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2 year Surfshark VPN starter pack - £47.76 / Surfshark One - £59.76 + 95% TopCashback

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30-day money-back guarantee for all pricing plans


Surfshark VPN features that work for you

We offer all the key VPN features, such as auto-connect, kill switch, split tunneling, & more. But we're not stopping here. With Surfshark, every part of your digital world is safe and sound. From hiding your IP to securing your computer — we got you covered.

Online security that travels with you
Travel the virtual (and literal) world with peace of mind! Surfshark lets you explore the online world and access websites safely as if you were at home. Whether using home or public Wi-Fi, with server locations all over the world, you can browse seamlessly, ad- and cookie-free.

Defend your digital devices
Our Antivirus will turn your devices into well-protected fortresses and you into a web-savvy warrior! Whether you’re browsing from home, abroad, in a cozy café, or using that finicky free Wi-Fi at the airport, it’ll keep your devices virus- and hacker-free at no additional cost!

In full control of your personal deets
Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to let you know if your info was part of a hacked database? With Surfshark Alert, that's possible! We'll monitor your email, credit card, and ID to notify you as soon as it's been compromised so that you can take immediate action.

We’ll help remove your info from databases
Power to the people! Our Incogni team of experts will contact companies and ask them to remove your info from their databases, freeing you from marketing tactics and targeted ads.

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  1. Hustler1337's avatar
    Not seeing the 95%, only seeing 80.75%.

    Does this mean if you sign up for the 24 months (+2 months free) Starter plan, you can effectively get it for £9.31 after cashback? Seems too good to be true.
    BigBellyNelly's avatar
    I did it not long ago and paid £59.76 for surfshark one, topcashback tracked at £55.14 within minutes and a didn't have to pay tax as I live in Afghanistan , I was going to post the deal at the time but by the time I signed up it had less than 2 minutes left. If in honest I don't know what the One part is but it only cost pennies after cashback and my son is getting into online gaming so thought it may be handy one day
  2. Eadsy's avatar
    Don't forget there is a 20% tax on top
    BigBellyNelly's avatar
    Not if you live in Afghanistan like I obviously do just select Afghanistan in the drop-down list at checkout and they'll be no tax to pay (edited)
  3. mf9's avatar
    Surfshark is useless for streaming SkySports.  I recommend doing some research before purchasing this.
    sid1763's avatar
    totally agree, slows my firestick right down, so I have it off, nord was a lot better.
  4. young_boss's avatar
    Topcashback premium members only...
  5. Kam-s's avatar
    Seems like you need to be a premium member to get 95% cashback.
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    The cost is about £5. Easily recouped on this deal, with profit
  6. markyo007's avatar
    100% the best VPN I have used. 300 Mbps broadband is not slowed down when using the VPN. I get full speeds when connected. It also has antivirus, if you pay for that option. (edited)
    grabthedeal's avatar
    The best if you don't care about privacy which is the main purpose of using a VPN
  7. ZeusUk's avatar
    Great VPN, no issues.
  8. moschops1's avatar
    How many connections are you allowed?
    MontyHancock's avatar
  9. Samuel_Brown's avatar
    I did the cashback deal in 2021.

    If I go through and set up a new Surfshark account will the cashback still be tracked?? / will they honour it?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    New email on your SS account
  10. cheaperbythe12's avatar
    I went for something similar before and TCB paid out thankfully (think it was 90% cashback at the time) so think it cost about £10-15 for 2 years.

    However, I won't be renewing and moving on to a different VPN (windshield pro perhaps). Had nord before surfshark and similar experience so won't be using that either. Found both to be v slow and as others have said, doesn't work when playing various streaming services. I also can't get iplayer to work when abroad, despite following a guide that shows how to make that work by changing a couple settings.

    Still, have some heat op as it's cheap if TCB pay out, esp if you like in Afghanistan.
    cjhilton49's avatar
    On my frequent trips to Turkey find Surfshark works great on my Firestick using an IPTV source and is also fine on BBC I player app and don't seem to have any speed problems and local speeds are only 20 MBS.May be just my good fortune of course,will grab this deal op.
  11. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Get in while you can
    Ends at midnight tonight (Sunday)
  12. andypa1's avatar
    Does anyone know if the 95% cashback works for the one+ package, or ideally adding a dedicated IP?
    pavanto's avatar
    Dedicated IP not included. In fact there is no discount on dedicated IP
  13. Samuel_Brown's avatar
    Can someone confirm if this is 95% off of the £59 total price… or 95% off of their silly RRP price without any discount applied already? What is the total price for 24 months after cashback tracks?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    The price is already discounted by SS. This is a deal between you and TCB based on the price they offered you.
    So you will pay a total of 5% of the unit cost, plus the 20% vat based on the £59 if applicable, with an opportunity for a bit more cash back with an appropriate payment card.
    I've done this twice before
  14. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Needs pointing out that if you have a Shield Pro, and use this, your speed will be restricted to about 300mbs. This is despite the speed of your connection.
    This is a Shield issue, and the fault of any VPN.
  15. RealGeek's avatar
    Is it better than Nord VPN ? what's the difference?
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Nord had a breach, SS have not.
  16. alegau69's avatar
    I would never rely on getting this through top cashback. Did this 18 months making it essentially free for 2 years. For some reason it didn't track properly and SurfShark refused to refund me. Barely used it as much prefer Windscribe. Just a warning to prepare to pay the full £59.76 if you get this.
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    Unfortunate experience from the OP.

    For me, I had no issues with Surfshark being tracked and cashback paid out using TCB.

    My suggestion to folks is if the purchase does not track in TCB/ Quidco within 1-2 days, claim guarantee refund from Surfshark within 30 days rather than raising an untracked purchase claim. You can try again with a different email address.

  17. RealGeek's avatar
    offer finished, lower cashback now
's avatar