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Posted 5 April 2024

Free £10 EV Charging credit when you sign up to Octopus Electroverse via link - access to over 600,000 public EV chargers

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You can get £10 free EV charging credit when you signup to Octopus Electroverse via the deal link electroverse.octopus.energy/par…tsb. Once signed up it takes approximately 1 hour for the credit to show in the account, which can be used at over 650,000+ chargers on the Electroverse network e.g. shell recharge, Ionity etc, redeem via app or card. You can use the interactive map to see local EV chargers near to you. Anybody can join, not specifically for Octopus customers.

Please note I found the £10 signup link via TSB but anybody should be able to access this deal via the link. I believe if you go via the standard website address you wont get the £10 signup credit.


Once signed up via deal link it takes around an hour for the £10 credit to show

Can use at 650,000+ public chargers


Octopus Electroverse

  • This is Octopus Electroverse - your one-stop solution for charging on the go.
  • With over 650,000 chargers on the Electroverse network - all accessible by one card and app - it's one of the largest EV charging networks in the world, not to mention one of the simplest!
  • Using the Electroverse is easy - with helpful features and filters to help you find your next charge. You can even use it in your EV! And to start a charge? All you need is a free-to-order Electrocard or the Electroverse app.
  • Charging rates are never marked up, with exclusive discounts added where possible. And you won’t find any pesky transaction or holding fees here - just fair, transparent pricing!
  • Sign up in less than 30 seconds and get £10 charging credit.

Sign up to Octopus Electroverse and receive £10 Charging credit - Terms

  • 1. The provider of this offer is Octopus Electroverse Limited. Registered address, UK House, 5th Floor, 164-182 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1NN.
  • 2. The offer is valid until 01.03.2025.
  • 3. This offer entitles you to £10 charging credit once you have signed up to Octopus Electroverse.
  • 4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount codes.
  • 5. Neither the provider nor the Administrator of the offer accepts liability for damages or loss caused as a result of redeeming this offer.
  • 6. The provider reserves the right to withdraw this offer without prior notice.
  • 7. This offer is subject to availability.
  • 8. To view full Octopus Electroverse terms and conditions, click here

Useful Links

£10 EV credit signup via this link
Octopus Electroverse Google Play app
Octopus Electroverse iOS app
Octopus Energy More details at
Octopus Energy has currently £50 credit for you and the referrer when you sign up with Octopus Energy campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. cubegame's avatar
    ParkCS's avatar
    There's absolutely no point in arguing with someone who doesn't like EV's. They believe all the tripe they see on toxic social media and convince themselves and their ilk that EV's are doomed.

    If they don't like them, that's fine, I just wish they'd keep their opinions to themselves as it's borderline pitchfork mentality.

    You see it on any EV thread or advertisment, the same old trope time and time again.
  2. Vish1's avatar
    Any recommendations for ev tariff for home charging?
    djkn's avatar
    Intelligent Octopus Go. 7.5p per kWh from 11.30pm - 5.30am.
  3. walsall123's avatar
    Does Free ev charging still exist?/
    mocmocamoc's avatar
    Warrington council has free EV changing in its car parks.
  4. shawnlee's avatar
    What dis it roughly cost to fully charge a car in public compared to home? At home it will cost me around £15
    szigmon123's avatar
    I pay 7p per kwh at home 45p per kwh at tesla chargers and up to 80p per kwh on other public chargers
  5. chiccosanchez's avatar
    People get very passionate about electric cars. It's very strange.
    Carl_cr's avatar
    I’m only passionate about running costs I’m being paid to charge my car today oils hit 90 dollars so won’t be long before £10 a gallon if it continues to rise.
  6. vassy4u's avatar
    Just used this last week.. A handy saving
  7. Peter_H99's avatar
    Guess this only works for new customers. No way to get the credit if you already have an account?
    Chanchi32's avatar
    yes new account signup, assume a new email would probably work
  8. Adam_Ash's avatar
    Do you have to add your card details for the credit or does it just load?
    smartbuddy's avatar
    No, I didn't add any card details but still got the credit added.
  9. Hobbehodz's avatar
    I used a public charger on a long journey at the weekend. I paid with my electroverse card. I just plugged the car in tapped my card and it started. I tapped the card again to stop and disconnected the charger. A faultless process. The machine said it was charging me £24.54 but electroverse actually charged me just £16.07. (edited)
    farmphdbank's avatar
    Yeah there is an Electroverse discount for several networks.

    It is displayed in the app but not on the charger display (at least for the instavolt machine I used).
  10. Mujahid_Ali's avatar
    Been using Electroverse since the beginning

    The only app you really need to be honest it replaced zap map.
  11. a9x's avatar
    Great stuff, thank you!
  12. gslgregory's avatar
    Any idea if it expires? I don't have an EV at the minute, but probably will in two years' time.
    Pancakes42's avatar
    No expiry date it seems
  13. Haggistc's avatar
    If you can’t find the £10 credit link, you can try this: https://electroverse.octopus.energy/partnerships/carwow-web
  14. mkaras1980's avatar
    Worked a treat, about 15min wait and got an email confirming £10 voucher added to the account. Thanks OP!

