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Posted 6 January 2023

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN 2 years + 4 months free - Topcashback available - £43.94 @ PIA

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems a good deal for anyone looking for a decent VPN.

2 years + 4 months free for £ 43.94 with Topcashback available at 90% for new subscriptions (£39.54) so less than £4.40 for a VPN for over 2 years.

PIA More details at PIA
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  1. Simon_GG's avatar
    I used these before, pretty decent and TCB paid out
  2. FreakyGeek's avatar
    PIA used to be a good reliable VPN but it's since been bought out by Kape technologies who have a very sketchy past of bundling malware/adware in their installers in order to steal and sell customer data.
    Be careful which VPN you trust. Always do your research.
    As the saying goes, if it's free, or cheap, you're the product.

    news.ycombinator.com/ite…958 (edited)
    androidavis's avatar
    I use PIA simply for my fire tv stick as I have an app that can make use of my realdebrid account. I just don’t want to get my internet provider unnecessarily excited. I find PIA is really good if your are just an ordinary person, who is not a danger to society (authorities would be after you) or would be personally targeted by criminals.

    Sure, if you are a bad person or you a crook you wouldn’t use them, and if you are a good person but want to keep your stuff private for definite or you want to keep your works privileged/commercial info private and you simply need total confidence, you wouldn’t use them that’s also understandable.

    That’s my take but I am willing to listen and learn more! (edited)
  3. Kush.V's avatar
    Same deal but with 95% TopCashback was available until last week or so. Bought it then
    peefgee's avatar
    Yeah gutted that I missed that by a day! I bought the Norton 1 year for £3.99 that popped up today and will just wait for another similar deal for PIA.
  4. smith2001uk's avatar
    Sames. TCB paid out within 3 weeks. Fastest I've ever had. Will purchase again when my sub runs out
    Kush.V's avatar
    Wow, it's been a week since I've bought mine - hopefully my cashback gets paid out that quickly too!
  5. bazr's avatar
    The deal button takes you to PIA via HUKD, so perhaps the link should be changed to go to TCB to save any tracking problems as going to tcb after clicking the deal button now will cause issues without clearing cookies first.
  6. ijwia's avatar
    Got this a couple of years ago with 90% cashback do I jump now or wait till my pia sub finishes in may
    Kush.V's avatar
    Wait a bit. It's likely that cashback will jump up to 95% by then
  7. Steve_Poole's avatar
    Thanks for posting. Have used PIA before so went for this deal.
  8. JT123's avatar
    Heat added, thanks for sharing!
  9. BubaMan's avatar
    Heated - I also picked this up at 95% cashback, just before Xmas...

