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Weetabix Cereal 72 per pack - £5 @ Morrisons
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Weetabix Cereal 72 per pack The nation's favourite cereal† Looking for a healthy start? Weetabix is packed with 100% Wholegrain goodness* and is High in Fibre. Top it with fresh blueberri…

I have sugar on mine so Lidl own brand tastes same with sugar... if anything these taste funny now. if you eat bare then MAYBE a particular supermarket/brand is better texture/taste fine for me


Does it taste the same as original weetabix?


Pack of 36 own brand in Lidl £1.80.


Its because morrisons own brand is actually made by weetabix


I'll need to try these, all the other supermarket versions, while decent, don't come close to the real ones. Thanks

Eat Natural Protein Packed Cereal Bars - Peanuts & Chocolate Protein Snack Bar - 45g x 12 Pack £9.99 @ Amazon
20° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Save 25% today; Save up to 15% on future scheduled deliveries . drops from 9.99 to 7.49. 20 pack works out cheaper than the 12 pack.

You need to order a lot of bars to get the Amazon price down from £9.99 to £6, if that's even possible? At Sainsburys, you can mix&match with a variety of other flavours, so don't end up with all the same flavour.


true but you really have to order a number of bars to make use of delivery- good price, its 0.90p more via amazon but that inc delivery. thx for head up for other members


Very poor value compared with Sainsburys, 3 bars for £1.50, or 12 for £6. https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/product/eat-natural-bar--protein-3x45g Or normal price at other supermarkets, £2 for 3 bars (or £8 for 12). Even with S&S savings, this is a poor deal. Should post the Sainsburys deal instead (y)


Is this not a 20 pack? If it's only a pack of 12 there's no deal (standard price for a pack of 3 is £2 in supermarkets)


natural is just brand name - what is natural now? even the air I breath isnt

Eat Natural High Fibre Bars - Apple, Ginger & Dark Chocolate Cereal Gluten-Free Vegan Bars - 12 Pack £6 @ Amazon
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Less when using Subscribe & Save. Eat Natural fruit, nut and seed cereal bar with rich dark chocolate, tart apple and cranberries and warming ginger, this bar represents a gold standard…
Avatar Frank30uk
Get deal*Get deal*

Humans are also animals,just a very stupid one.


It is humans that clip their wings and kill the queens


Oh no, those poor bees.


Bees are harmed, the queen has her wings clipped so that she can't move from the hive and she is killed after 2 years as production will drop off.


Don't worry, no bees were harmed during the making of these, erm.......non-vegan bars (y)

Kellogg’s froot loops marshmallows £4.99 @ Farmfoods Sutton
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th MayLocalLocal

I tried Fruit Loops once, no idea if they were the US or UK version but my god they were disgusting


Fiver for a 297g box of cereal that's Two 🥣 servings for me...


Wow the ingredients are mainly chemicals 😔


A bioengineered food product.

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Jordans Country Crisp Cereal 500g (All Varieties) - £1.65 Clubcard Price @ Tesco
31/05/2022Expires on 31/05/2022Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Those on offer include: Jordans Country Crisp Honey Nut 500G Jordans County Crisp with Raisin 500G Jordans Country Crisp Strawberry Cereal 500G Jordans Country Crisp Chunky Nu…

Strawberry only but they are like rocking horse (poo) they go out of stock quicker than you can react to an alert on your phone. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jordans-Country-Crisp-Tangy-Raspberries/dp/B0074JZ84I/ref=dp_prsubs_2?pd_rd_i=B076DBPCWY&th=1


I think that has gone up now toohttps://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/jordans-country-crisp-honey-nut-other-flavours-breakfast-cereal-vegetarian-6-packs-of-500g-ps990-from-ps842-ss-at-amazon-3920330 Completely right! Though considering that most things that used to be £1 on offer have now gone up to £1.25, this is only a 15p increase for a popular item. I doubt that we'll see it for £1.50 for a while now. Plus as you can see from my price comparison screenshot, it's currently the cheapest price per unit.


We can probably say it’s still a pretty good deal. At least it’s a food that’s only gone up by 10%. God knows what it’ll cost at the end of the year the way things are going.


10% price increase! Always used to be £1.50 when on offer. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/jordans-country-all-varieties-500g-crisp-chunky-nuts-strawberry-raspberry-raisin-chocolate-ps150-at-morrisons-3862485


You can get 6 of the same flavour on Amazon for £9 but they go out of stock instantly so this is a brilliant price.