is for £1 off any footlong sub :)


Please amend the title to confirm that its scotland only. I was nearly going to use this until i read a comment from someone else. Cold for Confusion:oops:


oHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Boy! A voucher for Subway = a big nuisance as they never accept these, anywhere.

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Free all day breakfast mini wrap with every sub purchase with voucher @ Subway

cant seem to get the voucher

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Free bowl of meatballs with every sub purchase with attached voucher @ Subway
Free bowl of meatballs with every sub purchase with attached voucher expires 28/5/09

This deal has now been replaced by this one:

Not accepted in the one near Oxford Circus!


just don't check the sugar and salt content before you tuck in !! scary !!


BEWARE!! This company has the worst policy for accepting vouchers. They will tell you anything under the sun to say there a franchise, that they do not accept vouchers even if issued by Subway. The higher level of them are franchises.



free Pepperoni Pizza Toastie with any Sub purchase'
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Free cheese Toastie when brought with a sub with printable voucher.
My first deal Need to print it off For week one only - Get one free Cheese Toastie* with any Sub purcha… Read more

HOT stuff! HnR added :) There's a subway about 30 seconds from me at work, nice 1 :)



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SUBWAY: 99p Breakfast Deal with METRO NEWSPAPER

Halal Bacon & Egg.:roll: LOL


yes this is a top offer it comes in the paper a lot and its a real good deal as they also allow you a discount deal on a halaal breakfast! :D


Eat fresh! lol they microwave the omelette and sausage or bacon. I've had worse for 99p. If drink was included it would be a good offer.



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Subway Voucher Booklet - Northern Ireland ONLY!

is there any England subway on link?


ditto - voted hot OP.


Nice deal my friend!


Haha, I came on today just to post this, glad I did a search first!


And so what, it is the deal itself we are supposed to be rating I thought, not how many people it benefits

Subway voucher booklet is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
INSTRUCTIONS: Just went to my local subway store @ trafford and picked up a footlong .Asked for the booklet and surprise surprise she gave it to me. has 16 vouchers in it 2 can … Read more

Hi Maggie3572 As this thread is over 8 years old you'll probably be better starting a new thread


Went to use my vouchers from the booklet today .went to subway at brean lesuire park Somerset only to be told can't use them here ,thought subway was subway ,one unhappy father ,3 upset kids ,staff very unhelpful couldn't be bothered


its ok! i was harsh-but just have always been the sort of person who 'did things' as in complained or stuck up for others and it wears thin when you beat your head against a wall so many times! I had also just got off the phone to the police after being messed around!


Sorry did not mean to get personal hence the term " our "attitude. Atleast you tried which is good. So if there is a mishap atleast some people mght understand what we were tring to say.


there isnt anything wrong with my atitude...i spent half an hour being passed around today after trying to complain about the stupid dangerous parking outside son's school-and ive learnt i cant change everything although i thought i could years ago...basically if you buy and the food looks crabby its your problem. Sorry if that sounds harsh but others can see what i see...

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My first deal so hope I've done it right! Nationwide BOGO offer on all regular 6 Inch Subs. From Friday 19 to Friday 26 December you can get a free regular 6 Sub when you buy any … Read more

Wahoo, got 2 coupons through the post this morning for a free 6 inch sub. So 2x6inchers coming my way. Top work, Subway! I enjoy their special offers. "it's fake". Lol. I'll give them fake once I photocopy these barcode-free one-sided vouchers onto glossy paper.


Free vouchers coming my way after I complained my local Subway wouldn't accept this voucher! :thumbsup:


We have got a new Subway opened in town this week, went to have a look and it was all processed meat slices , thought they sold decent food, it looked a bit **** and expensive to me , anything thats worth trying are the meatballs nice ?


shame it is finish today!


Worked for me- HOT deal

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Subway £2.99 Meal Deal - Central Region

was just about to post this but you beat me to it! Good deal though!


cool thanks


Yeah its £2.99 for a subway club, so essensially this is a free cookie and drink. Shame its not in my area i looove the subway


No idea... the 6" sub I normally get is £3 on its own, so by using this voucher I get a free drink and cookie :)


how much is a normal fresh value meal? not much more than £2.99 I'm sure.....

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