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Posted 22 January 2023

Lyca Mobile 15GB data 94p / 6GB data - 85p / 4GB - 5p - Unltd min/text, EU roaming- price first six month - no contract @ MSE / Lycamobile

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  1. flyingflea's avatar
    I've said this before and I'll say it again. Avoid Lycamobile at all costs! I regretfully signed a family member up on the 1p / month deal and they didn't email the pin code needed to apply the 12GB bundle to their account. Despite calling them numerous times, chatting with them on live chat, e-mailing and finally making a formal complaint they've still not sorted it out.

    After 3 months of trying to get them to apply the 12GB bundle to the account, I've gave up and ported to Lebara. Even getting the PAC code was made difficult as couldn't make any outbound text messages and they point blank refused to supply the code needed over the phone and kept trying to offer 50% off the next 3 months instead! Had to keep hanging up and speaking to someone else who was actually willing to give a PAC code.

    Honestly steer clear of these cowboys, go with Lebara or someone else instead and in case anyone has any doubts how difficult it is dealing with their customer services, this is my recent call history with them for just trying to get them to apply the 12GB bundle to the account and more recently, calling them to get the PAC code:
    GsinghD's avatar
    I second this. Exact same experience iv had
  2. Happychappys's avatar
    Anyone seen any decent 3 or EE sim only deals, I have been using Lebara for 3 months and reception hardly ever above 1 bar?
    KodaBear's avatar
    If you want Three then go with their sister brand Smarty, fully owned by them. There's good deals via Uswitch including 4GB for £5 and unlimited for £15.


    If you want EE then you can do 20GB for £12 with their brand directly (You will pay a price premium for going with their better network) or you could go with a piggyback network like Plusnet, Vectone or 1P Mobile to get their signal too. Which one is best depends upon how much data you need.

  3. ArKaDeS's avatar
    How long do I have to activate the sim
    KodaBear's avatar
    120 Days
  4. H_G2's avatar
    Waiting for the Lebara deal to drop anytime soon.
    XP200's avatar
    Yeap, do not touch this mob with a barrage pole, their main problems are tech wise they do not seem to know what they are doing, cost me £10 to get away from them when they could not do a simple number port, and of course, their cs is in India, and with all due respect, trying sitting for 30 mins trying to get them to understand what you are saying, while you cannot understand what they are saying.
  5. Daniel_Stan's avatar
    The problem I have with LycaMobile is that when you go abroad, you get off the plane and you would expect to roam like home, without doing anything special. Instead, you have to fiddle with SIM app menu to select "abroad" or "roaming", otherwise you don't get connected to any local network. It happened to me every time and I stayed without coverage for 4 days before I managed to get connected. Even after fiddling with all those SIM menus, I still wouldn't get connected. I had to call LycaMobile from another number to get connected by them. These things should be straightforward.
    Oxford14's avatar
    Encountered similar issue.
  6. vasya's avatar
    O2 network.
    Epping2CPH's avatar
    Vodafone I think. ,
    My mistake, thats Lebara (edited)
  7. VforVendetta's avatar
    I am with Lebara. So far so good. After reading the comments here I don't want to touch Lyca. I want to port my number out from Lebara and then back in again to Lebara. This is to get the deal again. What is the best way to do this? I remember someone mentioning ASDA sim?
    dabear11's avatar
    I am using an Asda sim, ported in a Lebara number easily, yesterday texted PAC to 65075 and got within seconds the PAC code valid for 1 month. I didn’t top anything to the ASDA account
  8. MarcoLoves360's avatar
    If im already with lyca can i transfer my number to one of these plans?
    deleted2447758's avatar
    No. I wanted to do this on Lebara but you need to port out to another provider first. Now I just flip flop between Lebara and Lyca every six months to keep my bills under £1. Last six months with Lebara has cost me 6p. Next six months with Lyca will cost me £3
  9. Magicman47's avatar
    Trying to port my old number over. Anyone know how to fill this form in? I’m stuck with lyca number and new number sections
    KodaBear's avatar
    New number is the phone number that Lyca gave you that you want to overwrite.
    Lyca SIM Number is the serial number of the SIM Card starting 8944.
    Other SIM Number can be left blank unless you're coming from o2. If you are, then you need the serial number from the old SIM.
  10. Jazzy_J's avatar
    Unfortunately I'm going to leave Lyca, the singal appears fine but when I'm in the city centre, the Internet basically doesn't work - presumably because the network can't cope?

