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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Wetherspoons discounts. Officially students. E.g. pizza + alcoholic drink - £6.19
Voucher books obtained by asking at bar. The discounts cover wide range of drinks, small range of food. Staff in multiple pubs have been great even allowing for example Guinness to… Read more

The books come out every year In mid August and always expire 31 October. As well as asking at the bar they're given out at Freshers fairs shopping centre student events etc. People drop them all over on streets round these events


Soft drink options also available. https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/


Had a couple of these over the past month from Witherspoons and lloyds in Edinburgh , great deals in them : hop house 13 lager for £2.29 and Brewdog punk ipa £2.79 . Yes they end the 31st, Binge drink the next 4 days !! XD


Absolutely fair comment although I managed to get a new book just a couple of days ago. I would also encourage trading tokens and/or substitutions. Anyone near Southampton might be worth pming me if you cannot get a book.


Wrong my local has lots of them left

Lager & Burger for £3.99 @ Weatherspoons
Tennants are doing a deal that with this coupon you can get a Lager & Burger for £3.99 It is valid in SCOTTISH only wetherspoons, please dont vote cold based on this factor.

This is standard at my Weatherspoons on the menu - it comes with chips too. No voucher needed.


SCOTLAND ONLY! Maybe add it to the title to make it clear before some people print it!


Have moved to vouchers. Thanks for the post! :)


Just what the Dr ordered


[image missing]

Cheap Breakfast + Free Coffee - Instore only
Pop into Wetherspoons and pick up a Free copy of the ' Morning Spoon' free Paper for the following vouchers Before 10am Free Small cup of Coffee (x1) Traditional Breakfast (x2)- 1… Read more

H&R Added


Most breakfasts i have had in wetherspoons have all been horrid. The only decent one i had was in Birmingham town centre.


no sign of the infamous morning spoon in my local. where do you pick it up??!


great find. i will be paying a visit!!


good deal - cheers o.p. heat added - where do you get the Free copy of the ' Morning Spoon' - thanks :whistling: only joking - obviously wetherspoons own paper...........

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Wetherspoons - Join Campaign For Real Ale CAMRA and get £20 worth of vouchers to spend

this was on this year too.. and while it's a good offer, they're split into 50p off vouchers, 10 per quarter of a year. i still haven't touched the final quarter ones and they're only valid until early december. shame wetherspoons aren't nicer :(


Actually there is a minimum spend - £11 under 26/pensioners or £20 for everyone else to join CAMRA. I think you should amend your OP. No Bargain for me spend £20 get £20 of vouchers.

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
£20 Wetherspoon vouchers - join CAMRA the Campaign for Real Ale to receive them
2 Nights for The price of One at Wetherspoon Lodges

Any chance you'll have to present your student union card or ID when checking in (basedon the discount code)?


Looks like you select your hotel and date and then they email you with the price.Weird.:roll:


How do i book online? i can't see the facility available?

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Wetherspoon app loophole Double Jack Daniels JUST £2.35 Monday club MOST LOCATIONS
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
I have found this handy deal which I used a few weeks ago and it still appears to be here. Get a double Jack Daniels without mixer for £2.35 at Wetherspoons on Mondays only when or… Read more

Not if we're not brits. I pay my higher rate tax and NI. That's enough. I don't HAVE to support the private businesses here I don't like. I don't bow down to authoritarian demands.


Can't stand the places. I wouldn't fit in. Too awake for the place.


In the middle, the UK? Optimistic. Just at the start. Grow up? Petty? I think your drink leader is the one who needs to grow up. As for humour. I doubt you know what it is. Shame.


Middle of a pandemic and hygiene is sacrificed for some petty political point scoring ~ Grow up and act with concern for other people


I honestly don't see people's reasoning for hating spoons. Its a BRITISH company which we should all be supporting. And for the people saying he sacked his employees or didn't offer them furlough should watch the interview and stop believing what you hear in the daily mail!.

Wetherspoons VoucherCodes Thread
Posted 16th Apr 2019Posted 16th Apr 2019
Wetherspoons VoucherCodes Thread
Free £3 Amazon voucher when you spend £3 @ Wetherspoon Pubs (Students Only)


Done. Nice one. (y)


@jobibear Same here. Just take a screenshot of your photo receipt & then upload & you'll have no issues. :D


Tried to upload the Subway receipt. Image "too big" no matter what size. Anybody else got an issue with voucher codes?


