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Burger King is a brand known all over the world for great taste and food that is both convenient and good value for money. The brand’s UK website gives you all the information about the products and menus including seasonal specials as well as the low down on all the special offers: on burgers, sides or whole meals. You can find an outlet close to you by using the onsite store locator. Simply enter your post code, town or city. 
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Free delivery
Free delivery
Burger King Vouchers (via the app) inc. Bacon Double Cheese & Fries for £1.99
Several vouchers to use including: Bacon Double Cheese & Small Fries - £1.99 Chicken Royale & Small Fries - £2.99 2 Regular Whopper Meals - £7.99 Sundae - £0.50 2 Chicken … Read more



Offers valid until 31/12/2017 So Expired?


Very rarely does the fish burger make an apperance


i cant see any voucher , can someone explain how to get it plz


Making me hungry 😋

Latest Burger King vouchers exp 30.11.2017
Here is the latest vouchers from Burger King, expires 30/11/2017. Great if you the app on the mobile never works when you want it too. http://bk-emea-prd.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/… Read more

Ignore my question, I just tried it at a drive thru and they accepted it no problem! Thanks so much- can't believe I didn't know about vouchers and was paying full price each time (horror)


Can you use these in the drive-thru or do you have to go in to use the vouchers?


link is fixed


Hot it downloaded pdf heat added (popcorn)


Getting error doesn't work

Burger King Vouchers - Valid Until 18/12/15
Printable burger king vouchers Chicken Royale £1.99 2x Whopper Meals £8.49 2x Chicken Royale Meals £8.49 Whopper, Chicken Royale, Fries and a Drink £6.49 Bacon Double CheeseBurge… Read more

Heat from me thanks




Thought vouchers would have better prices.Dread to think what you have to pay without the vouchers.


The link takes you to itunes though


They're vouchers aren't they ?

Burger King Printable Vouchers - Valid Until 23rd August 2015
Any sheets you had left over should be out of date now and this is the new one to replace it.

if it helps anyone .. poundland do vouchers for burger king on your receipt after purchase . get a chicken royal and fries for £2. and two other deals on the receipt (can't remember which ones it was) .


Thanks :)


thank you


You sir, are a legend!


You can access the link I posted presumably, you just can't get the "Redeem Voucher" button to work? If that's the only problem, I would just edit one of your first posts to show the vouchers in the form of an image on this thread itself so people can see what vouchers there are, easily. Apart from that, poke a mod to try to get the link working on the "Redeem Voucher" button ;) I'll report this post so they have a look.

Burger King Printable Vouchers - May 2015 - Valid Until 09 June

you could take a screenshot of the voucher save having to open the app


Great deal got the app but quite often won't open. Show the staff and they let you order it anyway.


Comment Much better than ronnies by far...!!!


Love burger king ;quality over McDonald's! Deals on the app are the best


for £6 I can feed a family of 3 from my local fried chicken shop..forget BK rip off.

Burger King Printable Vouchers - March 2015 - Valid Until 03 May 2015
Lots of nice vouchers! Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. One voucher per person. Valid only in the UK. Not exchangeable for cash. Subject to availability. Voucher val… Read more

They went **** the second they took the Angus burgers from the vouchers, which was a good few years ago.


agreed, their vouchers used to be much better value 2 years ago


The app is no longer working on my LG G2 for some reason


It says on the voucher "not valid at Theme Parks"


Recently tried to redeem these in Thorpe Park and though they are not mentioned on this list, they said they were not participating in this offer :|

Burger King Printable Vouchers - January 2015

New ones out https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/burger-king-printable-vouchers-march-2015-valid-until-03-2015-2157324?p=24552821


To be honest they will probably have some new ones out tomorrow :)


Dang expired today shame am too late, 02/03/15


All the vouchers listed here are available on the BK app. No need to print, cut out and remember to bring vouchers, just sign into the app on your phone and tell the staff the voucher code for the offer you want to use, much easier.


Ive complained to them in the past a few times and no reply's, at least McDonalds do and they send a free voucher for the hassle..

Burger King Printable Vouchers - November 2014
9 New Burger King vouchers but one of them you can only use through the Apple App Store? All 9 vouchers are valid until December 21st 2014.

Does anyone know if the whopper deals include whoppers with cheese?


What service stations accept these, I've tried one with success but can't remember if it was a welcome break, etc?


your site is not user friendly tried to getfree whooper imposible to get it Dr suresh Patel




The 199p Whopper and fries are a good deal!

Burger King Printable Vouchers - September / October 2014

Veggie meal deal £4.49...yeah right. Seems BK has not checked McD's spicy veggie meal with milkshake for £4.19 REGULAR price.


Thanks! will come in handy for my trip to london!


Just ask when you inside for some voucher leaflets and they will be more then happy to give you 4-5 , mine always does.