    Never had this issue with other providers

    I requested a PAC code and had no issues, got the code back instantly as you'd expect (edited)
    Sebzo92's avatar
    If you use 5g turn it off. Speeds are faster but bandwidth is lower. You really feel the clogging in cities. I find 4g more than enough.

    Not on lyca BTW, on Voxi.
    But top tip non the less
  11. almastabish1's avatar
    In January, I signed up for the £0.05 plan and successfully activated it. The plan automatically renewed itself every month until March, but failed to do so in April. I received the below message:
    Dear Customer, We are unable to renew MSE 1 BF bundle for GBP 0.05 due to payment failure. Please contact customer services
    So I reached out to them, and they took note of my issue, stating that they would resolve it within 24 hours, and that I didn't need to call or message them again. Unfortunately, I received no further communication, and my number became unavailable. When I contacted customer services the following day, they informed me that my bank had declined the transaction, but I confirmed with my bank that no such transaction was declined.
    I was really disappointed to learn that they had not informed me of the resolution, and I would have been clueless had I not called them back. The representative suggested that my card details may have changed or expired, but this was not the case. I asked them to retry the payment, but they refused, saying that since the plan is linked to the card, they cannot renew it if it has failed once. They advised me to manually top up the plan or purchase a more expensive bundle, which was a significant increase from the original offer. This is misleading, as if they cannot fulfill their offer, they should not be advertising the plan at such prices. I have since decided to switch to Lebara, which I believe is a better alternative to Lyca.
    eleeeeeeee's avatar
    I had the exact same issue and decided to leave them too. In order to port the number you need to get the PAC from them via text message. In order to be able to send this text message I had to top up. Alternatively I could have requested it via email to customer services. They did not give me an estimated waiting time for them to reply.
    They have the worst curtomer services.
  12. deleted2314630's avatar
    You seem to be able to get 30% off on TopCashback too, which could potentially save you all of 2p
  13. LostCarpetSalesman's avatar
    My recent experience with Lyca was appalling. All of their communications were misspelled and unclear, and if they weren't such a big brand I would have thought the entire thing was a scam. Their website is stuck in 2005, and although they are indeed cheap the poor user experience was not at all worth the headache to me.
  14. mileslt's avatar
    I tried Lycamobile out as a sim for my mum in December and the sim took 10 days to arrive and was a pain to activate and set up, compared to other company's budget sims i have had, my plan would not connect and in the end decided to cancel which took over a month to do, as there customer service is terrible as they don't action what they say they will, then when you email them you end up going in circles confitming the same info. They are the cheapest I have seen, but obviously that comes at price, I would never use again.
  15. 8atman's avatar
    So the pin, this is meant to be in the original email, I don't see it though, did I make a mess when ordering?49462794-0Gafc.jpg
    humorleung's avatar
    it should be on the left of “order ID" called "Activation PIN code"
  16. stuartie94's avatar
    What's their US travel prices like?
    teacoffeebiscuits's avatar
    Just a tip but if you have an e-sim, one of the US providers T-Mobile offers a 90 day free trial, no credit card or anything needed, with unlimited everything. Similar with Verizon but 30 days.
  17. epwhamilton's avatar
    Regarding all the horror stories of leaving, isn't it just as easy as getting a PAC code via SMS?
    KodaBear's avatar
    It is as long as you follow the instructions about activating your SIM, making a chargeable call and waiting for it to update on your account before requesting it.

