50% off TorGuard VPN, Proxy, Dedicated IP and private mail for lifetime

50% off TorGuard VPN, Proxy, Dedicated IP and private mail for lifetime

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Posted 10th Feb
TorGuard is offering a 50% off recurring discount that applies on all TorGuard products and services such as VPN, Proxy, Streaming IP and Mail for as long as you use the service using promotional code: LifeTime50
Moreover when you purchase a two year subscription you get a Dedicated IP for free on top for the first three months and 50% on the dedicated IP too if you prolong. see the offer website torguard.net/lif…php

Other valid offers from TorGuard

1. Regular offer from TorGuard any service, VPN, Proxy, Streaming IP, Anonymous Webmail or Streaming Bundle at 50% off recurring discount for lifetime with coupon code: LifeTime50

2. Get two streaming IPs for the price of one + 50% off with code: LifeTime50 see here > torguard.net/streaming-bundle.php

3. Get 10GB Anonymous PrivateMail.com Account for as long as two years when purchasing a VPN subscription with code: PrivateMail50 see here > torguard.net/black-friday-PrivateMail50.php

TorGuard VPN Features:
  • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth
  • 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
  • x8 Simultaneous Connections
  • Multiple GCM and CBC ciphers
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (TLS)
  • Secure NAT Firewall
  • UDP and TCP Supported
  • OpenVPN/WireGuard/L2TP/IPSec/SSTP
  • SSL VPN via OpenConnect
  • SSL VPN via Stunnel
  • SSL VPN via WireGuard
  • SSL VPN via Browser Extensions
  • Stealth VPN (Bypasses DPI)
  • Advertisement and Malware Blocking
  • Protects against all known leaks
  • Supports all OS and Devices
  • TorGuard supports Wireguard. See Setup instructions

see download website torguard.net/downloads.php
Unique features in TorGuard:

Feature number 1:
Setup a separate username and password for your TorGuard app so that you can share your login details with friends without having them looking into your TorGuard account (website Account with email and password.)

That means you will have two different login details one for TorGuard account (you already setuped this with email and password while signing up for the VPN subscription + an extra username and password for the TorGuard app and proxy settings.

To create a username and a password looged in go to:
TorGuard.net Services > my services > anonymous VPN > manage > manage credetianls or to this link while logged in torguard.net/clientarea.php?action=changep

Pricing for VPN without Streaming Bundle using promo code LifeTime50
Pricing for Streaming Bundle (Anonymous VPN + 2 Dedicated IPs)
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I was with TorGuard before, never had issues
If I was taking up this offer I’d message their online and ask if you are eligible for the portable router if taking out a 2 year plan
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