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Subway is possibly the best known sandwich shop in the world. Visit the official website to know about the menu and the ingredients used, to know more about limited period offers and more. Find out about special breakfast menus and specials such as the Subcard - a membership that lets you collect points on all your purchases and entitles you to redeem those point across UK and the Ireland for free subs. Use the onsite store locator feature to find a Subway closest to you. How to redeem Subway vouchers
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250 points free @ Subway Rewards (new accounts)
Found in a leaflet, worth a free side

This subway app is screwed. Signing up for this is hell. Emails take ages to come through and I'm still waiting for my points to be added. -_-


You should enter the code when signing up, it will show after 5m


Im a new customer but dont work for me


Need to use the code when signing up for a new account (in the promo code section). Worked for me when creating a secondary account. Takes about 5m to show in wallet.

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 Off First Orders From Uber Eats @ Subway (Min Spend Required)
l love subway it my favourite takeaway. Subway Voucher | £10 Off Code | May 2021 ( 1. £10 off offer available until 11.55 pm on 31 December 2021, valid on one… Read more

HELL yes, what a crazy day THAT was, eh. (shock) (fierce)


What about snow, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, swarming killer bees or it's a bit chilly?


Definitely for 1.5 miles if it's not raining


Bet Better still WALK :)


Literally spend ages trying to sort order, see the price, get off my backside and dive 1.5 miles and go buy in shop. :D

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
Buy one get one free on subway using app (London only)
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading … Read more

i have ordered from my subway app but i had to order from my third nearest store - not all stores have the offer


no i am getting it in brum



Doesn't show up on my app (annoyed)


Because they have more expensive prices . Don't have uniform prices everywhere as stores are run by licence holders and rip London tourists. Still hot if can tell me in advance whether I will get discount or not . Very annoying when you reach cashier and they dont accept your voucher in Subway .

Subway vouchers - Today's London Metro
P 15 Might be nationwide - can anyone confirm? Enjoy (Will add a photo when I can)

Greater London in t and cs , no good for Essex then


Same.McDonalds vouchers in the Glasgow Metro.Any idea if theses ever get posted up here in the north?


I think it's because Subway is cheap enough in a lot of Subway stores outside of London. £3.99 for that salad deal is the regular price at one of my local Subway stores for example - although another of my local stores charges a fortune!


Sorry to hear that - I don't know why they wouldn't run this nationwide.


Not in Metro for me. Not nationwide. Heat added for mentioning London in the title though. :)

4 Subs, 2 crisps or cookies and 2 drinks £12 and more offers Central Region stores
Open the link and you’ll see vouchers to use at subway stores. Check here to see if there’s a participating store near you:… Read more

I went to a participating store and they knew nothing about this. They had been given a different set of offers and vouchers . Deals weren't as good as this.


It’s basically 2 footlongs but you can split it up between 4 people. It’s a bit odd there’s only 2 cookies or crisps though


I’m assuming 4 subs = 4 people? 2 drinks & 2 crisps/cookies to share?? I’d prefer 2 footlongs with the deal. Sounds simpler


Who knows


I have no idea. I don’t know where you could get better discounts from elsewhere for this many eligible stores :/

Subway vouchers in today's Metro newspaper Friday 23/03/2018 - (London stores)
This is the weekend paper, some stations will have the Friday's Metro edition available all weekend. Vouchers are on page 11 (see e-edition for early access to the newspaper) … Read more

You clearly didn't read the full description above. 1) BOGOF vouchers don't appear more than once a week. 2) it's a Friday edition paper and my local underground station has the papers available all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 3) Next time you see subway vouchers think to yourself are they the same vouchers as today's.


Yes I see this deal in the metro once a weekday for a while now. I've collected 3 of them over past few weeks. Each voucher is good for 2 buy 1 get one free, so if you fancy going with a mate and you both fancy a foot long its a good deal. Or you could be a really greedy b*****d and go for two foot all by yourself!!!




