Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 February 2023.
Posted 31 January 2023

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer, 24 x 440ml £6.40 via Morrisons @ Amazon

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Do not expire. It might not be in your nearest Morrisons, but it will be available for others.

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer 4%, 24 x 440ml

Must be a price mistake, if someone has a Morrisons order from Amazon might be worth adding this.

Do not expire. It might not be in your nearest Morrisons, but it will be available for others.
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  1. Tic174's avatar
    I just had mine delivered and its 4 cans not 24 will contact amazon and see if i can send it back.
    parabola117's avatar
    Let us know what they say
  2. oliver_staunton's avatar
    Nice spot mate but Morrisons via Amazon always make quantity misprices on their listings and they never honour them. Not sure about refunds though
  3. rikipedia89's avatar
    Currently unavailable
    GHOSTTT's avatar
    Still available for my Morrisons. Maybe its done by area?
  4. slo_moshun's avatar
    As it's not available, I poured some expresso into a pint of Guinness and instantly committed projectile vom into someone's face.
    regisb's avatar
    Went to collect my order tonight and instead of 7 packs of 24, they had 7 packs of 8 ready for me. Having discussing the price error, we agreed to cancel the order but they gave me one pack for free as a goodwill gesture..
  5. tangocobra's avatar
    Said Unavailable
  6. markevie's avatar
    No longer available
  7. sarkymark1's avatar
    I just had mine delivered. I ordered 4 x 24 pack of the coffee one and a regular Guinness to get to the £40 minimum order. They cancelled 2 coffee ones before it arrived and delivered 2 x 4 pack instead of the 24 pack!
    I asked for a refund online and allegedly it's being processed and I don't have to return the beer. We will see. Sitting by my front door unopened atm
    oliver_staunton's avatar
    Morrisons have a special arrangement with Amazon, I wouldn't expect to "win" on any misprices with Morrisons stuff ordered via Amazon
  8. howdydoodleduck's avatar
    Back in stock at £5.29 but you will only get a four pack then refund via chat
  9. finknottle's avatar
    Golly this sounds foul… Good thing it’s showing as unavailable so I’m not obliged to order 24 cans to confirm my suspicions!
    PricklyPair's avatar
    It's quite nice if you're in the right mood for it
  10. mancuk87's avatar
    Nice one ordered 4 crates 30 quid with delivery bargain
    GHOSTTT's avatar
    Let us know if you get them
  11. SHABBA_TRON's avatar
    Not the nicest Guinness but should be a good deal for someone, heat added
    macamask's avatar
    Isn’t it beer?
  12. toby.wheddon's avatar
    I wish it was this price ,best deal today is at Asda 4pack £6 on offer to £5 then claimed £2 back via Shopmium app
  13. deleted2812173's avatar
    This screams colon issues. Bought.
  14. billbobargins's avatar
    Just ordered 7 crates, will let u know OP.
  15. ajfc27's avatar
    Ordered 4 cases, thanks!
  16. mrBrian's avatar
    It's a good price but that sounds vile
    discoseb's avatar
    Sounds a bit like they are trying to do a porter.
  17. John_Atkin's avatar
    With go through you like a Porsche.
  18. budgiebridie's avatar
    Just ordered 1 min ago at this price so still available here, thanks OP
  19. banshee3099's avatar
    For once it’s a good deal from Morrison’s.
    steve765's avatar
    I agree ‘for once’ with Morrisons.
    Possibly a good deal. If it is actually 24 cans and not 4. (edited)
  20. unreality's avatar
    Thought this would be nice when I tried it, but alas no.
  21. Tic174's avatar
    I did the returns request and they give me a full refund including the delivery fee but dont want the guinness back cant beat 12 free cans.
    It looks like they did the same thing last year - hotukdeals.com/dis…915 (edited)
  22. bil.hussain's avatar
    What the Fridge is this?
  23. miket2001's avatar
    Mine arrived today - 2 packs of 4 cans. Amazon instantly refunded and said no need to return items.
  24. virgil47's avatar
    **Correction** ... I have been refunded for 6 of the 7 crates (24 can crates) that I ordered as I actually received 28 cans - So 28 cans for £6.40.

    49449435-lULwE.jpg (edited)
  25. Aquacadabra's avatar
    Pretty grim this stuff
  26. billbobargins's avatar
    28 cans delivery from a 7 crate order. Yeah they say. Refund and keep it
  27. Dissatisfied_dad's avatar
    virgil47's avatar
    The super Mods won't accept that!
  28. Andrew_Harkin's avatar
    49453768-I8x4M.jpgThis arrived! 🤦 This is the worst Guinness! But I didn't complain and got a full refund. (And I will still drink it 😁)
    BucketMan's avatar
    This stuff is way better than the draught stuff. The export stuff is worth a sniff. Always surprised the company keeps going given how horrible the stout is.
  29. billbobargins's avatar
    Just opened my first can. Very nice thanks again OP dd
    virgil47's avatar
    Looking forward to mine, daughter's visiting (they didn't deliver to my address so had to have sent to hers) later and bringing it up.
  30. rob.driscoll's avatar
    Tasted it, first few sups not bad bit different then it's just horrible. I couldn't imagine drinking 24 cans
  31. howdydoodleduck's avatar
    gutted I missed this, love this stuff.... two important daily drinks when you have kids mixed into one.
  32. madmaxpayne's avatar
    Who bought all of them????
  33. furbars's avatar
    Love this
  34. mamboboy's avatar
    Added to basket but then unavailable seconds later. I assume it's meant to be 4 cans?
  35. Andrew_Harkin's avatar
    Didnt last long
  36. FieldMarshal's avatar
    This gave me the runs. Was in the toilet for 2 days straight
    martin16's avatar
    How many cans does one need to consume for the HotUKDeals coffee enema?
  37. GHOSTTT's avatar
    Still available for my Morrisons. Change changing postcode
  38. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Restricted deal, Prime members only, plus minimum spend of £40 to avoid delivery charges.
  39. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
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