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Samsung EVO Plus 512GB MicroSDXC £81.97 + £2.99 del at Drones Direct
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Samsung EVO Plus 512GB MicroSDXC 1.65% TCB cashback Could be nice to extend storage capacity on Mobiles Fast read & write speeds Samsung’s EVO Plus microSD Card has added … Read more

should do upto 1TB


looks good, but does it work correctly with S20 range?


hope amazon price matches this I have £10 credit I can use off the price (y)


Bit slower but £63.99 https://www.mymemory.co.uk/integral-512gb-ultimapro-v30-premium-micro-sd-card-sdxc-uhs-i-u3-adapter-100mb-s-16210.html


(skeptical) Plenty of other options out there wouldn't pay this price

White Xiaomi M365 Scooter £349 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Usual blah, illegal for UK roads but seems best price from U.K. supplier next day free delivery Max Speed: 25km/h Range: 30km Charging Time: 5 hours Net Weight: 12.5kg Fo… Read more

This seems to be back up to £399 which feels overpriced right now given that they were often selling at £299 in the last few months, and I got one new from Pure for less than £350 a year ago. Cold.


The legality of the scooter wouldn't make any difference in a civil suit for damages. Either you caused the damages and are liable or you didn't and you're not liable.


Cyclists don't have to take a test so how can they be sued for riding incorrectly?? Cyclists won't ever have to pay tax or insurance. If you are a motorist who doesn't like it then dump your polluting car and get a bike,


Well am with JL so that's good to know ! But I wonder if that situation has ever happened and paid out ?


We were in San Francisco a couple of years ago and really impressed by the number of people of e-scooters there. Ducking in and out of the traffic and break neck speed. No helmets! The car drivers just seemed to accept and ignore them. Would love to see the casualty figures but sure looked cool.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars Grey Toy Drone, £17.96 delivered at Laptops direct
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Good price for a starter drone. Fly and customize your Minidrone What Stands out Top Speed of 11.18mph Range of 20 Metres Acrobatic stunts in the air! A variety of looks… Read more

Its ancient over 5 years now just ebay it! (shock) Quick search and you can get it for less than 20 sovvs Syma X5C-1


Got a link?


Cool.. Do those have cameras? Might be interested in buying a less expensive drone to see if i like it before investing in a dji


20 metre range nah My syma x5c-1 just modded it does over 100 metres now and only cost £27. (skeptical)

Parrot Airborne Night Drone - Blaze Red - Smart Drone w/ LED Lights & Camera - £12.96 Delivered @ Drones Direct
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Something to keep the kids (or adults? ;) ) busy for a few hours? Not a bad little gadget to mess around on for £13! Cost is £9.97 + £2.99 Delivery) Can't find this anywhere els… Read more

Thats good to hear. Still waiting for mine to arrive. 10 mins is pretty ok for this level of drone. I have a Visuo 809s which does around 18-19mins. Its a fairly cheap drone so if you get the bug thats a much more capable drone with plenty of features.


Got one delivered today good toy for the price however battery lasts less than 10 mins. Keeps the kids busy


The price is gone up


Seems to be back in stock so could do with unexpiring as its fun for these indoor times. Theres a choice of 4 other models below £20 although i wouldn't recommend the Seeker. Drones at this price are hit and miss but if you get one that works they are fun and youll probably by a proper one in due course. The "Beast" SG906 or the SJRC F11 are a great step up. The hydrofoil looks fun and cheap but your not going to be able to take the kids to a lake any time soon.



Parrot HydroFoil Drone £12.97 (Free Collection Or + £2.99 Delivered) @ DronesDirect
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Parrot HydroFoil Drone £12.97 (Free Collection Or + £2.99 Delivered) @ DronesDirect
Is it a drone? Is it a boat? No it’s a drone boat! Your two-in-one minidrone that flies in the air and on water! Parrot Hydrofoil is a next-generation minidrone. It can glide o… Read more

Go to Amazon and search for "shoot charger"




Amazon have 3 and a charger for £22, think the brand is shoot.


