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Two ODEON cinema tickets (Not Valid at ODEON Luxe) - £9.90, using code [No Booking Fee] @ Groupon
Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
The offer will be emailed to you so no delivery charges, no booking fees and what not. Applies to various cinemas but see below. and site. for and terms and conditions before you b… Read more

For new Groupon accounts you can save 15% using code: WELCOME Possible 15% Quidco for new accounts (although payout not guaranteed if using a discount code not listed on Quidco). When I purchased a pair of Odeon Luxe tickets a few weeks ago they had an expiry date 19 days later. Unless I missed it, I saw no mention of this before I made the purchase which was a bit annoying. On a side note I find it very misleading featuring photos of Odeon Luxe, Leicester Square (at the top of this deal thread plus in the daily top picks email newsletter as that site is excluded from even the Odeon Luxe tickets from Groupon. (skeptical)


Of course they expire, before james bond on 30th sep!


Wooo 10p off again.


Bought for malignant today don’t forget 4% Quidco


Can i use the vouchers to book for movies after the expire date? for example if i book bond movies 2nd october and use the vouchers today?

One-month individually tailored dog food from for £1 + £2 delivery (New Customers) via Groupon
31/10/2021Expires on 31/10/2021Posted 13th SepPosted 13th Sep
Unique tailored kibble recipe, FREE for 1 month Features a recipe tailored to the individual needs of the dog based on the breed, habits, health needs and feed preferences Made w… Read more

I can also recommend Bella and Duke raw, I have a working holländischer schäferhund Dutch Herder/shepherd and Bella and Duke keep her poops solid and keep her anal glands clear and gives her enough energy to work all day but doesn't make her hyperactive. I help some people train their dogs and diet is one of the key thing to look at first, I liken these cereal,carbohydrate, glucose, rich foods to giving a 5 year old kid sugar and E numbers. Price is less of a factor when considering food investment that is recoverable with the dogs work and we still use B&D raw. We also add an amount of raw bones to her diet.2 x Per week, normally get these from wolf tucker, she loves the Goat ribs and we will give her the rack semi frozen still, it is so good for your dogs teeth. Goat 🐐 Raw bones Remember to factor in treats with your dogs diet and calorie intake, I highly recommended home made liver treats/cake, there are lots of recipes online only takes about 20mins to make, don't bother with the oven and just use the microwave. We make a big batch each week and after they cool down we freeze them into daily quantities and just grab them from the freezer each morning, she will eat them frozen when they are a bit spongy but it keeps her teeth clean.


Must admit, mine is on raw food (has been for 9 months now). She lost a lot of weight through illness and raw was the only thing that brought it back up. Perfect poops with no runs since then - funny how they can be allergic to some stuff cooked but fine raw! We use DAF (Durham Animal Feeds) plus Dorwest herbs. Works out cheaper than a decent kibble and much better for them.


Well I appreciate the advice from you I really do. My llasa apso (Walter) can’t have any red meat.. runs through him.. he can only have white meat.. chicken..turkey.. so mostly we had him on boiled chicken with brown rice garden peas and carrots.. all boiled with no extra anything.. very clean diet. When I saw the tails advertisement I thought I’d go with it see how he was. We originally had him on dry food with boiled chicken but he picked out all the dry food and only ate the chicken and was constantly hungry afterwards. Now on the tails.. he’s completely enjoying it and seems to be satisfying him. I wil certainly read on on The link you sent and get a understanding on things.


Follow the above link to the all about dog food review website, tails gets a nutritional score of 55% which is pretty low. We tried Tails briefly till we did some more research and now we avoid kibble completely as it's bulked up with ingredients dogs don't require. We did also try the Platinum semi moist food, it gets good reviews and has a much better nutritional score, we now feed our dogs raw Bella and Duke, the raw food isn't for everyone but ours seem to thrive on it. But it's very much personal choice, I'm just suggesting you do some research before choosing. Many of the big brands that are heavily marketed really don't score that well in terms of nutritional content.