    Speeds have been good but if you are buying for torrents, it tops out at 1MB/s.
    I have found that enabling "Multi-hop obfuscation" in the settings brings that up to about 15MB/s
    Matty05's avatar
    Not my experience. They've been bang on for torrents on the "factory" settings. I don't reach my max speed ever but appreciate that's the nature of p2p
  10. Jiffy's avatar
    I am seeing 94.5% cashback on TCB for "Initial subscriptions". I've never used PIA before so this looks a really good offer.
    Jiffy's avatar
    Cashback is tracking at £40.26 so net cost is £3.68!
  11. PowerExtreme's avatar
    have been using pia frlor 5 years now. not had any issues. at this price no brainer.
  12. vladdy's avatar
    PIA is owned by Kape Technologies. No thanks
  13. sadman120's avatar
    I don’t get how they make any money with the cashback
    Unsane's avatar
    That's a very good question and worth considering before signing up to deals too good to be true.
  14. pippin82's avatar
    Does this work on a firestick?
    Simon_Wright's avatar
    Downloaded the APK. And works. Interface not the best tbh on firestick. But hoping once it's set up that will be it.
  15. Harrods's avatar
    how long does TBC take to track?
  16. ryanprice03's avatar
    I've been seeing alot about VPNs lately. Having never had one and never had any issues, do I need one now going forward? This is cheaper than the SurfShark deal I have via my work place (£50 for 2y, no free months). Thanks!
    Unsane's avatar
    Having never had one and never had any issues, do I need one now going forward?
    You'll know if you need a VPN so kind of answered your own question.
  17. Avenger's avatar
    Heat, just purchased TCB showing as 94.5% cashback works out at £2.41 if no problems with cashback
    Jiffy's avatar
    I don't know why but my £43.94 purchase has tracked at £42.61 so cost me £3.68 but I am still happy!
  18. Turret's avatar
    Ironic name given its new owners.
    smegal's avatar
    Care to elaborate?
  19. devangdr's avatar
    I got nordvpn with topcashbacks 90% off so it only cost me £20 for 2 years.
  20. Gianluca_Maggiarra's avatar
    can anyone explain step by step how to get the cashback?
  21. Aberdonia's avatar
    Got this last year...paid £5 after cashback came through...decent vpn, but Atlas VPN is better....Atlas is nearly as good as express for streaming from around the world.
  22. andywedge's avatar
    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals post
  23. Kush.V's avatar
    TopCashback up to 95% now
  24. CMAC1986's avatar
    Does PIA support wireguard?
  25. goldust's avatar
    Is this easy enough to get working on a Firestick? I have seen most of the other VPNs have a dedicated app but can't find anything for PIA but they are considerably cheaper than the rest
  26. jarjarmustdie's avatar
    Just signed up thanks
    Top cashback tracked within 30 mins.
    Downloaded andriod app and created wireless hot-spot to get round smart TV (LG and Samsung) not having an app.
    All good so far, speed difference on / off is 2mb slower with on via Vodafone HBB when tested.
  27. ry91's avatar
    Nice, just signed up. Cashback tracked in under an hour. Was watching the football and my stream kept buffering so thought I'd try this. Suddenly no buffering anymore. Bugger off Virgin Media.
  28. Unsane's avatar
    Bugger off Virgin Media.
    Out of interest, what stream and what part do Virgin Media play that requires you to purchase a VPN?

    I'm only interested as not sure what your set up is.
  29. jaju123's avatar
    I bought this not too long ago and got 110% cashback

    Paid and all.
    Unsane's avatar
    Personally, I'd be very suspicious about my online security when I'm being paid to use a service.

    But if you're happy, then best of luck to you.
  30. WelshTony1's avatar
    It's now 2 years and 2 months free.
    Price was still £43.94
    Got £40.48 back via TopCashback so this costs just £3.46

    Voted Burning Hot
  31. Greg_Park's avatar
    Cost £42.61 and about 90mins later am tracking £40.48 cashback. Will be mindful of the ownership point made above but this is useful for when virgin is doing stupid things and blocking various IPTV.
    Kush.V's avatar
    Same problem here. Mainly using as virgin blocking IPTV
  32. rwalto159's avatar
    So I buy this via topcashback for just over £43 and get cashback for circa £40?
    How quickly do you get the cash credited for withdrawal in your topcashback account?
    Sounds too good to be true?
    Kush.V's avatar
    My cashback came confirmed in less than a month! You can only pay out through bank transfer which is what I did
  33. sadman120's avatar
    Deal is over but it’s three years for the same amount per year roughly
    Kush.V's avatar
    Cashback is very likely to jump up to 95% again. Happens all the time with PIA in my experience
  34. Simon_Wright's avatar
    Paid out cashback in 3 weeks. Over 2 years VPN for under £3.50. Good speeds too!
  35. Greg_Park's avatar
    Can confirm the 40.48 cashback has been processed and the VPN works well. Can't comment on the privacy concerns but if they want to see my IPTV traffic I guess they are welcome to it...m
  36. androidavis's avatar
    Best to avoid the PIA on the fire tv App Store it doesn’t seem to be up to date. Use downloads app to grab the install file from privateinternetaccess website android apk link. In fact I think you can download it and install it once downloaded from within the Google chrome web browser if you have that installed on the fire tv
    gozo's avatar
    Is that right? When you say out of date, is that dodgy? I just installed it and it didn't work, but I went to settings and changed it from OpenVPN to WireGuard and it worked straight away.
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