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STAUB Cast Iron Frying Pan, Grey, 34 cm

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Amazing price for this - currently £179 on the zwilling website.
I'd buy it, but I already have two of them - they are great!

About this item
  • Cast iron pan with short side handles for frying, roasting, baking and serving
  • Cast iron retains heat, keeping dishes hot when served at the table
  • Matte black enamel interior helps to develop great flavour, is scratch resistant and easy to clean
  • Suitable for use in the oven, under the grill and on all hob types including induction
  • Lifetime warranty for domestic use against defects in manufacture and materials; made by STAUB in France

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  1. Grrrrrrrrrrr's avatar
    I'm confused (again) - I thought that the idea of a cast iron frying pan was that you heated oil in it to smoking hot - that left a polymerised coating on the iron which provided the non-stick surface. If and when it starts sticking - rub with salt until the salt stays white - then heat some oil, once more. So, why would one need an enamel coating?
    graemeakajimmy's avatar
    I'm sure others will have different opinions (as is always the case with HUKD!), but you've kind of answered your own question - you don't have to season enamelled cast iron so in that sense its easier to maintain and can go in the dishwasher. There are several pros and cons - I use both enamelled and raw seasoned cast iron cookware - just depends on what I'm cooking.
  2. Validusername85's avatar
    Good deal, anyone downvoting has no idea of the quality of a staub. This will last several lifetimes if used and maintained properly
    mattd555's avatar
    "anyone downvoting has no idea of the quality of a staub"

    you're probably right here, but it ends there. this is enamel coated, so "maintained properly" makes zero sense. stick to actual cast iron and the rest of what you is true.
  3. Hasn1244's avatar
    Although I like staub and have a cocotte I'm not sure how much usage this dimension would be. Since it's short in height with no lid. I would recommend a cocotte over this since they come with lids and IMHO will be more versatile and cook dishes beautifully with the self basting lids.
  4. xxfroggy's avatar
    Staub are definitely the best out there. Forget Le Creuset. Period.

    Unfortunately it seems that the price has gone up to RRP (£130.20) since this was posted! (edited)
    Hasn1244's avatar
    I got staub pots coming out my ears. They are good quality and have stood the test of time better then my creuset. This pan though has limited usage I would definitely go with a cocotte which is much more versatile
  5. Moist_Mark1's avatar
    Price is back up to 130, unfortunately.
  6. dogsballs's avatar
    I have some of the small ones, 100mm I think, and the quality is not much better than the cheaper branded ones. I recently bought a cast iron pan from Ikea and it is very good
  7. martin_t69's avatar
    That's a lot of money. Hopefully you're great grandchildren will find it useful if there's not a new way of cooking by then
    mmickk's avatar
    There already is a new way for grandkids to cook it's called just eat!
  8. Alan_Wong's avatar
  9. will_0407's avatar
    I have a staub cast iron griddle pan that i got for xmas. Only used it as anything i cook seems to stick and its smokes like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve tried seasoning it as per the instructions but doesnt seem to have helped
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