Anyone know of any good deals for spare batteries? These only last around 7 minutes or so.


My DJI worked as a submarine...once.. for a full second ;(

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone With Fly More Combo - £749.99 delivered @ Drones Direct
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Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone With Fly More Combo - £749.99 delivered @ Drones Direct
Looks to be the best price including the fly more extras and delivery. The platinum edition adds longer flight time and is quieter. With sensors at the front will help prevent cr… Read more

Uhmm, the platinum does not have a longer transmit distance, the props are different, but interchangeable. I think the only real difference that might matter is the platinum battery will last a tad longer. Otherwise, I wouldn't care much about which version you get. If they're the same price, platinum of course. If you can save £50 for the regular version I'd go for that and spend the money saved on some master airscrew props, personally.


yes I saw that deal to (y)


I ended up ordering this... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xiaomi-mi-drone-hd-4k-wifi-fpv-5ghz-quadcopter-3361158?pprmrkntfctnsrd=279234064&UATypeId=7


Managaed to pass the flight drone test and not even got one yet now to decide to get one under 250kg or to pay the £9 to fly it.


With the Fly More accessories its not. https://m.dji.com/product/mavic-pro-platinum-fly-more-combo?from=searchrecommends&vid=32791

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ElectriQ Active Electric Scooter E-SC1 for £ 229 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 3rd Dec 2019Posted 3rd Dec 2019LocalLocal
ElectriQ Active Electric Scooter E-SC1 for £ 229 @ Drones Direct
This is a new one on the market. As far as I see it has the same design as the Xiaomi M365 and they included a digital display as well. (like the M365 pro). Speed, performance on p… Read more

You saw two fatalities on escooters?


Posting this here since backslider has some weird fetish to spoil threads: For anyone else bored of the backslider comments i have now muted them: hotukdeals.com/pro…iew on mute at the bottom. Merry xmas!


This would be ideal for me to get to work!Glad theres no reason why my commute should be troubled :)


It was £199 yesterday


You'll look dumb too under the wheels of a truck. I did a road trip for two months all over the southern states of the US this summer. I saw two fatalities. Damn things are flying about all over the place. They were talking about banning them when I was there, and they're still illegal for road use in the UK.

DJI Mavic Air 4K Drone with Fly More Combo - Arctic White £849
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
DJI Mavic Air 4K Drone with Fly More Combo - Arctic White £849
Picked one these up Wednesday and it turned up yesterday :) Works out about £100 cheaper than buying direct through DJI Happy flying

Teach me the ways


Cheers guys. I flew one for the first time a few months ago and loved the footage I got. Was 99% certain I was going to go for the Mavic mini, for the price and weight. But the non 4k and no collision avoidance was always bugging me in the back of my mind. Ended up going for a mavic air fly more combo from the warehouse (good condition). Had £75 amazon voucher so it worked out to: £443 - At that price I thought I don't mind taking the test.


Thier was no go for their heads option in my test sadly!! ;)


Ouch!! :)


Future project, for now Ive just spent £800 haha

DJI Mavic 2 Pro - £1179 (+ TopCashback) @ Drones Direct
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
DJI Mavic 2 Pro - £1179 (+ TopCashback) @ Drones Direct
Good drone with nearly £200 off usual price (£1349) £20 cheaper than amazon and then cashback to be had on top from topcashback. (~2.5%) Cheapest I've seen today and the have a fe… Read more
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone with Fly More Combo £799 @ Drones direct
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone with Fly More Combo £799 @ Drones direct
Black Friday Deal DJI Mavic Pro Platinum kit with 3 batteries & other accessories. Brand New.

