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Samsung Q700C Soundbar and Subwoofer (UK Mainland) - w/code sold by Crampton and Moore (UK Mainland)

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Cracker of a deal on a great soundbar to link up with Samsung TVs (Dolby Atmos, Samsung Q Symphony).

Incredible cinematic sound with upfiring speakers for a concert-style experience
The next step for home cinema, Dolby Atmos maximises the use of the soundbar's speakers to deliver pin point sound effects within the room. This technology works wirelessly, so sit back and enjoy cinematic 3D surround sound with upfiring speakers for an elevated entertainment experience

Most normal soundbars without a subwoofer cost this much...
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  1. MysticalUndies's avatar
    Selling like hot cakes despite not being voted hot speaks more about the deal than the undeserved lack of heat. This deal is definitely deserving of more heat. (edited)
  2. MysticalUndies's avatar
    I can't decide on this or the Harmon Kardon Citation 1100
    kt6345's avatar
    This one pairs with existing Samsung TV speakers for extra effect, so might make more sense if you have a new Samsung TV?
  3. 5Rivers79's avatar
    Was thinking of getting this but any offers on the 800?
    sheffield788's avatar
    I don't know about the 700c model, but I had the older model, 700a, and at that time, the difference compared with the 800a was very noticeable. Mainly because of the sub. However, both,700 and 800a are 3.1.2, while the 800c is 5.1.2, so the difference should be even more noticeable. (edited)
  4. MysticalUndies's avatar
    Does anyone have insider membership at RTINGS.com? This has been reviewed and available to insiders. Would be good to know how it compares to the 600/800.
    sheffield788's avatar
    I can only refer to the older model, 700a, as this is what I had. The 600a was rubbish by comparison, definitely not on my list. I think the 600c is considerably better than 600a. Also, the 800a was noticeably better.
    I think you should compare it with the 600 model. The 800 model is 5.1.2, so it's better from the start, sort of different league. (edited)
  5. SacalmM's avatar
    Omg... Brilliant
  6. blehpunk's avatar
    Ugh I need a soundbar in the bedroom but this is just too wide. Any deals on a good compact one?
    MysticalUndies's avatar
    Costco have the very compact 3.1.2 setup LG QP5W Eclair for £199. It's designed for exactly what you are after.

    lg.com/sg/…5w/ (edited)
  7. tighty's avatar
    I bought this in Dec 22 on that dodgy price match deal and it was £419. honestly i must be doing something wrong as the up firing speakers seem to make no difference to the sound quality. Perhaps i need the surround ones too but still no deal on them anywhere.

    great at this price though
    MysticalUndies's avatar
    Are you definitely watching Atmos content and have your config setup in a way that supports Atmos? Reviews suggest it isn't great at height but makes a noticeable difference.
  8. Levi_Salt's avatar
    Amazing was trying to get a price match deal with free phone the other day at £330 but this works out way better, thank you!
    shazff's avatar
    lol me too!
  9. whiskasfelix's avatar
    Good deal. Bought. Thanks to OP.
  10. MysticalUndies's avatar
    OOS Op. No surprises.
  11. denk's avatar
    Ouch I was a little late
  12. shazff's avatar
    Omds it’s out of stock!
  13. Jacob_Z's avatar
    How would this pair up with LG TV?
    MysticalUndies's avatar
    Perfectly fine, but it went OOS 1 hour ago. I've reported to Mods to expire. (edited)
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