    BTW - used this link in text:
  15. tcf's avatar
    About 10kwh free? Rude not to.
    TheBargainMan's avatar
    you are thinking of the bigger picture. 10x new accounts so 100kwh
  16. pathofpeng's avatar
    Cheers OP. £10 credit added approx 30 mins after registration
  17. GlennTheBaker's avatar
    Signed up just before going to bed last night and the £10 credit is in my account this morning. Thanks 🏻

    All I need now is an EV
  18. jamesywelsh's avatar
    Thanks OP. Signed up, credit received
  19. xmal's avatar
    Thanks OP. I’ll use it for emergency use if I’m miles away from a Tesla network and need something local.
    azzap's avatar
    Off topic, I’m looking to purchase a second hand Tesla outright (unless there are any superb deals on leasing etc), any recommendations on how or where best to do so? 
  20. Jimbob27's avatar
    Thanks, credit added automatically after 5 mins, no payment card added yet.
  21. Lokesh_Rao's avatar
    No credit added both the links.. Anyone got it working pls
    Wubbalubbadubdub's avatar
    Tried this 3x on different browsers, links and email addresses, no credit showing in any of them (edited)
  22. albino's avatar
    For those who've got an Octopus Solar Export tariff, you can link your Electroverse account to your Octopus Account and draw down credit when your need to charge at a public charge point. Might be helpful for some.
  23. yespleasesir's avatar
    EV cars are going the same way as 3D televisions.
    HUKDTony's avatar
    It's only people who don't have one which do not like them.
  24. astreix's avatar
    used the link but no credit showing... any ideas what could be the issue?
    Chanchi32's avatar
    it takes about an hour to appear
  25. ariecol's avatar
    Just signed up. Yet to collect my PHEV and don't wish to enter the number plate yet.

    Hope I will still get the credit
  26. Pancakes42's avatar
    This is better than the refer a friend option right as that’s £10 shared between two people! (edited)
  27. colliwag's avatar
    Tried this when it first launched. Never got the £5. Disappointing 
    dashforth's avatar
    Me too
  28. Wubbalubbadubdub's avatar
    Any non TSB customers had this work recently? Signed up via it yesterday but no mention on the page of free credit and nothing added yet
    alwaysdeals's avatar
    Just singed up and credit loaded on the app. 
  29. Minstadave's avatar
    Worked for me (non TSB) with credit added in 10 mins.
  30. Swiz98's avatar
    Thanks OP. Signed up and got the email confirming the credit within the hour.
  31. deal_miner's avatar
    Where is the credit i can only see the referral thing
  32. azzap's avatar
    How long is this credit valid for? I don’t plan on purchasing my EV until the year end! 
    BarneyRubble's avatar
    Says codes last 3yrs in the t&c
  33. Michelle2222's avatar
    Would I need to order a card to use the credit or could I use the credit straight from the App..terms and conditions seem very confusing?
    Chanchi32's avatar
    You can just use the app to redeem credit
  34. brad_byrne's avatar
    I signed up 5 hours ago, still no credit. Might try again with different email
    oldsystem's avatar
    Do it
  35. ecraigy's avatar
    Another great deal for the mighty octopus.
    that said, compatibility of charging points within the app is quite limited, so use at your peril, and good luck if you can *easily* redeem the monies. 
  36. Dominic_Osborne's avatar
    I haven't received credit 24 hours on?
  37. szigmon123's avatar
    Is it possible to start a charge without an electroverse card, just using the app?
    farmphdbank's avatar
    At some chargers, at least, yes.

    I have used Rhug InstaVolt with app only.

    It was my first time using a paid public charger and was smooth although the initial communication (via mobile data network) took a minute or two.

    Didn't even take my electroverse card on the trip as I assumed the app could use NFC on phone. Not sure if that's actually true though, hopefully someone else will comment.

    Hi again, I just googled and found: electroverse.octopus.energy/com…one

    It says "Osprey, Mer, Char.gy, Allego, and Ubitricity charge points, but with many more coming soon". As i mentioned in last post I used InstaVolt but I have no idea if they all work with app only. (edited)
  38. adnan.wasim's avatar
    52548153-LSwBm.jpg52548153-96Xvq.jpg52548153-j0yLt.jpgDoes anyone know what this means? Did I get charged or not? As I enter my card details it wouldn't let me just use it

    Also can I make a new email and do this again I won't as its not me
    chiccosanchez's avatar
  39. shaysmum's avatar
    Thx op got the credit!
  40. SUNWAC's avatar
    TSB and electoverse £10 deal does it work for existing electoverse card/account holders?
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