Mods removed it & I'm unable the amend the OP (annoyed) Here's the: Direct Link & Scroll down

99p pints at Wetherspoons - The Dairyman Essex e.g Doom bar
-167° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2020Posted 15th Dec 2020LocalLocal
99p pints at Wetherspoons - The Dairyman Essex e.g Doom bar£0.99
Update 1
We are allowing this to stay as it is a verified, legal promotion from a well-known retailer. However, we would urge everyone to please be aware of the government guidance on social distancing, and to please be responsible if you decide to take up the offer. This area is about to enter Tier 3 restrictions which means Covid infections are growing. Please look after yourselves and each other

Guessing they're selling off real ales ahead of Tier 3 restrictions in London/Essex. Screenshot from The Dairyman in Brentwood.

I'm in South London Surrey which they decide is Tier 3 now. Is ok tho coz the Surrey county council border is 500 metres away,so can pop across for pt in Spoons. (y) XD


You were lucky mate, I'm in West Devon with sod all cases being reported yet I'm tier 2 because Plymouth had a spike 30 miles away. Pubs are empty because of (I feel) this stupid meal rule. I really shouldn't moan, losing a considerable amount of weight because of my stubbornness.


Oh,I ordered via the app and just had a pt the other day and was ok. :)


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) ok


Doesn't matter you missed the point and I'm not explaining it.

BrewDog Punk IPA (5.2% ABV) - £1.49 @ Wetherspoons, Nationwide
540° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020LocalLocal
BrewDog Punk IPA (5.2% ABV) - £1.49 @ Wetherspoons, Nationwide£1.49
A premium craft pint normally sold at £2.99 outside of the M25 is currently on sale at £1.49 pre Tier 4 lockdown. NATIONWIDE!! Support your local, Spoons or otherwise, as much as … Read more

He will, he suffers from insomnia


42000 employees.... Hopefully you can discuss personally with some of them


Let's hope the Wetherspoons are closing for good.


I don't care who owns it, £1.49.a pint.


considering his reaction to his staff on the original furlough scheme that doesn't surprise me. Add to that I don't care how he sleeps.

Real Ale Sale - 99p pints at Wetherspoons
1057° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020
Real Ale Sale - 99p pints at Wetherspoons£0.99
In advance of lockdown, wetherspoons are holding a real ale sale - just 99p a pint Looks to be national Cheap BrewDog too Story here: google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co… Read more

Not really what he said though was it (lol)


Its really really strict tbf


Because of all those rumours that were not true?


Done!! (y) XD


Lured me in with 99p a pint beer and stole me money with a £5.79 burger and pint of craft ale. The evil genius!

Ruddles Ale 52p a pint @ Spongate (Wetherspoons) Coventry
442° Expired
Posted 16th Oct 2020Posted 16th Oct 2020LocalLocal
Ruddles Ale 52p a pint @ Spongate (Wetherspoons) Coventry£0.52
Wetherspooons Ruddles ale

Sorry to hear about your predicament but "Coming out both ways" made me XD XD XD


Love Spoons. You remoaners should keep politics to yourselves and scroll past if you prefer to pay £6 per pint. Great deal, thanks ❤


Thanks for posting, @jnob66 , nice work :)


In the uk we have employment laws, I'm sure a big company like weatherspoons will comply with the rules. I'm sure the people that work there are not forced to work. I have had some cr@p jobs being paid minimum wage, when i realised that it wasn't for me i looked for another job. Simple. If the staff don't like it they are free to work somewhere else.


You've been busy if you've managed to witness the "carpet in most of their pubs" ... Nearly 900 pubs in the UK! (party)

All beef burgers with reduced prices for lunch and evening at Wetherspoons The Ledger Building in Canary Wharf
72° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2020Posted 6th Sep 2020LocalLocal
All beef burgers with reduced prices for lunch and evening at Wetherspoons The Ledger Building in Canary Wharf
All beef burguers with reduced prices for lunch and evening, great prices.

Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @Victor_Lopes


As a shareholder i am very happy with JDW they have made me loads since I bought them during lockdown my boy works for them part time & they were great to him during lockdown with reg emails on what is going on ,its not a career but it gives him the freedom to do what he wants playing semi pro football. Any dispicable people who want 000's of people to lose their jobs it seems only fair with people like this to wish the same thing on them. Good to see they are carrying on the discount without the governments assistance.


Um, the quality of their food isn't really the point I was making. Have another read.


Would never go in this pub chain deal or no deal going on unless the mother in law is paying and well that’s never


In your opinion. In my opinion, I have always found the food to be excellent value for money.

Wetherspoons Stay Out To Help Out Scheme - Reduced Menu Cost Mon-Wed until Nov 11
1250° Expired
Posted 31st Aug 2020Posted 31st Aug 2020
Wetherspoons Stay Out To Help Out Scheme - Reduced Menu Cost Mon-Wed until Nov 11
So it’s not quite the same as the EOTHO scheme however it is still only Mon-Wed The scheme will see prices on a range of meals and drinks reduced from Monday to Wednesday until … Read more

Once again you can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time And to be honest who cares about the moaners they’ll never be happy 😃


Well said


Good deal price wise, but voted cold so as to limit the pocket lining of the ceo


CIrcular argument. Proof, if any were needed, that I most certainly have. Some things you just can't polish by trying to shroud them in mystique.


A lot of the places a they buy(some are lease) are building no one wants or can make any money from. Often start with a full refurb retaining as much character as is feasible. They make the spaces work and earn money rather than getting left to rot.

8oz steak with alcoholic drink from £4.37 (£3.92 Soft Drink) every Tuesday (Tuesday Club) in August at Wetherspoons
854° Expired
Posted 4th Aug 2020Posted 4th Aug 2020
8oz steak with alcoholic drink from £4.37 (£3.92 Soft Drink) every Tuesday (Tuesday Club) in August at Wetherspoons£4.37
8oz steak with free drink, price will vary per pub by a few pence Price can vary a bit with what type of drink Doombar £4.37 Carling £4.75 Pepsi £3.92 As its the Tuesday club th… Read more

Forget the booze, look at that screen size...


That is the breakdown they only show a single discount that include any club and EO2HO discount ownload the app you can do it for any pub in the country including the on in the post


Can you break down this bill for me, what price is each item in the final analysis to make £6.37?


I went last night, had mixed grill and the other half had steak , all very nice :)


In the drinks menu near the bottom is the list of include a drink. The cyder is a good choice in yours the most expensive is grey goose £4.50 includes a mixer(bottle best value) Some options(Eg deli and burgers) it adds as £1.30 to the discounted meal for the greey goose+mix. For anyone checking you can do it for any pub from home, club deals, includes a drink and eat out are done in the basket, play with options at home so you know how to work the combinations.

Glitch on Wetherspoon app 50% off with no £10 cap (food and soft drinks)
-964° Expired
Posted 3rd Aug 2020Posted 3rd Aug 2020
Glitch on Wetherspoon app 50% off with no £10 cap (food and soft drinks)£1.74
With the help out to dine out now happening Monday to Wednesday in August the prices of breakfast have been reduced by 50% but should be up to £10 per order the app is not registe… Read more

Why don't you just put this thread?


Actually there is a small glitch. It happened to me last night. PM and I will tell you how it works.


Seems to be the norm these days. If you're not somehow offended, you're not living (lol) It's fine, the rest of us can continue to enjoy spoons. Big Tim will keep the ale flowing - at non inflated prices <3


Not a glitch


if you play around with the drink included meals there are some silly prices. Found one where the price drops below the price of the drink on it's own. if you drink there anyway free food.

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10%Wetherspoons discounts. Officially students. E.g. pizza + alcoholic drink - £6.1927/10/2019
% offEnjoy free tasters until Sunday 1st April from JD Wetherspoons using printable voucher. Join them and try some of their new and 'groovy' dishes.29/03/2012
% offLager & Burger for £3.99 @ Weatherspoons10/10/2011
% offCheap Breakfast + Free Coffee - Instore only12/08/2020
£20Wetherspoons - Join Campaign For Real Ale CAMRA and get £20 worth of vouchers to spend8/11/2008