    Lots of people impatiently request it too soon then wonder why it doesn’t work and find they have to go down the customer service route.
  18. ssc1's avatar
    Does the 6 months price start from activation? tia
    KodaBear's avatar
    Yes. Your second payment won’t be taken until the month after you first activate the SIM. And you have up to 120 days from ordering to do so.
  19. ling_zhu's avatar
    how do I activate the number,I can't dial the *116pin#in my phone.why?if I don't buy any buddle ,I can't continue ,But this card has its own plan ,right ?
    KodaBear's avatar
    The PIN is in your order confirmation E-Mail. You need to dial the code followed by that PIN to activate it.
  20. chineseJohn's avatar
    Slightly off-topic, can someone help me fill the Lycamobile porting form, I'm confused by the numbers I need to enter.

    1. is this the number I want to transfer from my existing network
    2. what number is this?
    3. is the number that's currently on the SIM card?

    KodaBear's avatar
    1) Yes
    2) That's the temporary phone number that's on the Lycamobile SIM.
    3) That's the serial number of your Lyca SIM - Starting with 8944.
  21. Knoxen's avatar
    I don't see WIFI calling anywhere - not available for Lyca?
    premierfella's avatar
    Correct - no wifi calling on Lyca
  22. joethepope's avatar
    I’ve activated my delivered sim but it’s showing as no balance. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    guli's avatar
    You need to activate by sending a text to *116*# - activation pin received in your email when you ordered the sim (edited)
  23. TABZ_786's avatar
    Is there a way to add a spending cap? Has anyone received a link from Lyca offering £2 free credit as a joining reward? The link looks dodgey and is unsecure. Want to know if it's genuine or not
    pxh's avatar
    Yes, I've received the free £2.00 credit offer for two SIMs. I've activated it for one of them successfully but haven't tried the second yet.

    These are the instructions that I received.

  24. HellRazer's avatar
    How easy is it to stop the monthly payments? With Lebara it's as simple as disabling the auto renew. Is this the same with Lyca?
    KodaBear's avatar
    Correct. It's all very much the same as Lebara except you're piggybacking on o2 rather than Vodafone. The actual functionality is more or less identical.

    Either disable auto renew, or port your number out. Both will stop future payments.
  25. AstalaVista's avatar
    Those who have Lyca, for sending international texts outside of the plan, does Lyca charge per message as it is used or do you have to top up min £5 similar to Lebara?
    Rellik088's avatar
    You’d be lucky to be able to send any text message anywhere with them. Quite common for them to have that issue and the Indian customer support says nothing is wrong and disconnects. Avoid.
  26. RukasuMi's avatar
    i asked for the 5p sim and they charged me 2 quid
  27. Amir18's avatar
    On the porting form under 'new number' do you enter the number you want to keep again?
    49398575_1.jpg (edited)
    KodaBear's avatar
    Your actual phone number goes in 'Mobile number you want to keep'
    The temporary Lyca mobile number goes in 'New number'
    The SIM Serial number starting with 8944 goes in 'Lyca mobile SIM Number'
    The SIM Serial number of your old SIM goes in 'Other mobile SIM Number'

    If you did it wrong, just submit the form again using today's date as the requested port in date. It will take priority over the one you did incorrectly and they should take care of it in the morning, to port on Friday.
  28. JPS's avatar
    I would love to switch to Lyca for 6 months now my Lebara offer is coming to an end but I have read such mixed things about them on here and Lebara are just so good.... (edited)
    KodaBear's avatar
    As long as you can get decent o2 coverage, and read the instructions regarding activation and switching, they're honestly fine.

    Plus there's no contract. So not much to lose. If you aren't happy there's nothing stopping you from going straight back to Lebara as a 'new' customer.
  29. Chris_R23's avatar
    I didn't believe how bad their customer support is....until now

    Absolutely unbelievable..if they don't know a answer they just disconnect..