What is so special about this? These vouchers are in metro several times a week.


I live in Birmingham, but am goIng to London on Saturday and would have used them there, but the Birmingham metro may not have the offers in. Thanks Mys anyway.

Free subway cookie (short questionnaire)
Tell subway what you think on your next visit and you get a voucher for a free cookie. Less than 1min of questions (13 ish) and my voucher was emailed straight away. You show you… Read more

I never get asked for a receipt. Codes are not store specific, so unless the branch does not participate in the promotion, you should get your cookie :D


Store I'D is 32414 have been using this since it was posted a year ago 8)


Please enter the SUBWAY® store ID listed on your receipt.


Hit the unsubscribe/block button after you got your cookie?


I got 99 cookies coz the b**** ate one, Nom Nom Nom. (lol) 🤣

Subway Voucher Booklet Now Available (Instore)

You are way too easy to please , Sir.


I don't try to emulate subway, but give me two bits of buttered toast, slap some deli ham in between and a dob of ketchup to make a sandwich and i'm happy :)


I tried that. My cooked fillings don't taste nowhere decent like Subways'. On top of that, store-bought baguette is too hard.


Hot! Thanks v.much


Why does everyone write "Macdonalds" lol it is McDonalds

Best Subway deals from our community

Buy One Get One Free Footlong Sandwich (Purchases Using App Order & Collect) From £5.29 in Selected Stores @ Subway
30/06/2021Expires on 30/06/2021Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Buy one get one free footlong sandwich purchases using order & collect (selected stores) at Subway app Download app here Offer valid until 30th June 2021. Free sub will be … Read more

Ok, so the deal was there yesterday, and now it's gone off my app. Rubbish. Thanks Subway, great way to treat a customer.


I liked the vegan sub a lot, but taste is subjective. My app only shows a free 6 inch, not a footlong. Bit odd.


Your message made me check my points. Over 2000 gone. Not impressed at all.


Interesting, never came across one with no ham. I only get the BMT from the halal stores and I've not been sent away yet.


Not all, one of my local Subway stores which is halal has no ham products at all with no turkey ham either

Buy A Footlong And Get Another One Free When Ordering For Collection via App (Participating stores) @ Subway
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
This is only applicable to participating stores. Ordered a footlong and got another 1 for free Go to the official app, CLICK ON ORDER AHEAD AND COLLECT, select the store and if it… Read more

Just randomly checked and it’s back on again ...near preston:


Guilty as charged


I usually get 6 inch. Think I would burst if i ate 24 inches of sandwich. Good deal though for those with big appetite.


As others have said, it seems to come and go. Back now for some stores that it disappeared from.


Can’t see in my app

Subway Vouchercodes Thread
Posted 4th May 2018Posted 4th May 2018
Subway Vouchercodes Thread
1. To be eligible you must upload a full and clear picture of your SUBWAY receipt to your VoucherCodes account. 2. Your claim will not be valid if you place a delivery order. 3. MI… Read more

Hey Guys; If anyone is getting a footlong at Southend on Sea and a train on the same day, claim a free 6 inch. =) Offer is here; Very bizaar offer but still might be worth a shot if anyone can fulfill the conditions.


£1? (lol)


Anyone knows what time is lunch time at subway? Is it 11-2?


You are limited to a single £1 voucher anyway so dont loose sleep over it :)


Just spent 3X£3.30 on Subs but didn't get the receipt

Subway 3 Free Cookies with a purchase of a Footlong Sub using the Subway App £5.29 @ Subway
968° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Subway 3 Free cookies with a purchase of a footlong sub using the subway app.

Thank you! just checked and it's back on mine too until the 30th :D


the BOGOF offer is back again on my app


I've just found that out! Disappointed ;(


Thanks, heat added


Obesity here we come!😨👎 :)

Subway Free Six Inch Sub (500 bonus points) when buy anything with Subway rewards app (invite only)
204° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th MayLocalLocal
Buy the cheapest item and get a FREE six inch sub.

