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Domino's is one of the UK's most popular pizza chains, running hundreds of restaurants across the country and selling more that 1 million pizzas a day around the world. There's a reason for that success. Domino's make tasty pizzas with a huge range of toppings, and diners can find all of them at rock bottom prices by using the Domino's discounts on the hotukdeals website. Read more

All Dominos Pizza Deals, Discounts & Sales for April 2019

Collect one pizza get one free when you collect at Dominos
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019LocalLocalFound 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Been busy all day and can’t be bothered to cook dinner? Don’t bother! Pick up TWO PIZZAS for the price of ONE on your way home! Hassle free, sorted! Want to take it to the next lev… Read more
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Branches which I was using so far always used gloves, so depends on branch really. Also you can always complain.


When helikesmysmile posts an offer it’s like one of the best gifts on this planet. Plus she’s paying for the pizzas. ;)


My nearest Pizza Hut is 35 minutes away. We don’t even have Uber (lol) I actually had ASDA’s stuffed crust on Monday and it was awful so I can definitely not recommend the stuffed crust.


Pizza Hut always has deals. If you want lots of toppings (compared to Dominos) but not a fresh dough pizza then some Asda store pizza counters will cook for £1 extra. So £3.50 + £1 for 14" pizza cooked in a takeaway box and opposite Dominos where I live! The Asda staff wear gloves!


Overly priced compared to where exactly? Perhaps where you live there’s loads of take aways which means there’s more choice of offers from different retailers. However other than basic listed menu offers, occasional just eat discount code and papa johns where I live in Scotland dominos have the monopoly. And I’m not complaining. I’m super impressed that you’ve visited every single branch to make such a statement? Not tht it applies to me, I love meat .

Domino’s - Early Week Mega Deal! any pizza, any size for £5.99 until Thursday 4th April!
LocalLocalFound 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Just had a text and checked the website. Domino’s are offering any pizza, any size for £5.99 until Thursday 4th April! Collection Only. Not available in all stores

In Cornwall stores


Not available to older leave voters according to their CFO. Another brand boycotted.


Seems to be hit and miss. Weird they do a national promotion but only certain stores. Wonder how they decide which ones


I've tried 6 or 7 places local to me and there's nothing. £5.99 is a cracking price if you can find it.


Why have the mods changed it to any medium?

Mega Week, Any Size Pizza £5.99, Collection Only, Monday 18th March Til Sunday 24th March @ High Street, Glasgow, (City Centre), Domino's
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Just got this leaflet through the door. High Street, Glasgow G1 1LX (Open 10am-3am, 7 days a week). Perfect for those working in the city centre (bit late for lunch today!) or hea… Read more
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Last day to get a "pizza the action" tomorrow! :D


Amazing and yummy 🤤 thank u :D


Premium crusts and bases charged as extra per the OP.


Double decadence?


Definitely not at my local...but heat added for a good deal...

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2 x Any Size Pizza + 2 x Sumptuous Size + 1.25 L Drink for £19.99 @ Dominos COLLETION ONLY
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
I know domino's isn't everyone's cup of tea and the quality of them definitely depends on the store, but for people that do enjoy their dominos, in addition to the £5.99 lunchtime… Read more

checked a couple of my local stores, they all have it. Checked a random manchester store and it didn't. Great deal for any who do have it. It's not on any menu's though, just on the website only under the collection tab in deals


Pretty sure this is specific to your local.


If you’re interested in the welfare of chickens so much, you’d stop going to KFC. Judging from your profile, that ain’t gonna happen. I feel your pain, they look so cute yet taste so heavenly!


U dumb? Halal they chop their heads off without being knocked out or anything so they still flapping about without their heads and bleed out...


Non-halal chickens are always given a cuddle before they are, errr, slaughtered. Makes the whole thing so much more civilised. Even the chickens appreciate it. Ask them if you don’t believe me.

Large Pizza with 1 Topping £5.99 @ Dominos Mon-Fri Until 5pm COLLETION ONLY
LocalLocalFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
I know domino's isn't everyone's cup of tea and the quality of them definitely depends on the store, but for people that do enjoy their dominos, I've seen this in a few stores now … Read more

Don't tell me it's nothing to do with B*%$!t..


Thanks, Edited to make it more clear that it's not in every location.


You don't mention, but this deal is location specific!


There is also a £19.99 Collection deal for 2 x Any Size Pizza + 2 x Sumptuous Size + 1.25 L Drink for £19.99 in some stores.