    Have left now .. Lyca never again (edited)
  30. Bestbitter's avatar
    Thanks, Op. I be been waiting for some more of your sim deals! Great value, these sims, my 1p and 6p sims are running out, so was on the lookout for replacements. Can’t believe the petty complaints on here for these value sims at under £1 a month! There are plenty of options out there at x10 the price, if anyone wants to pay more!
  31. JonDOnnis's avatar
    WARNING: Do not transfer your number to Lyca, it is a nightmare to get a working PAC code if you want to leave.
    Impossible to speak to anyone, web chat is useless.
    Use it as a second sim.
    happymanuk's avatar
    Don't you just get the PAC instantly back via the free text service (that all providers have to offer) ?
  32. deleted2447758's avatar
    If I order this now, can I activate it the middle of next month? Its asking for 85p payment now, so it looks like the rolling contract starts immediately
    KodaBear's avatar
    You can buy now and activate any time up to 120 days from today. First payment is taken today, but next payment isn't until one month after activation.
  33. satnam99's avatar
    I grabbed the Lebara 1p deal in August. I'm in my last month of that. The billing cycle hits on 15th February. Does anyone know whether there's a notice period for Lebara?

    Trying to figure out if I should just plonk the new Lyca SIM in now and start the port process or wait until the next bill cycle

    Thank you
    KodaBear's avatar
    Porting your number immediately ends your account with Lebara. No notice required.
  34. rtd's avatar
    If you have registered your details with Lyca and still can't make calls etc you need to activate your SIM by dialing *116*pin number provided in confirmation email#

    I set mine up yesterday and still couldn't make calls or use data until I activated SIM. Hopefully this helps.
    georgescookie's avatar
    It should be on left hand side of that email..under activation Pin code
  35. chrissafc's avatar
    furthermore to my post above. sim card was delivered within 4 days. Activating sim card was fine. Port request made last Friday, was done yesterday (Monday). So far so good, everything I've asked was done fine with no fuss.
    chineseJohn's avatar
    Same here
  36. toni2times's avatar
    i too got the sim and just set it up

    non the wiser about the bundle pin email i could see my sim had no plan showing,

    now read the comments about a bundle activation pin email which i didn't receive, must of gone into my spam which deletes every 24hrs... after speaking to customer service and sending proof of payment etc, they have resent my activation pin

    So i logged into my account from when i set up the sim and now i keep seeing different people names and profiles and have access to their accounts! with all their details! its crazy and all seems a bit dodgy... eventually if i keep refreshing sometimes my sim account appears. so i've just deleted all personal info just incase

    is anyone else getting this?

    think i just wont activate the bundle.. i don't even know how to do it if i wanted to... but just out of curisosty how do i link the sim account to the bundle activation pin?
    KodaBear's avatar
    To activate it put the Lyca SIM that was supplied as part of that order into your phone, and call *116*PIN NUMBER# And your bundle of mins texts and data will all begin.

    You've probably confused the system by trying to navigate around before your account is fully activated. I have never seen anyone elses details show up on either the online account or app. But as you say it does sound a little dodgy.
  37. AndrewShennan's avatar
    Can anyone help? I've popped the sim in my son's phone but it's directing me to buy a plan. Surely this just comes preloaded with the plan I paid for?!
    KodaBear's avatar
    Take a look at your order confirmation email for an activation code and instructions to activate your plan
  38. ziavirgo's avatar
    Just ordered the 15 GB sim. Will keep you updated
    ziavirgo's avatar
    So far so good. Using it and like it
  39. Xad's avatar
    I'm facing the nightmare scenario after trying to port my old number to lyca. I was on Lebara and decided to get lyca as my Lebara offer plan ran out, i activated lyca, and had it in my phone for just over 24 hours and then filled in the porting form to transfer my number from Lebara to lyca.

    About 3 hours ago i received a message from lyca saying porting was successful, thing is i can call from lyca and my ported number shows correctly to whoever I'm calling but receiving calls goes to my lebara SIM card which is still somehow active, in the past porting killed off my old SIM.

    My SIM numbers been split between two sims. Anyone else experienced this? How best to resolve it? Any idea as to who is responsible for problem? Lyca or lebara? I sent an email to lyca but they don't even sent a confirmation of receipt, same with the online form.
    KodaBear's avatar
    You just have to wait. Porting can complete any time up until midnight. It’s overnight that the routing database is updated. Anytime until then your old SIM may still work, and other networks may or may not be able to reach your number.

    No need to worry unless this continues into tomorrow.
  40. Md_Yusuf_Islam's avatar
    When I click on link it says £0.85 and not £0.05 ? Am I doing something wrong or deal has changed ?
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