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Lyca Mobile 15GB data 94p / 6GB data - 85p / 4GB - 5p - Unltd min/text, EU roaming- price first six month - no contract @ MSE / Lycamobile

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    How long do I have to activate the sim
    120 Days
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    The problem I have with LycaMobile is that when you go abroad, you get off the plane and you would expect to roam like home, without doing anything special. Instead, you have to fiddle with SIM app menu to select "abroad" or "roaming", otherwise you don't get connected to any local network. It happened to me every time and I stayed without coverage for 4 days before I managed to get connected. Even after fiddling with all those SIM menus, I still wouldn't get connected. I had to call LycaMobile from another number to get connected by them. These things should be straightforward.
    That's good to know. I'm hoping to get away for a while and thought this could be a handy backup.
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    Anyone seen any decent 3 or EE sim only deals, I have been using Lebara for 3 months and reception hardly ever above 1 bar?
    If you want Three then go with their sister brand Smarty, fully owned by them. There's good deals via Uswitch including 4GB for £5 and unlimited for £15.


    If you want EE then you can do 20GB for £12 with their brand directly (You will pay a price premium for going with their better network) or you could go with a piggyback network like Plusnet, Vectone or 1P Mobile to get their signal too. Which one is best depends upon how much data you need.

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    O2 network.
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    Any chance Lebara will follow suit as I'm pretty sure the O2 Network is pretty poor
    O2 network is awful.

    PLUSNET was the daddy.
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    Waiting for the Lebara deal to drop anytime soon.
    Yeap, do not touch this mob with a barrage pole, their main problems are tech wise they do not seem to know what they are doing, cost me £10 to get away from them when they could not do a simple number port, and of course, their cs is in India, and with all due respect, trying sitting for 30 mins trying to get them to understand what you are saying, while you cannot understand what they are saying.
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    Thanks, my Lebara 1p deal is about to go up so this is great timing
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    Ordered. Thanks!
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    Those who have Lyca, for sending international texts outside of the plan, does Lyca charge per message as it is used or do you have to top up min £5 similar to Lebara?
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    it is showing £0.94?

    okI see is the 4GB bundle... (edited)
    Please share the link ...got it through MSE (edited)
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    Can I order more than 1 with the same details?
    I did
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    Do these guys allow roaming?
    Yes they do
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    Shame they use o2 network. Waiting for Lebara to price match or beat this.
    Which network do Lebara use please? (edited)
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    How easy is it to stop the monthly payments? With Lebara it's as simple as disabling the auto renew. Is this the same with Lyca?
    Correct. It's all very much the same as Lebara except you're piggybacking on o2 rather than Vodafone. The actual functionality is more or less identical.

    Either disable auto renew, or port your number out. Both will stop future payments.
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    I already have one of these deals, can you take out more than 1? Using the sane email?
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    You seem to be able to get 30% off on TopCashback too, which could potentially save you all of 2p
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    Very bad reception. Not worth it
    Reception on O2 is pants in my area full stop
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    Can you order more than one sim on an account?
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    Don’t bother with Lyca guys it’s terrible customer service and they will rip you off
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    It’s cheap, but the signal for data is really bad! Especially when you had Vodafone.