Don't worry, with 1 topping you don't just get 1 piece of the topping, you get a full pizza's worth ;)

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Potential £25 worth of Domino's pizza for less than £3 this weekend via Quidco (new members only)
Refreshed 10th MarRefreshed 10th Mar
To get advantage of the full offer, you'll need to be a new member at Quidco. But even if you've used the site before, you can still get a decent deal. How much you can save Q… Read more

so is this expired or not then as it’s still showing online


Of course they don't cost £16.99-20. You have no understanding of how business works. Here's a basic explanation for you: businesses provide a service to their customers and charge them a higher cost than it costs the business to provide. This is something called profit. It's what is required for any and all businesses around the world to survive. Good luck if you ever try to run your own company hahahaa


Really appreciate your patronising but... Dough Puree Mozzarella Peppers Meat Onion etc. Whatever costs are incurred by a business, the ingredients above with cooking and delivery do not cost £16.99 - £20.00. There's a reason they consistently have £7.99 collection only offers. Because they can afford to "sweetie".


Maybe we can try and get literate first?


I think the deal has gone cold not offering me the cashback.

Any size pizza collection only £5.99 @ Newton Mearns Dominos
LocalLocalFound 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Any size pizza collection only £5.99 @ Newton Mearns Dominos
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Large Pepperoni Passion - Normal Price £19.99 Does anyone actually pay those full prices? Shocking but i bet theres some who do.


I'm overweight....looks like I'll be ordering Domino's tonight


I passed my local N.Mearns one on Thurs nite-as I was visiting my friend in Barrhead....where it was £8.99 for the same deal 🙈Similarly, I have had this £5.99 deal in Shawlands branch whilst the Giffnock store were also charging £8.99!U can't beat a large Dominos Pizza for £5.99!Have some heat 👌


Is this the 1 topping before 3 deal


i dont mind killing them though i like to torture them first..

Dominos Any size pizza £7.99 collection Or £10.99 delivered until 21/02/19.
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Or £10.99 delivered until 23.59 21/02/19.

Shame it runs out before Friday 22


Cant just say "I was out of order" can you. Have to resort to well used, childish responses because you have no valid point. Ill stop responding as your clearly a waste of air and dont worry, we wont run into each at any parties. Definitely not the kind of person I'd mix with.


Bet you're fun at parties (highfive)


Erm yes you did call people Jews in a negative way, thats why the comment has been deleted. Snowflake, highbrow and original response there. Its not about following a crowd, its about just not being needlessly offensive to other people.


It's 2019, you don't have to follow the crowd and identify as a snowflake. Eat your crusts and get some hairs on that chest :p . Also I didn't call anyone a Jew at all, I merely pointed out that Domino's are very stingy via euphemism, which is absolutely true compared to the likes of PJ's and PH.

Dominos Winter Survival Deal £19.99 (Normally £25+)
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Back yet again. Large pizza, garlic bread, wedges, cookies and a 1.25l bottle of drink for 19.99. Normally would cost you around £25+ depending on the pizza you order.
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However they didn't do the "Cheeseburger" pizza last year it's amazing!! Fill yer boots


Yeah it was cheaper last year.


Indeed it does. My local store sometimes passes off cardboard as a thin crust base.


20 quid for cheese on toast?

Big Night In Pizza Deal from Dominos
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
You’ll soon be swimming in novelty socks, and up to your eyeballs in boring books. Yup Christmas is really gonna test your “I love it” face. So fill your own stocking before Chri… Read more
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I'm a fan of the Meaty a bit of spicy ball and sausage! I tried the cheeseburger when it was on was interesting. Wasn't spicy though so won't pick it unless the kids are eating with me. Left over's a deal that keeps on giving! (highfive)


You're welcome, and thanks I enjoyed it, had leftovers today and they were good too. I will have more fruit next week though (lol) And no I haven't had the cheeseburger one, is it your favourite then? :{


It also includes garlic pizza bread, potato wedges and cookies so I think it’s a great deal


It is always luck of the draw. Thankfully our local is nice and the team are passionate about their service. Hopefully yours will find a new love for what they do and you can start having tasty food again Loli


Voted Hot. It might be half decent if your local Domino's wasn't incompetent like mine. Even me throwing (& I do mean throwing) one together myself is better than the crap that passes their "Quality Assurance" My local(ish) Pizza Hut is quite good though

Domino's Buy 1 Get 1 Free On Any Size Pizza – Collection Only
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Domino's Buy 1 Get 1 Free On Any Size Pizza – Collection Only
Buy 1 pizza get one pizza free, when you collect. Terms & Conditions Buy one pizza get one pizza for free. Valid with collection orders only. Offer valid with … Read more

It’s on full price pizza’sdoesn’t work with any other special offers.


Is that on full price pizzas? Collection on large pizzas is £10 at my local, would the discount make it £5


Used to order this all the time, the price of the create your own has went from 11.99-13.19 and now 15.99 for the same pizza over the last 8 months. Dominoes is cheap as anything in Australia, don’t know why it’s so expensive over in the uk


Best see a doctor.