As far as I know MP platinum flight time is 30 min. About 9 min longer than Mavic Air. The Mavic Pro Platinum now has a flight time of 30 minutes The Mavic Air is rated for up to 21 minutes of flight time, 


How that works? Thanks


I have the Air and the Pro & Spark, there all great. :)


Not the greatest of analogies but I take your point. They are both 4K @ 30fps though, with the Air having a higher bitrate of 100mbps vs the pro’s 60mbps. So depending on _what_ you are shooting and what you do to the video after will also factor into your decision. If you’re a hobbyist putting your content up on YouTube/Vimeo the compression will negate any bitrate differences. If you are solely interested in the camera features of a drone, the Mavic’s are the wrong segment. But that’s just my humble opinion of course.


Prioritising flight time over video quality for a, camera drone is like choosing the sound system over acceleration for a sports car. :/

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone with Fly More Combo - £799 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 15th Aug 2019Posted 15th Aug 2019
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone with Fly More Combo - £799 @ Drones Direct
Cheapest I found so far. I believe Argos was doing this deal a while ago but that's no longer available. I do believe they are clearing these drones as they are the older generati… Read more

Drones direct were very good at sorting out the battery issue with the white mavic pro for me as well. They replaced 2 faulty batteries with 2 new ones and they even sent them to me before receiving the other 2 back. So I agree with Mrlossy above, their customer service seems to be a bit of hit and miss.


Really odd the comments, but perhaps I was lucky. After my order was accepted amazon had the 20% off deal on warehouse stock. I contacted DD to let them.know I'd be refusing delivery. They asked why and I explained. They immediately refunded my account a price match with amazon. I was really happy with that... it does seem the service is very hit and miss..


No need! The money is now back in my account. 6 weeks after emailing them to let them know I wanted to return it.


I still haven't received my refund yet. I had an email off them 4 days ago explaining I will have the money within 48 hours. I'll be phoning my credit card provider tomorrow.


I have reported them to trading standard. It seems I'll have to go through small business claims court to get my refund. I already have a credit card transaction dispute undergoing. They are dodgy to the point that they want just to extract your cash and then there's no going back for a return or refund even if you receive a faulty item.

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone with Combo Pack - back in stock £649 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 30th Jul 2019Posted 30th Jul 2019
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone with Combo Pack - back in stock £649 @ Drones Direct
Showing back in stock and voucher code for £20 off still works matching last weeks hot deal! Product information: ULTRA COMPACT Introducing the Mavic Pro, DJI's ultra-compact … Read more

Can anyone suggest a good set of filters for blocking sunlight and improving exposure.


I received the prepaid returns label last week, returned it on Saturday and received a refund yesterday.


I hope you're right and get the money back without any further hassle. Forums and review sites are full of mischief stories by drones direct so better be safe than sorry.


For those with faulty battery: Its simple as going on DJI live chat and get is sorted. Took 10 days. Got a label, UPS collection from my house and replacement delivered also. You dont need to deal with drones direct at all for warranty.


I'll agree with you there. I've spent thousands of pounds on Amazon and never had any problems. When my Karcher K4 went kaput after 18 months I enquired on Amazon chat what the warranty was and before I knew it they said they were sending someone to collect it and refunded my money that day. Amazing customer service. I'll give drones direct 48 hours. If I don't have the money I'll also be doing a chargeback through my credit card provider. Let's hope they stay true to their word.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars - Grey/White now £25.94 delivered @ Drones Direct
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Posted 26th Jul 2019Posted 26th Jul 2019
Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars - Grey/White now £25.94 delivered @ Drones Direct
No code needed, discounted on-site already. Top Speed of 11.18mph Range of 20 Metres Acrobatic stunts in the air! Take photos from the sky A variety of looks and styles D… Read more



Nice find. Good little indoor drone from a proper company (not a no-name thing).


Range of 20 metres, very unlilkely to lose it then!


Any idea what the picture quality is like? None of the YouTube videos I've seen cover this bit

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone with Combo Pack NEW - Free Delivery - £649 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone with Combo Pack NEW - Free Delivery - £649 @ Drones Direct
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Fly More Combo - Free Delivery - £649 Drones Direct are selling this cheaper than their own refurb units. Comes with three batteries and extra propell… Read more

Finally got my money back today. Every penny of it.