Not valid at certain outlets ie blackpool pleasure beach


Complete Con, the BK vouchers are actually more than u pay in-store on certain days. For example, Choose a King of the day meal for £3.79 each. So 2x Meals = £7.58 In-store on Burgers on selected days. Voucher price = £8.49... BK laughing all the way to bank with those thicko's thinking this is a hot deal. oO Going back a few months, the BK vouchers were 2x Meals for £7.49, now they happy to add a quid to any mugs who don't notice :D

Burger King Printable Vouchers - July / August 2014

you never get a deal like this at mc d's ,and everything tastes soggy and sweet. bk top deals and top burgers,we dont go often but love it!!


I just found an android app for burger king which gives some voucher offers you just show your phone to redeem, I think. useful if you forget your vouchers but you can only use one voucher per day where as I've used more than one printed voucher per visit before now. the app is available on play store for free. I've not used it yet but looks simple.


I took a black and white print to my local and it was accepted. Essentially as long as the valid date and voucher code are readable you should be fine.


Im curious too, OP can you confirm? Also does it it have to be printed and not just shown from you mobile device?


Good find

Best Burger King deals from our community

Free Whopper with any purchase (£1 min spend) - click and collect first order via app / website @ Burger King
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Offer showing on the website/app a free Whopper with your first purchase using Click and Collect via app/wesbite, I don't believe there is a min spend for the purchase e.g. coffeeRead more

Thanks, sounds nice (bar the the bacon, the only pork I eat is ribs or pulled!)


No I dont think so. It was a real treat. baconator was delicious, with chilli fries, chilli in a bowl and milkshake was a real treat. regular meals are around £7 something. you can find the menu online. We queued for like 30mins but that was on 2nd day of opening so sure its straight in now. I will be going back 100% for my unhealthy treat.


Are there special offers atm?


I find the same , I'll have to try on iPad


App not working android

Plant Based Offers via App e.g 2 Plant Based Whopper or Royale Meals with Chips and a Drink for £8.49 @ Burger King
-59° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
A few plant based offers in the app to mirror existing offers: 2 plant based whopper or royale meals with chips and a drink for £8.49 To share or not to share? One plant based wh… Read more

plant based = new word for vegetarian (shock)


The deal photo clearly says it’s normal burgers and plant based (annoyed)


(confused) what else could it be


It’s not just plant based (flirt)


its meat or plant based these offers I have been using them frequesntly

Triple Stacker - Three Hamburgers :Smoky BBQ Sauce, Onion Rings, and so much glorious Cheese (£3 Triple / £2 Double / £1 Single) Burger King
285° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th AprLocalLocal
321 hamburgers, smoky BBQ sauce, onion rings, and so much glorious cheese.

Unlike the Lidl app that started off giving you money off your next shop, to then giving you random vouchers for things you never buy, to now a stupid spinning wheel that you hardly ever win on and when you do 'win' you get a random vouchers for something you'll never buy or have purchased ever before. Went from good to worse, to then even worse :p


BK's app is a lot better today then it was a year or two ago. I just don't understand why BK has went for the voucher approach and not a more personalised app experience. Tesco Clubcard totally nailed it, don't offer your customers stuff there not interested in, focus on what they do like and tailer offers. Just my two cents...


Ordered 3 of the single burgers, the whopper and chicken royal meal, and extra fries, it came to just over £10. Having the app definitely a cheaper way to enjoy Bk.


You're lucky, the staff at both of your local Burger King stores don't bother limiting offers redeemed in-store to one per account and per customer but all three of my local do


The 2 local ones where I live never question at all? McDonald's do that where I live but never had that with Burger King, so thought it was McDonald's just being tight

Two Burger King Whopper/Royale meals for £8.49 when you sign up to the website
77° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
£8.49 for two meals of either the Whopper or Royale with 2 regular fries and 2 soft drinks. Also included in this deal is the Plant Whopper and the Vegan Chicken Royale. Need to… Read more

I’m sorry I can’t really understand the point you are making, your sentences have gone over my head a bit! If you go into a somewhere and want to buy an item and it costs X, but an App lets you buy the same item for 20-30% less (and there is nowhere else nearby to buy the item that you need there and then - I.e a meal to feed you on a long journey) then surely you are saving money?


When you say, this has saved you money in the past, motorway services are 20% higher, do you mean you didn't spend as much money rather than saved! Saving is something you need not desire, depends how desperate you are!! Anyway, if you think you have saved, then good for you and burgersuperking rip-off.


This was 2 for £7.99 on the app last year and then they put the price up whilst other well known fast food giants reduced prices by taking off VAT during covid, so up yours Burger King you filthyrats


The offeralso includes the vegan/plant based versions


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought, so when I saw the sticker on the till advertising the App I asked if Icould use the App deals and they said yes (this was the A34 /M4 Moto ‘Chieveley’ services).

Plant Based Whopper (Mon / Wed) or Vegetable Royal £1.99 on Mondays with App @ Burger King
1322° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Update 1
28/04 - Plant based whopper is available again for £1.99 via the app as part of Whopper Wednesday
New offer for Mondays at Burger King App. Worth a try for £1.99. (y)

Is it just me or are they closed today? Just the app is only picking up one or two locations out of a whole list


It's a bit silly isn't it? I'll not be buying one and, I'm sure, many others will avoid this burger based on this (fierce) At least we've got the Burger King thing to try though!


