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Posted 14 April 2023

Ambiano Dual Basket Air Fryer 2x4L/touch screen/3 year warranty £89.99 online (pre -order) / in store (23rd April) @ Aldi

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Update 2
Sold out online.
So, Aldi will have these in stores from the 23th of April.
As we know, this won't be unlimited stock in every store. We have seen that earlier, it's not guaranteed that they will have them by the time you arrive to the store.

• Dual Zone Air Fryer • High
speed hot air circulation
• Max capacity approx.
4.0L per basket • 220-240V
• 2 Independent Cooking
Baskets for cooking
convenience • Multi-function
touch control panel
• Non-slip feet • Includes
detachable non-stick
Cooking Pot and Frying Tray

Dual Basket Air Fryer benefits.

Healthier cooking
With very little oil used in the cooking
process you can enjoy healthy
alternatives to deep fried food that is
just as crisp, golden and delicious.

You can cook such a wide variety
of food in the air fryer, including a
roast dinner, fried chicken, curries
and desserts.

Quick and easy to use
The air fryer is quicker than oven cooking.
You can create a tasty meal in 10-15 minutes,
even from frozen! Simply season your meat,
place in the air fryer and set to cook.

Energy saving
Air fryers can achieve a 64% energy
saving compared to an electric oven when
cooking chicken, 76% for a pork chop and
60% when cooking a sponge cake.

Aldi More details at

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  1. ellbee's avatar
    Looks excellent for the price. Even better if it's covered for three years warranty although that's not clear in the leaflet.
    sisqoboy's avatar
  2. Segal's avatar
    I’ve yet to bite the air fryer bullet but I would definitely go for this rather than the Ninja at well more than £100 more. (edited)
    stamfordblue's avatar
    Once you buy an air fryer, you wonder why you hadn't bought one earlier.
    Wouldn't be without my Instant one.Gets used every day.
  3. glovebox1's avatar
    Anyone know the wattage? I have the costco one and it's 1700w, only gets to 175 degrees when set on 200!
    Lynxy's avatar
  4. bobdylan's avatar
    Looks identical to the £99 one they were selling in Farmfoods which I managed to pick up without any problem

    hotukdeals.com/dea…770 (edited)
  5. rfa's avatar
    Aldi picture shows a full roasted chicken, how is that possible with a two draw air fryer?
    bbbob's avatar
    You get a whole chicken (up to a medium) in a Ninja two drawer.
  6. Daisychainstar's avatar
    These are pre order online on Aldi now
  7. diljeet's avatar
    Tower 9L duo was £80 on Amazon yesterday
    Sphere's avatar
    Now you tell us !!!
  8. deleted17634's avatar
    Great deal, heat added. I hope & pray they've learned from the last time they sold a dual air fryer and have LOTS of stock this time. Although TBF the mad frenzy for them at that time has cooled somewhat.

    Ps looks like it has viewing windows or are my eyes playing a trick on me? (edited)
    Ross_Parker's avatar
    Completely agree. Last time Aldi had these in there was a mad rush to get them and I couldn't find one anywhere. Even more annoying that people were buying them to just sell on at a profit. Hopefully they have plenty of stock this time.
  9. zonda1989's avatar
    Looks almost identical to the Daewoo one that commonly pops up here
    deleted17634's avatar
    A lot of the dual air fryers out there are rebrands. Although pretty sure, unlike the Daewoo, this one has viewing windows....or very shiny casing which the handles reflect on

    49979885_1.jpg (edited)
  10. jordygilly's avatar
    Pre ordered, thanks
  11. PerryGunn's avatar
    Ordered online and it turned up today - delivered about an hour ago - so actually got it before they appear instore.

    Have just done an initial (empty) 20 mins at 200C to burn off the 'newness' and it all seems fine.

    For anyone who saw the earlier questions, it's 2700W, there are windows on the front of the baskets and an internal light.
    Paul_Carter4ok's avatar
    Are there separate heaters for each basket and can you set different heat type / levels for each drawer?
  12. AaronUK's avatar
    Got mine today. Two left.
  13. midgetjem's avatar
    Is this in store now? 🔥
    stamfordblue's avatar
    Says 23rd April.
  14. MRCAW's avatar
    Can't see what the dimensions are ,looks good for price .but need the height as low cupboards
    rfa's avatar
    Size is 42.5 X 40.5 X 33 cm's
  15. Damian_Binns's avatar
    Has anyone actually had one of these, if so are they any good? Or would it be better to pay the extra for a Ninja?
  16. speedfire66's avatar
    Anyone have one that can attest to the quality, in comparison to let’s say a Tefal?
    ibblackberry1's avatar
    3 year warranty should alleviate most quality issues.
  17. natlol's avatar
    I got the one on offer previously. I had three in quick succession that developed various electrical faults and had to be returned. I can’t say I have faith in the brand at all. Had no problem returning them to store though. I had bought one of the three online and they allowed me to return it to store. (edited)
    rfa's avatar
    Online purchases returns, it's Aldi policy. They encourage you to return to a shop, saves them return postage.
    I had to return the 3L model as the heating element was loose, they weren't interested in the safety aspect ( shorting broken wire comes to mind). (edited)
  18. Sphere's avatar
    Sold out online already!!
  19. Felipe2105's avatar
    This again haha! I mean I wouldn't even bother trying to get one in-store. Most stores don't get any, and those that do only have 1 or 2 usually.
    ReflexReact's avatar
    It's called marketing. Annoying, crappy marketing at that.
  20. abdul9192's avatar
    Sold out.
  21. Jellybelly's avatar
    If they're sold out as pre-order, does this mean there won't be any in store?
  22. Rotuman's avatar
    Back in stock from tomorrow, in store only.
  23. Craigslist_isBetter's avatar
    Received today. Looks great!!
  24. reformedEffortMaker's avatar
    For info: spoke to manager in tonbridge yesterday, they’re only getting 7 in store today
  25. simon_mayson's avatar
    Just got mine. Thanks so much Sisqoboy
  26. martzuk's avatar
    Two in stock where I went today, around 12:00
  27. Mattukpl's avatar
    50038450-P59Ji.jpgGot mine today in local Aldi but sadly no manual inside like it's stated on box
    simon_mayson's avatar
    Mine did. It had the warranty in too. I'd contact them
  28. Rodmac's avatar
    Got my air fryer today. In setting it up I noticed rubber grommets in the 4 corners on each tray in the drawers do you keep them on or take them off ?
    Mattukpl's avatar
    I wondered the same lol.Have you got manual inside box?I haven't unfortunately
  29. fire_belly's avatar
    I just managed to get one. Surprisingly there are about 20 left in the Manchester urban exchange store. I thought they would have flown off the shelves but maybe demand for them has peaked.
  30. joyce.moorefield's avatar
    can anyone help - lost my user manual and can't find one on line.
's avatar