I didn't get a reply to my online requests either. Best option is to get WeQ4U app and dial them nice and early in the day and expect to be connected after some delay. Good thing is that app takes care of the waiting times whilst you get on with your day. I managed to get through to their support team and clearly stated that I DO NOT want repair/replacement and I simply want an RMA for refund under "Consumer Rights Act”. They couldn't really do much and generated a DPD collection label which I made sure that I received before I hung up the call. Returned mine today and anxiously waiting for the refund and I hope there are no more hurdles to go through. Best of luck.


I've emailed three times now, stating I do want a repair, I want a refund, in plain English. I don't know how much simpler I can say it. Three times they have said please contact DJI for a replacement battery. I just want them to arrange a return, it's not rocket science. My best guess is they know the batteries on these units are failing so sold them cheap and now they don't want them back.


After 45 mins on hold ("we are very busy and average wait times are 20 mins" (annoyed) ); I gave up and emailed them. If I dont get anywhere, I will get my credit card company to do a chargeback.


Yeah I seen that number further up. Rang them yesterday at half 4. Waited half an hour with no answer and it cut off at 5pm. I'll try again today.

DJI Osmo Action Camera with £30 off - £299 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
DJI Osmo Action Camera with £30 off - £299 @ Drones Direct
using the voucher code "30off" will take £30 off the price of a brand new DJI Osmo Action Camera.

Looks to be back working now


Expired :-(


Nope, not eligible for batteries *sad face*


Very good deal and hopefully it will work on the spare battery(ies) too


Now we are talking

DJI Mavic Air Battery - GRADE A1 £44.95 Drones Direct
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Posted 25th Mar 2019Posted 25th Mar 2019
DJI Mavic Air Battery - GRADE A1 £44.95 Drones Direct
Brand new unused, just re boxed Grade 1 " GRADE A1 - Unused product, checked by our DJI-trained technicians & re-boxed. Using high-density lithium, the DJI Intelligent Fligh… Read more

5.5% TCB as well

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Fly More Combo - £689.99 @ Drones Direct
219° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Fly More Combo - £689.99 @ Drones Direct
Hard to get much better for the price, unless you want to order a Mavic air from the likes of tobydeals. *EDIT* Use code HIDDEN5COTLAND and the total is 654.55

I have the Spark, I am so tempted...


Now reduced to even less


price has increased...


got this on Monday I then had seconds thoughts so contacted drones direct to inform them I was sending it back to which I was then offered £55 pounds refund or £65 voucher. I am still waiting to hear back as I ordered before the 5% discount code and trying to get that off aswell. just a heads up if anyone ordered it could possibly get money back


Lol true. If it wasn't for this deal I would of been none the wiser and very happy with the air.

DJI Mavic 2 Fly more Kit - £279 @ Drones Direct
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Posted 19th Mar 2019Posted 19th Mar 2019
DJI Mavic 2 Fly more Kit - £279 @ Drones Direct
Brought a Mavic 2 pro from a convention so thought I would look for the fly more kit and everyone was hovering around the £309 mark (amazon), but found this on the Drones Direct si… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Kind of. It has gone up to £299 now but still less than other places



DJI Mavic Air Arctic White - GRADE A2 £474.97 Drones Direct
179° Expired
Posted 15th Mar 2019Posted 15th Mar 2019
DJI Mavic Air Arctic White - GRADE A2 £474.97 Drones Direct
DJI Mavic Air Arctic White - GRADE A2 use code HIDDEN5COTLAND for 5% discount on the basket

Not sure what you're worried about. This government can't make a decision on issues that really matter to the UK, so I think we're safe flying our drones in a half sensible fashion for a while ;)


You will never know how good they are.......


So many restrictions coming I’m glad I didn’t get one TBH


Grade A2 - Product fully refurbished by DJI-trained technicians and re-boxed. Some cosmetic marks may be visible.


What is Grade A2