Getting one of these today (y)


On a general note: Why are most veggie/vegan options bland? Especially chilli, curry or pasta based meals. It would be so easy to have some hotter, spicier alternatives to the boring stuff I usually see on the menu. This goes for ready meals also.


Had the plant based Whopper over a year ago whilst on holiday in New Zealand. Thought they were really good. Haven't tried the vegan Royale but we usually order a bean burger and just ask for no mayo or cheese then add sweet chilli sauce and you've got yourself a tasty vegan burger. Btw: Domino's NZ do amazing vegan mince pizzas with vegan burger sauce and a couple of other vegan options. Wish the UK would catch up!

Texas BBQ Stakers Single £1, Double £2, Triple £3 with app @ Burger King
1280° Expired
Refreshed 19th MarRefreshed 19th Mar
Texas BBQ Stakers Single £1, Double £2, Triple £3 with app @ Burger King
SINGLE STACKER - £1 A delicious hamburger, smoky BBQ sauce, onion rings, and cheese DOUBLE STACKER - £2 Two hamburgers, smoky BBQ sauce, onion rings, and even more cheese TRI… Read more

Unfortunately not at that price only let's you add one offer per order like KFC😞


Bit off topic.. I have always wondered how BK and MCD get away with the pictures they advertise with? The item you get is absolutely nothing like their pictures. Surely the trades description act shouldn't allow it?


They definitely microwave them


I’ll be honest I got this the other day. The burgers ain’t big. The McDonald’s triple is better. And if you add chips £2 for a large and a coke £2 again it was like £7 Burger King is a joke. Best deal is the app for royal or whopper meal for a £5.


Surely better value to get 3 singles than one triple? get 3 buns then! (highfive)

Burger King - Free Whopper @ Glasgow Forge Only (ends 05/02) via app
324° Expired
Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd FebLocalLocal
Burger King - Free Whopper @ Glasgow Forge Only (ends 05/02) via app
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading… Read more

Been dead every time I’ve passed it also can’t find the store on their app


Anyone tried this? Can you walk up or does it have to be drive thru?


True but could be very useful for those in the area left almost penniless by the crisis...


HEAT OP (y) Lucky Glasgow!


What's the problem with that. They will all be in their car.

Vegan Bean burger £2.49 via app + more new offers in post @ Burger King
554° Expired
Posted 11th JanPosted 11th JanLocalLocal
Vegan Bean burger £2.49 via app + more new offers in post @ Burger King£2.49£4.5946% off
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading… Read more

Is this anything like the Spicy Bean Burger they used to do back in the days?


Sure they are a business. They arent going to invest in any product in the world unless they can "cash in"


Companies are coming out with options as they see the growth of veganism and want to 'cash in'


the problem is if you dont buy anywhere that supports killing animals then you would have to even avoid supermarkets that have full isles of meat and several thousand products across the store that contain meat and eggs. Ultimately its supply and demand. These places are now coming out with vegan products cause vegans want to eat there.


Exactly this (y)

Whopper Burger £1.99 Every Wednesdays via App @ Burger King
1040° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
Whopper Burger £1.99 Every Wednesdays via App @ Burger King£1.99
Whopper Burger for App users Only valid on original Whopper and excludes Rebel Whopper. Offer only valid on Wednesday. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. One voucher pe… Read more

The Halloumi burger at BK is one of the best fast food vegetarian burgers around, wish there was a BK near me


I don't understand how they get away with advertising a burger that looks nothing like the picture or is it like the adverts for new games that come out and in small print it says not actual burger shown lol (party) (party)


Thank you for sharing this


This is always on,


Really is a shame because BK on good form blows McDonald's out of the water where burgers are concerned; BK should be worried because the Quarter Pounder Deluxe McDonald's were doing a few weeks back was the closest they've come to replicating a Whopper (loads of sauce, loads of salad).

Free Whopper Burger from Burger King - Preston Fulwood Only
418° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2020Posted 30th Nov 2020
Free Whopper Burger from Burger King - Preston Fulwood OnlyFREE£0.01
Free Whopper Burger for App users Burger King Preston Fulwood only To claim yours, simply download the Burger King app once doors open, hot-foot it to the new restaurant, and show… Read more

Ah Preston..


well you gotta long w8........




Tastes like a sloppy mess from my local BK


Oh, I didn't realise they were connected - yeah okay then, please can whoever is in charge close my new local BK and end the pandemic instead, cheers (y)

Newest Burger King Discount Codes:

DiscountBurger King Discount DetailsExpires
% offBurger King Vouchers (via the app) inc. Bacon Double Cheese & Fries for £1.9921/12/2017
% offLatest Burger King vouchers exp 30.11.201723/10/2017
% offBurger King Vouchers - Valid Until 18/12/1510/12/2015
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