I’m only just gradually adding this to his normal food. I don’t understand why your saying it’s not nutritional.. there are lots of ingredients in this that are great.. for joints.. digestive system etc x

Ninja Warrior (Wigan / Cardiff ) - Entry for One Hour (1 Person) £6.36 / (2 People) £12.40 / (4 People) £24 with code @ Groupon
30/09/2021Expires on 30/09/2021Posted 7th SepPosted 7th Sep
Ninja Warrior adventure park (ninja) , offer available for Ninja warrior one hour entry at the Wigan or Cardiff locations. Works out at just £6.36 for an hour using code - genera… Read more

I didn't even know there was a TV show! Looking at the pics reminded me of the Gladiators finale in the '90s. I think that's when I last watched broadcast TV (lol)


Second this. Bought the Groupon for this a few years back and went to Wigan. We had socks already from JumpXtreme, which we showed on the desk on the way in when they asked, and said that they were fine. Tried to get on the slide, and they turned us away for not having “their” socks. Pathetic. An argument with the ‘manager’ was absolutely fruitless, so we left after less than 20 mins in there. Groupon were useless too, and refused to assist. Completely agree with the comment about it being unsafe and the staff flirting with each other, too; a little girl fell on “the wall” while we were there, quite clearly snapping her radius and ulna - the staff weren’t the least bit interested and left her mum to sort it, despite her cries for help. Not a chance I’d be going back.


Looks like great fun, if only I wasn't a flabby weakling with dodgy shoulders (y)


Anyone know of any deals for a Sunday?


Absolute shocking place (only been to Wigan venue). Staff are untrained and spend more time flirting with each other than bothering with customers, it's dirty and just plain awful. One of my kids got injured, I was the one who had to run down to him and then find a staff member (as none were anywhere in sight), he got an icepack and I was asked to sign their disclaimer that his injury was dealt with, took him to A&E and he had a fractured neck.... Unsafe and unsanitary

£10 Off First Two Orders on Uber Eats (new Uber Eat customer and £15 min spend per order)
Posted 1st SepPosted 1st Sep
Foodies can enjoy their favourite dishes at home, using a £10 discount on their first two orders Validity:Valid until 30 Nov 2021, on two (2) orders made via the Uber Eats app in … Read more

My daughter had that, delivered to a totally different address for some reason, did get a refund in the end but it took ages


Just Eat are just as bad, their customer service are auto-reply bots. We had items missing from an order and the auto reply said that as the missing items were part of a meal deal, that they are not guaranteed to arrive (yeah I know, it made no sense to us either). Contacted the restaurant who agreed to refund the missing items, but told us as Just Eat had taken the payment we had to go through them. Contacted Just Eat with proof from the restaurant that they had agreed to refund the items, and they sent us the same copy&paste response they had initially sent. This went on back-and-forth for about a month, with literally the exact same response over a dozen times. Then, I read online that someone in the same situation had filed a successful chargeback. Thankfully I'd purchased via Paypal, so I didn't even need to go through my bank, I was able to escalate a case, I showed Paypal the emails I'd sent Just Eat, and Paypal sided with us almost instantly, and we got a full refund ... bet they get hundreds of cases like ours. Basically Just Eat just outsource their customer service to Paypal and the banks chargeback systems and hope customers give up at the first hurdle. How they are still in business baffles me. I'm assuming their only remaining customers are people who have never experienced a problem with their delivery.


Lucky you Because there’s thousands out there that got nothing but ‘sorry we cannot do anything about this’ or ‘we cannot refund at this time’


I complained a couple of times for missing or unsatisfactory items, i got refunded via an automated option on their website, i didn't have to speak to anyone


Just pray you don't have a problem. The worst customer service from uber eats!

12 Months Magzter digital Gold Subscription (29.99 AUD) £17.70 (Approx £15.70 Free free card) via Groupon Australia
Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
Choose from two options $29.99 for 12-month access to Magzter Gold (total value up to $99.99) $79.99 for 36-month access to Magzter Gold (total value up to $297.97) Highlights … Read more

Also magzter gold in theory gives you 5 additional users (5 log ins) which is great BUT you have to beg them for it!


It's all the same. This offer also gives you the Guardian. As previously said you are better trying to access pressreader for free through your library if you can.


We have the uk version and get the guardian


I get many of these by using my library account through the Pressreader app.


Just a heads up guys a lot of these magazines are free to read through your local libraries digital services And amazon primes bookshelf

Giant's Causeway, Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and Dark Hedges Day Tour for two £21.25 using code @ Groupon / Ulster Tours
30/09/2021Expires on 30/09/2021Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Spotted this and thought it was a great price for a guided day tour to some of the more popular tourist attractions Northern Ireland has to offer. 3 locations in the title, but 4 … Read more

Just back and I thought I'd share pictures from 2 separate days - must be the first time I have witnessed fog @ Magheracross!So cruel! Normally you can see Scotland!


To be fair Magheracross was until this year really just a layby - a small car park with a few picnic benches. You'd normally just drive past it within a second thought. They have landscaped it and added a few features this year making it a worth while pitstop on the way to Portrush!