How does this work anyone knows


Got six inch yesterday and the bonus points were added, effectively it's BOGOF!


In my circle of friends, nobody has a subway app 😩


Unless someone else can confirm, this looks like it's specific to the op because they haven't ordered from subway in awhile. It'd be interesting to know when you last ordered from them though as I haven't been in a year or two now and I've not received anything like this.. can't remember if I unsubscribed from their emails though.


Think your idea of Any man is a bit wide of the mark

Subway Free Lightly Salted Nachos via The Subway App - Order For Collection (Selected Accounts) @ Subway
1001° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Had a look on the subway app. If you select order for collection, you can go on The Real Deal, and lightly salted nachos appears FREE. Enjoy guys

Yeah it seems to be branch specific. Sadly none near me offer it;(


Is it just me?, I thought this was for deals that everyone has access to. I keep seeing deals that say 'selected accounts' so not everyone can get the deal....... Please correct me if I'm wrong, i probably am. I'm expecting a bit of a backlash & i don't want to offend anyone.


Not working for me


They're just microwaved dorito's with a bit of cheese and relish on top. ;-)


Not on mine

Free packet of crisps with Subway footlong purchase (app orders only) @ Subway
-92° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Free packet of crisps with Subway footling purchase (app orders only) at Subway. Are you a crunch craving #CrispIn kinda Sub maker or #CrispOut on the side? Either way, it’s time… Read more

Yeah looks like stores are opting in for this free bag of crisps deal instead of the buy a footlong, get one free. Looked high and low and no stores near me are doing it. Is there a map/ list somewhere for stores participating?


Surely if you bought the sub and a drink it would be a similar price to a meal deal , not the posters fault but it's a pretty crummy deal

250 Points When You Purchase A Subway In the First 48 Hours of Installing Subway App (First Users Only) @ Subway
351° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
I absolutely love Subway I have already used this. A single allocation of 250 Subway Rewards points will be awarded to new guests who registers and activates their account on th… Read more

Thanks for posting. Your thread was selected for our Highlights section (highfive)


100 = hot drink (regular) 200 = free side or snack 500 = free 6 inch sub, salad or wrap 1000 = free footlong


"purchase a Subway"? Might be quite expensive.


I don't make jokes


This is a joke, right

500 Subway reward points when buying anything in-store - scan your app (Selected accounts)
469° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th AprLocalLocal
500 Subway reward points when buying anything in-store - scan your app (Selected accounts)
Received following email. Could be selected accounts only. Check your emails. To help you Sub again, we’re giving you the chance to earn 500 bonus points – enough points to redeem… Read more
View Deal

I bought something and got 1000 points. So looks like for some reason they are awarding 1000 points instead.


Gotta love a subway x


I was emailed the offer recently. I bought cookies & a sub and had 2x500 pounts added which I didn't expect.


Yeah must be, maybe the developer was an Android fan! :-)


Strangely I never have a problem with subway app think it's one of the better one's - mine is on android so might be the reason ;)

Free subway cookie with app - No purchase necessary, only at participating stores
590° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st AprLocalLocal
Free subway cookie with app - No purchase necessary, only at participating storesFREE£0.49
Free subway cookie with the subway app. No purchase necessary, only at participating stores. Offer valid on 1st April 2021 only. Selected registered and activated Subway Rewards® … Read more

No point, my local doesnt participate in any offer.


Lies. Went to Northampton store near Tesco Store was participating but they still declined even when I showed them proof on the website.


Won't be eligible. My subway is stingy AF


Unless Subway add points and allow you to redeem for the cookie I find this is a waste of time. Whenever they give away freebies through app in this way, stores never want to give them/never know how to do them! No point.


This isn’t a code, you need to be registered using the subway app

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