Oh no, you just hurt my feelings.

Small 9.5” pizzas for £3 from dominos via Wuntu
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Today only. I’ve had a search on my phone for dominos and Wuntu and can’t see posted already. If it’s already posted, mod please delete.
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Anyone want a code?


Check your PM - if it's not too late


any spare codes please ?


Never had a Domino's pizza before I got his offer a few weeks ago, rather nice I thought, and taken this offer a couple of times more. Can't believe folk pay for than £5 for these things normally though, let alone £10-£15. But for £3 this deal is nice and hot and tasty.


Whoops (:I wasn’t that me?

Exclusive offers at dominos by getting advent calendar in the post @ Dominos
LocalLocalFound 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Exclusive offers at dominos by getting advent calendar in the post @ Dominos
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Perhaps it's one of those leaflets that you get with your post every week, I'm just hoping Gregg's do a repeat of last year's advent, remember it, think it had baby Jesus holding a sausage roll !


It was....So post this years


That was last year's.


You probably need to wait

BLACK FRIDAY: 50% This weekend at Dominos on £30+!! *USUALLY ONLY ON £100+*
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Just use code SALEWKND on any order over £30!

Same here. I booked marked this so I could read it in detail the next day..... This was about the Samsung and now it's dominos....


You can disagree sure but that is the rule on here for such deals, non cashback price must be displayed. Else it is just baiting.


me too, i am like, huh, did i click something else


Glad I'm not the only person confused!


seems like a great deal but 2 downsides -its cashback over 2yrs and its vodafone.

Two For Tuesday Buy One Get One Free @ Dominos
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Two For Tuesday Buy One Get One Free @ Dominos
Buy one get one free medium or large

Dominoes is such a rip off, even with deals.


Asda’s are very nice! (y)


Got to agree, I always opt for a decent one from a Supermarket now, cheaper too !


I do like an Asda create your own pizza..


Haven’t they always had this deal? Nothing new

Any large Pizza from Dominos £9.99 delivered - Mega Fortnight Deal
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
This is East Ham store but I assume it's nationwide - turns out in some stores only so check your local store deals. I realise these are overpriced and you normally have to buy a … Read more
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It's not 9.99. It's 20 quid. Not try and con us!!


If you think paying £10 is a high price for a delivered Pizza I suspect you don't have any economics qualifications.


I do have to wonder what is this almost fetish like concern by some about people able and willing to spend £10 on a Hot Tasty Pizza that is delivered. People come out with comments like, it only takes 15 minutes or they're only £4 in Tesco/Sainsburys/Asda/et al... These, what I would categorise as 'Passive Aggressive' comments, are really just quite silly in my honest opinion, It's been a long time since I had to worry about spending £10 on anything and whether it would have any impact on my quality of life. Sometimes, if you come home, don't have anything in and it's been a long day, the simple convenience of being able to collapse into a chair without even having to think about stuff is very appealing. Notwithstanding the above, why do you care? Do you really have so little going on in your own life that you need to spend time, like some self righteous deity worrying about how others spend their money? I'd be interested in knowing if any of these price focused culinary experts smoke or drink or have Sky TV or perhaps a whole list of other things if I put my mind to it. This is supposed to be a price saving site, if you know of a better deal for a single, delivered, quality Pizza great tells us all, else why are you even in the thread?


Id say 15 mins. Either way is faster than waiting for a delivery.


Lol £10 for a pizza (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Dominos 2 for 1 Medium or Large pizzas using code 241PIZZA.
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
Domino's are offering 2 for 1 Medium or Large pizzas using code 241PIZZA. This works on collection or delivery. Valid until 31.12.18 Makes their overpriced pizza prices a little m… Read more

Nope, doesn't work. This deal is completely invalid.


Add the 2 pizzas, at checkout enter code 241PIZZA all capitals and no spaces. Working fine for me still, so don't think it should be deleted.


Please delete. "Oh dear, this voucher is invalid. Please try again."




Worked for me. No hassle. Delivered in 25mins..have some heat man..

Free Pizza at Dominos Coventry
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
Free Pizza at Dominos Coventry
Free personal pizza or just upgrade for £1 Valid for fresher's fair only, cheese and tomato only. Valid for Far Gosford Street store only Coventry CV1 5EA

What’s the code?


Can someone get one for me... Dread to intentionally set foot in Coventry.


You have your phone on vibrate and you're putting your thumbs up where? Don't answer that.


I live 15 mins away but can't be bothered, parking round there is a nightmare, could call the store and ask


Thumbs up if your phone vibrates every time a glitch deal is posted ⚠

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