Lived here all my life and that's the first I've heard of Magheracross! I'll have to put that on my bucket list. I've also never been to Dunluce. I notice there's a Dunluce app you can download that gives you a guided tour. I'm sure there's other apps for other attractions.


Carrickfergus Castle? Do you mean Dunluce Castle? Both were open during July. Worth noting that the nearby Magheracross Viewing Point and picnic area is getting a "facelift". It's still free (height restriction on the gate mean cars only, no campers/caravans looks like they have removed that barrier now!), however they are building a cliff balcony viewing deck and are upgrading the landscaping! Just found this video - looks like they have completed construction! I'll probably be visiting White Rocks next weekend and we will be driving past this!


Great to see the passion for these places - I guess I was a little hasty in challenging the value for money. I did state though that you would be hard pressed to find alternatives at that price! Sadly the "visitor centre" seems to be an attempt to attract tourists and take their money as it's not very clear that access on foot is free! (I remember when the rope bridge was free as well!). I have visited many parts of the world (even walked round the pyramids) and I'll still argue that the island of Ireland is the best! (perhaps I am a little bias), but when you can picnic in most places without fear of anything eating you, biting you, getting totally lost with the potential of dying, extreme weather etc. then that's a bonus to me!

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Air Conditioning recharge ATS - £35.99 @ Groupon
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Feeling a little warm in the car and the aircon just isn't cooling you as it should? (:I Maybe its time for a recharge. I know it's a little cheaper to lower the window but a whol… Read more

There is a TCB on Groupon too which tracked as £1.80 for me.


thank you for the detailed answer. Big difference in price though.And I am not sure my newest car's aircon is as powerful as the one in the 2010 Fiesta


From what I can recall and I'm sure I will get corrected of I'm wrong, older cars used something called Freon which had CFCs in which is bad for the planet so they changed to something called R134a but I believe it has changed again to something new. As regards to whether it lasts longer I couldn't say but what I do know is I wouldn't buy a car without it again, its a godsend in the (limited) very hot days we have here. Hope this helps.


why the difference between older and newer cars? I hope the newest lasts longer??


They did a vehicle check for me too, is that even supposed to be included? Was for oil, brake fluids, tread... everything...

Two Course Meal for 2 at Cafe Rouge £24.95 @ Groupon
30/11/2021Expires on 30/11/2021Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Two Course Meal for 2 at Cafe Rouge £24.95 @ Groupon£24.95 Free P&P Free
Enjoy a delicious meal for 2 from 11th July.

The 3-course price is better value. Change the deal


Good price! I'd recommend paying £4 more for the 3 course deal tho 🤙🏼💪🏼

Reusable face masks with valve x 2 £1.69 @ £1.99 del @ Groupon
Posted 20th Aug 2020Posted 20th Aug 2020
Reusable face masks with valve x 2 £1.69 @ £1.99 del @ Groupon£3.68
Comments are open on this deal, and will be left provided they abide by our site rules. Please keep the discussion on-topic about these facemasks, and not about Coronavirus in gene… Read more

Thanks MikeHeywood .Never tried that ,fingers crossed it works.Know I’m laughing about it however it’s bad now, goodness knows what it’s gonna be like when cold weather comes.


If you use valved masks you can also put a surgical one over it to help minimise projection of droplets. I haven't noticed a significant resistance in breathing out doing this. Another benefit is you can regularly change the surgical mask to lower potential build up of contamination. I have also found that m3 ffp3 masks wash well and so can be reused a lot.


Rub a little washing up liquid on your glasses before you use the mask.


Tried FFP3 unfortunately cause there’s no release of moisture from mouth and nose area the moisture builds on forrehead and rolls down to steam glasses. I say tiny windscreen wipers would save the day Lol


Holding out for the Bane .

One or Two Ten in One Food Preparation Tools from £6.98 delivered at Groupon
Posted 27th Apr 2020Posted 27th Apr 2020
One or Two Ten in One Food Preparation Tools from £6.98 delivered at Groupon£6.98
One or Two Ten in One Food Preparation Tools Featuring ten different tools for cutting and peeling in a variety of ways this food preparation tool can come in handy in most kitche… Read more

Hi it was this one


What did you get please as am interested in getting one for the times I don't want to use and clean my food processor?


Set fire to a fiver and save your self money as this is cheap rubbish Paid about £20 for a decent one and is ace Bought the cheap one and broke after 1 use - you get what you pay for


Looks like cheap rubbish. Not dishwasher safe? No ta.

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